Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Snow Day

Snow day I got invited to a party for my friend Joe; it was a celebration of him graduating veterinary school. It was a long drive into the mountains alone, it took about 90 minutes to get to his family’s cabin and the snow was really starting to come down and stick on the roadway. I got there and the place looked deserted, getting no answer at the door I called Joe’s cell phone. I’m sorry Mike; I am right over the last crest and will be there in 10 minutes I got caught up at the market getting things for the party. Joe said. I helped Joe bring things in from his car and start a fire to get warmed up. It’s really coming down out there. I said. Do you think everyone will make it? I don’t know, this is what I get for planning the party at the cabin. Joe said. I met Joe in junior high school, he was a very popular guy and in all the sports. He always had the hottest girlfriends and very straight, his dark curly hair and gorgeous green eyes. Joe’s phone rang several times over the next 20 minutes, people calling and canceling because of the snow. Let me help you in the kitchen Joe. I said after he hung up from his family. Looks like it might just be the two of us. He said. The road is closed coming in from the south and the other side is not much better. Let’s put some of this food away, I got 100 pieces of fried chicken from the deli and enough salads to feed an army. Joe said. I’m so sorry Joe; your party is ruined because of the snow. I said. No, Mike, you and I will have a blast, besides, I don’t think either of us will be leaving anytime soon, look at it snow out there! Joe said. Let’s have some chicken, dig in there is plenty and there is liquor and mixers on the counter over here. Joe said. I mixed some rum and Cokes while Joe fixed his plate; we sat and talked as we ate several pieces of chicken and a mountain of potato salad. I tossed more wood on the fire while Joe handed me another drink. I took a sip, Damn Joe, you trying to kill me? Its half rum and half Coke. I said. Yeah, I start out weak, wait for the next one. He said laughing. Watching Joe talk and laugh made me smile, he as such an easy way he talks, making anyone feel comfortable. We had several more drinks and I was starting to slur and everything was funny. So Mike, any new boyfriends lately? Joe asked. Naw, not since Jacob. I said.,, Damn boy! you’ve got to be one horny bastard. Joe said, punching my shoulder. Yeah, I do get pretty horny, you always have a girl handy to keep your hard dick satisfied. I said laughing. Well none made it to my party, so I will have to wack off later, or maybe Ill fuck your tight ass. Joe slurred. You wish, it aint pussy so you would not be interested. I said. You never know, he mumbled. What? I asked. I’m not gay, don’t get me wrong, but ass is ass. Joe said. Reaching over touching my leg. You are drunk, you dumb ass. I said. Joe grabbed me and started playing grab ass and wrestling around some before sitting my chest pinning me to the floor. Joe has about 30 pounds on me and moved his knees to my shoulders and started putting his finger to my lips. Like some cock in there? He asked. Some dickie, you suck my dickie? Your drunk Joe, get off me. I said. Fuck that, I need my dick sucked, he unzipped and flopped out his limp but thick cock and started slapping it on my lips. Get OFF! I said. I plan on it, Joe laughed. Open up Mike, Its ready for you. Joe slapped his cock onto my lips. Suck it Mike. I started to protest but have always had a crush on Joe. I took his semi hard cock into my mouth and sucked him. Moving one arm loose I stroked his shaft to full mast. Let’s move to the bedroom Joe. I said. Joe stood up and helped me to my feet, come on buddy. Joe said. We stripped off our clothes and Joe fell back onto the bed, I got on my knees and started sucking him and purposely put my knees near his shoulder, suck me Joe. I said. No way, I don’t suck cock. He said. I moved one knee on the other side of his head dangling my balls in his face. Get your balls out of my face Joe said as he reached to push them away but when he touched my junk he held onto it, and then started jacking my stiff prick. I continued sucking Joe’s cock and I could feel Joe’s tongue touching the tip of my cock. Take it Joe,, shhh.. Just take it.. I said. Joe put the head fully in his mouth now and was playing with it with his lips. We weren’t so drunk that Joe didn’t know what he as doing and I was thinking that he was starting to enjoy it. I moved my hips pushing more shaft into his mouth but he was still only taking a couple of inches. Within a couple of minutes I shot my load into Joe’s mouth, he came up spitting, Fuck dude,, you came in my mouth,, that’s sick, wiping his mouth. I chuckled. Funny huh? He grabbed my hips and pushed his wet dick into my ass and started pumping it hard. I’ve got your boy pussy now. He said. It felt so good I pushed back onto his cock, fuck me Joe, fuck me. I said. I have dreamed about this day since we showered together in gym class, I would always sneak a peek at Joe’s cock and balls wishing he would fuck me. I loved seeing water running off his broad shoulders and down his back into his ass crack. Joe climaxed pushing cum deep into my ass before falling forward onto my back. He lay on top of me breathing hard; I reached behind me and touched his right ass cheek. That felt amazing Joe. I said. Yeah, was all he said as he rolled off me lying on his back. I rolled to my side feeling his chest, running my fingertip around his nipple; Joe took my hand off of his chest. I’m not gay, Mike. He said. Whatever, shut the fuck up and lay back, you started this. I said, leaning on one elbow putting my mouth on his nipple, nibbling and sucking on it. I want to fuck your tight ass. I whispered. There is no way you are putting your cock into my ass, aint no way. Joe said. I reached between his legs and tried to push my finger in his ass but Joe squirmed, nothing is going there, you can ride my bone if you want again but you’re not fucking me. I grabbed his cock and brought him fully hard before sitting on his cock, riding his shaft. I reached up twisting his nipples; Joe groaned and moaned while he rammed that hot cock in my ass. I rode that cock till it spewed its goodness filling my ass. I jacked my cock shooting my load onto Joe’s sexy tanned chest We fell asleep together waking in the morning, I looked at Joe smiling. Don’t get any ideas, that was a one time thing, last night. Joe said. I will make you some breakfast and we will talk about that some more later I said with a wink.

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  1. I'de love to get trapped by a snow storm with a fuck-buddy.