Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The New Guy

Heading in to work I stopped off for a cup of coffee at the donut place, dreading going in, dreading facing a full work week, it was always the same, same people, same office bull shit. Sucking on the coffee bouncing through traffic, hardly paying attention to my surroundings my car drifted into the next lane, the guy driving the jeep blew his horn at me I gave him the usual one fingered salute and looked him in the eye. Cute fucker at least, I stomped the gas pedal and wove between cars before turning into the parking garage. At my cubicle I turned on my computer and looked at the red light blinking on my phone, fucking phone. I was in a pissy mood today for sure. The office manager Marge stopped at my cube and started talking about some new guy, as I turned around, there stood the Jeep guy grinning as he stuck out his hand. This is Shawn, Shawn this is Skip. Marge said. You two get acquainted, Shawn has the cube next to you and will be working on your team, I will check back later Shawn and see if you need anything. Thanks Marge. Shawn said. I looked at Shawn; he looked about 29 years old but had retained the boyish good looks with shaggy dark hair that curled in all the right places. Sorry about the flipping you the bird in traffic, I said. It was my fault, I was not paying attention. That was you? Shawn asked. Man I thought you had hit me, must have been only six inches between our bumpers. Yeah, like I said, I was a prick, I said. Did you get your computer log on information? Yeah, right here. Shawn held up a folded piece of paper. Well the directions for putting your phone voicemail message should be on it too. After you get settled in I will show you the copy machine, and more important the break room where the coffee machine is located. I said as I started listening to the 18 voice messages that were left on my phone since last Friday. As I was writing the messages down, I could not help feel that I was being watched by Shawn, looking up at him, Shawn would smile and look away, this happened several times. Ok, Shawn lets go, I will give you the nickel tour. I said. Walking into the copy room which was very small, I pulled Shawn in by the arm and said, close the door. Shawn closed the door and I was about to show him where the reams of copy paper were, as I leaned past his face only a few inches away, I looked at him and said Shawn… he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I pulled back, looked at him with a puzzled look, what the fuck Shawn? Shawn turned beet red, I thought you … uhmmm oh hell. I thought you wanted a kiss, you leaned in I thought.. Oh fuck, I’m so sorry. Shawn stammered. I was trying to show you the copy paper behind the door. I said. He reached for the door handle and I stuck my foot against it stopping the door from opening. I reached up and pulled him close and kissed him hard on the lips, my right hand went to his crotch, feeling his fuck pole through his slacks. Shawn kissed me back, his hands all over my body, I pushed him to his knees and he unzipped my pants and pulled out my fat hog of a cock sucking it into his mouth. His mouth was amazing; my hips bucked against his lips, as I mouth fucked him. I pinched his nipples through his dress shirt. Oh, fuck me, I cried out as I blew my juice into his mouth, he sucked it down eagerly while his hands felt my ass cheeks clenching through each wave of my orgasm. Wow, I said, that’s the right way to start a workday; all of a sudden I don’t feel so grumpy. I said with a laugh. Shawn stood up wiping the dribble of cum from his lips, that was hot Skip. He said. I turned, opening the door and went back to my desk without another word. Shawn came back a few minutes later, I looked at him, and his shirt had twist wrinkles from the abuse I gave his nipples. I gave him the motion on my own shirt to press out the wrinkles with his hand. Shawn was a hot fucker, and gave good head too, now it was me looking at him while he busied himself setting up a new password on his computer. Dark hair, light skin with a bit of pink in his cheeks and those full dark lips. I heard a noise; it was Marge the troll, Shawn is Skip helping you feel at home here? She asked. Yes, he is a very giving guy. Shawn said as he looked at me and winked. I took Shawn to the break room; here are the coffee machine and snack machines. Not a word to anyone about what happened in the copy room this morning Shawn. I said with a serious look on my face. Shawn grinned, as long as I get more of that fat prick, my lips are sealed. Be here fifteen minutes early tomorrow, which will be before anyone else gets here. I said before walking back to my desk. All I could think about all day was Shawn’s lips on my dick and how I wanted more. The following day I came in early and there was Shawn smiling at me. I need a hand in the copy room if you have time? Shawn asked. Closing the door Shawn reached for my belt pulling my pants open, my hand stopped him. I loosened his pants sliding them to the floor along with his boxers; I turned Shawn around and bent him over a stack of file boxes. I pushed my cock into his asshole after spitting on my hand and wiping it to his hole, I had not thought of bringing any lube. I fucked him hard, it felt good using Shawn as my fuck boy. You like this? I asked. Oh hell yeah, he replied. My ass is on fire, fuck me harder. Fuck me.. Yeah.. I shot my jizz deep in his ass reaching around and feeling his long slender cock as stiff as could be. I knelt and sucked his prick into my throat; I heard muffled voices in the office, fuck we had better hurry. I said as I went back to sucking this kids dick, it didn’t take long before I tasted his cream flooding my mouth in spurts, I sucked it after it had stopped shooting, Shawn almost buckled at the knee. Get dressed. I said as I pulled my pants up and tucked everything in. I walked out and to my desk, a like before Shawn followed me a few minutes later looking like nothing had happened. Marge walked by, you guys getting to know each other yet? She asked. Yeah, Marge, we really are. I said with a smile. Well, looks like he has had an effect on you being less grumpy this morning. She said as she walked away. Tomorrow, thirty minutes early Shawn, I said.