Monday, July 9, 2012

Fire Line

Reporting to my new job in Oregon, working for the U.S. Forestry Department 28 miles from the nearest paved road. I arrived to the lookout station #43, a three man post to watch for fires, a place where they send the new and younger guys as the seasoned Rangers don’t like the isolation. I parked and went into the small Ranger station and found a stocky guy looking at maps and talking on the radio, he held up one finger to me and finished up his radio chatter. You must be Chris he said as he turned toward me extending his hand, I’m Todd, good to have you here. You can bring in your gear and use that end bunk as he pointed to the door near the cast iron fireplace. Jeff is up on the tower on lookout and will be down soon for lunch, his bed is the center one and I am on the far side. I unpacked and put away my uniforms and gear when Jeff came in from the watch tower for lunch. I went to meet him, a 23 year old skinny guy with dark hair and killer eyes. Hi Jeff, I am Chris. Jeff flashed a huge smile of ultra white teeth, Great to have you Chris. How do the meals work here? I asked. Well breakfast and lunch are on your own unless someone gets energetic enough to make a meal for the three of us and we trade off cooking dinners by the week seven days on and fourteen off. Since its your first week, I will take dinner this week and let you ease in and get use to the routine here. Jeff said as he made a big sandwich, Like one? Sure I am pretty hungry. I replied. Make me one too Todd said with a grin. OK big guy, you’ve got it! Jeff said. We get along well here, we pretty much have to as close quarters as we are. Todd grabbed a big bag of chips and Cokes taking them to the table. We have to go to pine ridge to check the fire watch cabin tomorrow, two go one stays here, you can’t stay by yourself Chris until you get to know the job, so you and Jeff will go. Todd said. Ok, I said, between bites of my ham and turkey sandwich, Sounds cool, how far is it? About two hours on dirt roads, a real kidney beater too Todd said. You will spend the night there and come back tomorrow afternoon. After eating, Todd said he will take the tower the last couple of hours while Jeff showed me around and explained the work shifts and job duties. I kind of got a vibe from Jeff once when I thought he was checking me out but he is an easy going guy and maybe I was reading more into it than I should have been. Jeff started making dinner, some stew, garlic bread and a small salad. I offered to help but Jeff said he had it taken care of, so I sat in the kitchen and talked to him while he cooked. They had dinner watched some satellite TV and went to bed. Jeff took a shower walked into the room naked drying off. I noticed that he was hotter naked than I thought he could be when I saw him with clothes on and a nice set of balls swaying as he lifted each leg to put on some boxer briefs. He looked over and saw me looking at him and smiled, I am not very shy. Jeff said. No problem I said as laid back to go to sleep, Jeff turned off the light and got into his single bed. I fell asleep thinking of Jeff’s cock and that maybe he was an exhibitionist,, I hoped anyway. Todd woke us up at 6 am to eat and get ready for the trip to the outer fire post. We packed a cooler full of food and water for the trip and loaded the four wheel drive Forestry pickup with our gear and radios and headed up the dirt road. Jeff drove and talked about his parents, that he had been in the Forestry Department for 18 months. You married? I asked. No that’s not for me, this is no life for a married guy, living way out here. He said. What about you Chris? Jeff asked. Well, I haven’t found the right person yet to settle down. I replied. You said “person” you mean girl, right? Jeff asked. Well I, it’s, yeah, that’s what I meant to say. I said. You are gay, right? He asked looking into my face. After a few seconds of an uncomfortable pause. Yeah, I’m gay, I hope it’s not going to be any problem here. I said. Nah, Jeff said with a smile, just don’t touch Todd’s ass and you’ll be fine. Jeff laughed. Can you pull over for a sec? I need to pee and then Ill drive for a while if you want. I said. Jeff stopped the truck, I unzipped and started a strong stream when Jeff walked right next to me and unzipped and pissed in a big arch laughing, he looked right at my cock, Feels good, huh? He asked. Yeah, I really had to go, I said. Jeff still looking at my cock, well we have about 45 minutes left till we get to the fire camp. Cool, I said as I shook off the last drops of piss, this road is rough. We got back in the pickup and drove the last leg of the trip pulling in close to a one room cabin. After unloading the truck, Jeff started a fire in the cook stove in the cabin while I pressed out some monstrous hamburger patties for lunch. After eating we climbed up into the watch tower checking for distant signs of smoke and making contact with Todd back at the main camp. Doing a few reports and walking up a trail, seeing signs of bear in the area recently. Follow me but watch your footing Jeff said as he started down a steep dirt trail. The footing was not good and I slid into Jeff once almost knocking him down, he steadied me by holding my arm as I stood up. Be careful out here, the hospital is a long way away he said. Finally getting to an opening the trees gave way to a beautiful blue lake. Wow I said, this is great! I exclaimed. Yeah, my favorite swimming hole. Jeff said as he started peeling off his clothes. Come on get those clothes off. Unsure how far towards naked Jeff was going I slowed myself . Jeff peeled his pants and underwear off in one push, his pale ass bouncing as he ran toward the water. I got naked and to the waters edge and put my foot in, damn, that’s cold I said. Jeff laughed, its great, invigorating, get in here! You can warm in the sun after we swim. I jumped in with a splash, getting it over with. Whoooo! I yelled as I surfaced,, that’s cold. my voice echoed across the lake. Jeff swam out a way before swimming back near me. Nothing like skinny dipping right? He asked. Yeah but I think my balls pulled up inside me its so cold. I said. Jeff pushed my head under water and swam away laughing. I swam for the shore, walking out onto the grave and rock shoreline. I laid out my shirt and pants to lay on and absorb the heat of the sun, it was about 78 degrees and felt so good after that cold water. Jeff walked up standing over me while he laid out a blanket he had is his pack. I watched his cock bob around while he got onto the blanket, his cock was small and balls tight against his body from the cold water. He has very little body hair except for a very small path of dark pubic hair. Come over on the blanket Chris, plenty of room he said as he laid onto his back closing his eyes. I moved over onto the blanket next to Jeff, wow this is the life huh? I asked. Yeah, it sure is, I never pass up a trip to come up here, Todd is a bit of a prude so he is not into being naked outside, I love it. Jeff said. I am glad to see your not too shy. I laughed. So Chris, you said your gay? Jeff asked. Yeah, gay, I said. Hands behind my head with my eyes closed, does that bother you at all? About that time I felt something on my cock, I bolted upright to find Jeff pulling his hand back from my dick. He looked into my eyes and reached back taking my cock in his hand. Hell, I should not let this happen, two days into my new job, but It felt so right. I leaned back and put my hands behind my head again. Jeff leaned over and licked at my cock, running his fingers over my balls lightly. Ohh… I groaned. He touched my nipples running his hands over my chest. He seemed like he knew what he wanted. You gay Jeff? I asked. No, well, I think I’m bisexual, I played around a few years ago with a guy while in college but that was the extent of it, other than that I have only been with a couple of women. I put my hand on his shoulder pulling him close, Jeff leaned in sucking on my nipples. I pushed him onto his back and took his now hard cock into my mouth, he moaned and his cock started throbbing right away and he shot his load, I took it sucking it all down my throat. I am so sorry, Chris, I was so turned on and could not hold back, I’ve never cum so fast. It’s ok, I replied, we have plenty of time, I lifted his legs and went to work on his ass with my tongue and mouth. Oh my God, Jeff said, I’ve never had that done to me before, I slid in a finger, Jeff pulled back, wait,, he said. Lay back Jeff, let me make you smile, I’ll go slow. I pushed a finger in slowly while sucking on his prick. Knowing that he won’t be able to take a cock in his ass, I rolled off him pulling Jeff over on top of me. Fuck me Jeff, I said. Just push it in and go for it. Jeff lifted my legs and pushed his cock to my asshole, and seemed scared to go farther. Just push Jeff, it will be fine. I said. Jeff did as he was told and got his rhythm and started fucking my ass like a pro. How does that feel Jeff? I asked. Fucking fantastic he replied. I put my hands on Jeff’s shoulders as he plowed my ass hard. I’m gonna cum. Jeff said ohh fuckkkk, as he shot his cum into my ass, he fell on top of me and his chest heaved with his breathing. I kissed his mouth and he hesitated but then kissed me back. I want to suck your dick Chris. He stated. I am all for that I said with a smile. Jeff took my cock into my mouth but did not go very deep onto it. You can open your throat and sort of swallow my cock, I said. He choked the first few times and then got the hang of it going all the way to my pubes. Jeff, I’m going to cum pull off if you don’t want my cum in your mouth. Jeff stayed on my cock, hungry for my cum, mmmm… Jeff, suck it,, yeah feels so good. I said, my cum spurted into his mouth, Jeff pulled off for a second then back on sucking my cum as it pumped from my rod. Jeff fell off me onto the blanket, fuck Chris, that was amazing, That was my first taste of cum, I want more Jeff said with a grin. We laid out there in the sun relaxing until Jeff found his way onto my cock again, sucking me like a pro this time. We will have to keep this from Todd. Jeff said looking up from my cock, I’m not too sure he will be accepting. Jeff and I had many trips up to the lake during the three years we worked together and lots of sex while Todd was up on fire tower watch. Jeff moved to Washington and was on a remote watch up there, I am waiting to get a transfer to the same station and would like to get a house with him and eventually both of us work at a city fire department together. 

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