Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beach Patrol

I had recently heard about a gay nude beach that some friends had gone to and told me was the hottest thing around.

It was early on a Saturday and I decided to pack a cooler with a few beers and some snacks. I took a shower, put on some board shorts and nothing else for ease of disrobing at the beach. Grabbing a beach blanket and my cooler I headed out for the 25 minute drive. On the way I was thinking of beach and figuring that I will probably not find anyone there that suits me enough to have sex with or bring home.
Arriving, I parked and had to walk down a trail and down a long set of steps to the beach below. I could make out a few people on the beach but not in detail as I passed a “nude beach” sign “clothing optional beyond this point”. Heading toward the water I found a nice spot, set out my blanket and cooler, looking around deciding on dropping the board shorts or not as I have never been to a nude beach before.

I slid them to my ankles and stepped out of them before laying out on the blanket. Noticing several other men nearby I was trying to check them out without noticeably staring at them. Most were decent looking one was pretty hot maybe 34 years old but in great shape and a winning smile with red juicy lips. I decided to stretch out and enjoy the sun’s heat. Some fools out in the water were yelling at each other one named Chris kept yelling at the other guy Paul for running over or into him with his jet ski.. What an unwanted distraction.

I laid back on my stomach closing my eyes soaking in the heat of the day and listening to the gulls and voices in the distance. A few minutes later I saw two men walking my way, they looked so much alike and as they got closer I could see that they are identical twins. Reddish blonde's, nice builds with natural muscle tone, mmm just the way I like them.
They wore shorts and carried all of the things you would expect, chairs, cooler etc. They set up within about 15 feet from me, one guy pulled out this sun tent thing and set it up while the other guy slipped off his shorts walking to his brother reaching around his waist un buttoning his shorts and dropping them to the ground. Wow,,,, they just got my attention more than ever, it seems that these brothers may just be more fun that I had thought. I continued watching them set up and take drinks from the cooler drinking taking large gulps form the icy beer.

One guy tossed the other a Frisbee catching him off guard the second guy missed it as the disk landed right on my blanket after bouncing off my ass. The hot guy started apologizing before he even reached me, I am so sorry about that, I was not paying attention when Rick tossed it to me.
He put out his hand to shake mine,
"My name is Robert and that’s my brother Rick over there trying to look innocent". He said as he laughed.

"My name is Pete, nice to meet you, so identical twins huh"?

"Yeah", Robert replied, "we just moved form a small town in Nebraska a few months ago and found this beach a while back".

"I couldn’t have helped notice that you,…er… well helped your brother out of his trunks".

" Oh yeah, Rick and I are both gay and have always been very affectionate towards each other". Robert said as he sat down on the edge of the blanket.

My eyes were looking into the sun but I could make out a very full cock and low hanging balls on the man.

"You guys exactly alike"? I asked still looking at his crotch.

Robert laughed and said "Yes, that’s what identical means, although Rick is shaved and I kept my pubes intact".

Then he turned back after looking at his brother and ask me if I wanted to join them. I said sure.
We pulled my blanket over to their encampment as I shook hands with Rick, my eyes glanced to his cock, yep, just as he said the only visible hair was on the man’s head.

"Good to meet you Rick I said as he handed me a cold beer, What did you mean Robert when you said you two were affectionate? If you don’t mind me asking".

Robert looked at Rick before answering.
"We are lovers too, we grew up in the same bed till high school and by then we didn’t want to be in separate beds so we still slept together. Being teenagers with high sex drives we fucked and sucked each other regularly, does that creep you out"? Robert asked.

"No, not at all , I think it is very hot actually". I said.

"This is why we moved to California, we found it hard to keep things quiet in such a small town and figured it was time to move to where people are not so closed minded." Rick said.

" Well you guys are doubly hot". I said as my mind wandered in fantasy.

"We like to play with other guys too"! Rick said as he moved in close to me touching my right nipple.

Mmmm I moaned as Robert sat on the other side of me doing the same to my left nipple.
I leaned back on the blanket as the twins started exploring my body.
I rubbed each guy wherever I could reach. Rick stood with a semi hard cock bobbing out form his body as he closed all but the water side flaps of the canopy before he came back spreading my legs apart running his hands up my thighs.
His brother Robert moved in close putting his cock at my lips as I sucked it in feeling it harden as I gave it my full attention. Rick took some lube form his bag and rubbed it onto my ass and his cock then pushing it slowly into my fuck hole.

Rick lifted my legs as he started fucking me faster and deeper. This was so fucking hot, twins in their mid 20’s, nice looking guys,, but TWINS! Fuck!

Robert was now pumping my mouth with his hard cock as I feel his balls slapping my chin while looking at his brother fucking my ass, I was so stiff.

Robert leaned back kissing Rick and told him that he loved him, Rick smiled and went back to fucking my ass.
"Do you think you can take two cocks at once"? Robert asked.

"I’m game for a try if you want to". I said.

Robert laid down and I laid on top of him he slid his cock into my hole riding my ass for a few minutes when Rick got on top and pushed his matching dick into my ass..

"Ohhh" I moaned,, "take it slow guys, give me a second to stretch out some". I said.

Rick slowly moved his cock in deep as far as it would go while his twin did the same from below, My ass felt as it was being ripped apart but I was not about to let this opportunity to pass.

I started moving my ass as they held still, then gradually Ricky started pumping my fuck hole. Robert said he could feel Ricky’s dick against his and the feeling was sooo fucking great.

Both men now were riding my ass Ricky was going harder than his brother and my cock was on Roberts stomach hard as could be and close to shooting. Robert was the first to cum moaning loudly with Ricky right behind in stereo, the same moan sounds form each, this was incredible.

I shot my load between us onto Robert's belly both dicks still in my ass.

Then I heard a noise, hard to say what at first then it became clear it was those two guys yelling again, Paul and Chris and the roar of the jet ski, I rubbed my eyes to realize I had fallen asleep and the hot twins were but a dream in the sun.
I would have loved to been with them longer even if only in a dream, fuckin’ Paul and Chris.
I lifted up and realized that I had cum all over my blanket under me. I took a cold beer from the cooler with a smile, here’s to wet dreams on the beach!