Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Street Sub

I am 34 years old and end up working on Easter, setting plastic eggs out for the kid’s Easter egg hunt that will take place later this morning.
I am dressed in my usual Parks and Rec. polo and tan shorts pulling into the parking lot and driving across the grass to begin unloading the boxes of colorful eggs to scatter over the sprawling lawns

As I began unloading I got a call from the woman that was supposed to be here already, her car quit and would be late at the very least, I asked her to hurry and get here to help set up. I put on my headset and got back to unloading boxes from the truck and had been working for a few minutes when someone touched my right shoulder causing me to jump and I think I even yelled out a touch of profanity, taking off my headset as I turned to see a guy in his low 20’s, brown eyes light brown hair that looked a bit unkempt carrying a backpack.

"Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to startle you ma." The kid said.

"It’s ok I just hadn’t realized that anyone was out here but me. What can I do for you?" I asked.

"Oh, well, I kinda need something to eat and was wondering if I can help you for the price of a meal?" he asked with an embarrassed voice.

" Well I work for the city and can’t pay you, but I guess I can help you out some, look I have a lunch that I packed for later, come over to the cab of the truck and I’ll give it to you. How long has it been since you had a good meal?" I asked.

"I have been on the streets for almost a year after losing my job and my family disowned me after finding that I’m gay, so I can’t ask them for help, My name is Jeff." he said as he stuck his hand out toward me.

I shook his hand, "I’m Todd, good to meet you. There is some soda and water in the cooler on the seat and a couple of sandwiches, help yourself I can grab a bite on the way home."

Todd went back to work scattering the eggs all over the lawn and within a few minutes Jeff walked over asking what he could do to help.

"Well Todd I can’t pay you and if anyone from the city see’s you working my butt is on the line." I said. "But I appreciate the offer."

Todd grabbed a box and started laying eggs out anyway, I looked at him and smiled, giving him a bit of direction on the layout. Then with Todd’s help I set the boundaries with a chalk line machine that makes lines like at baseball fields for the different age groups
We knocked out most of the work when Heather finally arrived to help, she only had run out of gas, brain surgeon I thought to myself.
I introduced Jeff to Heather and told her of his plight of being broke and homeless. She got a twinkle in her eye and said maybe I needed to take him home.

I laughed and said. "That’s all I need a stray." I turned I walked right into Jeff. "Shit, I didn’t mean for you to hear that Jeff." I said. "I didn’t mean it like that anyway, I’m sorry."

Todd smiled and patted my arm."No harm" Todd said, "I am a bit of a stray."

We continued working as I could not help but think about Jeff and sleeping on the streets not knowing where his next meal was coming from.
After a couple of hours the rest of the Parks workers arrived to actually run the event, I only had to stay for set up. I walked over to Jeff and thanked him for the help shook his hand palming him two twenty dollar bills hoping that would make some kind of difference in his life but knowing that it would only last a short time and he would be hungry again.

Jeff tried to refuse the money but I would not take it back, he thanked me and headed out toward the main street off the park. I got into my truck and stopped off for a burger when the guilt got the better of me, I finished my food and went in search of Jeff.
After looking down a few streets in the area of the park I saw him hitchhiking up ahead, I pulled over and asked him to get in the truck. He looked puzzled but climbed in. I looked at his face thinking how sweet and cute he could be if he did not have this burden to carry.

"I’m taking you home Jeff, at least for a few days, how does that sound." I asked.

"I hate to put you out Todd, you have already been so nice to me, but a few days would help me a lot," Jeff said, "I really appreciate it."

After getting home I showed Jeff to the guest room and asked if he would like a shower.

"Yes." He responded, "it had been a few months of only using a sink in restrooms to wash."

I handed him a clean towel and asked about his clothing as he only had a backpack. He said he had a second shirt and some socks plus only what he was wearing.

"Take it off and toss it out the door and Ill drop your clothes in the washing machine for you and bring you some of my clothes to wear in the meantime."

Jeff undressed in front of me without any hesitation or shyness dropping his jeans not wearing any underwear peeling off his tee shirt he looked into my eyes, he had tears running down his face. I gave his shoulder a pat,

It’s Ok Jeff, it’s not a problem. Hop in the shower and take all the time you wont, there is deodorant in the cabinet and some new toothbrushes in the drawer, help yourself."

I took his clothes from him and asked if it was ok to get his other things form his backpack to wash.

"Yeah, thanks Todd, you don’t know how much this means to me."He replied.

I walked back to the spare room empting his backpack taking his clothes I saw a small picture of Jeff and a handsome young man about his age beaming for the camera arm in arm.
Not wanting to invade on his privacy I did not look further in the backpack. I took and put the wash in and decided to make a good meal for my guest.
I pulled out a couple of nice steaks form the freezer to thaw and started cutting up greens for a salad, lost in thought about how terrible it must be to be homeless when Jeff walked into the kitchen wearing only a damp towel, He looked like a different person scrubbed clean his wet hair combed back but still dangling into his eyes.

"Oh, I’m so sorry Jeff I got busy getting things ready for dinner, I forgot to get you some clothes form my closet. Come with me." I said as I walked past Jeff leading to my room.

I took some jeans out of the closet laying them on the bed looking back for a shirt Handing him a button up shirt.

"I think this will all fit you we must be the same size or pretty close. Let me get you some underwear, boxer briefs is what I wear, I hope that will do?" I asked turning back to Jeff as he let his towel drop to the floor taking the briefs form my hand.

"It sure is good to be clean again, seems like an eternity." Jeff said.

I could not help look at his cock, it seemed to be jutting out from his body more than before the shower. I looked up to see him looking at me looking at his cock.

"Oh I’m sorry Jeff I should not have stared at you like that."

"Stop apologizing I am not shy and don’t mind a good looking man checking my dick out, you can touch it if you want Jeff said as he took my hand in his to his balls. His balls were damp and low hangers with some weight on them, I caressed his balls moving to his cock feeling it stiffen with my touch, I pulled back my hand.

"No Jeff you don’t have to do this, I was not asking you to come stay with me so I could use you." I said

Jeff took my hand and put it to his chest holding it there.

"I know Todd, your too nice a guy for that, but this is something I want, as long as you want it too." Jeff said.

I leaned in kissing his chest, running my tongue over his nipples while groping his crotch.

"I want to have sex with you Todd." Jeff said as he reached for my shorts un-buttoning them, dropping them to the ground.

My bulge through my boxer briefs made it evident on how horny Jeff had made me.

"I want you to fuck me Todd, I hope you’re a strong top I want to feel you control me and make me yours as you fuck me hard." Jeff whispered in my ear as he pulled me onto the bed on top of him.

He rolled over lifting his ass into the air. I spread his ass cheeks and went to work tongue fucking him while feeling his low hanging nuts swaying. I fingered his ass till I could not wait any longer grabbing a condom form the night stand I rolled it onto my stiff member and using a bit of lube on my finger I worked it into the hot ass before plunging my hard cock into Jeff’s ass.

"Mmm Yesssss," Jeff moaned, "give it to me sir…. Fuck me hard, give it to me deep."

I was about to say to Jeff that he didn’t have to call him sir about the time he realized that he wanted to be dominated.

"Fuckin’ take it boy, I’ll fuck that tight ass hard."I said, giving him a slap on his ass.

"Please Sir, slap my ass harder I am yours to use and abuse." Jeff said while I pumped his tight ass.

"Shut the fuck up boy." I said trying to get into the role that Jeff so wanted, not really having ever been in a master role before.

I fucked his ass till shooting my load pulling off the condom flipping Jeff over sucking his fat hard cock.

"Cum for me boy." I ordered while pulling on his balls.

Jeff pushed his hips forward shooting his load into my mouth without a sound, I grabbed a small towel from the night stand to clean off with tossing Jeff one too.

"You didn’t seem to enjoy cumming too much?" I asked.

He looked at me "You told me to shut the fuck up, I do as I am told." He said with a smile.

Going to his backpack he came back with a wide leather bracelet or cuff snapping it on his right wrist.

"You are my master, my Dom now until you don’t want me anymore, this cuff stays on me, meaning that I am owned by you. When you want me to leave just take it off me and I’ll be gone to the street again without question"

Wow I thought.

I’ve never thought about this type off relationship but I’ll give it a try I thought with a smile.
We walked into the kitchen as I started to cook the steaks Jeff walked over and pulled me to a kitchen chair.

"That is my job, to care for you!" he said with a smile, going went to the refrigerator bringing me a beer and one for himself.
I watched this cute stud cooking my diner naked. I could really get used to this I thought.

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