Sunday, November 25, 2012


My name is Ryan; I am 27 years old decent looking but nothing to get me in a magazine. I left my apartment at 9 pm to meet some friends at a bar in town that we sometimes hung at. One of my friends, Ben is a bit on the unruly side and has gotten us into a few fights in the past year. Ben likes to drink and then run his mouth over the littlest thing. I got there a bit early and sat at the bar, the place was pretty empty. I ordered a drink, sipping on it, this short guy sits next to me, he had short cropped blond hair with nice thick arms and big hands but must not have been over five feet six inches. I was still not that impressed until he opened his mouth and this Irish accent rolled out of his mouth. Hello, my name is Jim; can I join you for a drink? Sure, I said. I sipped my drink as Jim started telling me about his just moving to Seattle from New York. I was lost in his thick sexy accent, hardly hearing the words but watching his fucking hot lips move as he spoke and drank his whisky on the rocks. I told him about waiting for two of my friends to arrive. He asked me to dance with him to the recorded and loud dance music. On the floor he leaned in and spoke into my ear, Ryan, you dance great. He said as he put his arm around my waist pulling me in as he spoke. I put my hand on the back of his neck, and pulled him towards me and danced closer than before. I felt a tap on my shoulder, it was Ben and Scott, I waved at them and pointed at a table nearby where I had moved our drinks. We left the dance floor and talked at the table with the others before going back to dance floor. Jim asked if I wanted to leave and go to his place and fuck around. Sure, I said. Let’s go. We said our goodbye’s to my friends and drove to Jim’s apartment. Going to Jim’s bedroom, we stripped, kissed and groped other falling onto the bed. Jim grabbed my balls a bit roughly, what are you into? He asked. Well, just the normal stuff. I said with a laugh. Ok, we can start with that. Jim said. Jim took charge and worked on my nipples licking and chewing on them intensely. I laid back and moaned, this felt incredible, Jim was in no hurry, he kissed and nibbled down my side to my hip making me jump and squirm. I thought he would go right to my cock but he continued biting and kissing all the way to my toes. Jim sucked on my toes and feet before going up the inside of my thighs. Fuck, you are driving me nuts Jim, I said. I tried to sit up and reach to pleasure Jim but he pushed my hand away. If you do that again, Ill have to tie you down. Jim said before he went back to my thighs. I was not sure if he was kidding or not but I laid back and let the man do his job. Jim lifted my legs and started chewing my ass; his chin stubble scratched my ass, in a good way. He pulled my balls down firmly and sucked my stiff cock into his mouth sucking on it; I reached to his head feeling his hair as he went down on my prick. Jim stopped and left the bed to come back with some cloth strips, he took my hand and bound it to the bedpost. Wait, I said. What are you doing? I asked you to lay back, now just relax and enjoy. Jim said as he tied the other hand to the other post. Jim twisted my nipples sharply, running his hands all over my chest. I squirmed a bit when he pulled on my balls, then he pulled my leg over the other and rolled me onto my side. Jim smacked my ass hard really making me jump, my ass stung. A great looking ass you’ve got. He said as he smacked it again. Jim pushed my leg up towards my chest, still on my side. He entered my ass from behind after using some lube. I had never been tied up before, and am not into bondage, but this is hot. Jim fucked my asshole but his eyes never left my face. This man’s accent made me wet but his bedside manner made me hornier than ever. He took charge; it seemed that his whole intent was to pleasure me first. He fucked my ass deep and slow. Feel good? He asked. Yes, I said, it’s very good in fact. I could feel the pre cum dripping from my cock and running down my leg onto the sheet. Jim increased the speed, pushing his fuck pole deeper into my guts. My ass was burning but wanting more, I pushed my hips back onto his groin and ground it into him as he fucked me. Ryan, your ass is so fucking hot, ohhhhh.. I’m about to cum. Jim moaned. Jim shot his load into my ass and collapsed on the bed behind me. Can you untie me now please? I asked. Not just yet Ryan, Jim said with a cute smile. Jim moved down and took my balls in his hands pulling them tightly; talking some cord from the nightstand he wrapped my nuts with the cord like a cockring, and then laced it around my stiff cock nearly to the head and back to my balls. He then pulled it between my legs and up to the cloth that bound my hands. Jim cinched the cord tightly putting pulling my balls down tightly between my legs with the cord deep in my ass crack. Jim pulled my cock upright against the straining cord as he started masturbating my dick. I could feel the cord biting into my skin, it was one of those pain/pleasure things that I didn’t have much experience with. Flat on my back, Jim lowered his ass onto my hard bound cock, the tight cord on my cock chewed at his hole as he rode it. Jim was into more things than I had ever thought about much but he was very sexual and caring. That feels amazing Jim. I said. My cock feels so different tied tightly like this, like it wants to burst at your touch. It didn’t take long to get me close to cumming, when I told Jim that I was riding the edge, he slowed his momentum and begun rubbing my chest and shoulders again. Jim leaned down and kissed me, biting my bottom lip as he ground his ass around, still impaled on my cock. Jim increased his speed again taking me to the edge of climax, he stopped, twisted my nipples hard, giving me a grin and started humping my cock hard with his ass. I blew my wad with such an intense orgasm, my body twitching all over. Jim lifted off my still throbbing meat untying my hands before taking my cock into his hands pulling the cord loose from my swollen prick. Jim climbed into the bed and snuggled close kissing me on the neck. Next time we will see what other kinks you like. Jim whispered into my ear. I pulled him close and we drifted to sleep.