Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Brother Jake

I’m out of class at the local community collage headed for my car when this dark haired guy about 90 feet ahead of me drops some papers from his notebook.
“Hey dude, you dropped some papers.” I called out.

The guy did not hear and kept walking to his car. I picked up the papers, and looked at them, it said his name was Keith.
“Keith.” I yelled out, Keith looked up, I waved at him, he waved back and started getting into his car. “Keith.” I yelled again, he stopped backing out of the parking place and waited for me to get to him.

“You dropped your papers, looks like study material for one of your classes.”

“Oh, man, I would have been sunk without those.” Keith said as he reached out the window to take the papers.
Keith held onto my hand, he gave it a shake. “Thanks man, I owe ya.” He said.
“William is my name but call me Will, please.” I said.

“I’d buy you a beer but I’m a bit tapped out right now.” Keith said.
“Come over to my place if you want, I’ve got some beer.”
“Sounds cool.” Keith said looking into my eyes. I’ll follow you.
“I’m walking today, my car crapped out, fucking Jeep.”

“Hop in then and we will be on our way, just tell me where you live.”
I hopped into his car and closed the door. Keith looked at me slapping his hand on my leg. “Buckle up Will.”
I reached for the belt, buckling it. Keith left his hand on my leg for a few seconds longer, I looked at him and smiled.

He backed out of the parking space and headed toward my house. “Just park on the street here, it’s the green house.” I said.
We got inside and walked to the kitchen for the beer.
“Great place! It is yours?”
“Well its mine and my brother’s place, he is at work right now.”

“Cool.” he said as he took a big drink of the cold beer.
We drank that beer and another each while talking abut school and classes.

Keith grabbed his crotch through his worn jeans, “I’m so fucking horny, I can’t stand it.” Giving his bulge a massage looking right into my eyes.

“Yeah, I know the feeling.’ I said running my hand to my belt.
Keith moved in closer, reaching for my belt, unbuckling it. He took my hand pushing it against his crotch hard, rubbing it around on the denim.

Taking my belt off my pants laying it on the kitchen counter, Keith pulled my pants to the floor, I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants and underwear.

Keith grabbed my balls and cock in one hand pulling on them tightly.
I pulled off my tee shirt dropping it to the ground.
“You are a pretty hot guy under those baggy clothes.” Keith said. “I think your ass looks like it needs my fuck pole deep in it.”

I unzipped Keith’s pants and pushed them down off his hips. Reaching behind I felt his very round ass cheeks.
Looking at his fat uncut cock, I was not sure if I could take that up my ass or not, it seemed about the size of the beer bottle.
Keith pushed me to the floor in front of him.
“Suck it!” he said in more of an order than a request.

I pulled the blunt tip into my mouth, pushing my tongue under his foreskin feeling the slick head of his prick.
Keith shoved his hips forward causing me to choke on his meat.
“Come on Will, you can take it, I want you to swallow my cock taking every inch.”

I was starting to feel like maybe inviting Keith into the house was not a good idea.
“Suck it, he demanded, open your throat and take it all.” he said as he pulled the back of my head onto his swollen member.
I tried to swallow it into my throat, gagging again, Keith smacked the side of my head with his hand.
“You can get it down, come on.”
I pulled off his cock to tell him no when he yelled, suck it!
Pushing my head back on his cock.
“You got some oil? Lube? Anything?” Keith asked.

I stood and got some olive oil form the cabinet.
“Good.” Keith said taking it and rubbing it on his cock.
Keith leaned me over the kitchen counter and pushed some oil onto my hole.
Keith pushed his thick cock to my rosebud and tried to shove it in hard.
“It is to big, it hurts.” I cried out.
The pain was searing as he ripped at my ass pushing it farther inside me. “Nooo, stop, it hurts.”

“Stop whining! You can take it, just bear down and work with me, the pain will ease.”
“Stop!” I said, “I mean it.”
Keith took my belt from the counter pushing me back over the counter when he brought the belt hard across my back and ass.
“You will take it and stop your fucking crying.”

He shoved me back to the counter and pushed his cock back into my ass.
“Please stop.” I cried.
Just when Keith was getting ready to hit my back with the belt again, I heard a voice.

“OH FUCK NO! get the fuck off my brother.” It was my brother Jake’s voice.
Keith let me go and I fell to the kitchen floor.
Jake was built big, and he worked out allot.

“So you want to see how this feels punk? You fuck my brother after he tells you to stop?”

“You ok Will?” Jake asked.
“Yeah, he hit me with the belt and would not stop when I told him to.”
Jake went ballistic, he took the belt and laid into Keith’ ass leaving welts.
Jake pulled him to his feet and bent him over the counter, shoving the neck of the olive oil bottle into Keith’s ass.
“Stop, let me go.” Keith screamed,
Jake jammed it in and out a few times before pushing Keith to the floor.

“You get up and get the fuck out of here and if you ever even see my brother again, you had better turn and run in the opposite direction. Get out NOW before I really put the hurt on you.”
Keith grabbed his clothes and ran out the door without even dressing, he got into his car and burned rubber out of the driveway.

Jake walked over helping me to my feet.
“You ok Will? Do you need to go to the hospital?” He asked.
“No, Jake, I will be ok; I’m mostly just shook up.”

Jake helped me to my bed and lay next to me pulling me tight.
I was embarrassed that he had seen this asshole fucking me like that and now laying naked on the bed in my brother’s arms.

“You mean the world to me Will, I wanted to kill him for treating you that way, it was all I could do to keep from hitting him so hard it would break his face.
I love you and never want anything to happen to you.” Jake said quietly.

Jake and I were all each other had as far as family goes; he has looked out for me since I was 17 years old when our parents died.
“I love you too Jake.” I said.
I snuggled against his chest as Jake he held me tightly.
I fell asleep in my brother’s arms waking up about 4 hours later, Jake was still lying with me, he had flipped a blanket over me while I slept.

“Come on Will, lets get you into a hot shower and I will make you a sandwich and some soup, we kind of missed dinner and I bet you are hungry.”

After I showered and put on some sweat pants I went into the kitchen.
Jake had cleaned up the olive oil mess and my clothes.
“Come sit at the table and eat, you will feel better soon.”
I walked over to Jake, putting my arms around him, “Jake, I love you so much, you keep me safe and make me feel so special.”
Jake hugged me back, kissing my forehead.
“I love you too and I will always be there for you.
Don’t give what happened here today another thought, you didn’t do anything wrong.”
I sat and ate the food Jake made for me and went to bed early.

Jake took care of me and still had me come live with him after he married his girlfriend.
A year later I met a guy that I dated, fell in love and eventually got an apartment together. Jake calls me everyday to talk and make sure things are good in my life.
This one man, my brother Jake has shown his love and care for me that can never be matched.
I tell him at the end of every phone conversation how much he means to me.