Saturday, August 11, 2012

Big Pine River

One of my friends, Steve, called me and asked if I was interested in going on a camping adventure for another friend’s 23rd birthday. No, Steve, you know me, I don’t “camp”, I need power outlets‘, and microwave ovens. I said. Come on Nick, it will be fun, we have a great place in the mountains picked out right on this huge river and the weather will be in the mid 80’s. Steve said almost begging. When is it? And who else is going? I asked. As soon as those words came from my mouth, Steve knew I would be going, I never should have asked him when it was, the game was over now. We will be going in two weeks and I am not sure yet who else is going but Skip and Bill for sure, so at least four of us, and it is skips birthday that weekend so we will make sure to have a blast. Oh,, I can imagine. I said in a sarcastic tone. I’ll think about it. Yeah, right, whatever. Steve said. You are going. The list of guys did not grow too much but turned into six guys and the two weeks were almost gone, I had been packing the things that I could not do without including bug spray, a solar charger for my cell phone and a bag of goodies. Steve rented an extended van for us and all the gear we needed to take with us. My phone rang, they were downstairs ready to go, and I grabbed my stuff and headed out to the van. Hi guys, can you drop me at the Ramada when we get close? I said. You will have fun Nick, just give it a chance. Skip said as he helped me load my stuff into the back. We had a five hour drive stopping only for lunch and then ice just before we left the main road onto the dirt roads. Finally after 8 miles of very bumpy old logging roads we found the clearing that Steve had stayed at several years before. We started setting up camp, one big ass tent, numerous coolers, and sleeping bags, a float for the river that looked like a big yellow jet ski, fiching rods and lanterns. The other two guys, Ty who lived near my apartment and Paul who was here visiting Ty from Australia. There was no end to the kangaroo and dingo jokes, everyone speaking in their best Australian accent and saying things like “mate” way too often. Paul is a good sport about the ribbing and calls us all “whores” at every chance he gets. While they set up the tent, Paul and I dug out a fire pit and hauled rocks from the river to surround the pit. The scent of the pine trees, the sound of the river a few feet away, it really was nice out here. Paul was getting hot and peeled off his shirt, he was in good shape and liked to show it. I reached over pinching Paul’s nipple causing him to jump, laughing. After the work was done we set out folding chairs and sat near the river drinking beer. I’m getting hungry; I’ll make sandwiches for lunch if you are all hungry too? Ty said. I’d love a sanger. Paul said. I’m so hungry I could eat a roasted dingo. Bill said. Everyone started speaking with bad Australian accents and laughing. Whores,, Paul said. I think I will drop a line in the water and see if I can catch us a few fish for dinner. Ty said and headed to the river 20 feet away. I am dropping my strides and going for a sunbake. Paul said with a grin. English, Paul, English! I have no idea what you said. I laughed. Paul dropped his pants standing there naked. I said, I am dropping my trousers and going to lie in the sun. Paul turned and smacked his ass and walked toward the river. Skip looked at Bill and said, let’s join Paul. As he stood dropping his shorts and walking to the waters edge. Sounds good to me too, before long everyone was naked sprawled out on the huge rocks at the river. Ty, still fishing, set his pole down and stripped off his clothes and went back to fishing, he had caught several good sized fish for dinner. Steve jumped in and started cleaning fish while I sliced potatoes to fry. I squatted down peeling and slicing potatoes when Ty came by and asked if I needed help with anything? Ty you caught the fish, we can take care of the cooking, enjoy yourself and have fun. I said. Ty reached under my ass softly grabbing my hanging balls, this looks fun he said as he pulled on my balls. Ty! You’ll make me hard and I’ll cut my fingers off. Ok, I will take up later where I left off he said and slapped my ass. Pulling out the propane camp stove we cooked the fresh fish and potatoes as the last of the guys came up from the river. Dinner is on! I called out. while Steve handed everyone beers from the ice chest. After eating we tossed the paper plates onto the fire, Ty moved over next to me. Nothing hotter than naked men around a campfire. Ty said. Ty reached over and rubbed my leg and moved toward my balls, my cock jumping at his touch making it begin to stiffen. Bill and Skip were the only couple in the group but have been known to jointly play around as the opportunity allowed. Paul leaned over to Steve. What say we go to my matilda and root? Steve looked at Paul quizzically. One more time? Paul. Let’s go to my bedroll in the tent and fuck. Paul said. Steve took Paul’s hand and pulled him up and they headed off to the tent. There was a camping lantern hanging in the tent and we could see the shadow silhouette of the two men inside fucking. Damn, that looks hot! Skip said; let’s go in the tent too. Motioning to Bill. Ty sucked my shaft as the daylight left the camp and the fire flickered against the trees. I stood, my hard manhood stood out as Ty ran his hands all over my chest kissing my neck, let’s go inside. He said. Walking into the tent, Skip and Bill were 69’ing while Bill fingered his partner’s ass. Skip was watching Paul’s fit body plowing his shaft into Steve’s ass. Ty pulled me onto his open sleeping bag that was right against where Steve was getting serviced by Paul. I went down onto Ty’s balls, licking them while pushing my thumb into his ass. Steve reached over touching my ass that was a foot or so from his shoulder, his hand all over my backside as I sucked Ty’s wood. Ty had a great view of Paul’s cock going in and out of Steve’s ass. Ty reached over and pushed his finger into Steve’s hole along side Paul’s rigid cock making Steve moan. Paul flipped over and took Steve on top of him fucking him from below when Skip moved in and pushed forward so he could put his cock in Steve’s ass from the top, taking two cocks into his over stretched hole. Bill moved over and put his face into my ass, eating my hole while I sucked Ty’s prick as he unloaded his cum into my mouth. I pumped my hips harder fucking Ty’s mouth hardly giving the man room to breathe, cumming as I slammed his lips with my pubes. I think all six of us must have climaxed two to three times each that night and we were just getting to sleep as the morning sun was filtering through the trees. No one dressed until we were packing to leave two days later. I will re think my like for camping, well at least with these guys.


  1. made me so fucking horny i wish i was sucking steves monster and shove my cock into tys mouth

  2. Story made me want to go camping. I wish my camping at two gay resorts in Tampa area were like this story.