Saturday, April 14, 2012

Road Trip

I was 17 years old when my parents told me we were going to summer vacation in California as soon as school was out. Having grown up in Idaho, my parents that it would be a good exposure to see someplace other than farmlands and be able to see the ocean for the first time in my life. I was a skinny blonde kid I mostly hung out in the bowling alley in our town because there was little else to do. I had not dated anyone through high school and considered myself bisexual, though the thought of dating a girl, much less having sex with her was not an appealing thought to me. The day came that we packed up the van and pulled out of our driveway for California a good 18 hour trip. My sister, Kat sat in the middle row of seats, she was15 and at least pretty tolerable and sometimes could be my best friend. I climbed into the third row seat and plugged in my laptop into the power port and put headphones on listening to some LMFAO song as we pulled onto the highway, bored looking out the window I opened a file in my computer that held the porn pictures that I thought were the hottest, flipping to one picture after another looking at naked guys with washboard abs and big dicks. I started getting very hard and had to reposition myself in my shorts to allow for the strain, I took a small blanket I had brought and put it over my lap trying to look as if nothing special was happening while I pulled out my stiff dick out to rub it. I quietly jacked off to the porn while my family was oblivious and chatted away about inconsequential things. Pulling out a washcloth I had tucked into my backpack for just this reason I shot my load into it as I looked to the car next to us, a boy about my age was looking right at me. I smiled and lifted the screen so he could see the picture of the hot boy with his legs spread and his stiff cock in his hand. The kid looked away fast but then he turned and looked again with a faint smile. I gave him a wave of my hand and pulled the screen back down out of view, the boy continued looking at me as we slowly pulled out of sight as we passed. Closing my eyes listening to the music Dad pulled into a gas station with a McDonalds attached to it for gas and something to eat. We ordered our food and were sitting at a table eating it when I see the kid I showed the porn to, walking toward the restroom. I told Kat that I had to use the restroom and would be back in a few minutes as I headed off after the boy. Walking to the urinal next to him I unzipped and flipped out my cock starting to pee, I noticed that the boy was trying to see my cock without appearing to look. I turned a bit giving him an unobstructed view and he had the most panicked look as he looked away. Its me I told him, remember the van was next to you, I showed you my computer? Oh yeah, the kid said. looking back at my cock a little. I reached over pulling his hand form his own cock and putting it on mine as my pee stream flowed out he held my cock as I finished up. I looked at his cock, he was done peeing too. I reached over to touch his dick, a bit larger than mine and felt great in my hand. Not a shy person, I pulled him into the handicapped stall and pushed his head down onto my cock. The kid sucked on it like he had done this before, it was my first blowjob and I was so ready for it to happen, I just never thought of it being in a restroom at Mickey D‘s. It did not take long with his mouth moving on my hard cock for me to shoot my load into his throat as he gulped it down. When I was done I pulled him up and tasted my first cock, he was uncut and I played with the foreskin a bit before putting it into my mouth, choking on it the first few times I took it deep. The boy pulled the back of my head firmly toward his crotch as he shot his load, I tried to pull off it but he held my head in place. First I tried to spit it out past the side of his cock but swallowed it instead. I had only tasted my own cum before and his was more salty than mine or maybe it was just because there was so much of it. We started pulling up our pants and the boy pushed his lips onto mine for a fast clumsy kiss before turning to leave the restroom. I went to the sink looking in the mirror to check to see if there was any cum on my face, washed my hands and went back to join my family still eating. Mom asked me if I was ok? I said, yeah I’m fine. I felt like everyone in the room could tell what I had just done in the restroom with that guy, the taste of his cum still in my throat as I ate my cheeseburger. I looked up seeing him sitting down with a woman and man, presumably his parents. He looked over a few times as he ate, I heard his mom call him Jacob as she asked him if he had enough to eat. He smiled in my direction as he said, yeah mom, I had plenty. I smiled back taking a pen and small paper from my backpack I wrote my name and email address on it as he watched form a couple of tables away. I made sure to let him see me drop it to the ground by my foot as we stood to leave, hoping that he would be able to pick it up on his way out. A few days later while still in California on vacation I got an e-mail form Jacob. He said he too lived in Idaho, about 15 miles form me and was traveling to his grandmothers house for a few days when I had met him but was back home now. Well let me say that my car and his burned up the pavement after I got back to Idaho to see each other. Later on I got a job and moved out after I turned 18 and Jacob would come spend the night with me and I’d fuck him all night long, the following Spring he moved in with me and my heart was his. It all started with a jack off session in the backseat.

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  1. Special sauce at Mickey D with desert later. Nice