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Produce Prescription

Produce Prescription

Aaron is a 28 year old with dirty blonde hair, average body, generally a nice looking guy.
He lives alone with his lazy, mixed breed dog he named Jax, he got form Animal Rescue a couple of years ago. They live in a small house on 4 acres of land in central California, down a long dusty drive just outside of Sacramento California.
Aaron works at a hospital in the area in the pharmacy filling prescriptions for patients of the hospital, it’s a great job but Aaron gets bored doing the same thing everyday then goes home alone to Jax.

I’ve got to change my life. Aaron thinks as he drives the 20 minute commute home,
I’m tired all the time, no…. I think I am just in a rut and getting older, hell I’m alone and I’m tired of that.

It’s been months since he had sex and that was with a guy he had met at a bar in Fresno, the guy turned to out to be a jerk, just wanting a one night stand and kept calling Aaron “Alfred”.

Aaron pulls his red Jeep soft top into the Safeway grocery store parking lot to grab a few things for dinner as he was tired of frozen meals.
Inside the store he was getting some baby carrots to steam when he noticed the produce guy was looking at him from a few feet away.
Being a little shy Aaron turned away from the gaze of the cute guy.
Back to the carrots, then picking up some potatoes Aaron heard “can I help you?” right behind him making him jump a little.

I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, I just wanted to know if there is anything I can do for you? My name is Kyle. The produce guy stated.

No, I’m fine, Aaron said as he looked into Kyle’s sexy blue gray eyes and immediately looked away again.
Ok, fine, If I can help you in any way, just let me know, I’ll be right over there with the strawberries. Kyle said with a big smile.
As Kyle walked towards the berries Aaron was taking a quick look at Kyle’s ass and again looked away before anyone saw him visually undressing him.

Aaron continued shopping picking up a roast in the meat department, milk and a few other things but his mind was still on Kyle’s nice eyes, and handsome tanned face.
Aaron decided that he was going back to the produce department and would think of a reason on the way.
Finding Kyle still working on the strawberries, Aaron pushed his cart over and “accidentally” bumped it into Kyle’s ass.
Oh excuse me, I’m so sorry, the wheel must have hit something on the floor. Aaron said with a winning smile.
Oh, No problem, no harm, Kyle said as he smacked his ass lightly.
It was all Aaron could do not to look away as he wanted Kyle to know that he was interested just in case Kyle was in the market for a fling or more.

What can I help you with? Kyle asked.
Oh… I think I need some of those juicy looking strawberries, maybe I’ll make a nice strawberry shortcake to eat after my roast.
Kyle looks into the shopping cart at the roast and says look’s like you have a plan there! having a party?
No, just me and my dog, I know, it’s a rather large roast, I may need some help eating it. Aaron said with a laugh.
Hey, if you have nothing going on, maybe you could join me? Aaron asked.
No, I couldn’t impose, Kyle said, but if you are going to be alone? Are you sure?
Yeah, It’s great, I may put you to work cutting the berries up even, Aaron laughed. Are you available tonight about 6pm?

Yes, I’m single, so every night I’m available, you will save me from McDonald’s again Kyle said with a grin.
Kyle handed Aaron a notepad he used for ordering produce and asked Aaron to write his address and phone number down.
Aaron was getting very self conscious and wanted to get home and pick things up and light a candle or two as the house sometimes smelled like dog when Jax needs a bath.
Kyle smiled a big grin looking at the note seeing Aaron’s name and said, I’ll see you there, Aaron.

Aaron got home wondering to himself if he was crazy for inviting the produce guy home for dinner, well either way it’s set now. He got the roast into the pressure cooker and dinner would be done in about an hour, Kyle would be here in about 30 minutes.
Jax, Aaron said, we are having company over for dinner, so you need to be on your best behavior tonight.
He is pretty cute too, he is about my age too and seems very nice. Aaron said as he patted Jax on the head.
The dog looked at his friend and master turning his head to the side, wondering what the hell he was talking about, but he did clue in the word ‘dinner”.

Aaron jumped into the shower thinking of Kyle as he soaped his chest going to his crotch rubbing it a bit too much deep in thought as he rinsed off making his cock stand out some.
Jax started barking, another jack rabbit too close to the door again? that’s how Jax got his name, he liked to chase rabbits but was way too slow to actually catch any.
I’m coming Jax, I’ll let you out to chase it, hang on. Aaron called out to his dog as he walked toward the door still drying off from the shower.
Aaron opened the front door and said “get him” as the dog ran out the door barking.

As soon as those words were out of his mouth he looked up right into Kyle’s face just outside the door.
Oh my gosh, Aaron said as he tried to cover his wet lower half with the towel. I’m so sorry, I thought it was a rabbit out here.
No need to apologize, I’m the one that should be sorry, I’m very early, it didn’t take as long to get here as I thought it would. Kyle said. Maybe I should wait out here till you are ready for me?
Come in Kyle, I’ll get dried off and dressed, it won’t take a minute. Aaron called out as he walked toward his bedroom. Looking back he caught Kyle checking his half bare ass.

Don’t worry, I won’t send Jax after you again, Aaron said laughing as he walked back into the room pulling a polo over his head.
Kyle extended his hand to Aaron, thanks for the invitation for dinner tonight, I appreciate it. Kyle said.
Can I help you in the kitchen? Maybe those berries still need to be cut? Kyle asked.
Oh here I brought something for you and your dog, Jax? Is it? Kyle asked as he handed a bag to Aaron.
Yeah, Jax, loves the rabbits, Oh, beer, dog biscuits and shortcake cups, great, the staples of life, thanks so much Kyle! Aaron said.

I noticed that you really didn’t plan on strawberry shortcake’s for dessert when you didn’t have any cakes in your cart. I was thinking that you came back to the produce department because I caught your eye? Kyle asked.
Aaron looked down at the floor real fast, well,, yeah, I was hoping that I could get you over here for dinner tonight and the strawberries were a fast excuse to come talk to you again. Aaron said still embarrassed somewhat red faced.
Kyle grinned and said, I’m glad you did, I don’t get out too much and usually don’t get hit on by guy’s as cute as you are, as he put his hand onto Aaron’s shoulder.
Aaron looked at Kyle’s hand and placed his own hand over it, feeling the warmth of Kyle’s skin.
Your hair is still a bit wet Kyle said as he ran hid hand around Aaron’s neckline pulling him closer.
Aaron leaned in and took an easy kiss, sliding an arm around Kyle’s back.
Kyle inhaled Aaron’s clean scent deeply, kissing him harder and deeper than before.

Let me get those strawberries cut up so they can soften in some sugar, Kyle said as he leaned back on the kitchen counter.
Aaron smiled as he handed Kyle a knife and a bowl to cut them into. Patting him on the ass as he walked over to the door to let Jax back inside.
Jax ran straight for Kyle shoving his nose right into Kyle’s crotch, Aaron laughed saying that his dog did what he’d like to do when he meets a hot man.
Both guys laughed as they prepared the dinner sides like green beans and a salad.

Well, that’s about all we can do until the roast is ready, let’s grab a beer and sit out on the back patio Aaron suggested.
Sounds great! Kyle said with a smile as he grabbed the dog biscuits.
The three went outside, Jax intent on the dog treat box. He always seems to know where the treats are Aaron said as they laughed.
They sat on the patio chairs talking and tossing biscuits to Jax. Kyle said he had been at the produce department for a couple of months after the housing market fell through, he had done drywall work on new home builds.
Aaron reached over and kissed Kyle saying that he had better go take out the roast and start getting the table set.
Kyle followed and took the plates, silverware and dinner rolls to the table while Aaron brought the roast with potatoes and carrots on a platter and carved slices off the roast.
Kyle remarked on how great the roast tasted as they ate, Aaron winked at him and said “I do meat right” they both laughed.
They finished the meal going to the patio again, now the sun was gone and the sky dark but full of stars.

Aaron pulled Kyle onto the chase lounge with him holding him tight.
They kissed, groped each others crotches feeling shapes through the material, Kyle reached up and pulled Aaron’s shirt off then his own letting the warm summer air blow across them.
Aaron slid down and kissed Kyle’s left nipple then started chewing on it as it hardened.
He reached Kyle’s zipper pulling it open, reaching inside to find Kyle’s semi hard uncut cock. Aaron lifted Kyle’s ass to slide off his pants leaving him naked under the moonlight.
Aaron took off his pants too and leaned over running his hand over Kyle’s balls lifting them up as he sucked one into his mouth feeling the loose skin of Kyle’s ball sac.
Aaron took Kyle’s hard cock in his hand feeling the foreskin at the end of the 7 inch shaft, Aaron licked the underside all the way to the tip running his tongue inside the loose skin and around the head of Kyle’s cock.
Kyle jumped from the action on his cock and started moaning how good it felt, Aaron sucked it deep into his throat in one gulp feeling Kyle’s pubic hair on his lips.

Kyle, rubbing Aaron’s bare shoulders while enjoying the attention to his cock slightly lifting his hips toward Aaron’s hungry mouth.
Aaron slowly lifted Kyle’s legs upward while he moved his tongue into Kyle’s ass crack working deep into his hot hole as he slid a finger inside pushing it in and working it around.
Ohhh… Aaron,, that feels so good, you have a magic touch baby. Kyle said as he shifted and turned onto his side pulling one leg toward his stomach allowing Aaron access to mount his ass.
Grabbing a condom from his pants pocket that he had placed there earlier, hoping to get the opportunity to use it tonight.
Aaron rolls the rubber onto his hard shaft and moves into place penetrating Kyle’s ass, starting out slowly with even pressure as Kyle pulls his upper leg toward his body even tighter while he moaned how hard Aaron’s hot cock felt in his tight ass. Kyle reached back pinching at Aaron’ right nipple making it even stiffer than it had been .

Mmmm.. Fuck my ass Aaron, it feels so good to have you inside me filling my ass with your hard cock.
Yeah, Aaron whispered, mmm… It’s been awhile since I’ve been with anyone and this feels so damn good, your ass is so tight Kyle.
Aaron speeds up his motion pushing deep into Kyle’s hole until his pubic hair is pressing hard on Kyle’s ass.
Reaching up continuing the motion he twists and rubs Kyle’s nipples making them very erect as Kyle moans ands moves with Aaron’s thrusts. Aaron reaches the pinnacle and starts cumming as he wildly pushes deep into the hot ass calling out Kyle’s name as he moans with lust and numbing pleasure throbbing through his body.
Kyle rolls over standing up and straddles Aarons legs jacking his hard cock while Aaron watches from below while rubbing Kyle’s legs.
Kyle starts fingering his well used hole as he shoots his hot load splashing it all over Aaron from his crotch to his face as Aaron licks some of the hot cum from his lips.
The two collapse in each others arms under the starlight, sticky, happy and spent, Kyle smiled at Aaron and asked if everyone got this kind of hospitality?
Aaron laughed and remarked “yeah the line at the door is never ending”.

Let’s grab a shower babe then we can come back out, relax and eat some strawberry shortcake and I’ll light a fire in the fire pit.
In the shower the boys ran their hands all over each other, exploring, feeling while kissing and tasting the other’s nipples, necks and lips. After drying off, not bothering to dress they went to the kitchen for the strawberry shortcake making sure Jax had a few bites too, they went out to the patio.
Kyle stared at Aarons nude shape squatting near the metal fire pit as he lit paper under some kindling, Kyle loved looking at Aarons silhouette of the small glow of the paper burning.
Aaron’s balls hanging low swinging as he worked on the fire. Kyle moved in behind him reaching under his ass crack feeling his hole to Aaron’s balls and cock in one big handful pulling and tugging on them as he kissed Aaron’s neck. Mmmmm… Aaron groaned, that feels so good , they stood and locked in each others arms hugging with Aaron groping Kyle’s tight ass cheeks.
Aaron pulled Kyle onto the double chase lounge with him as they watched the fire and talked about how beautiful it was sitting out here with each other. Kyle remarked how good the meal was and that it was a real treat to be invited to dinner by such a handsome man. Aaron could feel the heat in his face over the compliment leaning over and kissing Kyle’s full red lips.
You don’t have to rush off do you? Aaron asked. You are welcome to stay the night if you would like, I have a big bed and would love to feel your heat next to me all night.
I’d love to stay, thanks, do you think Jax will mind? Kyle asked with a grin. Naw, he thinks your pretty sweet too after you fed him half a box of dog treats. Aaron said as he poked Kyle in the side causing him to jump.
Kyle grabbed Aarons sides tickling him making Aaron really squirm trying to get away as he laughed uncontrollably, Now I know your ticklish, you better watch out Kyle laughed. Jax jumped next to them barking and wanting to join in the play.
I feel like a kid when I get tickled like that, I just can’t stop laughing, I don’t know why I’m so ticklish.

The two talked and laughed while the fire light danced off their faces making their eyes twinkle, before they knew it, it was 2 am so they went off to bed as Kyle had to work the next morning but not until 10 o’clock. As they got into bed spooning and holding each other Kyle whispered to Aaron that this was the best evening he had had in a very long time, Aaron kissed Kyle’s cheek before they fell deep asleep.

The morning sun casting a golden glow onto the walls woke Kyle first, he stretched, feeling his morning wood moving against the sheets, he reached over to Aaron’s chest rubbing his hand across it feeling his nipples.
Aaron stirred at Kyle’s touch with a sleepy smile on his lips, “good morning handsome” Aaron said as he reached under the sheets to feel Kyle’s swollen cock, giving it a good squeeze. “Mmm feels like you are needing a little pre breakfast attention”.
Kyle gently rolled Aaron onto his stomach, sliding down burring his mouth in Aaron’s meaty ass cheeks, biting and chewing as Aaron lift’s his hips allowing better access to his wanting hole.
Kyle slides in a finger massaging and loosening enough to insert a second finger into Aaron’s tight ass gently at first then pushing deeper and harder as far as he could manage.
Moving into position Kyle inserted his hard dick into Aarons ass driving it to the hilt in one movement causing Aaron to gasp as he pushed back against the assault wanting more.
Fuck my ass baby, I need it all, oh, mmmm….baby! Aaron whispered as he carefully raised higher to his knees.
Kyle drove his shaft deep, then back almost out of the tight constraint and back again as he gripped Aaron’s hips. Aaron was jacking his own hard cock from below while his ass was getting a workout that he was sure was unmatched in past sexual encounters.
Kyle was going strong increasing in speed as he smacked Aaron’s ass cheek with his right hand leaving a red hand print behind.
Within a dozen or so more thrusts Kyle let out a moan as he shot his load into Aaron’s ass feeling the wave’s of orgasm going through his body to his toes.
Kyle flipped Aaron onto his back going down on Aaron’s straining cock sucking it deep into his mouth as he swallowed it going to the pubic hair. Aaron grabbing Kyle’s head and hair pulling him down hard onto his shaft.
Kyle jammed his finger into Aaron’s cum lubed ass causing Aaron to blast his load of sweet juice as Kyle sucked and gulped down ever drop with his hungry mouth.
Kyle collapsed onto Aarons chest, both breathing hard with smiles of satisfaction as they kissed deeply.

I have to get moving here sweetie, I have produce to unload at 10 o’clock and need to change clothes before work. Kyle stated.
Why don’t you get into the shower and I’ll get you some clothes to wear to work, I think we are about the same size, this way I can keep you here longer and I’ll even out together some breakfast while you shower. Aaron said with a grin. Will that work?
Yeah, Kyle replied, That works fine with me, and Ill be in your underwear all day that will be fun.
Aaron set out some black slacks, a white dress shirt, socks and a pair of red boxer briefs for Kyle to wear then went to work on the breakfast.
Frying some red potatoes and bacon as Kyle came in still buttoning his shirt. Oh,, see I usually don’t get a private and very naked breakfast cook! he said with a huge smile.
What kind of eggs do you like baby? Aaron asked.
Anything is great, I love them anyway you would like to make them for me. He replied.
Ok, the coffee is ready right over there babe, help yourself and have a seat. Aaron said.
It’s so nice being out here in the country, no neighbors right on top of you like I have at my apartment. Kyle remarked.
Exactly, I love it out here surrounded by the vineyard’s out here it’s so peaceful, Jax can run and chase rabbits all day and I have a doggie door for him so he can come inside and cool off, usually on the couch. Aaron laughed.
Aaron plated up the breakfast complete with scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese on top and served his sexy guest.
Kyle reached around Aaron’s waist pulling him closer kissing his navel and treasure trail, Thanks sweetie this breakfast looks so good.
They finished eating, Kyle saving a bite of eggs for Jax.
Oh, you just made a best friend, Jax loves eggs, Aaron said with a smile.
I hope I’ve made more than one friend? Kyle asked as he looked into Aarons eyes.
I think we will be hitting it off better tonight after you come back over for dinner, I have plenty of roast leftover and I can make it into beef enchilada’s if you are game? Aaron asked.
I’d love to, but I’ll have to stop by my apartment and get a change of clothing, I can’t live in your underwear forever. Kyle said. Although I do like the sound of it.
Me too Aaron said as he walked Kyle to the door seeing him off to work.
Kyle turned back, kissing Aaron’s full lips and said feel free to meet me at the door like you did yesterday he said.
“Oh, Naked, yeah I almost forgot” Aaron said while laughing, “that was embarrassing“.
No.. That was HOT! Kyle remarked. See you tonight baby.

Being a Saturday Aaron was off work and had a few chores to do around the house before going to the store for the ingredients for enchiladas.
Aaron let Jax outside to chase the rabbits and whatever other critter happened to get too close to the house while he vacuumed and cleaned up some in the living room.
No matter what he did, all he could do was think about Kyle and the great time they had had the night before.
Aaron felt a stiffening in the front of his cargo shorts getting to a full boner he gave it a bit of a rub through the fabric with a smile.
At the grocery store Aaron picked up the tortilla’s, cheddar and Monterey jack cheese, black olives, and enchilada sauce before heading to the produce department, it was all he could do not to run pushing the cart, his heart raced to the point that he thought people near him could hear it.
Passing the bakery he could see Kyle facing the other way near the watermelons, few people were in the area as he edged up to him quietly and said “excuse me sir, can you help me pick out a nice melon?” Kyle turned with a huge smile.
I’d love to help you with your melon Aaron. Kyle said with plenty of innuendo placed on the word melon. They both grinned at each other. Aaron said hope it’s ok that I’m bothering you here, but I do need a watermelon, I have a hot guy coming over for an enchilada dinner and need something refreshing to eat with it.
Mmmmm. Should the “hot guy” bring anything? Kyle asked looking into the cart. I make a killer salsa, hot or mild, your choice? I can buy the stuff I need and I have a chopper in back so the flavors have time to mingle.
Well, come to think of it… that sounds great, but mild for me, I can’t take the heat. Aaron said.
I’ll grab some tortilla chips, some Corona and a couple of limes, we’ll make a party of it.

Kyle walked over to grab two limes near him and tossed them into Aaron’s shopping cart.
Aaron, I really had a great time with you last night and breakfast this morning too, now your cooking for me again? You are going to spoil me. I’m off Sunday and Monday usually so I hope you can let me cook for you when I’m off and you come home tired form work? Kyle asked.
Sounds like a deal, now I had better get out of here before my cock gets any harder. Aaron whispered near Kyle’s ear.
Kyle turned a bit red, but immediately glanced to Aaron’s crotch to see a noticeable bulge forming.

He discreetly watched Aaron’s ass as he walked toward the back of the store for the beer.
Kyle collected the things he needed for the salsa taking them to for register during his break then to the back room to put them into the food chopper, all he could do was think of Aaron, Jax, the house in the middle of miles of grape fields, wow what a perfect life, not paying attention to what he was doing, Kyle almost spilled the salsa he had just made as he poured it into a quart container.
His mind wandered as he stood there, how nice it would be to live with Aaron and have him to love and care for everyday.
KYLE! said the store manager, Kyle, wake up, your off somewhere, I paged you twice.
I have a lady out here wants to order some fruit trays for tomorrow. The manager said.
Oh,, sorry, I had the food chopper on, gets pretty loud, I’ll go help her now. Kyle staid with a smile.
No problem, but try to listen for the paging system. The manager said as he slapped him on the shoulder and walked out toward the bakery, probably towards the donut rack for another “quality control sample”.
Kyle helped the woman and went back to his work, still thinking about Aaron knowing that he still had three hours to work.

Aaron got home and started prepping the leftover roast beef with sauce while he sang along with a current hit on the radio.
Wow, this was exactly what he needed, he could feel the lift in his heart, he was proud of himself for inviting Kyle over for dinner yesterday. He tossed Jax, who was watching intently, a nice chunk of beef , saying Jax.. Kyle is coming back over for dinner and will be here in a few hours, aren’t you excited? Aaron asked his dog. Jax was more interested in a few more bites of roast than the idle chit chat.

Aaron cut up the watermelon and got it in to chill, wedged the limes for the beer, then made a sandwich to hold him until dinner taking it out onto the back patio, time for some sun, Aaron thought as he peeled off his shorts and tee shirt laying back naked on the chaise lounge enjoying his Ham and cheese sandwich and a Coke.
He could feel the sun baking through him, careful to only expose his balls to the sun for a few minutes before covering them with his tee shirt, can’t burn the man parts, hopefully will need those tonight he thought.

Kyle was off work and walking in to his apartment for a quick shower and to change out of Aarons borrowed clothes. Getting ready to leave Kyle slipped on a pair of shorts, no underwear as he was feeling this might be more fun tonight. Kyle also packed a few things like toothbrush, underwear, pants and a shirt to leave in his car, hoping that he might stay overnight again and not having to work the next day he wanted to be ready just in case.

Kyle got to Aaron’s house and could hear Jax razing hell barking, telling Aaron someone was pulling up to the house.
Aaron met Kyle as he got to the door. What?? Your not naked? Kyle asked with a huge smile.
Aaron popped his top button on his shorts and let them drop to the floor grinning at Kyle.
Let the party begin! Kyle yelled with a laugh in his voice.
Kyle was holding the grocery bag, Aaron reached over and unbuttoned Kyle’s shorts seeing no underwear he said NICE!,, we don’t need clothes out here much anyway Aaron laughed as he fondled Kyle’s low hanging balls.
Lets get this salsa into a bowl before I drop it, Oh, I got something for Jax Kyle said as he pulled a big bone wrapped in butcher paper. It’s alright isn’t it?
Sure, Jax will love that, he won’t want you to ever leave here. Aaron said looking into Kyle’s eyes as he kissed him.
Kyle leaned in and kissed then nibbled on Aarons nipple. Aaron groaned with pleasure.
Lets grab a beer and take the salsa and chips outside,
Kyle shoved lime into two Corona bottles and followed Aaron outside.
Cheers, Kyle said and he clanked his bottle onto Aaron’s to good friends! And lovers Aaron added with a grin.
Jax lay on the patio chewing on the beef bone Kyle had brought for him.
They chatted as they drank the beers, getting to know each other, Aaron found out that Kyle had only been in California for a couple of months from Ohio. Kyle laughed saying if he had to endure another winter there he would go insane, he had always wanted to come to California for the warmer climate and it seemed so exotic when your form Ohio.
Kyle had a boyfriend for almost two years back in Ohio until he found the guy was cheating on him.
Wow, why would anyone want to cheat on you? Aaron asked, your such a sweet guy.
Thanks, but I just guess some guys are cheaters and some like me are not, I’d never cheat on my boyfriend, so when I found out, I thought it was a good time to make the break and head West.
I was born and raised in the area and have never lived more than fifty miles from here, I love the warmth of the sun and the solitude of my house, don’t get me wrong, I love people , especially guys, Aaron laughed, but it’s so peaceful out here.
I agree, Kyle said laughing. Anywhere you can walk around naked is good in my book.
Aaron leaned and kissed Kyle pulling him close, tasting the lime and the salt from the chips on his lips.
I’ll be right back, I just need to pop dinner into the oven, won’t take a sec. Aaron said.

Kyle leaned back soaking the sun into his lightly tanned body, his head back and eyes closed.
Aaron walked around behind Kyle and ran his hand over Kyle’s cheek line then down onto his chest to his nipples, rubbing his chest, feeling the heat form the sun and the passion from Kyle’s heart as Kyle pulled Aaron down on top of him as he lay back on the chaise lounge.
Mmmmm , baby, I could get used to this real fast Aaron said after kissing Kyle.
Me too Kyle replied as they moved with each other grinding one crotch to another.

Aaron reached over and grabbed Kyle’s beer pouring some into Kyle’s mouth and deliberately missing letting some of the cold beer run down onto his chest,.
Aaron licked the liquid from Kyle’s hot body as the man squirmed below him, his own passion getting stronger and his cock beginning to ooze pre-cum.
Aaron licked his way down Kyle’s lean and muscular body, his tongue going wild, his lips searching for lust while his teeth gave small nibbles on Kyle’s skin.
Kyle wrapped his legs around Aaron’s chest holding him tight against his crotch, feeling his hard cock pushing on Aarons body and rubbing the mans back.
Aaron lifts away form Kyle and turns around in the sixty-nine position and the two men devour each others cocks. Kyle sucking as he fingers Aarons tight hole causing Aaron to buck and move with his finger movements. Kyle pulls Aaron back to a sitting position onto his face while he sucks and chews on Aaron’s asshole and butt cheeks.
Aaron feels Kyle’s tongue pushing on his ring wanting inside, they each start jacking off while Kyle eats at Aarons ass.
Kyle’s foreskin sliding up and back on his rigid member pre-cum glistening in the sun.
Kyle was the first to shoot his load into the air with some landing on Aaron’s own cock causing him to fire his cum out all over Kyle’s belly and pubic hair as he yelled out Ohhhhhhh , Kyle,,, baby!
Wow! Aaron said as he lifted off of Kyle’s incredible lips, stay put , Ill clean you up
Aaron returned a minute later with a cool wet towel and wiped both men’s cum form Kyle then kissed Kyle’s lip’s, that was wonderful he remarked.

They sat tight next to each other drinking the cool beer and snacking on the chips and spicy salsa, talking and laughing while the dinner cooked.
The sun started to set as Aaron brought dinner out to his handsome guest, serving up huge portions of beef enchiladas, a small green salad and the watermelon to cool the palate.
Kyle said he had not even had Mexican food that was this good in his life. as he devoured his meal.
Growing up here, we have such good food and such a Mexican influence I just love it, wait till you taste my tamale’s Aaron said, they take along time to make but are so worth it, serve them with refried beans and Spanish rice, I’ll have you hooked on them in no time.
Wow, this is incredible, I don’t want to stop eating but feel like a pig. Kyle said as he laughed.
Please, feel at home and eat all you like, Aaron said as he stood, swinging his hips side to side, causing his cock to sway back and forth.
They both laughed.
Aaron cleared the plates as Kyle finished the last few bites of heaven as he called it.
Tonight Kyle did his best to try to make a fire but couldn’t seem to make it take off.
Here, Aaron said, let me help you as he stuffed newspaper into the bottom under the kindling as best as could with the small fire already going.
Now, add more small kindling, it will take off fast getting the fire hot enough to light the small logs. Aaron said as he turned to Kyle kissing his shoulder.
Kyle, I really like you, your such a nice and decent guy. Aaron said. It’s so nice to have you here with me.

I’m not THAT decent of a guy, Kyle laughed, don’t make me sound like a saint, I have my faults, just like anyone.
Like what? Aaron asked with a mischievous crooked smile.
Well, when I’m really tired I’ll snore, and sometimes I get grumpy in the mornings. Kyle stated trying to look serious.
Wow, you do have some real issues, are you in counseling? Aaron said as they both laughed rolling back onto the chaise.
Laying there in the firelight they kissed and held each other as Jax climbed up between their legs wanting some attention.

Aaron woke to an empty bed, then he smelled bacon being fired and realized that Kyle hadn’t left before he woke up but was making breakfast, this brought a smile to his face.
Rounding the corner into the kitchen, Jax sat with his attention on the source of the bacon scent, hoping for a bite or two while Kyle cooked breakfast.
Can I help? Aaron asked. Kyle jumped as he had not heard Aaron come in to the kitchen.
Ohhh I’m sorry to startle you baby, Aaron said as he kissed Kyle on the lips. This smells wonderful.
No, you sit down with some coffee, let me cook for you. I have already had three meals that you have cooked for me. Kyle replied.
I’m making pancakes with apple slices and cinnamon inside with bacon and eggs over easy, glad I found that you had an apple on hand. Kyle said with a smile.
I did? Aaron laughed, It really sounds wonderful. Kyle said as he sipped his coffee.
Aaron was memorized watching Kyle move around the kitchen, he could really get used to this Aaron was thinking, Kyle was such a nice guy.
This will warm your belly. Kyle said as he brought the platter of pancakes, eggs and bacon to the table.
It warms my heart too, having you here in my kitchen and in my life. Aaron said.

Kyle stopped plating his food and looked at Aaron, deep into his eyes, all he could do is smile a huge ear to ear smile before leaning over kissing Aaron on the lips.
They ate the delicious breakfast before going outside to the patio, Kyle stretched. So this is what it’s like to be out with clothes on. Kyle said with a poke to Aarons side.
They laughed. You can be naked out here anytime you like baby, we are very far form any other houses. Aaron remarked.
In fact, drop your shorts here and follow me, Aaron said as he unfastened his own short dropping them to his feet.
Aaron walked out of his shorts and headed off into a rocky area with some scrub vegetation around it, Come on, Aaron said as he waved his hand in the direction he was headed.
Kyle followed suit leaving his shorts on the patio and followed Aaron watching his fine tight ass, muscles bunching and releasing as he walked on the uneven path.
Within a couple of minutes they stopped, here we are. Aaron said.
Where? Kyle asked.
See the springs? I know it’s a bit small but it is on my property, it’s a hot spring, lets take a soak. Aaron said as he climbed in.
The spring was about the size of a kiddy pool or a bit larger with flat rocks moved around in places to fashion seats.
There are over 300 hot springs in California, how lucky to have one right here. I want to enlarge it sometime soon. Aaron stated as he watched Kyle settle into the hot water slowly.
This one stays about 106 degrees year round give or take, I came out here one evening and once walked up on two local guys that had ridden their horses out here. When I came up on them they were in the throws of passion, I about scared them to death, Told them they were welcome anytime. Aaron said I think they live about four miles from here.

This is fantastic! Kyle said with a boyish look on his face, you would have to pay a fortune for this in a spa.
It’s a great way to relax and soak after a long week at work, that’s for sure.
I would love to help you work on this and make it bigger. Kyle said with a serious look on his face.
Aaron laughed very loud, Kyle looked confused as Aaron stood up.
You already helped make this bigger! Aaron said as his semi hard cock emerged form the hot water.
Kyle laughed too as Jax ran through the bushes around them trying to startle a rabbit he could chase.

They relaxed for about 30 minutes and Aaron said. Kyle, sweetie we had better get out of this sun or we will be sorry tonight when we are sunburned, it can be brutal.
Kyle stood up and reached over to give a helping hand to Aaron pulling him close, kissing him as their wet cocks bounced and pushed together. Kyle reached behind to Aarons ass cheeks pulling them apart and up as they kissed.
They walked back toward the house while Aaron rested his hand on Kyle’s shoulder. Can a day off get any better than this? Kyle asked.
Not much, Aaron said, unless I had a butler has the cold beer waiting for us when we get back.
Hey, want to take a drive to my apartment for a bit? I have been here for two days straight now and you haven’t seen it yet anyway.
Sure, let’s slip our shorts back on and go, let me grab a us couple of Cokes for the drive, I’m a bit thirsty after the hot springs soak. Aaron said.

Driving over in Kyle’s Toyota, Aaron rested his hand on Kyle’s thigh feeling very comfortable with him. looking at Kyle’s boyishly handsome face with a straight jaw line, tan with short cropped dark brown hair not shaved but not much to comb either, Aaron couldn’t stop looking at Kyle’s gorgeous blue gray eyes, he wanted to swim in them.
What? Kyle asked. What?? Aaron asked back.
You keep staring at me, is there something wrong? Kyle asked in amusement.
Aaron blushed and looked away then looking back, I just feel so at ease with you , like I’ve known you all my life. Yet I can’t get enough of looking at you. I haven’t felt this way before. Aaron answered.
I know the feeling, I’ve been trying not to attack you, devouring you every time I look your way. Kyle responded with a big grin.

Aaron took his hand from Kyle’s thigh and rubbed it up and down his leg but stopping near his crotch, close enough to feel the heat from Kyle’s balls through his shorts.
Turning into an apartment complex Kyle stopped in a parking space. This is it, my kingdom awaits. Kyle’s laughed.
They walked into the lower floor unit, the cool air hit them, it felt good being in from the heat of the afternoon.
It’s just a studio apartment, I have only been here two months or so and still making do until I am ready to move to a larger apartment. I don’t enjoy moving it at all. Kyle said. At least I didn’t have to sign a lease here., I told them I would not be here too long.

Hey, Kyle… why don’t you move out with me and Jax? Aaron asked. I know we haven’t known each other just a few day’s but I feel so good being around you.
I don’t want to put any pressure on you and maybe I am moving too fast, but I have been alone too long and well.. err.. Aaron stammered.
Damn, that didn’t come out very smooth. Aaron said a bit embarrassed.

Kyle looked into Aarons eyes, took his hands to Aarons cheeks and pulled him close, kissing him on the lips.
I think, you are thinking the same thoughts as I am, I was just a bit more scared to say it this early on too. Kyle said. Do you think we are ready this fast?

I am, I have been infatuated with you since I first laid eyes on you. I think……. I love you, I know its not just the sex, although that is wonderful but I have such a good feeling about you and don’t know how I will get any work done at all on Monday. Aaron said while laughing.

Ok, I like the idea more than you know, let’s give it a few more days and if we both feel the same them we have at least given it more time to be sure. Kyle said as he held Aaron tightly.
Aaron wanted to scream out, he was so happy, he felt drunk with the scent of Kyle inhaling around his neck and chest.
Kyle pulled Aaron onto the bed that also served as a couch as Kyle had so little furniture.
Kissing him and feeling his bare chest, slipping his hand to the waist band of Aarons shorts slipping past and down to Aarons cock and his soft ball sac.
Kyle leaned over and kissed Aaron’s left nipple then chewing it softly. Kyle reached over to an end table drawer and pulled out a black rubber cock ring, Kyle slid Aarons shorts off and carefully put the cock ring on Aarons stiffening cock then pushed each ball through it.
Wow, Aaron said, I have never had one of these on, really didn’t know what they are for so never bothered.
Watch this, Kyle said as he put his lips on the head of Aarons cock sliding down deep onto the shaft.
He did this a few times and pulled off revealing Aarons bulging cock, his veins were standing out farther than Aaron had ever seen.
Damn! that makes my cock look so much bigger, feels great Aaron exclaimed.
You will feel the difference too. Kyle said. Fuck me with that monster, let me feel it deep inside my ass baby.
Kyle rolled onto his back pulling his knees toward his chest as Aaron moved into place, pausing to bend down and suck Kyle’s cock for a minute then moving to his waiting hole. Aaron licked and chewed on Kyle’s ass driving him wild.
Aaron raised up and pushed his swollen cock head at the opening to Kyle’s ass, gentle but firm pressure is passed the tight ring plunging all the way to his balls. Oh my God! Baby…mm you are sooooo tight. Aaron moaned as he pumped his manhood deep inside Kyle’s hungry ass.
Kyle pulled his legs higher and his knees to the outside of his body wrapping his arms over his own legs giving Aaron more access to fuck him wildly.
Aaron drove his hard member deeper than ever before pulling it almost all the way out then back as fast as he could.
Sweat was forming on Aarons chest as Kyle lifted his ass higher watching Aarons hard cock was plunging in and pulling out of him, Aarons cock was really stiff and fat from the cock ring.
Fuck me hard baby, it feels so good. Kyle said panting. Your huge cock really fills my ass.
Aaron grinned as he looked into Kyle's eyes just before the orgasm hit him, ohhhhhhhhh… Kyle, fuck, oh my GOD! Ohhhhhhh,,mmmmmm……..ooooo…Aaron groaned as he shot a massive load into Kyle’s hot ass.
Don’t pull out Kyle said as he lowered his legs grabbing his hard cock and began stroking it rapidly.
I want to cum with you still inside me love. Kyle whispered.
Aaron moved his hips side to side letting Kyle feel his cock , still hard inside his ass as he jacked off.
Kyle shot streams of cum flying into his own face and on his open lips with some going onto his teeth.
Ooooooohhhhhhhhh BABY! He exclaimed as he licked his cum form his lips. That was so hot.
Aaron leaned in and licked some cum form Kyle’s chest taking it up to Kyle’s mouth as he kissed him, they shared Kyle’s cum as each tongue played with the other.
Aaron collapsed onto Kyle’s chest feeling the sticky love syrup between them as his cock slid out of Kyle’s ass.
They lay there, the silence only broken by their heavy breathing, Aaron kissed Kyle again, Still want to wait before moving in with me? Aaron asked.
No! Kyle said with a grin, lets go find some packing boxes! I am so ready to be your significant other baby.

Jax and I have so much room out there too and I can’t wait for you to be all moved in, I can come after work this week and help Aaron said in an excited voice.

They showered and toweled off pausing to kiss and feel each others still damp bodies.
I can’t believe that last week I was so alone and now I’ve met you, Kyle you are all I can think about, I know love at first sight is a cliché but I love you and I think I have since I first laid eyes on you. Aaron said.

I know what you mean, when I got to your house that fist day and you answered the door naked holding that wet towel, I said “thank you Jesus”! in my head Kyle laughed. I love you too.
I think I’ve been waiting for you to find me, this is why I moved to California, I was so lonely in Ohio. Kyle said.
They dressed and headed out into the heat of the day.
Make a right up here Aaron said, ok now pull into that parking lot. I love this place it’s the 4th Street Grille Aaron explained as they walked into the restaurant, they have the best steaks here but I want a big juicy burger and a beer!
Oh, that sounds great Kyle said, I’m starving.
The waiter took their orders and retuned with two icy cold mugs of beer, here’s to our future together Kyle said as he raised his glass to Aaron’s clinking them together after his toast. Aaron smiled as he sipped his beer looking into Kyle’s eyes, he felt he was in heaven and couldn’t believe he was moving into a relationship this fast but was very sure of his feelings for Kyle.

They ate the burgers while laughing and telling stories of their past, each wanting to know more about the other but realizing that they were so much alike.

This IS a fantastic hamburger Aaron, I’m so glad we ate here instead of grabbing a fast food burger, these have so much more flavor. Kyle said.

Aaron ordered a second round of beer as they finished up eating, It’s so enjoyable to relax here with you baby, this is so wonderful. Aaron said. I feel like I have a permanent smile stuck to my face.
I know the feeling, I don’t think I’ve stopped grinning since I met you.
One more stop before home baby Aaron said. Kyle looked at him wondering with a quizzical look.
Hardware store, I need to make you a key to the house,…. OUR house sweetie. Aaron grinned.
Jax loves you too, well, you did feed him a half a box of treats that first night, sort of cemented the friendship on the spot. Aaron said with a laugh.
On the way home Kyle reached over to Aarons thigh, squeezing it softly, I love you baby! I feel like I have fireworks in my heart for you. Kyle said.
Aaron leaned over to Kyle’s shoulder knowing that he would be with this man until they were very old.
The End

Sunday, March 7, 2010

This story FIRST DATE revolves around a "game" called Second Life.
it is a SIM style meeting site where you meet and interact with other people from all over the world gay or straight, in a real world type environment where about anything that can happen in real life can happen in Second Life, relationships, sex, marriages called "partnerships".
It becomes very real to most people gaining true and meaningful relationships and friendships. There is one section where a person Alan is an ALT a second avatar character that Josh has, Alan is a bit more aggressive in sexual encounters and David enjoys Josh's use of his ALT Alan in Second Life from time to time.
I wanted to give you this information to help you understand the story a bit better.


Josh was at the hotel getting ready for his first date with David, nervous and looking for
something to wear.
Josh lays out several shirts and some pants on the bed, wondering which are right for
Josh is still wearing only a wet towel after his shower, trying to decide.
He goes back to the bathroom and applies a little spicy aftershave, need to smell nice...
brushes his hair and goes back to the clothes,, Underwear, he thinks,, tight, loose,
brief, boxers,, no,, I have it, a black thong, no underwear lines on his tight pants..
Josh slides into the thong, admiring the look in the mirror, not bad, the thong is right.

Then Josh gets into some forest green Levis and a dark brown henley shirt, socks and
Still nervous and excited about the date Josh drives to pick David up, Josh pulls up in his
rental car and goes to the door, rings the bell and a few seconds later Josh lays eyes on
David for the first time ever.

Oh my GOD ! Baby! Josh says, Come on in love, David replies, they kiss the longest kiss as
if to make up for lost time, Josh goes into David's living room and sits on the couch.
I am about ready David says, one more minute,, Josh notices David's bulge and smiles.
As they leave and get into the car, Josh reaches over and puts his hand on David's leg and
leaves it there.
Lets go have some pasta in a nice romantic setting Josh says quietly squeezing David's leg
and smiling.
Sounds very nice, David says, I love Italian food.
Josh smiles and says I know baby, I have been on Second Life with you for four years now and grins.
I was worried that if we did not go right out to eat , you would rape me, Josh remarked.
I can't believe after four years you still have not had your ass popped! Josh says and David
smiles sheepishly, I was waiting for you Josh! David said.
They get seated in the restaurant, a waiter neither notices, asks for a drink order, they
both say Coke and the same time and laugh.
It's all Josh can do to keep his hands off David but takes his shoe and plays with David's
shoes, tapping them and rubbing them making David smile.
I cant believe we finally meet after four years, I love you Josh! David says.
I love you baby, more than anything, Josh's eyes misting up with love.....

Josh and David eat dinner without taking eyes off each other, and hardly remember what they
are eating, drinking in each others looks.
After dinner they go back to David's place and sit talking on the couch, Josh moves in slowly
and says, David as many times as we have had SL sex this will be our first time in RL and I
am anxious and nervous at the same time. Me too David replies.
They lean in for a long passionate kiss that leads to David's hand going underneath Josh's
shirt, feeling and exploring his chest, Josh reaches down and feels David's crotch through
his pants, feeling a substantial package waiting to be unwrapped.
Josh stands and takes David into his arms, and says Finally David I can hold you in my arms
and feel your body when I squeeze you, and smell your hair, and kiss your lips.
David responds only be leaning his head onto Josh's shoulder and hugs Josh tighter.
Josh is an emotional person and when David looks into his face he sees a small tear running
down Josh's face, What’s wrong he asks?
Nothing babe, nothing at all, I am just so happy and content to be in your arms.
They fall back onto the couch, and hold each other for an hour before David asks Josh to his
bed where they strip off al their clothing and stare at each others bodies soaking it in,
were really going to do this? Josh asks.
You'd better believe it David replies, I am hard as a rock!
Josh gets on his knees in front of David standing near the bed.
Josh runs his hands slowly across David's legs and thighs, David jumps from the touch.
Josh lifts David's cock and balls in his hand pulling it closer to his lips. Josh tastes David's
balls then licks his way up to his shaft giving tongue action all around the hard cock.
Josh reaches between David's legs to David's butt cheeks and pulls his body toward his hot and
hungry lips.
David moans with pleasure and says I can't believe you are here with me after all this
Josh starts running his tongue up David's belly to David's nipples and starts to lick and chew
them while running his hands down David's back.
Josh still cannot believe that soon his hard cock will be up David's ass where no man has
gone before, he will be able to give David what he has wanted for so long, David always says
he is a patient man.
David pushes Josh onto the bed and jumps toward Josh's hard cock, and for the first time,
takes it into his mouth...
Oh my gosh Josh, I have daydreamed about having your cock in my mouth, it's crazy but I
want to stay up all night and never stop sucking your hard cock. Josh laughs, David I don't
think I could take having my cock hard all night.
David explores Josh's cock, shaft and balls as if he were a starving man that was just given
a huge meal, chewing, licking and sucking his privates.
David, it's time,,, Josh states, for what? David questions.
For me to ravish your virgin ass, Josh laughs and grabs David rolling on the bed laughing
and grabbing each others bodies.
Josh rolls David into his right side, and bends his left leg up towards his stomach.
Josh reaches for some lube and put a gob into his hand reaching for David's waiting ass.
Josh works a large amount into David's hole slowly and carefully not wanting to hurt David or
rush this precious moment.
Josh slips a finger all the way in, pushing slowly deeper and deeper, then pulling back
out, David moans Baby that feels so good, I am so hot for you, do it, give me your hard
Josh continues working to loosen up David's ass working a second finger into the tight hole,
hmmm ohhh David moans.
Josh adds more lube intently watching his fingers disappear into David's ass from only about
eight inches away.
Ok, Babe, You ready? Josh asked, Am I ever! I have been waiting forever for this to happen
and am so happy that it is you that will be fucking my ass for the first time.
Josh grabs more lube smears it over his hard shaft and moves into position and gently
presses his cock head up to David's still virgin ass.
David jumps and moves with anticipation, Josh pushed gently and smoothly adding more
pressure and his hard rod goes in a quarter, of the way, then halfway, Josh asks if David is
Yes baby, it's a bit tight but I love your cock in my ass.
Josh continues pushing until he reaches his pubic hair to David's ass, then gently pushes
tighter and wiggles it around a bit.
OH MY GOD! David's yells out, this is incredible, I never thought it could feel this good.
and Josh slowly pulls almost out, and starts working it back in, and they motion starts to
become regular.
Josh pulls David's leg tighter to his belly making more room to get his cock deeper into the
hot hole.
Josh stats picking up speed, and whispers "tell me to stop if it gets uncomfortable baby,
Don't stop, David replies, Josh grins and goes back to his attack on David's ass.
Josh's breathing starts getting heavier and the movement faster, David is pushing his ass
back against Josh's thrusts. Baby, I am gonna cum in your ass for the first time, hmmm
..mmmm..Oh yeah Josh do it, fill my ass with your hot cum, no one has ever done that to me
Sweat forms on Josh's chest and brow, his breathing is getting out of control as his body
tenses and the first wave of his ejaculation shoots into David's ass with wave after wave to
Ohhhh baby your ass is so sweet, Ohhmmmmm. Ohhhwow, Josh slows, still inside David's ass,
and lays his weight on David's chest still breathing very hard.
Josh, David says, That was frikin' insane, your hard cock up my ass, it felt do good baby.
lets do it again!
Josh laughs, still out of breath, I will have to have a little recovery time first but ok
we will before the night is over.
Your turn now, I want that huge monster of a cock up my ass, I have had a few up there
before but nothing that big, so take it slow, ok? David smiles and grabs the lube.
David's cock has been hard and ready to blow with the thought of just being close to Josh, so
putting the lube on was allot to do without shooting his wad on Josh's crotch.
David eases his large cock and pushes is firmly into Josh's ass, Ohh,, mmm ok,, keep going,
just take it slow, Josh says with an unsteady voice.
David pushes harder and gets a third of his cock buried in the hot ass, go ahead David ,
farther, Josh says.
Ohh I have to slow down or I will cum, and David pushes farther until most of his fat cock
was gone.
Then he starts the fucking motion and Josh holds on tight to the mattress and raises his
hips higher for David to have better access.
David does not take long and is pumping it in and out like mad, really getting into it when
he says Josh here it comes, ohmm I am fucking your ass deep and am getting ready to shoot
my load,, oh baby.
Josh I love you,, Oh my gosh. I am cumming,, his sperm is flying into Josh's overstuffed
ass, Josh is riding that big cock loving every second of it.
They collapse into each others arms and grin, then laugh with utter joy.
Josh looks deep into David's eyes and says, David I love you! and I have waited for this for
four years, I cant believe that I am lucky enough to be with you right now.

They laugh at everything and nothing, just happy to be in each others arms, David lays his head on Josh's
shoulder and remarks on how many times he said, "Josh, I wish I could spend the night
holding you, all night long" and now your here in my bed.
Josh snuggled into David's embrace and they dozed for an hour or so until a siren woke them
just enough to feel each others stiff cocks and they were back at it. Josh going down on
David's huge member, chewing, sucking and nibbling on it until David pulled him off so he
would not shoot his load before he was ready.
David slid under the sheets making moaning noises as he licked his way to Josh's hard cock
and started sucking his dick while he slipped a finger into Josh's ass, fingering his
hole, as deep as he could push it, Josh moaning over all of the attention.
David sucks hard and heavy until Josh's body starts reacting to the pending orgasm,
stiffening and Josh whispers, David, my sweet baby, I am going to cum in your mouth and feed
you my hot juice. David hears that and sucks harder until Josh releases his hot load into
David's mouth. David drinks it hungrily and tries to get every last drop to claim as his own.
David was ready to cum just from taking Josh's cum into his mouth so it did not take much to
send him over the top when Josh reached down and started jacking on his throbbing cock.
Josh leaned in about the time David shot his load, it spurted out onto Josh's face and neck
as Josh opened his mouth to catch what he could and taste David's spunky liquid.
A very sticky David asked Josh if he wanted to shower with him and get cleaned up again?
Josh replied, Oh yeah! and I will make sure that you drop the soap more than once as he
smiled to his lover.
The two got into the shower, laughing and soaping each other and each exploring the others
bodies, It's like a dream, I keep thinking I will wake up any minute and it will be over
Josh remarked.
David had a sad look on his face for just a second then he ticked Josh's ribs and laughed,,
still a dream ? he asked, would I be able to tickle you like this in your dream?
Josh and David finished the shower.
Josh wrapped a towel around his waist while David very relaxed being nude dropped his towel
in the bathroom on the floor.
The men sat on the couch David laying his head on Josh's shoulder. They sat in silence for a
couple of minutes soaking it all in, thinking about the last four years on SL where they
could not see or touch warm flesh and here they were full of love for each other.
David slowly drifted off to sleep still leaning on Josh's shoulder, Josh just sat in the
quiet room listening to David's breath as he dozed. Josh reached over and slowly moved David's
head down onto his lap, My guy is a very tired boy he thought.
As David slept Josh thought about the pending doom of his flight leaving in a little over a
day, it made him sad.
How could he leave David and go back to Florida, when would they see each other again? Josh
toys with David's short hair longing to kiss his lips, but did not want to move and wake
After two hours David woke, and said I'm sorry I must have nodded off for a second, Josh
just smiled and said it's ok baby, not wanting to tell him that he had needed to pee for
the last hour.
Josh got up to use the restroom, David followed him and reached around Josh's waist and took
control of Josh's cock while it shot out a firm stream of pee into the toilet.
MMMM... Josh said, such service! do you do this with all the guys you have over?
Only the ones named Josh, David replied with a laugh.
After Josh finished, he turned to David and held him tight, so tight he never wanted to let
him go and kissed his neck and cheek.
How could they bear to be apart after feeling the heat from the others bodies and the fire
in their hearts, Josh wondered.
Lets sleep for a while and we can get up and start all over, David giggled at Josh's serious

Chapter 2

Josh wakes up to the sun coming into the window, looking at David still sleeping, he looks
so sweet and he's such a nice guy, Josh thought.
Josh got up and went into David's kitchen finding enough to make a very nice breakfast for
two. Fried potatoes, without onion of course Josh smiles remembering David telling him years
ago that he did not like onion either.
Lets see some sausage links and eggs with cheese on top, wheat toast.
Josh was about done fixing breakfast when David walked in wearing only a sleepy smile,
Cooking in your boxers babe? David asked.
Yeah can't risk grease splattering on my parts now and ruin the rest of my time here can
we? Josh asked.
Sit Down Josh and let me at least serve your food since you have gone to all this trouble
to make us a fantastic breakfast, David said as he poured two glasses of orange juice.
Thanks, so ....Hmmm "nice" to see you "up" Josh notices David's big dick starting to rise.
David laughs, well you know me,, don't ya?
If that monster gets any harder we may be eating a cold breakfast at lunchtime, Josh
It was such a nice breakfast.
Josh smiling uncontrollably while trying to eat. David looks up at Josh and says "what?" to
Josh's smiling.
Josh grins and say's, baby I just cant stop grinning at you, I am eating you up. I want to
remember every thing you do so when I go back home I will know your moves.
Right then it donned on David that Josh's time was running short and that soon he would be
there alone and Josh back in Florida, a small tear welled up in his eyes but not so much
that Josh noticed.
After we eat and clean the dishes I need to go to the hotel for fresh clothes Josh said.
I don't know why you did not stay here, but I can tell you that you WILL be checking out
of that hotel today, you are mine! David said.
I did not want to just rush in on you baby, I thought it may get too much and wanted to
have a place to go if you got tired of me, Josh laughed.
David reached over and grabbed Josh's balls through the underwear and said, I don’t think I
will ever get tired of you, haven't you figured that out yet?
Josh laughed and kissed David on the lips, then just stepped back and looked at David for a
second and at that moment he realized that it is going to be real hard to leave this man
and go home.

Josh came up to David's back reaching around and hugging him from the rear, one arm over
David's shoulder and the other under his arm.
Josh stood clutching David feeling the warmth that he had longed for so many times in the
last four years, then sliding his left hand down David's torso, feeling every inch he could
and then to his crotch, mmmm looks like I am getting a rise out of you! Josh said.
Let me finish the dishes and well take care of "this" right afterward. David said as he
looked down at his swelling cock.
I have a better idea, Josh said, You finish the dishes and I will take care of the
dishwasher right now!
Josh dropped to his knees and started biting and licking David's round ass cheeks, massaging
them and running his tongue into David's ass crack.
David jumped and almost dropped the plate he was rinsing. Screw the dishes he said spreading
his legs while leaning toward the kitchen counter.
Josh went to work reaching through David's legs and pulled David's balls to his lips, licking
them and pulling one into his mouth as David moaned and said, Oh Josh if you keep that up I
will shoot my load right now!
Fire away baby, we’ve got all day! Josh said in a muffled voice.
David pulled Josh onto the couch ripped off his shorts and dove onto Josh's hard cock
getting it very wet and slick before lifting his ass onto the hot spear, slowly sliding it
into his ass.
Babe you may need some lube for this, you know you have not had a cock up there many
times, Josh said. David continued sliding it into his ass and said I want to feel every bit
of it, you can burn my ass up, I want to feel the heat.
David lowered himself all the way down on Josh's cock till he hit pubic hair, letting his
weight rest there slowly moving his body on Josh's hard cock in swirling motions sending
Josh almost over the edge while Josh grips the back of the couch and holds on tight.
David lifted his weight until he was almost off Josh's cock and then started back down with
Josh moaning the whole time.
Oh Baby! Josh said, I won't last long this time, your ass is so hot I am about to shoot my
load now.
David laughs and seemed to enjoy the torment Josh was going through holding his load back.
David moves in faster jerking motions making Josh jump and twitch from the action on his
A few more minutes and Josh was moaning that his hot juice was on it's way, with his body
stiffening and pushing up onto David's ass.
A big wave engulfed Josh's entire body as his orgasm surged through him and into David's
ass. David was biting his lip and groaning loudly as Josh shot his load.
They both collapsed over onto the couch Josh's penis still tucked into David's backside, they
lay still both breathing hard and trying not to fall off the couch.

David was the first to move, not because he wanted to but he was falling off the couch onto
the floor.
David kneeled on the floor and laid his head on Josh's chest and said, Josh, I don't know
what I am going to do when you leave to go back home.
It will almost be worse than when I did not have you at all, he said as a tear slipped
onto Josh's chest and rolled down his side.
Josh rubbed David's head without saying anything as he felt the same things David had just
Baby would you like to go get in bed for a little nap? David asked.
A huge grin broke over Josh's face as he said yeah I could do with some serious snuggle
time with you, Josh replied as they went and climbed into David's bed.
Josh spooned David from the back reaching over his side and running his hand over David's
chest and down to his substantial cock, mmm that's my baby, Josh said quietly as he his
eyes closed and they drifted back to sleep.
Josh woke to David standing beside the bed looking as cute as ever and asked if Josh would
like to go for a drive?
Josh got up giving David a huge long sleepy hug and said ok baby as long as I am with you, I
am a happy guy.
They got in the car and headed down to Water Street, David pulled in to the Mobil gas
station to fill up, Josh looked around,
Nice town he thought, small, very small,, he smiled, a two pump gas station across from
the IGA where everyone in the area got their groceries each week, he was sure.
David finished up and drove out, Ice cream? David asked. sure, why not Josh said, looking out
the window as the trees opened up to show a very nice view of the river.
Just a bit farther on the right, Deb's Ice Cream and Mini Golf.. he laughed.
As they drove a few more blocks, Josh looked at David and thought, How many times had he
driven this exact road? and gone to the IGA, he's been here his whole life, Josh had moved
all over the Pacific Northwest and now lived in Florida.
Sometimes Josh longs for the small town feel, warm, friendly and everyone knows everyone
and everything about each other.
Oh looks closed, no ice cream for us, well not from Deb's anyway, David said. unless you
want the big Ice cream cone in the yard with chocolate and vanilla swirl advertising the
ice cream shop.
Josh really did not care about the ice cream, he had David on his mind and how comfortable
he felt with David, like they had known each other for life.
It was like Josh had been here before, or a town just like this in Oregon or Washington,
well any small town for that matter. He reached over and put his hand on David's leg and
David drove to a small area by the river so the two could get out and walk a bit.
Walking along the waters edge David reached out and held Josh's hand, Josh cautiously looked
around, David smiled and said were alone out here, there’s no one to see us.
Josh relaxed and pulled him close as they walked, we fit like a glove baby, Josh said, very
comfortable and broken in, but still new an exciting.
David grinned and said,, look! Josh looks around, no! silly here! David said. looking at his
crotch, Josh noticed a bulge. It's what you do to me, David said and giggled.
Well! Josh said, let me see what I can do about that grabbing for his fly, David laughed and
pulled back, Josh pulled David to the ground, and went for the front of David's pants opening
them and inspecting the merchandise, Oh baby you did get hard, Josh said eyeing his cock.
David lifted his hips from the ground and Josh slipped off David's pants and shoes. Look at
you, naked from the waist down, Josh laughed, so much for not coming out to your town!
Josh un-buttons his own pants and pulls out his stiffening cock, standing over David, Josh
starts jacking off. David laying on the ground moans and pulls at his balls and playing with
his cock.
I am gonna stand here and shoot my load onto you baby! Josh states.
Promises, promises, David taunts.
Josh loosens his pants a bit more reaching to his ass cheeks spreading them and rubbing
them with his left hand while jacking off with his right while watching David below.
David moans a bit louder, feeling close to cumming, Josh stands over David, legs stiffening,
back arching, beating his meat harder and faster Josh moans Oh David, I love you so much,
ohhh hhhh baby,,, as the first volley of hot sperm fly's from Josh's hard cock and arches
down onto David's face and tee shirt.
The moment it hit's David's face he lets fly with his own orgasm shooting all over his
Josh exhausts his cocks contents onto David while David bends and tries to get as much into
his mouth as possible tasting Josh's cum as it flies toward him.
Josh drops to his knees next to David as David leans in to suck Josh's cock dry, licking it
clean, Josh jumping from the tenderness of his penis.
Oh baby I do love you, and everything about you Josh says.
David looks up and smiles, cum still on his cheek, Josh reaches over and wipes it with his
finger taking it to David's awaiting mouth. David sucks the cum off Josh's finger as Josh feels
the inside of David's mouth.
Lets get ourselves together before someone comes along, David say's as Josh helps him from
the ground.
David pulls off his tee shirt splattered with Josh's cum and wipes his face then his cock
before pulling his pants on.
Josh helps steadying him as he puts on his shoes. Josh stares at David's bare chest almost
hypnotized by it. David looks up and laugh's, Josh we had better get to the car and back to
my place so we can have a hot soak in my tub and play around with the soap bar he grins.
Josh and David slip into the deep tub of warm water and Josh washes David's back and shoulders
with the soap and washcloth. David leans back onto Josh's chest and lays his head back onto
Josh's shoulder, David looks over cheek to cheek at Josh and say's your my man Josh, can it
get better than this?
Josh smiled and kissed him on the side of his face, David you know I only have one more full
day here?
I can't bear to leave you, the longer I am here the more I don't ever want to leave you
side, Josh said as he held David tight.
David looked over at Josh with tears rolling down his face, Baby, let's not talk about it
yet, David said in a trembling voice.
We have been with each other for four years on SL and have been together for a few days
now in real life, it's just too wonderful. I don't want to be without you and we sure
can't go four more years without being together again, David said tears still streaming down
his face and dripping into the bath water.
Josh pulled David tightly against him and quietly kissed him, there was nothing Josh could
say to make it ok.

Chapter 3

Lets go to dinner and then come back here and snuggle on the bed and watch a movie David
They dried each other off got dressed with at little grab ass going on between the
underwear and pants and headed out the door to the local Sun Sun Restaurant.
Josh Ordered a big hamburger and a strawberry shake, David ordered his Hamburger with fries
and a Coke, as the waitress delivered the drinks.
David's spirits lifted again and Josh was able to get a big smile out of his handsome face.
They chatted and laughed about SL friends while they ate, Josh, stealing fries off David's
plate, Josh looked deep into David's eyes thinking of the beauty in his soul and the
warmth in his heart.

Josh paid the bill and they left stopping by the IGA grocery for snacks and a movie
rental, Josh got his favorite candy Jr. Mints while David got Red Vines and microwave pop
corn they decided on the movie "Message In A Bottle" with Kevin Costner, Josh had seen it
several times and loves the scenery and the romantic storyline.
David popped the corn in the microwave while Josh got Cokes and bowls out for the pop corn.
The movie started as they munched on pop corn, Josh looked at David and laughed asking David
why they are in bed under the blankets and still dressed? Is the honeymoon over Josh asked
still laughing. I'll show you over! David said as he grabbed Josh's waist and tried tickling
him only to find that Josh is not ticklish.
Ohhh! Josh said and dove for David's armpits tickling him pop corn flying everywhere, David
was laughing so hard he could hardly breath begging Josh to stop. OK! If I stop,,, you'll
do anything I want?? Josh asked. No David said still laughing, Josh continued tickling him
until David said, OK, OK I will,,, he said. You will what?? Josh asked.
I will do anything you want! really! David said laughing. Josh stopped tickling him and
said, I knew you'd see it my way.. with a big smile on his face.
Ok, what do you want me to do? David asked. absolutely nothing,, TRUST ME, Josh said, Once
you strip and lay on the bed.
Josh went to the closet and seemed to be looking for something, What are you looking for?
David asked.
Josh looked back and put his finger to his lips and said Sssshhhh close your eyes baby,
trust me.
David laid there with his eyes closed and felt Josh come back to the bed and something being
wrapped around his face covering his eyes, It that one of my ties? David asked. Ssshhhh!
again was the only thing David heard while he was blindfolded with what he presumed was a
neck tie. Then he felt something being tied onto his right hand and being pulled up toward
the top of the bed and being tied off. Josh? David asked in a soft voice.
SSShhhhh! again was the response, then the same thing with his other hand and both legs.
David laid there nude, blindfolded and tied out on his own bed, I wonder what he has in
store for me? David thought as his cock started hardening.
Just then David felt something lightly drag across his chest to his crotch causing David to
jump and pull a bit, Ohhh Josh , that felt nice and is getting me hot baby.
It's not Josh David, its Alan.... Josh's alter avatar in Second Life, Josh could not come all this way to
meet you without bringing Alan to say hi. Alan likes it a little rougher as you
remember... Alan said as he gripped David's foot tightly and sucks on his toes, while
running his hands up David's legs slightly touching David's balls hanging between his
outstretched legs making David jump again.
Ohh Alan, David moaned... mmmmmm.... Alan took off his clothes and climbed onto the foot of
the bed between David's legs and started running his hands over David's body barley touching
him, mostly touching David's light body hair. By this time David is jumping and twitching at
Alan's touch moaning, please Alan,, I am all yours!! take me, do whatever you want!
Alan was quiet and continued rubbing, David's cock is harder than ever as he had never been
tied up before and to tell the truth, David was really enjoying it. Alan leaned over kissing
David's belly button as David sucked it in from not being able to see what Alan was doing.
Alan continued caressing and kissing David then Alan took Josh's shoelace off his tennis
shoe and wrapped it around the base of David's cock and balls winding it until he only had
enough to tie it off. David's cock is throbbing at this time and ready to blow it's load,
Alan pressed on the vein at the bottom of the shaft firmly causing the pending orgasm to
delay it's eruption.
The shoe lace caused David's cock to fatten and become more sensitive. Alan reached over and
tweaked David's nipples and let his tongue dart onto David's cock head watching is jump with
each contact made.
Alan reached into the glass and pulled out an ice cube allowing it to drip onto David's
chest, Alan then drug the ice across David's nude body making him jump and moan again. Alan
then slid the ice along David's cock and balls then down to his ass pulling apart his cheeks
sliding the ice cube along his ass crack then pushing it into David's ass. David jumped and
said Oh baby,, please do it,, take me now Alan!.
Alan remained quiet watching David squirm.
Alan then bent to pull David's cock to his mouth and going down deep onto the shaft while it
immediately exploded in Alan's mouth while he sucked him wildly and reached up and twisted
David's nipple.
David was going wild between the sight and touch deprivation, the slow sexual teasing and
and having Alan unexpectedly appear to dominate him.
Alan reached down and untied David's left leg and pushed it up to his chest and slid his
hard cock into David's ass and began to plunder the hot hole.
Alan rode David hard and long, David coming again this time without being touched shooting all
over his belly and chest.
Alan reached over and scooped up some and slid it into David's mouth making David suck it off
his fingers, as he continued to fuck his ass.
Alan started to stiffen and moan loudly then with frantic jerks, as he shot his hot load
into David's ass wave after wave of his spunk lubing up David's ass hole. Alan fell forward
and collapsed onto David's chest, breathing hard, he moved up to David's lips and kisses him
gently and whispered, I love you baby.
Alan untied David's restraints and left the blindfold for last, until Josh reached over and
pulled it off.
David blinked a few times looking into Josh's eyes, smiled and said Alan was just here baby
and he hauled my ashes, he was amazing David said.
Josh pulled David's head onto his chest and held him and asked, You ok baby?
Oh MY GOD! yesss! I'm ok, Alan rocked my world, I have never had anything like that happen
to me, it was like a fantasy, David said. They held each other as they fell asleep very

Josh woke first and lay there looking at his true love sleep. Josh leaned over and kissed
David on the forehead and whispered, I love you honey, now and forever.
Just looking at David made Josh's heart so full and warm, his hand on David feeling his breath
raise and lower his chest. After about 20 minutes David opened his eyes and looked at Josh
and said I dreamed that you were staying her with me forever baby.
Josh smiled and kissed him long and hard on the mouth offering his tongue to David's willing
mouth. I will always love you David, your the sweetest thing to ever happen to me Josh said.
They both lay in silence for a few minutes each thinking a thousand different thoughts,
holding each other, caressing each others bodies.
David moved to get up and said, baby, I am going to make you a nice breakfast,, you stay in
bed and I will let you know when it's ready.
Josh watched as David walked away from the bed, his, oh so cute ass, wiggling as he left.
Josh called out asking David if he was sure he didn't need any help? but David declined saying
no baby just relax it's your last full day here.
Josh lay on the bed, the sheet only covering part of his left leg, the rest was exposed as
he rubbed his chest and then let his hand slide down to his cock starting to get morning
wood. Something's come up David! Josh called out. David came walking back to the doorway, What
is it, what’s wrong? David asked.
Josh just smiled and pointed to his hardening cock, grabbing it giving it a wave in the
direction of David.
David gave a crooked smile and said baby, I have to get back to the eggs, keep that cock
hard till I get back, he said with a laugh.
David called out a few minutes later for Josh to come eat, Josh walked to the table still
nude and stretched his body making the half hard cock stick out even farther. David just
stopped and stared at him and his big cock. Sit down and eat before this gets cold, then I
am all yours,, you can do anything you like with me today David said with a wicked smile.
Josh and David ate like they had not eaten in days, they had really worked up an appetite
with all the sex they have had.
Babe, Josh said, These potatoes are so good and I really love your sausage!, just as the
words came out of his mouth he realized how it sounded and both started laughing until
they both were laughing so hard and could not stop.
It really was not that funny but it felt so good to be together and just laugh.
Josh started clearing the dishes as David took his last few bites of toast, David protested
that Josh should sit down and he would do the dishes when Josh suggested I will wash and
you can dry and put them away.
Josh proceeded to wash the plates, glasses and silverware handing them to David to rinse and
David took the plastic spatula he was drying, turning to put it in the drawer, then he got a
devilish smile on his face, turned and smacked Josh's bare ass with the spatula causing a
loud smack noise and making Josh jump.
Ohh... Josh said, that's the way you want it huh? grabbing for the spatula, David pulled it
back and ran with it to the bedroom laughing all the way with Josh right on his heels.
Josh caught up with David and pulled the spatula from David's tight grip and pulled him onto
the bed and proceeded to smack David's ass several times with the spatula making it turn hot
pink very quickly, David jumping with each pop trying to get away, but really enjoying the
ass attention.
Enough? or do you need a little more to show you who's boss? Josh asked, while trying to
keep a serious look on his face.
David squirmed laughing and said no please! but Josh knew what he really wanted and gave
David's pink ass a couple more smacks and tossed the spatula across the room.
Josh took David into his arms and pulled onto his lap, kissing David on the forehead, the
cheek, then mouth as David felt Josh's hard cock pushing on his still stinging ass cheek.
David adjusted his body slightly so Josh's hard cock was now touching his ready hole,
reaching back with some spit on his hand David lubed his ass to take the assault of Josh's
hard and straining dick.
David lowered his body onto Josh's cock slowly as the spit really was not the best lube and
his ass was still sore from the fucking he took by the river.
David started riding Josh's cock taking more and more of it into himself until he was
sitting all the way down on it. Josh started moaning and feeling David's body, moving him
with his hands slightly back and forth while he pumped his hips, thrusting it deep into
David's ass.
Josh reached around to David's cock and started rubbing it and playing with David's balls, David
put his hand onto Josh's hand and said, Babe, I can't take too much of you touching my
cock or I will blow my wad right now, your cock up my ass is getting me off as it is.
Josh grinned and grabbed a firm grip on David's hard cock and said give it to me sweetie,
and stroked David's cock while still pumping David's ass.
The more he worked at it the more David was moving and jumping as he readied himself for the
hot cumm to fly out of his cock. Josh pulled on the cock a few more strokes and that was
all David could hold back, David moaned loudly and said Oh Josh,, ohhh.... as the sperm jetted
out into the air, landing on David's legs and the bed.
Josh was very close himself, he licked some of the hot cum from his hand while he fucked
David's ass until he too shot his load filling David with his warm fluid.
Josh fell back onto the bed and David laid back on Josh's chest with Josh's cock still in
his ass.
They lay there breathing hard, when David broke the silence and said Josh I love you more
than you will ever know.
I love you more, Josh replied.
Josh, I could get used to this real easy! David said.
Not working? Josh asked in jest.
No, David said, having you here with me forever, I love you Josh!
I know baby, nothing would make me happier, I fly back tomorrow though, we both knew this
was just a visit when I flew out here and I do have to go back, Josh explained softly and
inside his heart was breaking.

Chapter 4

Lets get showered and dressed and go out for seafood, David said.
That sounds good to me, I love fish and chips, mmm...scallops oohh now I am really getting
hungry Josh said.
Josh and David showered, rubbing each others bodies with soap and hugging under the hot
water, mostly just quietly holding each other. As they got out of the shower Josh took
David's towel away from him, David looked a bit puzzled. I am going to towel dry every inch of
you, Josh said.
Oh Josh, you'll get my cock harder than it already is and we'll be back in bed starting
all over, David said with a grin.
Trust me, Josh said looking David in the eye giving him a wink.
Josh got onto his knees in front of David drying his legs and feet. Josh worked with his
face inches from David's swelling cock while reaching around to dry David's ass off, As Josh
stood he leaned in and kisses David's left nipple, That one was always my favorite, Josh
said with a grin as he walked behind David to dry off his back.
David smiled and spread his legs so Josh could get deep into his crack to dry him off.
I think all we have done is eat and have sex since you've been here David said. Well we did
sleep for a few hours too Josh said with a laugh.
They got dressed and headed out to the car, David stopped and kissed Josh outside his
apartment. David,, people will see, Josh stated.
Today I don't care, David said, I love you Josh and I just don’t care who knows it.
Well you will tomorrow when they all start talking around town, Josh replied.
At the restaurant, Josh ordered pan seared scallops, David got the fish, shrimp and chips as
they ate, it was all Josh could do to keep from getting up and sitting close to David,
instead, Josh just looked at David's handsome face and smiled to him. David knew what that
smile meant and returned a sexy smile of his own.
After the meal, they sat and talked a bit before paying the bill and going back to David's
I would love to slow dance with you babe, Josh said but I know there are no gay bars
anywhere close to here.
I have an idea.. Josh take off your clothes, David stated. Josh started taking off his
clothes and smiled wondering what David had in store for him.
David put on some soft music and stripped off his own clothing and looked at Josh and said,
lets dance nude just like we do in SL.
You don’t have to ask me twice baby, I love dancing in SL with you and this will be so much
They danced a slow song rubbing hot flesh against each other, Josh's cock was standing
almost straight out from rubbing on David's dick.
Josh held David close and whispered "baby I love you so much, I can't get enough of you",
then kissed him long and hard on the mouth.
David reached back and gripped Josh's ass cheeks and squeezed them and said I know baby, I
love you too.
I don't want to sleep at all tonight, don't forget I have to leave tomorrow at 10 AM. I
can sleep on the plane back home. I want to see you every second until I go Josh said.
David did not reply, he just squeezed Josh tighter than he ever had before as they danced.
Baby I could dance with your forever! especially whey your nude, Josh laughed.
Your getting me ready to shoot my load again, look how hard I am! David said.
Hmmmm... Do I need to call Alan back? Josh asked with a sheepish smile on his face.
No, Baby, I just want to hold onto you and never let you go, David said quietly.
Josh leaned over and kissed him on the lips for a long slow kiss, while they danced in
each others arms to a soft love song.
They danced for an hour more, then David pulled Josh toward the couch and they cuddled and
held each other, quietly kissing and touching each other.
David, you know I have to go back in the morning, I have to get back to work and find out
what a mess has been made in my absence.
David was quiet an would not look Josh in the face because he knew he would start to cry.
I have something for you though. Josh said with a smile. David smiled a bit and said I bet
you do and I bet it's hard too!
No, Josh said,
David poked him and looked at Josh's cock pointing, see, it IS hard! David said.
No,, I mean I am not talking about my cock being what I want to give you.. Josh gets up
and gets an envelope from his things.
This is what I want to give you! Josh said. What is it? David asked.
It's a plane ticket to Florida in six weeks, I wanted to give us enough time to request
more vacation time from work, Do you think you can make it? Josh asked.
Oh My God! Yesss baby, Yes! David was so excited, all of the sadness of Josh was leaving in
the morning had just vanished.
Josh tried to kiss David but it was like trying to stay on a bucking horse.
David could not hold still, then he jumped grabbing Josh around the neck and kissing him
hard on the lips.
If my boss says no.. I think I'll quit, David laughed.
I have never been on a plane,, wow it's going to be great! David said in a highly excited
Josh just laughed, David was so funny, it was like he just won the lottery, Josh thought.
Still it will be hard to say goodbye in the morning.

Babe, that’s 45 days away, still a long time but we have SL to keep us in touch, remember
we have already gone four years and this was our first, in person meeting. Josh stated.
Besides, after I have gone, you may realize you don’t like me after all. Josh laughed.
David hardly let Josh finish that statement before he pushed him over onto the couch and
laid on him holding Josh down, Don't even talk like that baby, I love you so much! David
said in a serious voice.
Josh laughed and said, David, I was just kidding, I know you love me!
Babe, There's something else I want you to have! Josh said.
Yeah? more? you buy me too many things. David said.
No baby, I did not buy it, as Josh pointed to his hardening cock with a huge devilish
David reached over and took Josh's cock in his hand, looking at it, then putting his lips
over the head, kissing it, then sliding it all the way into his mouth.
Josh laid back, moaning, Yes,, baby,, ohh that feels sooo good.
David worked on Josh's cock, sliding it in and out of his mouth like it was the first time
and he never wanted to let it go. Josh stroked David's dark hair and whispered, "Oh baby I
love you so much".
David did not break from what he was doing except to slip his finger into Josh's hungry ass.
Ohhh Josh exclaimed, Yes, Baby,, ohh that feels soo good!, Don't ever stop!
David worked his finger in and out of Josh's hot ass with a vengeance while he sucked Josh
into an exploding orgasm, David sucking every bit of cum he could from Josh.
Josh laid back, sweat on his forehead and a bit on his chest, Oh wow baby, that was so
hot! I about passed out Josh said with a smile.
David kissed Josh on the mouth and they lay in each others arms and held each other tight.
Josh got up and said to David, Babe, be right back and went into the other room, David thought
it a bit odd, but lay back and rubbed his chest, thinking about Josh leaving in the
morning. David did not know how he could handle the goodbye scene at the airport and thought
about just saying good bye here but could not bear to send Josh off alone.
About then Josh came back into the room, still naked, his cock bouncing all around while
he walked.
Josh had a big smile on his face, Babe, I made two calls, one to my boss and the other to
American Airlines, I changed my flight to extend me for another two day's! I hope that ok,
Josh asked.
Oh, Josh, really? I am so happy! David exclaimed with tears in his eyes.
Josh fell into David's arms and they held each other tight and franticly kissed each others
lips and face.
I need some lovin' Josh said to David with a wink.
David looked into Josh's eyes and said I never want to let you go babe.
I love you so! have I told you that today? David asked with a huge smile on his face.
Mmm I couldn't leave my husband so soon, now could I? Josh asked with a sarcastic smile.
Josh leaned in and kissed David's left nipple while twisting the other one, David fell back
flat onto the bed and moaned, Oh baby,, I can't get enough of you.
David said, wait,, Its your turn to lay back and enjoy, as David got up and guided Josh onto
his stomach on the bed.
David started rubbing Josh's feet and legs working his way up the inner thighs, kissing and
nibbling on them as he went. David's hands searching out ahead of his path feeling and
groping his way to Josh's ass.
David came up and spread Josh's ass cheeks and started biting them sending Josh into jumping
and twitching and moaning in delight, tongue darting into Josh's crack feeling his hot
David spit and slid in a finger into Josh's ass and started working it around, loosening
Josh up a bit before slipping in a second finger making Josh really jump and moan,, Ohh
David you know what I like, Josh said.
David worked both fingers in Josh's ass he continued biting the fleshy cheek's and rubbing
his left hand all over Josh's body.
I love your hairy butt Josh, I am going to plow your ass so hard right now, David said as he
pulled out his fingers and moved into position lifting Josh's hips into the air to have
full access to Josh's asshole.
David pushed his large cock in faster that usual making Josh gasp and hold on to the edge of
the bed. you ok babe? David asked.
Oh yeah baby,, Josh said as he pushed his ass back against David's thrusting body.
David was on his knees pumping his big dick into Josh as fast as he could go, while gripping
Josh's hip's, Oh baby, I won't last long this time, David said between breaths.
He pumped and pushed on Josh's hot ass a few more strokes and yelled out yeeessss baby,,
Oh, Josh I am cuming now,, as his cock filled Josh's ass with a new load of his love.
After his cock slowed to a throb, David collapsed onto Josh's back, leaving his dick inside
his lover and hugged him tightly around the waist kissing Josh's back, Josh, I am so glad
you can stay two extra days, David whispered.
Baby, I love you Josh said and touched David's hand that was still around his waist.
After a few minutes Josh pulled David into the deep oval bath tub he had filled with hot
water and bubbles.
The two soaked in the tub holding and kissing each other trying to fit the last four years
into a very few days together.
As they got out of the bath, Josh took David's towel, getting on his knees and dried David's
feet, legs and working up from there.
Josh started drying David's balls he leaned in and kissed David's cock sucking it into his
mouth, more as a feeling of caring for David than a sexual tone, Josh continued drying off
his husband while caressing his body with his hands.
Josh dried himself as David started dressing. David I would like to go to the mall babe, Josh
Anything in particular Josh? David asked. No, just your standard mall will be fine, Josh
said not giving any further clue as to what he wanted to buy.
David was driving towards the mall several miles away as David lived in a small town, Josh
rubbed David's right thigh and laid his hand there as they talked, Josh felt so comfortable
with David, like they had known each other all their lives.
This country is beautiful babe, Josh remarked, I think I could get used to see in more of
It is beautiful, yes, but I have seen all I want of it having grown up here and would love
to see more of other states.
Josh looked around, no other cars were near so he leaned over and kissed David's lips
sucking on his bottom lip for a second after the kiss.
After the long drive, they got out at the mall, walking into the shops, looking at many
different things.
David bought a shirt, Josh bought some shorts. They took a break in the food court to get
some ice cream.

Honey, did you find what you were looking for? David asked. Not yet baby, but I will before
we leave.
Josh excused himself saying he had to use the restroom and told David he'd be back in a few
David sat finishing his ice cream glowing in the thoughts of Josh and the last few days they
have had together.
Quite a bit of time had passed when Josh came back and asked David if he were ready to go.
Was there something else you were looking for before we leave the mall? David asked.
Naw, Babe, I'm ok, I don't need anything more than you! Josh said as he smiled looking
deeply into David's eyes.

Let's take a trip over to one of the harbors so you can see the fishing boats, David
I'd really like that, I've never been to Maine before and it's nice being outside with you.
Babe...? Josh asked. Can you pull over to the side of the parking lot over there by those
trees, please?
Sure Josh, are you ok? David asked.
David pulled the car over and shut off the motor looking a bit worried. Josh reached into
his pocket and pulled out a small box and handed it to David, stunned,, and knowing the mark
on the box, a jewelry store in the mall.
What is it baby? David asked.
Just open it love.. Josh said with a smile and his heart swelled as David opened the box
revealing two men's gold wedding bands.
David couldn't hold his hands still he was shaking so bad, Ooohhh! was all that David could
get out of his mouth.
Honey, I wanted you and I to wear rings that bond us together as husbands and lovers just like in SL, Josh
took out a ring and slid it onto David's left finger.
David was crying so hard he could not see the ring,, but felt it was there, Oh Josh! I love
you so much, every since I first saw you, I knew I'd have you for my own, David said.
David removed the last ring from the box, shaking so hard he almost dropped it, crying
still, he placed the ring on Josh's finger and kissed it.
Oh.. Josh you have made me so happy, I cant stop crying, David said in a broken voice.
Tears were running down Josh's cheeks as well.
Josh pulled his lover close and held him tight.
I got rings that looked as close to our SL rings as I could and I knew that I could not
take you into the shop to help pick them out, Josh grinned, your so emotional babe, but I
love that about you!
David buried his face into Josh's shoulder still crying with utter joy, Josh held the back
of David's head and kissed it.
I love you baby, so much David said. I know monkey, I love you too. I don't think I have
ever loved anyone as much as I do you.
Better let me drive babe? Ohhh,, yeah ,, sure,, David said as they switched places. You'll
have to navigate though as I have no idea where we are going, Josh said smiling from ear
to ear.
As they drove out of the mall parking lot David just looked at his ring, tears still running
down his face, Josh held his left hand over near David's so he could see them together the
gold rings shining in the sunlight coming into the car.
Josh drove toward a marina along the coast quite a few miles away, there was plenty of
time for chit chat, laughing and neither could take their eyes off the rings so shiny and
Sweetheart, I can't imagine being more happy than I am now David said with a huge smile.
David snuggled over against Josh and held his arm tight.

Chapter 5

Josh pulled into a marina near Casco Bay, the area is littered with small islands and very
beautiful. Tine for lunch David said with vigor, I can really go for a lobster!
Josh laughed as they got out of the car and headed for a nearby seafood restaurant.
Hungry, David asked for the biggest lobster in the tank and a Coke, Can't get any fresher
than these babies, the waiter said.
Josh smiled and ordered the jumbo fried shrimp platter and a coke with a wedge of lime.
Wow, were right on the water, look at the fishing and lobster boats David, Josh said with an
excited tone, wide eyed taking in the scenery. David laughed and said, Yeah, they are
something alright, but thinking "I have seen them too many times and need to get as far
away from Maine as I can".
Josh walked to the door and came back reading from a brochure "for an authentic lobster
boat tour, Lulu is a traditional Downeast-style, lobster boat that possesses the character
and sea-kindliness for which these tough workboats are reputed" Wow Josh said.
whataya think David? Josh asked. What do I think about what? David asked.
Oh,, Josh laughed, we can go for a boat ride for only $30.00 each, cool huh? Kind of a
sightseeing and learning thing, they show us how the lobster traps are hauled in and we
can see seals too Josh exclaimed.
David was laughing so hard he was about to pee his pants when Josh looked up and asked what
he was laughing at.
Nothing babe, I just love the way you turned into a kid for a minute there, all absorbed
in the boat ride and all, David said holding back any further laughing, Sure we can go after
we eat.

The food arrived as they talked about the pending boat trip and relating it to Gilligan's
Island, Josh said well we would have to loose the crusty old captain of the boat so we
could live on the island in peace, running nude through the bushes and having sex under
the palm trees.
This made David laugh more as there was not a Palm tree for hundreds of miles, but he rest
of the island description sounded good to him, hmm naked with Josh on an island but
hopefully there would be a grocery store on the other side of the island so they would not
have to eat seafood everyday forever.
They laughed about the island while they ate lunch and headed out towards the boat and
found that they were about thirty minutes early.
Josh looked along the dock and saw a few shops decorated for the tourists to give the look
of an old fishing bait shop with nets all over the walls. As they walked through the
shops, Josh picked out a couple of tee shirts one for each of them, David's was printed
CAPTAIN on the front and Josh's MATE, David laughed, saying that they should wear them on
the boat ride and be tacky tourists as he ruffled Josh's hair.
The boat was about ready to leave by the time they got back, they boarded, Josh holding up
his shirt asking the real boat captain if he needed a mate, Captain Jack,, (yes his name
was really Captain Jack) laughed a good laugh like he had never heard that one before.
The boat ride was fun, tooling around the harbor area for three hours, listening to the
Captain describe all the parts of a lobster trap and how the lobsters (and many other sea
creatures) find their way to the bait inside, the anatomy and life cycle of the Maine
Lobster. For example, did you know that lobsters smell with their leg hairs? Enjoying Captain
Jack’s entertaining and informative style as he explains things like Lobster Boxing.
At the dock, they thanked Jack for the boat ride and walked to the car. Josh, I actually
learned things about the lobster today, I am not sure I need to know all of it but it was
really fun anyway, David said.
Josh laughed and pulled David's arm toward the car thinking how he would really like to kiss
him right here in the parking lot of the marina.
David drove back to the highway as Josh leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek, when
David asked, is that it?
What? Josh asked.
The peck on the cheek,, hehe is that all I get? David asked.
Josh leaned over and unzipped David's pants with a smile.
No,,,, babe, not while Im driving David said.
Josh giggled as he pulled out David's stiffening cock and sucked it into his mouth While David
moaned and pulled himself up using the steering wheel.
Josh ,, , baby,,,,Ohhhh David moaned as his body jerked from Josh's suction action.
David was riding the bumps in the road like Josh called the "Braille method".
Josh reached into David's underwear and pulled David's balls free, twisting and pulling on them
as he sucked and chewed David's enraged cock.
David desperately was scanning the road ahead for anywhere to pull off, just then he saw an
old road and drove down about 30 yards, slamming the car into park.
Josh dropped the passenger seat back all the way, pulling David's pants to his feet, and
laying David on his side pulling knees up to his chest.
Josh pulled out his own hard cock and jammed it into David's ass as he climbed onto David and
started pumping him wildly.
Ohhhh babeeeeeeeeeee, David cried out, I'm cumming as he shot his stuff all over the car
seats and his own shoulder.
Josh pounded David's ass, the whole car was shaking as Josh yelled out Ohhhh David, filling his
ass with his love juice.
Josh fell onto David, breathing hard, all the windows fogged up.
David laughed and said I wonder what you would have done if I had asked for more than a
kiss, hehe.
Josh laughed and said David, we'd better get out of here before someone tries to drive up
their road.
They pulled their clothes together and David backed out to the main highway, I love you so
much David, Josh said, want another peck on the cheek babe? and started laughing.
They drove and chatted the rest of the way back to the apartment.
Josh walked in and stripped off his clothes right away while David laughed and said
something about not wasting time.
They hit the shower soaping each others slick bodies while David put his tongue down Josh's
After they dried off and a little grab ass David got a blanket for them to cuddle on the
couch with while they attempted to watch a movie.
David asked Josh if he would like some fruit and Josh burst out laughing and said he would
like to suck on his banana.
Oh Josh, your so funny David said as he wiggled his cock at Josh on the way to the kitchen
to slice a couple of peaches.
David brought the peaches with a little vanilla ice cream in them and handed Josh a bowl.
Josh smiled and took a bite, oh David, fresh peaches and ice cream you really know how to
treat a man.
You just love me for me for my fruit? David laughed. No, baby, I love you for that big heart
you have, and your smile,, and your fat cock,, hehe Josh said.
David leaned over and gave Josh a ice cream filled French kiss,, mmmm baby, your ice cream is
better than mine,, can I have more? Josh asked.
You can have all my cream Josh, its all for you! David said laughing.
They watched TV a while longer, cuddling and kissing during commercials.
David? can we get to bed? I'm getting a little tired now and don't want to fall asleep on
the couch Josh asked.
Sure babe, I can get up early and make us a nice breakfast for us, David said.
The went to bed, snuggled in and it was not but a minute or so and Josh was sound asleep
being very tired from the road trip, boat ride and all the wild sex.
David watched Josh sleep reflecting on the days events and leaned over and kissed him on his
cheek, nite baby he whispered.
Josh woke first went into the kitchen and mixed up a coffee cake and got it into the oven.
David walked into the kitchen dressed in only boxer shorts and kissed Josh, Mornin' baby, I
love you, David said in a sleepy tone.
Hey sleepy boy, I have breakfast in the oven, let me get you a cup of coffee Josh said as
he ruffled David's hair.
Awwww babe, I slept too long, I was going to make you breakfast this morning, Its your
last full day here before you go home.
it's ok sweetie, I loved making your breakfast and you needed the rest anyway, Josh said
as he leaned in and kissed David on the top of his head.
The coffee cake came out, Josh served it along with fruit he had cut up earlier.
As they ate Josh asked what did David want to do today?
What about sex? David asked laughing so hard he almost pee'd himself, we never get to do
Josh smiled and said, David I love you and I cant get enough of you, I'd like to stay inside
the first part of the day, maybe soak in the tub together a while then just hang around
and get to know you better, the real you! I want to ask you everything babe, Josh said.
David tasted the coffee cake and remarked how good it was, Glad you like it baby, let me
refill your coffee, Josh said.
David kissed Josh after he filled his coffee cup, Babe I love you! can't you stay with me
forever? David asked looking like a lost puppy.
David, Don't forget, I got you a ticket to come to Florida and see me, where I live and its
only six weeks from now.
It will be like a second date, hehe Josh laughed. David smiled, yeah, babe, Will you take me
to Disney World too? David asked.
Anyplace you want baby, anywhere, anytime! Josh replied.
They finished breakfast and took the plates to the sink where Josh walked up behind David
reaching around his waist , kissing his neck and whispered "Honey, I love you more than
anything in the world".
David turned his face to Josh and kissed him tenderly.
They finished putting the dishes into the dishwasher and laid on the bed holding each
other, Josh grabbed David's waist and started tickling him. David laughed so hard begging for
Josh to stop but really loved Josh's touch. Josh fell back on the bed pulling David over
next to him. Monkey,, I don't ever want to leave your side or your bed for that matter,
Josh said.
As he looked over into David's face only to find him asleep, Josh smiled thinking about his
tired baby, I've just worn you out love. Josh leaned in and put his arm over David's chest
and Josh drifted off to sleep too.
They slept for an hour or more, got into the shower together. Their hands exploring each
others bodies like they had never before, maybe an attempt to hold onto each other more
than this one last day. David dropped to his knees in front of Josh and lifted Josh's
stiffening cock to his lips kissing it and holding Josh's balls running his tongue all
over them.
Josh leaned back against the shower wall the hot water splashing over them both. David turns
around bending over slightly guiding Josh's now stiff cock into his ass, Josh pushing
lightly with even pressure until it was deep inside David, he started pumping David's tight
ass while holding onto his hips, hot water splashing all over them.
Josh fucked David to the brink of cumming then going wild pumping it deep into the tight
hole faster and harder with each stroke until he cried out to his love that he was getting
ready to shoot, wave after wave of cum blasted into David's ass.
David's cock was hard as a rock as he jacked off while Josh had him form the rear.
David shot his load within seconds of Josh finishing.
Josh still in David's ass reaches around getting some of David's spunk on his fingers bringing
it to his lips, Josh sucks his fingers into his mouth tasting David's Cum, mmmm baby! that
tastes so good Josh said.
They finished cleaning off in the shower, dried and walked to the fireplace naked to get
their damp bodies toasted by the fire. David reached for Josh at the same time Josh reached
for David, they both laughed as their hands hit into each other.
They held each other close Josh kissing David's neck and biting his lips as he kissed his
Later after dressing they walked to a local cafe' for some lunch but mostly to get out of
the house and cut the tension of Josh's upcoming departure. Josh ordered a grilled ham and
cheese with fries and a Dr. Pepper, David got a seafood salad with a Coke. both smiled and
were completely unaware of the world going on around them until a waitress dropped a plate
onto the floor it breaking with a loud crash.
David asked Josh questions about Florida, the usual, weather, gators, Disney World, laughing
and making plans for David's visit while eating, David paid the bill and the two walked slowly
back to David's place.
They decided to have Chinese food delivered that evening so they could stay in and cuddle
all night long and not have to do allot of dishes and cleanup cooking would bring.
After dinner they went to bed sliding their naked bodies tight against each other, David was
trying hard not to but ended up crying from thinking about Josh going home early in the
morning, Josh held him tight as a few tears slipped down his own check.
As agreed the next morning David drove Josh to the airport and dropped him off at the gate,
they had kissed, cried and said goodbyes before leaving David's place.
Josh looked at David's face as he got out at the airport, Josh quietly said, David I love you
so much, David's eyes full of tears looking so lost, Josh closed the car door and walked to
the baggage check in and an hour later boarded his flight for home.

The End