Sunday, June 24, 2012

High School Love

My name is David, when I was a Junior in high school , a 17 year old and still a virgin I was cute but just had no clue on who was gay and who was not. Well except the very flamboyant boy that attracted way too much of the wrong kind of attention for me to hang out with him. In my physical education class, we were fortunate enough to have a pool to use at the nearby park that the city owned. We would walk the two blocks in group to get to the pool and change in the locker room there. This was a boys gym class so it was all guys at the pool. Some of the boys were very hot and more like men at this point than boys, one in particular, Jayden, I liked to give a “casual” look at while changing into our swim trunks and again during the after swim showers. Jayden was the one that everyone wanted to be around and hang out with. He usually had at least three guys and a girl or two near him at any given time. His eyes are that incredible blue that you can’t look away from, his full lips a deep red, from his dirty blonde hair to his toes, he dripped with hotness and sexuality. After changing and headed out into the pool Jayden was playing grab ass pulling on others shorts and laughing, I did get a flash of one guys tan less ass as another guy pulled it down and ran to the pool jumping with a splash. We swam our laps and then a free swim time until the whistle blew for shower time. Inside the locker room I stripped heading for a free shower in an open bay of about 15 shower heads. My good fortune that day, Jayden walked naked to the next shower head to mine. He was laughing and talking loud as he turned the water on letting it splash over his nicely tanned body and running off of his substantial cock that jutted out from his body, bobbing around as he moved. I was memorized by it, washing my hair with shampoo I was looking down watching his cock when I glanced up at his face and realized that he was looking at my eyes, looking at his cock. He did not look away but gave me a strange look, squinting at me with a quizzical look before he continued washing. My face went red and very hot, Shit,, he caught me looking. I thought as I watched him walk out of the shower drying off as he went, Oh my God his ass is sweet, shit,, I have to stop thinking like this or I will be outted at school and I don’t want that problem right now. I went about my business drying, getting dressed and started my walk back to the school for the next class. The rest of the day was pretty boring and was begging for the clock to click the last three minutes away at my last class of the day. I was walking out the front entrance to head home when I felt a hand grab my shoulder firmly. David, hold up, I turned to see Jayden at my side. Oh shit I thought, he is gonna beat my ass. Hi Jayden, I said trying to act casual. I saw you staring at my cock in the shower today Jayden said in a cool firm voice. Uhmm, no, I was,, I got soap in my eyes and I. I stammered. No David, you were looking right at my cock and had no soap in your face, I saw it. He said. I gave up trying to lie and just stood there looking down, waiting on him to start calling me faggot or something equally unpleasant. You gay? He asked. I didn’t answer, I just looked at his face then off to one side at the trees. What is it you want Jayden? Just hit me if that’s what you are going to do, but please don’t tell anyone. I said. Get in my car David, he said. Why? I asked. Just get in, hurry up, now. Jayden said as he looked around bumping my shoulder in the direction of the passenger side of his car. I got in as Jayden got behind the wheel, pulling the car out onto the street. Look, I saw you looking at my dick in the shower. he said. So what, I’m gay I guess, is that what you wanted me to say? I’m a fag , I was looking at your dick, can’t you just forget about it? I will drop that class so you wont have to have me around anymore, I was starting to ramble, just saying anything hoping that he won’t tell anyone at school. Jayden pulled up in front of a house and got out, walking to the front of the car he stopped looking at me sitting in the car. Get out and follow me. he said. I got out and followed him to the door where he knocked and went inside. Who’s house is this? I asked. It’s Eric’s house. He replied. Eric was one of his tightest friends form school. I followed him up the stairs into a bedroom where Eric was standing along with two other guys from school. What the fuck is he doing here? Eric asked. The other two had confused looks on their faces too. Jayden pushed me farther into the room. Guy’s I caught David looking at my junk in the shower today, He tried to deny it at first but then finally confessed that he is a fag. The boys listened to Jayden when one spoke up, “what are you going to so with him?” he asked. What do you guys think we should do? Jayden asked. I’ve got a good idea, Eric said as he grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back. Get his pants down he said to one of the other boys, Yeah, strip his ass. He said as he went for my pants button. I kicked at him, yelling, “don’t think about it“. One guy named Keith got my pants open and pulled them and my boxers to my ankles. Get off me you fuckers. I yelled as I tried to kick him again. Keith took off his belt and bound my feet together, bitch you better not kick me. He said. Eric still held my arms behind my back, now mostly naked, feeling so vulnerable with my cock and balls exposed to them. The last boy, Nick, reached out and flicked my cock hard, making me jump. You like to suck dick David? You like to look at Jayden’s cock? I’ve seen you in school but didn’t know you liked cock Nick said. You guys better let me go! I said trying to sound tough. Or What? Nick said, you want us to tell the whole school you suck dick? No, I said in a quieter voice, Just let me go. You want to suck Jayden’s cock David? Eric asked. Guy’s just stop. I said as Jayden walked around in front of me. Jayden unbuttoned his pants and pulled his cock out, Suck it! Jayden said as Eric pushed me to my knees and into Jayden’s crotch. I fought to get back on my feet when the others helped hold me in place. Suck it and don’t even think about biting it David. Jayden said as he pushed it tight onto my lips. His meat was hot and getting hard, I opened my lips and took it inside my mouth when he started fucking my lips. Let him go guys. Jayden said, I think he is ok. They all laughed. David, you see… we have a special little club here, we are all gay but are very careful about who finds out. Jayden said. I stopped sucking and looked up at him with his cock still touching my lips. We get together over here at Eric’s house two or three times a week to fuck and suck each other. You have two options, you can freely join our group and enjoy the perks of hot meat a few times a week. Or we can let you walk out the door and you never say a word to anyone, or we really will beat your ass, beyond what you could think. What will it be David? Jaydon asked me. I looked into his eyes, smiled and pulled his cock into my mouth groping his ass. The others laughed and said something about me being cock hungry as they stripped their clothes off to join in. You ever been fucked David? Nick asked. I pulled off Jayden’s cock long enough to say that I was a virgin. Jayden rubbed my hair, Then I have something special for you David as he lifted me from the floor. He leaned over and took the belt from my ankles and pulled me to the bed, bending me over Jayden put his mouth to my ass and started eating my hole. Damn, I thought, Jayden is eating my ass, I could never have thought this could happen. I am all yours Jayden, I am glad you will be the first to fuck my ass. Jayden smeared some lube onto his hand and into my hole working his fingers inside me as I cried out. I will go easy as I can but it will hurt a lot until you get used to it and stretch out a bit. Jayden said as he slipped his cock head into my ass. I thought I would pass out from the pain but knowing it was Jayden fucking me, I didn’t want him to stop. He pushed it in me and moved it around, pain searing through my asshole. Ohh fuck,,, I cried out. It hurts. Hold on David, Jayden said as he ran his hand over my back, I’ll go easy. Nick moved in front of me pushing his thick hard cock into my mouth, This will give you something else to focus on David. He said with a laugh. Jaydon went on fucking me slow at first and harder later until he climaxed in my ass. I wish I could see him fucking me from all sides I thought, he is so hot, fucking MY ass. I rolled onto my back on the bed, my stiff cock needing attention as Jayden kneeled and took my load into his throat. Oh fuck Jayden, that was incredible and my ass is still on fire. I said as Jayden looked up from my cock with a smile, he leaned up and kissed my lips. You are one of us now. He said. Once we all have had his ass, he is one of us Eric said with a laugh. Sorry about tying you up with my belt David. Eric said. It’s ok, I said, was kind of hot now that I know you were not going to “out me“. I said with a smile. We have been fucking here for over a year now and glad you are with us Nick said. Erick’s parents are divorced and his mom works late everyday, so we meet here when the key word “stud run” is texted to our group. Before you go today you need to suck each of us off Eric smiled as he grabbed his cock, our way of sealing your lips he said as everyone laughed. My pleasure I replied reaching for nicks cock. Welcome brother! Jayden said as he slapped my shoulder.

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  1. so hott.. if only highschool was like this for me ;)