Sunday, October 28, 2012

Seattle Boys

Seattle Boys My name is Alan; I am 29 years old and work for a national sportswear company in Seattle. Every year we have what is called Pre-line, it is when we get the new clothing samples in from the companies that make the clothes after we design them. We take the samples and make “shops” in about 25 booths, young men’s, boys, young ladies and girls. Each booth gets set up as if in a store, folded neatly on shelves and hanging, we have designers make the sets “artsy” and themed with beautiful displays. After everything is set up we have major buyers from all over the country to see our new line and place orders on what they have seen that they think will sell well in their stores. During the actual week of the show, we have food catered in and the buyers get anything they want, it is really quite the event. I do everything from setting the booths, music, dealing with the runners and yes, I handle the models. The models for each line have dressing rooms that can be very chaotic, models running in and out changing clothes and going to model the clothing in a booth for a buyer. I have to help dress the models and move them to the correct booth, many are no nonsense and do the job without issue. The boys and girls need more hands on, I was, and luckily I only deal with the young men and boys. I had one guy named Curt, he was 21, dark hair and very handsome, this was his first modeling job and although was very hot, he needed full time help, dressing, walking, even standing. I set out Curt’s shorts and sport tee to wear, he had the top on “inside out” and the buyer was waiting. Curt take the top off fast I said as I grabbed the shoulder of the shirt helping pull it off him, turning it right side out I helped get it over his head, move, get out there fast! Moving behind him to see how he showed the clothing and waiting for the next outfit he would need to wear. I went to the fitting room and had it ready by the time he got back, get your clothes off fast, just drop them o the floor. I said turning to get the shoes that would go with the outfit. Turning to Curt with the shoes, my mouth fell open, Curt was standing there naked. CURT! I yelled, put your underwear back on, and get these pants on then the shirt and these shoes. I have to admit that he took my breath away seeing him standing there naked, the other guys paid little attention to him as he was the “new one”. I helped one of the other guys with his outfit and sent him on his way. Curt, head out to booth 6, I will stop by in a few. Working with the young boys took about the same amount of time due to the fact they ranged from 9 to 13 in age. After lunch it was time to model the underwear and swimsuit lines, this took more hands on with the young men 16 to 21 year olds, some were quite “developed” and had to soften the look and others needed to be enhanced. We used a soft foam insert inside the tight swimsuits and some of the underwear for the boys with smaller packages and needed a bit of help, it gave a smooth look with a silhouette image of a penis bulge without showing how small they were and did not fill out the pouch correctly. I was very hands on and would push and adjust the bulges as needed, the guys expected this and have had it done many times, it’s part of the job, along with using body and face make up to hide any blemishes or pimples. Curt had his underwear on waiting on instruction to go to a booth, his cock was off to one side, I went to push it and he pulled back with his hips. Hold still Curt, I said holding his ass while adjusting his thick cock, I have no time to fool with these guys and reached in moving his cock to a better looking position. Go, booth 4 Curt. Kenny, go to booth 7, move guys. At the end of the day I was tired and dismissed the men and boy models, Curt stay put, I need to talk to you. Curt, you have to pull it together, you were a mess today, I know you are new but you have to get better fast of I will cut you and have the agency send out a new guy tomorrow. Can you help me Alan? Curt asked. It is not my job to train you Curt, I said in a short tone. I’m sorry I don’t mean so sound cold but I have to reset and all the booths tonight for tomorrow’s show. Ok, ok, its dinner time, lets go out and eat something fast and Ill give you a few pointers. I said. We ate a fast dinner at the fish n chips place across the street and I told Curt how to dress and move faster making sure that he was perfect before going to the booth. We got back to the dressing room and I had Curt put on an outfit faster than he had before. I had him walk and stand showing the product, put on the underwear Curt. I said. Curt stripped to his skin taking the sexy red underwear slipping them on like he would his own. No, I said, you have to fix yourself, look, I said as I reached in and tucked his cock into a downward position, like this. I felt Curt’s cock jump from my touch, he took my hand and held it inside his underwear, Curt looked into my eyes, Alan, I appreciate you helping me. Curt, my work here is important to me and we have to get it right. I said pulling my hand from his cock. Be here at 6 am tomorrow and you will get a jump on the other guys, just relax and it will be fine, I have to get these booths reset before I can leave tonight, have a good night and I will see you tomorrow. I said. Wait, I can help you with the booths, you helped me so much when you didn’t have to. Curt said. We both worked on the booths for about 90 minutes. Curt, it looks good, let’s get out of here, and we have to be back all too soon. I said. I am stopping at the Tug on the way home for a beer and to unwind some, you are welcome to join me if you like? I said. Great Curt said. I will follow you there. The Tug was a gay bar that had a small dance floor and a good amount of regulars to make it a fun place to go. I made my way inside the bar and ordered two beers looking for Curt. Curt came in, he smiled and sat at the table with me. I gave him the beer and asked him to dance. He looked a bit funny and said ok. You know how to dance? I asked with a laugh. Yes, I can dance, he said, it’s just that I’m not, he stammered. Gay? I asked. He laughed, no its not that, I am gay alright but I just turned 21 last week and have never been to a gay bar before. I took his hand and led him to the dance floor; it was a weeknight so there was no DJ, only recorded music. We danced a while and sat at the table talking and laughing, man, its great to get out of there, its like this every year, I end up working 14 hours a day for about two weeks then I take a week off to collapse and re group. I said. You will have to come back here on Saturday nights they have a great DJ, DJ Prince, he keeps the place jumping. I waved at the bartender for two more beers. Curt said he had moved form Savannah Georgia a few months before and had not really been out since he had been here. We talked and had a few more beers each when Curt leaned over to kiss me, I kissed him back pushing my tongue into his mouth. When I came up for air, I looked at him, Curt, you know this can’t have anything to do with work, if you can’t get it together tomorrow I will have to call the agency and have you replaced. I said. Oh, yeah, I know. He said I like you and would like to go home with you if you want me to. Sounds like a plan. I said. We should really get going I said as I stood up leaving a tip on the table for the bartender. At my apartment Curt peeled off his clothes and climbed onto my bed as I undressed. Curt’s body was amazing, so perfect, his chest, abs, his face and teeth, everything perfect. Roll over. I said, I lifted his hips pulling his knees up giving me room to get to his hot ass, my mouth was all over it, I bit and chewed at his hole. Pushing my fingers into his ass working them as deep as I could, I rubbed my cock with some lube and pushed it into his ass. He was very tight and he squeezed my prick with his ass while I plunged it in and out. Fuck me, make me your bitch. Curt moaned. I slapped his ass cheek hard, take it bitch, and smacked his ass again. I was amazed at his looks and yet wanted to be a sub bottom for me. I was not bad looking but no model by any means. I reached under giving his hard shaft a squeeze feeling his balls dangling. I shot my cum on a downward thrust, pushing hard and continued riding his ass roughly until I was spent. I flipped him over and reached into the nightstand drawer and put some lube onto a big dildo with vibration, turning it on high and pushing it into his ass, it was almost twice the size of my cock so it was really stretching his hole out. Curt started jacking his cock while I fucked him hard with the rubber cock, Curt moaned, yes, fuck me, it feels so good. Curt’s cock was about six inches but was very thick and his veins stood out as he held it firmly. As he shot his load, I leaned in and took it into my mouth sucking as hard as I could making him groan loudly with each blast of cum into my mouth. The dildo still hanging out of his ass he lay exhausted and breathing hard and in moments he was asleep. I pushed the phallic toy deeper into his ass before pulling it out, I got a wet hot washcloth, cleaned his ass and cock before pulling the sheets up to his waist. No matter how badly he did the next day there is no way I could send him packing, I looked at this angel asleep in my bed, I never wanted to let him go. We had sex every night after work with him sleeping over, when the show was over Curt started meeting me for lunch and coming over a few times at night. I took him to see DJ Prince and we danced our asses off. I am hoping that soon he will want to move in with me but I don’t want to rush things and scare him off. For now, it’s all good.

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