Monday, November 5, 2012

The Picture

................................................................. I had gotten to the restaurant early, I was meeting my friend Will there. The hostess seated me at table near the center of the tables. I was fooling around with my smart phone and all the settings trying to see if there was wifi locally I could use and speed things up while I read email. I toggled the Bluetooth setting and was starting to go back to the email when this window popped up, “accept or deny photo?”. What? I thought. Who was using Bluetooth to send me a picture, they had to be close. I looked around as I clicked “accept” the picture opened and it was a picture of a big stiff penis. I pulled the phone close to my chest so no one else could see me looking at a picture of a cock. I looked around again, the place was pretty busy and several guys were on cell phones texting or whatever they were doing. I knew someone was watching me unless this was sent to me by error; there was a guy in his 40’s on his phone but paid little attention to me. A busboy was checking his phone on the sly between bussing tables but he too showed little interest in me. I looked to my right shoulder and saw a good looking guy in his mid to late 20’s with dark hair, well that matched the dark pubic hair in the picture. I turned in my chair and looked right at him, the guy looked up from his phone and saw me watching him, he jumped and looked away real fast. He looked up again and I just stared at him, I tilted my phone up from my palm to him and he looked away again. The guy got up from his table and walked to the restroom, probably to avoid any further conflict with me. I followed; he walked into the stall and was closing the door. Not so fast, I said as I pushed the stall door open following him in before closing it behind me. What’s with the picture? I asked. Nothing, he stammered, I just sent it to any open Bluetooth phone I find, just for kicks, like, well, to watch people’s reactions. Well you got my attention and here is my reaction! I said as I grabbed his balls through his jeans squeezing them hard. What is your name? I asked. Mike, he replied. Well Mike you like to show off your meat huh? Let’s take a good look I said as I unbuckled his pants roughly. I fully expected him to protest at this point, but he didn’t. I unzipped his pants and slid them down to his knees, his cock bounced out, it was semi hard. So you like exposing yourself Mike? Lift your shirt I said in a forceful tone. Mike did as he was told showing his flat hairless stomach. Mike’s cock stiffened. Mike, I said. You look a bit horny, maybe you need to take a load into that hot mouth of yours? Mike reached for my pants unzipping them and pulling my stiff dick out before he went down on it, sucking it like he had never had a cock in his mouth before. I pulled him to his feet, fuck this; I don’t have sex in the bathroom. Mike, you live nearby? Yes, Mike said, only a few blocks from here. Alone? I asked. Yes I live alone. He replied. Let’s go to your place Mike, I will let you finish what you started when we get there. I said. I sent my friend a text saying something came up and I would not be able to have lunch with him and I would call him later. I went out the door and to my car quickly to avoid my friend seeing me if he was in the parking lot. Mike waved as he got onto his motorcycle for me to follow him. A few minutes later we pulled into Mike’s driveway, I followed him into his house. Take your clothes off perv! I ordered. You like to show your body off to strangers? Show me now! Mike quickly took off his shirt showing his pale skin with dark nipples and a handsome build. His shoulder muscles rippled as he slid off his pants and boxers. I sat in an overstuffed chair and looked at Mike; he just stood there like he was waiting for the next command. Show me what you’ve got Mike, jack your cock some. He did as he was told; I rubbed my dick through my pants feeling it fully stiff under my touch. Turn around, bend over and show me your boy hole, mm that’s nice, finger it! I said. Mike fingered his asshole and played with his balls with his other hand. Push your finger in deep Mike, and then two fingers. I said. Mike kneeled and shoved two fingers into his hole while I watched. I stood and took off my clothes, and walked to Mike. Stand up; he did so without a word. I reached over and touched his right nipple, he moved at my touch. I spat on my fingertips and took hold of his nipple; pushing my fingers together harder and harder, tell me to stop if you don’t like this Mike. I said. Mike remained quiet other than a few muffled moans. I twisted his nipple hard, still pinching my fingertips tightly. Mikes legs almost buckled, his head went back and his eyes closed. I smiled and took his hand to my cock pushing it to my balls. Suck it. I whispered. He swallowed my cock like a pro, choking a few times as I pushed his head deeper onto my stiff prick. You like to shock guys with your cock pictures Mike? I asked. Mike pulled off my bone long enough to say “yes, you are the first one to find me; usually I send the pictures and leave”. I think you need to learn a lesson for being such a perv boy. I do, Mike said before going back to sucking my cock. I pulled him back and slapped his face with my hard dick. I pulled his face into my balls, lick them and make me feel good Mike. I said. You got any lube? I asked. Yes, he turned and took it from a drawer nearby. I only use it for jacking off, I’ve never been fucked before I have only sucked one guy before, and he tossed his load and walked out. Today is your day then Mike. I said. Yes sir. He said. I took the lube squirting some into my hand rubbing it into his ass before pushing my shaft deep into his hole in one motion. Mike cried out as I plunged my cock into him deeply as I bent him over the back of the couch. You like that Mike? I asked. You like my big dick in your ass? Yes,, but it hurts. He said in a muffled voice. Slowing my motion to take it a little easier on his virgin ass. Better? I asked? Yes, but it still burns. He said. It will probably burn the rest of the night too. I said. I pushed deep to bury my dick in his ass all the way to my pubes, then wiggled it back and forth inside his fuck hole. I continued to fuck him reaching under grabbing his balls tightly. I’m cumming in your virgin ass. I said. as my body jerked and spurted my hot juice into his ass. I laid Mike on the carpet and squatted over him letting his hungry tongue lick and eat at my ass while he jacked his stiff prick. I pushed my asshole down onto his lips and rode his face hard. Mike shot his jizz all over his chest and a few spurts even hit my cock that was hanging below his chin. Did you enjoy that Mike? Yes, it was hot. I am still stiff and ready to go again. Mike said. Mmmm I think you’ll have to be my fuck boy that I can use whenever I want. I said. How does that suit you mike? Id love that, uhmm. What is your name? Mike asked. I may tell you next time Mike. Just put your name and number on a piece of paper and be ready for my call. I will bring some toys next time. Toys? Mike asked. Yeah, maybe a giant dildo or I may surprise you, sex with you won’t always be rough like today, it may be rougher, or it might be relaxing and take hours. I said as I walked to the door taking mike’s phone number.

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