Monday, December 24, 2012


. ...................................Taking the long bus ride from the city out to the prison, I looked out the window still not believing that I was sentenced to prison for 7 years. It was a mistake, I did not do anything wrong. I am a well built blonde guy in my early 20’s with a flat stomach and a big thick cock so I am really scared of facing hard time in prison. The bus pulled to the gates after being waved inside the fenced area by a guard. We were all cuffed and had leg shackles too so walking was a slow endeavor or the leg iron would cut my ankles up. Listen up and do as you are told no talking whatsoever unless you are asked a question by a guard. The tall guard said. Front to rear, stand up and un-ass this bus then forming a line outside, starting at that gate. He said as he pointed toward a tall chain link gate laced with barbed razor wire at the top. I was happy to get off the bus, it had started getting pretty ripe from some of the passengers that had either not washed or were not using deodorant. Form a line and put your right hand on the shoulder of the man in front of you. The guard ordered. And follow me inside the building. Once we were inside we were ordered to strip off all of our clothes while the guards handed us bags to place our clothes into the bags. Bend over and spread your ass cheeks. One guard said. The guard walked behind looking at everyone’s assholes for evidence that anything was smuggled into the prison. The next guard came behind him. As I tap your back with this stick, you will squat down fast and cough hard as you get to the bottom of the squat, this should force anything out that you may have shoved up there. I was so humiliated being naked with these common thugs, much less squatting and coughing we like this. When can we dress? I asked. Shut the fuck up! What is your name princess? The guard yelled. Paul, Paul Chaplynski, I said to the guard. Look Paul Chaplynski.. This is prison not a day camp, welcome home. Whore, I said before I could even think that it may not have been the best thing to say. The guard was so mad he almost had a loss for words. He walked around in front of me lifting my balls up with the stick he tapping guys with. YOU, princess will get a special cell, I have just the guy in mind for you, he has been looking for a new “cell mate” the guard said with a mean laugh. They finished the anal inspections and herded us into the showers. You have three minutes to de-lice with the shampoo and get rinsed off. A stocky guard said. I don’t have lice, nor know anyone that has had lice! I said as I walked to the shower. Princess, you had better shut that cock sucking hole of yours and do as you are told, unless you need help, I can arrange that too. The mean one said. Whore. I muttered under my breath. They handed us red pants and shirts to wear along with boxers. I don’t wear boxers; do you have any briefs or anything better than these? I asked waving the underwear over my head. Ok, princess, the guard took my clothes from me. Line up! He ordered. But I am naked, this is just unacceptable. I said. In line now, he barked. The veins stood out on his neck. We walked into the main cell area for building C, as soon as we got near the seasoned prisoners; they started yelling and hooting at us for being fresh meat. When I got though the doorway, they went wild seeing me walking through naked. Hey bitch, you got a nice big cock, but your ass is mine, you can be my bitch. Fucking whores, shut the fuck up you bitches. I yelled at them. They directed us into cells as they checked off our numbers, not names mine is 1287433, how impersonal. I was pushed into a cell each cell had 6 bunks. Another guy from the bus named Oslo was put in with me but the other no one else was in the cell. I put my stack of bedding down on a bunk and sat down. Hey guard, give me my clothes now please, it’s all very funny but the laugh is over now. I said. You will get your clothing when you learn to do as you are told and get rid of the attitude princess. The last of the inmates were returning from lunch and two guys walked into the cell. What the fuck are you doing sitting your naked ass on my bunk? Asked the enraged man. Get the fuck up. The other guy laughed. Look at the dick on him Gene, he said as he grabbed at my balls. Don’t touch me you fucking bastard. I said as I moved off to the side. He didn’t like you grabbing for his balls Vic. Gene said with a laugh. This guy…. what is your name? Vic said. Paul, I said trying to look unconcerned. As I was saying, Paul here wants to be treated better I think. Vic said, winking at the others. Paul, we will make sure and take good care of you. Gene said. I put my sheet and blanket on my bunk. What the hell is this mess of a pillow; it’s more like a used tee shirt in a pillow case. I need better than this, it’s barbaric. I said. The guard came by with an inmate to drop off my clothes. I snatched them from the man and got dressed. The guard looked at Gene, this princess needs you to teach him how things work here but first I think you need to get his attention. The guard winked at him and left the cell. We gonna have some fun tonight Vic! Gene said with a big dumb ass grin on his face. We went to dinner in the mess hall, it was loud and cold. When I got to the window sliding my plastic tray along getting food dropped un-ceremoniously onto the slotted tray. I sat at a table with a Hispanic man; this food doesn’t look very appetizing. I said. Shut the fuck up. He said. You don’t want it? He reached over and took my tray and pulled it toward his. I pulled my tray back, bitch, don’t touch my tray. I said. The man shot me a look, his eyes were on fire. You wanna die? He asked. I stood up and went back to the window and took a new tray. I need more food, that bastard took my tray. I told the line sever. One meal, one tray. He said. But I am hungry; let me have some bread at least. I asked. The inmate handed me three slices of white bread and looked me in the eye. Here, but you owe me. He said. Owe you what? I asked. The guy looked at me and smiled. I’ll tell you in the showers in the morning. Fucker! I said. Now you are getting it. He said laughing. Later back in the cell Vic looked at gene. I think it’s time. He said. Vic stood up and grabbed my feet while Gene grabbed my arms. Listen fuckers I yelled, leave me alone. The guard said you needed a lesson. Vic looked at Oslo, Hold his arms and if you let him go, your ass is next. He said. Vic pulled off my pants and grabbed my balls hard, this will be fun, you are gonna be my bitch, starting now, you can let things happen or fight but the same result will happen either way. Gene said. Vic flipped me over and lifted my ass some and all at once plunged his stiff cock into my ass, it hurt but I have always had the prison rape thing in my head but never really thought I would be the one getting assaulted. Vic fucked me hard while Gene jacked his cock stiff and plunged it into my mouth and pushed Oslo away as there was no fight in me, I liked getting fucked and having a long dick in my throat was a bonus. Oslo watched from his bunk and finally pulled his dick out lying back while jacking off to out cell mates fucking me. Vic shot his load in my ass and Gene moved into place at my ass and lost no time filling my void. Get over here Oslo, fuck his lips. Vic said. Oslo fucked my throat and Vic fingered his ass. Vic is a rough looking guy, you take care of me, and I will keep you out of trouble as much as I can but you need to watch your mouth before you get your ass beat or worse. He said. Oslo pulled out and shot his load onto the side of my face while Gene finished up at my ass. Vic took his finger to the cum on my face scooping some up and pushing it into my mouth and repeating it until most of Oslo’s cum was cleaned off my face. My hole was on fire from my cell mates, 6 years and 364 days left in this cell.

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