Saturday, December 28, 2013

Burger Boy

I have worked for a family owned burger joint in central Florida for 6 years and have become the day shift manager. Most days are pretty mundane and see a lot of the same people coming in day after day. I hear the delivery bell ring at the back door and open it to start the morning deliveries from our vendors. The first is Jim, our meat purveyor bringing us the pre made patties, our sliced cheeses and dairy products. Jim was almost done when the produce truck arrived, I did a double take as it was not our normal driver and he was definite eye candy. Dark curly short cropped hair with dark eyes that were hard to look away from. “Hi, I’m Theo, the shift manager.” I said as I shook his hand. “Good to meet you Theo, I am your new route driver, Jack moved out of state, my name is Daniel, or Dan if you will.” “Let me show you the produce cooler Dan.” I said patting his shoulder, my hand wanted to linger and explore his torso but had to keep it professional. I walked into the cooler pointing where the lettuce and tomatoes went, as I backed up I ran into Dan who was moving forward, Dan grabbed my waist. “I’m sorry Dan, I didn’t mean to back over you.” I said. “No problem.” Dan said still holding my waist, I turned to see him smile as he stepped back. “You can put the onions on this table and I will put hem into the bin later.” I said as I pointed to a stainless steel table. I left Dan to do his thing while I signed the invoice for the meat. I went to work in the kitchen on prep for the lunch rush, I watched Dan make his runs through the kitchen with a hand truck. His muscles were stretching the sleeves of his polo shirt and moving in a way that I wanted to see more. Dan finished his delivery and I signed his invoice, I will see you in two days then. I said as I shook his hand again. Dan looked into my face with a smile and said. “It will be my pleasure, see you Wednesday then.” walking to his truck. I kept Dan close in my mind as I finished prep for the day. Two days later I was waiting on Dan’s produce delivery, I turned on the broiler when I heard the bell ring, opening the door to Dan’s beaming face, “Hey!” I said. “Hi Theo.” Dan said. As he rolled in the hand truck with cases of lettuce toward the cooler. “I have a treat for you, if you are hungry Dan.” I called out as he came from the cooler. “I’ll broil you a half pounder, how would you like it cooked?” I asked. “Medium well Theo, thanks, that sounds so good.” “Would you like American or cheddar cheese?” “Cheddar please, I skipped breakfast today so this will be great.” Dan finished the delivery, washed in the men’s room. “Have a seat Dan, I’ll bring it out to you, grab a paper cup and a soda from the machine.” I said pointing to the soda area. I finished cooking Dan’s burger and fries taking it to the table. He smiled as he looked up to me. “Thanks Theo, how sweet of you. Sit with me if you have time.” Dan said as he took a big bite of the burger. “I grabbed a soda and came back, sitting down as Dan finished his first mouth full. Wow Theo, that is so good, so much flavor!” “It’s the seasoning we use and of course, the broiler adds a great taste too.” “Your meat is so good.” Dan exclaimed as he looked into my grinning face. “Oh, that came out wrong.” he said smiling. “I’ve not had any complaints about my meat.” I said with a grin. “I bet not, Dan said as he took another bite.” Hmm. I thought, Dan seemed to be enjoying the innuendo talk. “You look like you are in pretty good shape, do you work out Dan?” I asked. “No, it is all from lugging lettuce cases all day and a bit of good genes.” He replied. “Theo, correct me if I am out of line, but I noticed you checking me out as I took the produce to the cooler, and I am thinking that you do not make all of your delivery guys a good burger like this. What I want to say is, would you like to go out with me tonight? Maybe a club or dinner?” Dan asked. “Yeah, I would like that, and I was trying not to be so obvious when I was watching you. I get off at 4 o’clock and will need to go shower after work.” “Well since I invited you out, I should pick you up too, tonight is on me.” I wrote my address down and gave it to Dan as he finished up his burger. Anxious about the date, I could not wait for the day to pass. Driving home I almost passed my exit off the freeway as I was thinking about Dan. I showered and didn’t want to dress yet and wrinkle my shirt so I just slipped on some boxer briefs and did a few things around the house. Finally it was almost time, I dressed in a blue henley shirt and pressed jeans, dabbed a big of spicy cologne on just as the doorbell rang. Opening the door Dan stood there smiling, “Where would you like your lettuce sir?” He asked while laughing. Dan was wearing an upscale polo shirt and slacks, “You look great Dan, Come on in.” “Nice place Theo, oh and a pool too, very nice.” “Yeah, I love it, thanks. Can I get you a drink or a soda?” “Just a Coke if you have one.” “Sure, Where are we going?” I asked handing him the Coke. “I was thinking of going to a place called the Cellar. I have eaten there a few times and it’s pretty good.” Dan said. “Sounds good, lets sit by the pool for a bit while you finish our drinks.” Dan ran his hand over my shoulder as he walked to a patio chair, it felt so good to have him so comfortable with me so soon. We chatted about work and family for about 30 minutes before going to Dan’s car. Inside the Cellar Dan sat across from me, his eyes sparked as he talked and laughed. Dinner was great and he was so easy to talk to. Dan ordered coffee and I kidded him about being up all night from the caffeine, he said “ I hope so and winked at me.” “Would you like to go have a drink or three?” Dan asked. “Yeah, that sounds good.” We headed across town to a gay club, the place was full and air heavy with the scent of men and beer. We danced a few songs then had a second drink when Dan leaned over pulling me close kissing my lips, he nibbled on my bottom lip some before slipping his tongue into my mouth. Pulling him even closer I ran my hand over his back feeling his lean torso. Mmm.. “You taste good.” I said with a lustful smile. “Well, here is dessert then.” Dan said. as he kissed me again. I reached over feeling Dan’s crotch through his slacks, feeling his meat grow under my fingertips I was getting very horny, Dan ran his hand over my chest. “Let’s go to my place so I can give THIS proper attention.” I said squeezing his cock. “I don’t think I can stand up right now.” Dan said as he looked toward a fully hard cock in his slacks. “Oh,” I smiled, “well it is a gay club, I say stand and lets go, let them look and be envious of your hot bulge.” “Ok.” Dan said as he stood, it was evident that he was well endowed and had either no underwear or thin silk ones on. “That’s fucking hot!” I said as I gave it another squeeze. We got back to my house and started kissing peeling clothes off and kissing some more as we made it to the living room. Looking at Dan’s lean and muscled body, I went to my knees sliding his slacks to the floor with Dan’s straining cock bouncing up at my face. “No underwear, you naughty boy!” I said as I took it into my mouth. I sucked his thick cock until his knees almost buckled and I pulled him to the living room floor. Dan sucked my balls and felt my chest as I pushed his head onto my cock. The liquor and the heat of passion was driving me wild. “Fuck me Dan, I want that thick cock up my ass.” I said, arching my hips into the air. Dan pulled a condom from his pants pocket, rolling it on before he shoved his face into my ass running his tongue all around my hole lubing my ass with his spit he backed off and pushed his cock into my ass. “Fuck you are big.” I said as he filled my void. It was painful at first until he got me settled in and stretched some. Dan pushed my legs toward my body tight, I watched his chest and shoulders move in time with his thrusts, he was more hot without clothes than I thought he would be. He fucked my ass hard as I twisted his nipples making them hard like bullets. Mmm.. “Im cumming Theo, fuuucckkk.” Dan moaned. “Shoot it baby, Fill my ass with your cum.” Dan shot his load before falling forward onto my chest with his cock still inside me. His breathing was hard and I kissed his face letting him catch his breath. I rolled Dan over onto his back and started working on his nipples, his hands traced my shoulders and arms. Dan pulled me up to his face, pulling my ass onto his mouth with my balls slapping his chin as he ate my ass. My cock was so stiff and leaking pre cum running to my balls. I moved to push my cock into his mouth and deep into his throat while his fingers started pushing on my ass hole, then inside it, his two fingers working my hole almost as hard as his cock did. The man sucked my cock frantically causing me to shoot as he gulped my cum as fast as it shot from my cock. Dan continued devouring my cum until I had to pull out as my cock was too sensitive and was making my body jerk when he sucked me. I rolled over and laid next to him on the carpeting. “Look at us I said, we didn’t even make it to the bed.” Dan laughed, “Maybe tomorrow night we can make it that far.” “Would you take your lunch where I work tomorrow? if you are in the neighborhood, I would love to see you eat my meat again.” Dan laughed, “I think that can be arranged.”  

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

College Roomie

It was my second year in college as I moved into the dorm room I was to share, I was the first in so chose the bed to the left as you came in, it seemed to have a speck more privacy than the one directly in view as you walk in the door. I was unpacking when a guy walked in loaded with two boxes and a duffle bag. “Hi, I’m your new roomie, my name is Chip. He said setting his boxes down at the foot of the bed. I’m Dale. I said with a grin. Chip gave me a smile. “No way, don’t even go there.” “Okay, my name is really Brian, sorry I have an impulsive sense of humor.” I stood back to get a good look at Chip, dark hair, olive skin and killer dark eyebrows, this guy came from years of good breeding and probably snobbish parents, who names their baby Chip anyway? “Is that everything?” I asked pointing at his boxes. “No, my parents will be down early tomorrow to bring a few more boxes.” I leaned back on my bed with my tablet reading e-mail but found that Chip was pulling my attention across the room, watching him unpack. “Crap, I forgot the sheets for my bed, I brought the pillow and blanket, I guess I’ll be roughing it tonight.” he said. “I’ve got an extra set you can use as long as you wash them before you return them.” “Oh, cause I’m so dirty, of course I would wash them.” he said with a rye smile. “Yikes, I didn’t mean to say it like that, of course you are not dirty.” I replied. Chip walked into the bathroom to put his toiletries and towels away. I was talking to him and walked over to the open bathroom door as I spoke just in time to see him pulling his dick out and start to pee. “Oh, damn, I’m sorry.” I said, ducking back into the room. “No biggie, it was my fault for not closing the door, but I’m not overly shy anyway, I was just peeing. I went back to reading or at least pretending to and watching while Chip finished unpacking and making his bed with my sheets. Chip said he was going to walk the campus for a while and then grab dinner, we exchanged cell phone numbers and off he went. I finished my e-mail and went out for a pizza and beer, getting back to the dorm about two hours later going to bed about eleven pm. I had just gotten into a good sleep when Chip came in, he was tying to be quiet but I think he must have had a bit to drink as he was leaning and grabbing onto the desk while he undressed. Kicking his shoes off I watched with my eyes half closed, not that he could tell I was awake in his condition. Chip peeled off his tee shirt and dropped it onto the floor, he unbuttoned his Levis and slid them to the floor, he was not wearing any underwear and his ass looked so hot in the dimly lit room. Chip fell back onto the bed and was out cold, I laid there thinking abut him laying there my cock grew hard, I started jacking off as I looked over to the next bed a few feet away. His cock lay on his pubes with his balls hanging between his spread legs. I wanted to go touch him caressing his cock before sucking it until his juices squirted into my mouth. My hand dropped to my asshole fingering deeply as I massaged my shaft. My new roomie could sleep naked anytime he wants, this guy was hot. I held back my moans as I shot my cum onto my chest, my finger still probing frantically in my ass. As I walked back from the bathroom after cleaning up I stopped and took a long look at Chip laying there. He looked so incredible I could not resist reaching down and feeling the weight of his low hanging nut sac, I got back into my bed before I woke him and got caught. I woke up about seven a.m. and looked over to see that Chip was still asleep, I got up and headed for the shower stopping along the way to take a picture of my naked roomie with my cell phone. I was just getting soaped up when Chip pulled back the shower curtain and snapped a picture of me. “Hey, what the heck?” I said looking at Chip standing there naked holding his phone. “I just needed a picture of you for your profile on my phone.” he said laughing. “Besides, you woke me up when you took the picture of me naked, so I think we may be even.” I pulled the shower curtain closed and went back to showering when Chip’s arm came around the curtain and grabbed for my balls, at first I pulled back and rethought it, this hot guy was after my balls, why pull back? I pushed forward right into his hand, he took my balls between his fingers, moving to my shaft stroking it in the hot running water. I pulled the curtain back and took his arm pulling him into my shower, his hands ran all over my wet skin, I pulled him close kissing his dark red sexy lips, he bit my lower lip just before sticking his tongue into my mouth. I dropped to my knees kissing his firm chest on the way to his thickening cock, my fingers once again lifted his heavy large balls pulling them into my mouth as the water splashed over my face. I stood, bending Chip over, fingering his hole before pushing my stiff wet cock into his ass, he held onto the walls and pushed his ass up for me as I pushed it in as deep as I could, my hands moving over his back and holding onto his hips. Grinding on his ass I arched my back riding his hole high and hard, last night I wanted to tough this guy so bad, now he was impaled on my cock moaning in my shower. “You know you are next, I’m fucking you as soon as you cum.” “I was not that drunk last night, I wanted to see how you would react so I could find out if you are gay or not and when you held my balls, I was hoping that you would go down on my dick.” I got close and pumped his ass harder until I felt the stirring of my ejaculation starting below in my nuts. My cum spurted into his ass as I griped his hips holding him tightly as I bucked his ass hard. I turned off the shower and we rolled out, still wet jumping onto Chips bed, he lifted my hips off of the bed pushing his slim cock into my ass, neither had lube as just getting here yesterday so I was happy about my ass still being wet from the shower. Chip was a fast guy when fucking, he held himself up on his hands and plowed my ass like a high speed jack hammer, I’ve never seen anyone fuck with the speed and intensity of Chip. Just then there was a knock at the door, Chip did not stop fucking my hole but kept going a few more seconds until he started cumming in my ass, his moans must have echoed off of the hallways of the entire building, there was no masking what was going on behind our door. “Chip honey, it’s mom, are you there?” a female voice said along with more knocking at the door. “Shit, it’s your mom.” I said. “No biggie, toss on some jeans and I will do the same…. Coming mom.” Chip said. I grabbed my jeans pulling them on along with yesterdays tee shirt off of the floor, Chip slipped on only his jeans and walked to the door opening it. “Hi mom, come on in, this is my roomie Brian.” “Hi Brian, very nice to meet you, you boys should open a window in here, it is awfully stuffy.” She said. Smells like sex I thought to my self. “Dad is bringing up some of your things honey, would you run down and help him please?” “Sure mom, care to help me Brian?” He asked. Anything to get out of this room I thought, I know his mother knew that someone was getting fucked in here, the door is only so thick and I didn’t want her knowing I was getting fucked or that I was just fucking her baby boy. Chip introduced me to his dad and we they each carried a couple of boxes while I took the last one and got the door following Chip down the hall I could see that his jeans were slipping off, his ass cheeks were sticking out of the top of the waist of his jeans and a nice view of that hot ass crack. Chip turned to motion for me to grab his jeans and pull them up a bit and as he turned I could see the beginning of his dark pubes curling out making me horny all over again, I reached right into the front of his jeans and gave his package a feel before pulling them up with my one free hand luckily his dad was already in our room. “So you boys getting to know each other?” Dad asked. “I think they are doing fine.” Mom said with a smile. Chip’s parents took us out to breakfast before dropping us back at the dorm and headed home. As soon as we got inside and shut the door, Chip walked over to me, sticking one hand down the front of my pants and the other down the back. One hand was feeling my balls and the other fingering my ass. “Wait till you see what I packed and brought to college with me.” he said cutting the tape and dumping a small box onto the bed. There was about every sex toy know to gay men, all kinds of dildos, Fleshlights, cock rings, a whip, latex undies and a few things that I did not know what they were and scared me a little. “Oh my God. You are a sexual deviant and I think you will be expanding my horizons.” I said. “That’s not all I’m going to expand.” Chip said holding up a thick long dildo rubbing the head in a sexy way.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Exhibitionist on the Interstate

I just turned nineteen and needed to get from Oregon to New York, I just had to get away from the uptight upbringing of my parents who make me want to rebel against everything they stand for. I am gay and they refuse to hear anything about it and start talking about anything including the weather when I bring it up to them. I had decided to go to New York and was thinking of what to take with me, finally I decided that I would make a clean start of it and take nothing, absolutely nothing at all. I have always been an exhibitionist and would get naked outside whenever I could, especially rafting on the nearby river taking only my raft, and cut off jean shorts, as soon as I was out on the water I would strip naked and paddle down the river for miles letting people along the banks and bridges get an eyeful. At the end I would hide the raft and hitchhike home and get a friend to drive me back for the raft later. Most of the time people would just look, some would yell at me and now and then some would grab their crotch and rub it at me, one guy even flopped his cock out as I passed. At least twice someone called the Police on me, I hid in the bushes once but knew they were looking for me, I had my shorts in my hand and found that it got me stiff watching them look for me while I stayed naked in the bushes jacking off leaving my mark on the dirt and pine needles. It was time to leave for New York, I decided that I would leave at night after writing a note for my parents saying that it was time I was on my own and would write them soon. It was just after one A.M. when I walked out the back door for the last time, I was stark naked and took nothing with me at all except the tennis shoes I had on. Walking to the roadway I stood there in the lights of the few cars and semi trucks that were headed South into California, several cars honked as their headlights flashed past my naked silhouette on the edge of the roadway. It was not but a couple of minutes before a car pulled to the side of the roadway to pick me up. I opened the door of the car, it was a woman about forty. “Hop in.” she said. I got into the car and pulled the door shut as she pulled back onto the roadway. “What are you doing out here naked hitchhiking along the road?” She asked. “What is your name?” “Josh” I replied. I told her I was running away from abusive parents that kept me locked in the basement naked all the time and it was the only way I could get away. She pulled off the roadway and looked at me. “I’m going to get you some clothes, you can’t go around naked. She pulled into a 24 hour Wal-Mart and parked away from the entrance so no one would walk by and see me. She came out a few minutes later with a pair of jeans and a couple of tee shirts and handed me the bag. “Thank you.” I said as I set the bag on the floor of the car. She looked at me and must have wondered why I didn’t put the clothes on. She pulled back out on the interstate headed South. “I am only going about fifty more miles but can leave you off at the truck stop, you would have a good chance of getting a ride from a trucker there.” ‘That would be great.” I said. She asked me more about my abusive parents along the last few miles, I made up the story as I went. She pulled into the back of the truck stop and took two twenty dollar bills from her purse handing me the money telling me that I would need some cash to eat on at least. I took the money and her hand dropped to my chest and slid to my pubic hair, her finger tips spread on each side of me cock. I opened the door thanking her for the money and clothes as I got out into the dimly lit parking lot. She drove off into the night as I pushed the bag of clothing into the trash can and tucked the cash into my shoe. I walked around the trucks that idled in the dirt lot tapping on windows until a guy popped his head out from the sleeper unit. “What the fuck do you want?” “Looking for a ride as far as you are going toward New York.” I replied. “You a parking lot whore?” he asked. “No I’m hitchhiking to New York.” “Why the fuck are you naked?” “Doing it on a bet, can I come in?” “Yeah, climb in back here with me.” “How far are you going?” I asked. “As far as you’ll let me.” he said with a chuckle. “What’s your name kid?” “Billy, but how far are you going toward New York?” “Look Billy, I am going to Las Vegas after one stop in Los Angeles, you are welcome to ride with me but I want a blow job for the trouble.” He was not overly attractive and had a bit of a belly but I leaned over and sucked his knob into my mouth, he groaned while he pushed the back of my head down firmly. “Suck it kid and don’t come off till you swallow everything.” I sucked him and it was only a couple of minutes until he blew his trucker juice into my mouth, it was the only cum I had tasted other than my own and the one time I took the town Sheriff’s son into the woods while he was drunk and sucked him off. I spat the cum out into the bedding quietly. He climbed into the drivers seat and took us out to the interstate. “You really gonna hitchhike naked all the way across the country?” “Yeah, pretty hot huh?” “Fuck yeah.” he said reaching over feeling my crotch. I pushed his hand away and turned up the radio, he started singing with the music and was not all that bad a singer. We made the stop in Los Angeles and backed into a warehouse loading dock. “Better take your necked self back into the sleeper so no one sees you.” “I’m good, it’s no biggie.” He finished dropping the load and climbed back into the cab. “Can I drive?” I asked. “Have you ever driven a semi before?” “Yeah, besides you can rest while I drive.” He got out to walk around excepting me to climb over, I got out and walked around the front of the truck. “Holy fuck, Billy, you’ll get me arrested.” he said as he climbed into the passenger seat. I moved the seat up and pushed in the clutch grinding the gears trying to find first gear. “Damn, you said you’ve driven a semi before, don’t fuck up my transmission.” “Tell me what to do.” He put his hand on mine and moved it into first gear. “Okay, Le the clutch out slow and press on the gas easy.” I did as instructed, the truck jerked and lurched as I headed for the gates and toward the interstate. The trucker leaned over and started feeling my dick. “Really?… you want to jack me off while I’m driving your semi with no license?” He sat back in his seat and gave me instructions on how to get back to the interstate and on shifting. I drove for about two hours before he had me pull to the side of the road at a drive in burger place to trade off driving, saying that I was not going fast enough and would take an extra two hours to get to Vegas. “Sit tight and Ill get us some burgers, I’m guessing you have no money?” “No sir.” I said holding my hands out palms up. He walked up to the window and ordered while I jumped out and walked around the truck getting in on the passenger side. The trucker climbed in with a bag of burgers, fries and two chocolate shakes, we ate and drove the last few hours to Las Vegas. He go onto the CB radio asking who was headed toward New York saying he had a special young rider that would make it worth their while. Several truckers answered and one agreed to meet at the block in back of the MGM Casino where there was room for trucks to stop. Before I got out the trucker gave me a few folded bills, to help on the road he said. I tucked the cash into my shoe and jumped out of his truck and strolled over to the semi waiting a few feet away. I got into the cab and pulled the door closed. “What the hell are you doing? I thought you were a female when he called out on the CB.” “Do I look like a girl?” I asked. “Where are your clothes?” “I was raped in Fresno and tossed out of this guys truck, he took all my money and left me on the side of the road. “That bastard, how mean can people be? my name is Rodney.” he said putting his hand out. “Derrick” I said shaking his hand. He pulled out and drove down the strip, all the lights and people out walking between casinos. “This is cool” “Yeah, a great way to loose your money, I don’t gamble myself.” Rodney drove for a few hours while I slept with my head on the window before he tapped me on the leg. “climb in the sleeper or you’ll get a stiff neck.” I got in back and snuggled into the blankets, the hum of the motor lulled me to sleep. I woke up when he pulled into a rest stop along the freeway, while he went inside the restroom I opened the passenger door and climbed out and pissed on the truck tire and got back into the sleeper. Rodney came back and got in next to me. “I need a couple of hours sleep before we can get back on the road.” I reached over and touched the front of his jeans to give him a bit for the ride in his truck. “Hey!,, I’m not a faggot, get off me.” “Okay, chill dude, just trying to be friendly.” I laid back and was almost asleep when I felt his hand on my chest touching my nipple. He started jacking off, I moved his hand to my crotch. At first he just left his hand there but eventually put his fingers around my penis exploring it. I turned on a small light so he could see my body, I spread my legs and lifted one knee, his fingers moved to my balls. “Do you want to suck my cock?” I asked him. He did not answer but moved down and took it into his mouth, it must have been his first time sucking a cock as he went slow at first but got the hang of it pretty fast. I shot my cum and he pulled off fast letting most of it splash onto my belly. I sucked his cock and swallowed his seed while he moaned, he didn’t say a word but turned over and went to sleep. I stayed with this guy for the next day and a half before we got to the farthest point that I needed to go Rodney peeled three one hundred dollar bills from the fat wad of cash he had in his pocket. “No, I can’t take that.” I protested. He took two more hundred and gave me five hundred total. “You will need some money to start your life with so take it and keep yourself safe.” he said patting my bare leg. I got out of his truck and walked to the on ramp and stuck my thumb out, several trucks and a few cars had passed some blowing their horns at me. I rubbed my cock getting it fully hard showing my boner as the truckers drove by, it turned me on to know they saw me like this. One white Peterbuilt semi pulled off to the side after seeing me, I ran toward the truck holding my bone while my balls slapped my legs. I opened the door and climbed into the truck cab pulling the door shut, the driver was a nice looking guy about 40 or so turned on the inside lights. “Let me take a good look at you, you like showing your big stiff cock on the side of the road?” “Where are your clothes?” “I was robbed and stripped back a few miles and no one would stop for me, until you came along, my name is Teddy” I said. “You are a nice looking guy Teddy, what say we go into the sleeper and make some friction?” “Okay, as long as you will give me a ride, I am headed to New York.” “I’ll give you a ride alright.” he said as he pulled me up onto my knees. “I’m gonna fuck that sweet tight ass of yours.” he said as he took some lube from a drawer in the sleeper. “I’ve never been fucked before, I don’t think so, maybe a blow job will be good enough.” “Fuck that.” he said grabbing my throat and pushing me onto my back, he grabbed my legs roughly and pushed some lube into my crack before jamming his rock hard cock into my ass. I screamed out in pain as he pushed his manhood deep into my ass. “Shut the fuck up whore boy.” he said as he pushed his hand over my mouth, he moved his hand and went back to fucking my ass, tears ran down my face from the pain. The trucker finally shot his jizz and collapsed on top of me before rolling off and laying there breathing hard for a while. I lay there thinking about how many miles left before my destination, my asshole was on fire, I felt like I had been torn apart by this guy. “Get the fuck out of my truck now.” “No, you have to let me ride with you.” I said in as mean a voice as I could muster. “I’m only going a few miles to finish my last drop then headed back North for my next pick up, now get out.” “No, take me at least 200 miles or I’ll flag down a trooper and tell him that you raped me and dumped me naked along the interstate, your choice.” I demanded. “Fucking little whore, alright, I’ll drop you in 200 miles, but that’s it.” He said as he climbed behind the wheel and pulled out onto the roadway. I pulled the blanket up over me and saw his wallet had fallen out of his pocket while he was fucking me. I opened it and pulled out most of the cash leaving him a twenty, he would never turn me in or the truth would come out. He drove the few hours in silence before pulling over. “Okay, whore, that’s 200 miles now come give me a blow job before you get out.” I moved into the front seat and popped the door open and jumped out into the darkness. “Asshole” He yelled as he pulled the door shut and drove off. I ran for the bushes and hunkered down until I was sure he had gone, I took the money out and counted a little over four hundred dollars, fuck him, I thought. I got back to the side of the road and stuck my thumb out as traffic lights shined across me, I did some walking as I waited between vehicles passing by. I was standing there with my thumb out and my cock dangling in front of me as a car approached and seemed to be stopping for me, just as it got near me the red and blue lights turned on and a spotlight shown on my nude body. Running crossed my mind but I knew I would be caught, the Trooper walked up to me and walked me to the front of his cruiser. “What the hell are you doing out here naked?” he asked. I decided to stick to the raped and set out naked story, he seemed to buy it and I gave only a vague description of the trucker and only a semi truck for the vehicle. He shined his flashlight to my backside saying that I had a little blood on my leg from my ass as result of the assault, he wanted me to come to the hospital for a checkup, I told him I did not want to press any charges, just get back onto the road and finish my journey. I can’t let you go like this, you are coming home with me, I was finished with my shift and going home anyway. The Trooper asked my name and told me his was Steven, this time I gave my real name as I knew that he would run it in the computer and find that I have never been arrested. He took a blanket from his trunk and wrapped it over my shoulders and put me into the back seat, it was uncomfortable but I should not complain, at least I was not going to jail. Inside he took me to the bathroom and gave me a towel from the closet. “Take a shower and clean yourself up, I will find something for you to wear.” I looked into his eyes, he was a kind and handsome guy in his early thirties. I got into the shower, feeling the hot water splashing over my body my ass was still very sore but I rubbed soap into my crack trying to wash away the pain. I stepped out of the shower to find that the Trooper had laid clothes out for me. I took the plaid boxer briefs and put them to my nose sniffing for any scent of the trooper but only smelling the scent of clean laundry. I looked up and saw the man looking at me, his briefs at my face. “Get dressed son and I’ll fix us a sandwich for dinner, I’m not much of a cook.” I put on the boxers and the tee shirt before sliding on the jeans that were at least four sizes too big for me. I walked into the kitchen and found the Trooper sitting at the table eating a sandwich and chips, I sat and ate mine like I had not eaten in days even though I had a few meals since I left home days ago. “I don’t know how to thank you, that shower felt great.” “Where is it you are heading?” he asked between bites of his sandwich. “Just New York City, I had to get away from Oregon, my parents can’t accept me being gay and,,, well I just want to find a place to fit in and be me.” “I see, well I want you to be safe, I am gay as well, but being a Trooper around here, I am pretty much forced to stay in the closet and hide who I am, so I understand what you mean.” After we ate, the Trooper looked up some gay alliance groups in New York and gave me some contacts that may help me when I get there. “I have only got the one bed and my couch is too short for you to sleep on, we will have to double up in my bed but I promise I won’t bother you.” We got into his bed and he stayed to his side, part way through the night I moved in close and spooned in front of him reaching back pulling his strong arm across me before going back to sleep, I never felt so secure in my life as I did sleeping against Trooper Steven. I woke up first still with Steven’s arm across my chest and put my hand over his holding it tight to my body, I had morning wood and was hoping he did too. Steven woke up and realized his arm was across me and moved to pull it off but I held it in place until he relaxed. I rolled over facing him, his beautiful blue eyes looked into mine, I wanted to kiss him, hell I wanted him to fuck me like the trucker did. I reached to his crotch and he jumped back a little. “It’s okay, I want to.” I said softly. I reached into the fly of his boxers touching his cock, feeling his pubic hair and his soft balls. I pushed back the blankets so I could see his cock, I slid his shorts off as he lifted his hips. His curly tight pubic hair against his pale white skin amazed me. I stared at his low hanging balls as I moved his legs apart they fell between them. He started to say something but I held up my hand, I wanted to take in the moment and look at his beautiful body. I leaned over taking his cock into my mouth, he moaned and moved under my touch of his legs and balls. I lifted his legs and looked at his ass, all covered with fine black hair, my finger touched his puckered hole and I looked into his eyes, I spat onto my finger and pushed it into his ass feeling his sphincter tighten around the movement of my finger. His body moved as he moaned at my touch, he took some lube from his nightstand and squirted some on his hand before rubbing it onto my cock, I looked at him, my heart raced as I pushed my stiff prick into Trooper Steven’s ass. I pushed slowly at first while he lifted his legs toward his chest, it felt so wonderful to be inside this sweet and hot man, it was like I was claiming him as my own. It did not take long before I started cumming as I was not used to fucking anyone and the waves of euphoria blasted through me as I cried out in bliss. I rolled off of him and asked that he fuck me now. Steven slid his cock into me more gently and with care than the trucker had, using plenty of lube he fucked me with passion, I moaned, this time it felt much better and there was allot less pain. When he climaxed his body shook, his breathing rough and had fell down on me putting his arms around me holding me tightly. “Thank you, that was incredible, I’ve not been with anyone in three years.” I hugged him tightly and kissed his lips, he kissed me back with heat and passion, his tongue into my mouth, his hands running down my arms and onto my chest. He took his phone from the side of the bed, dialed a number and said that he was calling out sick and would not be working today. I leaned over kissing his nipple and his chest as he hung up the phone. We showered and had a small breakfast as we sat at the table nude. Steven asked me if I would stay the day with him to cuddle and play in bed all day. I looked into his soft and sexy eyes. “I will stay with you as long as we are both happy with the situation.” I went on to tell him about getting turned on by exhibition in public and how I had crossed the country so far completely naked. He was amazed and I think turned on by it too. We made love most of the day with me giving every part of his body as much attention as he would let me.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Thanksgiving Feast

Two years ago I was in an authentic Plymouth Rock Thanksgiving play, the costumes and props were authentic to the time period. I am 31 years old and have to keep in good shape to dance and do the acrobatic moves on stage. We had rehearsals for weeks before actually seeing the costumes and set props, mine was pilgrim attire of calf high boots, pants and a loose fitting shirt. Three of the other guys were Indians and wore very little clothing, mostly a basic loincloth with something similar to chaps that covered mostly his legs. They did not wear anything under the loincloth, I got to see plenty of ass cheeks and upon certain movements I could actually see their privates swinging free but the audience would not be able to see it from the distance they were at. We had several scenes with one in particular early on where I had to wrestle one of the Indians near a mock campfire. This Indian was played by a dark haired guy named Daniel who wore body makeup to cover his too white skin. It was time to rehearse the wrestling scene, I moved in and grabbed Daniel by the arm, he pushed me off balance and just before I fell to my ass, I grabbed at anything to keep from falling down. What I grabbed was the side of Daniels loincloth taking it with me, leaving him basically naked. Daniel grabbed for my arm and missed, he moved in fast to make sure I was OK bringing his crotch within two feet of my face as he squatted near me. “I am so sorry.” Daniel said. My eyes glued to his low hanging balls and meaty cock nearby. Daniel noticed me looking at his crotch. “Well, I guess you are OK after all.” he said as he stood up taking my hand pulling me to my feet. Daniel, still naked except for his leggings looked around picking his loincloth from the floor and re tying it around his hips. After finishing rehearsal we went to the large men’s dressing room, I was changing clothes as Daniel headed to the showers to wash off the skin coloring, I took my time and within a few minutes Daniel walked back in wearing only a towel. “Nathan you want to go grab a beer?” He asked. “Sure, sounds great.” I said. Watching Daniel drop his towel and give his still wet hair a rub with it, I could not stop watching his dangling meat while his face was covered with the towel. Daniel pulled the towel down and saw me looking at his cock again. Daniel tossed the towel onto my face as he turned to dress giving me a great look at the double mounds of his monumental ass. Daniel dressed and we walked down the block to a pub, we had a few beers and played darts for a while before Daniel poked my ass with a sharp dart tip. “Ouch, what the heck?” I asked. “That was for pulling off my costume on stage, I think you did it on purpose to get a good look at my junk.” I laughed and slapped him on the shoulder. “No, it was an honest accident, but it did give me a great view of you balls when you came to help me up.” “It’s about time I get a close look at this for myself.” Daniel said as he bumped the crotch of my worn jeans. “Let’s go to my place.” I said. Daniel drove right behind me to my apartment and slapped my ass as he followed me up the stairs. Inside, I got us something to drink before sitting next to Daniel on the couch. I reached over and rubbed Daniel’s chest and kissed him on his luscious full lips, he unbuttoned my shirt and leaned in kissing my chest and sucking on my hardening nipples. I leaned back on the couch giving him ample room to do anything he wanted to do. “Nathan, stand up and let me slip your jeans off.” I stood up while Daniel slipped my jeans to my feet, I stepped out of them and Daniel pulled me close lifting my balls while he moved his mouth to them. Daniel inhaled deeply through his nose as he buried it into my nut sac before he ran his tongue under my balls lifting them and sucking each into his mouth. I took Daniel by the hand walking him to my bedroom, Daniel wasted no time in peeling off his clothes while I took off my shirt tossing it onto a nearby chair. I gently pushed Daniel back onto the bed and climbed on top of him in a sixty nine position with my nuts hanging down into Daniel’s face where he greedily sucked my plump cock into his mouth. I made short work of getting this hot man hard, swallowing his length deep into my throat, my hands roamed his hot mounds of flesh with my fingers exploring his ass crack. ‘Damn that feels good Nathan, roll over and let me at that hot ass of yours.” I flipped over and the bed, face down into my soft pillow while Daniel moved in behind me lifting my ass into the air, he spat some saliva onto my pink star and shoved a finger deep inside me massaging my elastic ring until he could fit a second finger in. I moaned at his touch and arched my back at a sharper angle. “Put that hot cock in me Daniel, fuck me baby.” Daniel grabbed my dangling balls pulling at them while he chewed at my hole, his hands moving around my legs and crotch in a frenzy. I grabbed some lube from the bedside handing it to Daniel applied a generous amount to my fuck hole, he pushed three fingers deep into me in one movement causing me to suck in my breath deeply. Daniel seemed fascinated by watching his fingers going in and out of my ass with his face only inches away, he squirted on more lube and pushed hard to get a fourth finger inside me, I cried out, this was stretching my ass out to the max and was painful. Daniel worked my ass still intently watching with amazement, I pushed back against his touch trying to open my ass farther and ease the pressure. Daniel pulled his fingers out of my ass, moved into position and shoved his anal intruder into my stretched hole. He fucked me hard and when he was about to cum, Daniel would squeeze the underside of his shaft causing a delay in his orgasm letting him fuck my ass for about fifteen minutes before he finally released his jizz into my butt. I rolled him over and I climbed on top, sitting on his chest I leaned forward putting my stiff rod into his mouth throat fucking him as he gulped at my cock. When it came time to cum I pulled out of his throat and blasted my spunky man gravy all over his face and into his open mouth. I took my fingers scooping my jizz from his face feeding it to his hungry tongue. We lay next to each other catching our breath, “Nathan, can we do this again tomorrow after rehearsal?” “Sure baby, but I want you sneak out that sexy loin cloth and we can have some real fun with it.” I said laughing. We snuggled for a while then went to the shower for some wet fun, I soaped up Daniels swelling cock and jacked him while he leaned back on the wall, his jizz splashed onto my cock and pubic hair. I used his cum as lube to jack off onto his cock splashing my juice onto his balls, Daniel stood pulling me close, grinding our cum covered crotches together under the hot water that splashed over us.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Masters Boy

My name is Sing; I have been my master’s boy since I was about eleven years old. When I was a child I was given to my master by my parents who could no longer deal with my tantrums and attitude, nor could they afford to raise me, I was an accident in a country where life is cheap and very expendable. At first I was a house boy, left to clean, cook and wait on my master, sex did not enter the picture until I was much older. I did not always behave and was beaten and made to stand in my room for hours to think about my actions, it did not take long for me to learn to keep my feelings to myself, hold my tongue and do as I was told. There were two other boys Lei 25 years old and Pai 19 years old, both were called boy, as was I, you had to watch, listen and pay attention to know what or who master wanted. I served our master first and the elder boys second who usually treated me poorly like they also were my masters. I washed their clothes and cooked their food, sometimes they had me give them massages and wash them in the bath. I was not schooled; only learning what I could from the others, the only time I was allowed to go out into the world was on market day to the open air market. This went on for years until I was about 19 years old and started getting the shape of a man; I was off limits to the older boys until the master gave them permission to use me as they wanted. My hair was dark, my skin was olive, my arms had grown to have a good amount of muscle from all the heavy chores I did. The master looked at me one day, “Boy, strip yourself, I want to see the man you have become.” I took off the only thing I ever wore inside the house, my pants, letting them drop to the floor. I stood there in front of the man that owned me, hands to my side looking him in the eye. He looked at me, touching my full chest and running his fingers down my arms. I knew this day would come, I have watched the other two serve our master many times. “Bring Pai to me.” “Yes sir.” I replied. I found Pai in the garden working with Lei. “Pai, Master wants you now.” I said. “Did he ask for me also?” Lei asked. “No, I think he wants only Pai.” I followed Pai back to our master. “Pai, I have a new boy coming in tomorrow, Lei will be leaving us, he has been sold to work the fields and will go tonight, Sing will move to the room with you, teach him what he needs to know.” I cried as Lei left that night, Pai held me close, he was in his upper twenties now, Pai ran his hands over my body, it felt very well, no one had ever shown me much compassion or love and to have his touch now, I longed for more. Pai pushed me to my knees, “suck me.” I had seen the two older ones having sex with each other often and this seemed natural to me and the fact that I would soon be with our master to please his needs. I sucked Pai’s cock, he pushed it deep into my mouth causing me to choke and pull off. “Here’s how it is done, pay attention.” Pai sucked on my cock, it got stiffer than when I would jack off alone in the garden when no one was watching. Pai touched my ass and balls while sucking me, It was my first time and took only seconds before I shot my virgin juice into his mouth, Pai sucked it all swallowing all of my spunk. “This is how you do it, swallow it all and do not choke on the master’s cock or you will suffer one of his moods.” “This next part will take some getting used to, you will have to learn to relax your ass muscles and not fight against the master’s intrusion.” He said. He told me to get onto my knees on the bed; I did as I was told while Pai used grease on my ass to ease the friction. Pai mounted my ass, pushing his stiff unit into my tight pink hole, he did not hold back much at all. When his cock head pushed past my muscle ring, I felt intense pain and cried out, Pai slapped my back hard. “Never make a noise from pain, you will endure it and it will grow less and less. He continued pushing his stiff meat into me, tears ran off of my face onto the bed; my hands tightly gripped the bed as I held on. I knew that Pai was being rough on me in order to get me ready for our master, he drove it deep into my burning ass, and over and over speeding up until his body shook with orgasm as he shot man seed into my ass for the first time in my life. Pai pulled his wilting cock out, taking a cloth to clean himself off, then he cleaned my ass, I felt as if I had been invaded by the axel of a wagon. Pai saw the tears in my eyes and pulled me close, my face against his chest, I kissed the nipple near my lips. Pai brushed my hair with his hand and told me that we would have a few more times before I would go to the master’s bed in the next few days. We slept until morning when Pai woke me. “It is time For me to take you again.” he said softly. He saw the uneasy look on my face and touched my cheek. I got into position, Pai used the grease again before plunging his cock into me for the second time, the pain was not as bad as before but still hurt, I did not cry out. Part way through the pain eased and started to feel good; the closeness I was sharing with Pai was something I never knew. My manhood was stiff and my balls had tightened while he was still inside me. Pai tied a multi colored cord around my shaft and balls fairly tight but not tight enough to restrict blood flow. “This will help you stay very stiff for our master, he will not like it if you go soft while with him and may punish you for it.” I felt so much closer to Pai than ever before, he mentored me to have me ready and was rough on me to prepare me for later. The new boy was twelve years old and seemed to keep out of trouble but had been punished a few times in the first few days. I wanted to guide him and show him how things are done. Pai told me to leave him to learn and not to talk to him as a fellow boy but to treat him as I had been treated until he came of age for the master, then it would be my turn to prepare him as Pai was preparing me now. The new boy did as I had done, making food for us and cleaning the house, our clothing and bedding, he slept on a small mat on the floor with a small tattered cloth for a blanket. The night came when the master called for me, Pai kissed me and told me to be strong and that it would not hurt so bad as my body will became used to being fucked hard by the masters thick prick. I walked naked into the master’s suite where I saw him laying on the bed. “Come here boy, let me look at you.” I stood next to the bed as he sat up looking at every inch of my muscular chest, he pinched one of my nipples roughly making it stiff, his hands roamed down my abdomen to my pubic hair, to my cock and then taking my balls into his hand putting his and forefinger around the top of my sac, he looked me in the eye and started squeezing harder and harder to see if I would flinch, the pain was sharp and caused my stomach to feel sick, my knees wanted to buckle but I stood fast. He lay back on the bed. “Come suck me” he said in an unexpectedly soft voice. I put the tip of his cock into my mouth, he was much bigger than Pai and this worried me. Master pushed his fat cock deeper into my mouth, reaching down pulling my head farther onto his crotch. I swallowed his staff and as he rode my mouth, my eyes watered and my lungs begged for more air. I choked on his cock, at first he paid no attention but when I gagged a second time I felt master slap the side of my head sharply, I quickly controlled my breathing and my gag reflex. I felt him moving at a different pace and knew he was close to climax; I sucked him while rubbing his legs and belly. Master shot his salty juice into my mouth and fell asleep. Pai told me that I could leave the bed when he slept. I quietly got off the bed and went back to Pai telling him of the highlights of the visit. He seemed proud that I was finally able to control gagging and stay out of trouble with master. Pai held me tight as we lay side by side, I leaned over and kissed his lips, he pushed his tongue into my mouth, it was another first, and I lusted after his tongue and pushed mine into his mouth. Pai made love to me that night, with tender care, kissing me and let me fuck him, I found that I really enjoyed that, if I were a free man I would probably only be a top. A few days later the master fucked me, I thought I would pass out from the pain, he did not go easy at all but I was there for his pleasure not mine and he made sure that I knew that he owned me and could do as he liked. One night he came into our room drunk and had me tie Pai up to the bed and watched while I took his ass and fucked him. He told me to beat his ass with a strap. I didn’t want to beat him but knew better than disobeying master. I slapped the strap across his ass leaving a light pink mark. “No, like this, he yelled taking the strap and swinging it hard to my ass; I sucked my breath in and knew that it would leave a welt. He handed me the strap and ordered me to give him five lashes across his ass and back. I did as I was told, my heart cried for Pai and the pain that this sadistic man was causing me to inflict. Master smiled and went to bed. I untied Pai and got some ointment for his wounds, the strap had broken the skin in a few places. I kissed his back and ass. “I am so sorry I did this.” “It wasn’t you Sing, it was master“, and he can get pretty mean when he drinks too much. “Can I ask you something without you getting mad or telling master?” I asked in a whisper. “Yes, he is asleep and with the amount he drank, he won’t soon wake.” “What do you think about leaving here?” “What do you mean?” he asked. “We could leave tonight and runaway from master and take the new boy too, he is a mean man.” “He would kill us if we are caught, okay, gather a few things and wrap them in a blanket, I will get the boy.” Pai returned with the boy after telling him the master is sending us on a two day errand to pick up a new boy and some supplies. We left and hurried to the river edge and found a small boat tied to one of the many docks. “Get in and keep quiet.” Pai told the boy. After getting into the boat we rowed along with the current down river all night with the help of the small sail made it about twenty miles by morning and out of direct reach of our master. “What is your name?” I asked the boy. “My name is Tin, we aren’t going back home are we?” “No Tin, we are not going back, master beats and abuses his boy’s and it is no place for you to grow up.” When the river met the sea we sold the little boat for enough to get some food with. Pai reached into his pocket and showed me a large handful of golden coins. “Where did you get those coins?” I asked. I took them from masters secret place near his bed, he will really be mad when he sees that I have stolen his money but we need it to get far away from him. I leaned in and kissed Pai before realizing that others were looking at us. Pai went to a few ships and asking men where each ship was sailing until he found a suitable destination, he gave them a few of the coins for passage and we boarded the ship. I did not breathe easy until the ship had left the dock and was headed out to sea. Nine days later we pulled into port, I had no idea where we were not nor did I care, as long as we were safe and I was with Pai and Tin. We had enough money to buy a very small farm and grow vegetables to sell at the market, Pai and I lived as a couple and treated Tin like he was our son and even sent him to school. We never heard anything about master again and often worried about new boys he must have gotten by now, once we even thought of going back there to rescue any boys that he had but knew that we could be imprisoned or killed for leaving him and stealing his small fortune.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bartender in Texas

I was sent to Houston Texas for a meeting and decided to book the ticket for two days instead of just the one day, may as well have some fun while I’m there. I finished the dull meeting and walked the three blocks back to my hotel room. Shedding my suit and tie I lay back on the bed to relax a bit before dinner. My head melted into the pillow and my right hand dove into my white boxer briefs feeling my fat cockhead, rubbing it between my finger and thumb. I slipped the briefs off and pulled at my balls with my left hand while jacking with my right. Half the time I was in the meeting I was thinking about laying back on this plush bed naked jerking off. I brought a few toys with me but was too close to cumming to get up, my left hand moved to my nipples, rubbing in some pre cum onto my left nipple. My back arched, my toes pushed out as my body stiffened, cum flew from my throbbing rod, splashing across my torso. I gave a half assed clean up with my briefs tossing them onto the floor wet with my man soup. I slept for about ninety minutes, woke up and took a shower, I really don’t like the little hotel shampoo and soaps so I left them on the counter and used what I brought with me. I dressed in a muscle tee shirt and jeans tossed on some tennis shoes and walked out in search of dinner. I stopped a block away and had a steak dinner and a beer before doing a search on my phone for the nearest gay club. It seems like I was on the wrong side of town for that, nothing much nearby. The waiter came back to check on me and I had figured that he was gay about the minute I walked in. “Do you know if there is a gay bar or club nearby”? “What is it you are looking for, dancing meeting friends”? He asked. “Just a place to hang out for a few hours mostly”. “Yeah, sure there is a small bar not too far away from here, nothing glamorous or anything but you can walk there if you want, I‘ll write down the directions for you“. “Thanks, that would be great”. I paid the bill, left him a nice tip and headed for my walk to the bar. After a fifteen minute walk I open the door to the dark bar, dance music blasted out at me as I walked in. A few guys were at tables talking, about six dancing to loud music that was pumping out of giant speakers by a skinny DJ that was in a booth in the corner. It must have been too early for a big crowd, there were two bartenders, and one of them was a good looking guy with dark hair, no shirt and a natural muscular build. The shirtless guy walked over, “What can I get for you?” “I’d love a beer please.” I said taking in his hot looks. He set the beer in front of me on a coaster. I gave him a five. “Keep the change.” I said with a smile. “If you keep that up, I may have to tip you back.” As he walked away I could see that he was wearing dark green shorts, Brown short topped work boots with white socks. I looked around taking in the lack of ambiance; it was just a neighborhood bar. There was a cutie that was hanging around the DJ booth, probably his boyfriend, pickin’s were slim here, it seemed most guys were paired off. The sexy bartender came back over. “Like another beer?” “Sure would, what’s your name?” “Rick” “My name is Tim.” I said as I shook his hand. Rick sat my beer in front of me as he took the empty glass away, my eyes were checking out his small stiff nipples and the light dusting of hair across his chest. I passed him another five dollar bill. “Keep the change.” I said. Rick let his hand brush my arm as he took the bill. “Thanks sweetie.” I chatted with Rick in between him serving the few guys that were in the bar; he was single and had worked at the bar for two years after moving here from Colorado. I had a couple more beers and each tipping him the change from a five. “That’s it, time to tip you back” Rick said with a wicked grin. In one leap Rick was up on the counter dancing to the music, his boots moved against the worn wooden bar as he danced up in front of me, I moved my beer out of the way for this sexy guy. Rick moved in close as I looked up his legs right into the leg opening of the short green shorts. Fuck, he was not wearing anything under the shorts; I caught a glimpse of his uncut cock bouncing around. Rick squatted down in front of me as he moved to the tunes, his cock poked right out of his shorts taking my breath away. Rick took my hand from the bar and placed it on his cock and started rubbing it around pushing my fingers deeper into his shorts. His cock stiffened under my touch, he leaned farther forward and onto his knees lifting his crotch up to my face, pulling the back of my head toward his joint. I took it into my mouth, sucking it and fondling his balls. Rick humped my face before standing up on the bar, his mostly stiff prick pointing out from his shorts. He danced until the song ended before jumping back down behind the bar, his cock still bobbing out as it slowly softened. “Do you do that for all the big tippers?” “No, only the sexy ones.” Rick said as he ran his fingers across my cheek. Rick was a short at about 5’7, his crooked smile and slight goatee made my manhood stir. I have always likes short guys, to walk up behind a guy shorter than I am is sexy, slipping my arms over his shoulders and feeling his bare chest. Rick walked around the bar, “Break time for me, Tim, would you like to dance?” “I’d love to.” I said standing up next to Rick. We danced a few minutes and Rick pulled me close, kissing me as we walked off the dance floor, “Break is over.” I ran my hand across his ass through the thin fabric of those sexy green shorts. Closing time came and the other bartender had already gone. “Last call, finish your drinks.” Rick yelled out. I sucked down the last couple of ounces of my beer and stood up to go. “Where do you think you are going? Sit down; last call was not for you" he said as he poured me another beer. I smiled and went for my wallet to pay for the beer when Rick waved no charge. The last of the guys left the building leaving only the two of us, Rick locked the door and went about his closing duties while we joked and laughed. “I need to see your ass back up on this bar mister.” “Oh?,, alright I can oblige.” Rick said as he cranked the music up and jumped onto the bar again dancing while I watched his junk bounce in and out of the leg opening. Rick turned and bounced his ass toward me as he squatted down; I reached up pulling his shorts down exposing the top of his full and sexy ass cheeks. He stood up again teasing me as he pulled his shorts down showing me even more of his ass crack bending at his waist. I pushed my finger into my mouth getting it very wet before probing it along his crack to his tight ass hole pushing it in to my first knuckle. Rick turned and pulled up his shorts, waging his finger at me saying “No, no, no., it’s your turn to get up here and dance for me.” Rick put his hand out to help me onto the bar and he sat on my bar stool to watch the show. I peeled off my shirt tossing it onto the liquor bottles behind the bar as I moved with the music. “More,,, peel it baby!” he cheered. I loosened my belt and un buttoned my jeans showing him my dark patch of pubic hair. Rick untied my tennis shoes and I kicked them off, my jeans now loose slid farther and farther towards my ankles as I danced. Rick reached out and held my jeans to the counter and I stepped out of them, my cock flopping around as I danced for this sexy man. Rick reached up my legs feeling my muscles as I moved. He jumped up and got onto the bar with me. I slid his shorts down allowing his thick meat to touch mine as we dance. Rick kicked off his boots and those green shorts; he pulled me tight to his warm sexy body as we danced naked on the bar. I knelt down in front of Rick and took his throbbed into my mouth; my hands roamed his rounded ass cheeks. My tongue inside his foreskin feeling his knob and tasting the pre cum that was coming from his piss slit; His cock was driving me wild. Rick jumped down and ran behind the bar and grabbed some pre-lubed condoms from the basket that was out for horny men in need. He pulled me down to the bar; I lay back as he lifted my legs up, spreading my ass cheeks apart with his thumbs before pushing them both into my ass. I moaned and my back arched toward him, my ass wanted more. “Fuck me Rick.” Rick put the condom on and pushed his love shaft deep into my ass, he fucked me like a man possessed; my deep cries spurred him on. My ass was burning but wanted more. I pushed him out and moved onto my knees pushing my ass back onto his encased sausage, he fucked me until he busted his nut in my ass, driving it deep as he fell forward onto my back giving me a final push. “Oh fuck, that was hot.” he said. Rick hopped off the bar laying me flat onto my back, he ran his hands all over my body, grabbing the drink gun, he pushed the button for water and let it splash from my chest to my crotch making me completely wet. His hands went to my nipples, twisting and rubbing them, he moved down and started fist humping my cock, he leaned over and chewed my nipple that was closest to him. His hand tight on my rod as he jacked me, my body would not hold still, I moved and wiggled all over that bar, I could feel it working it’s way to my cock, my orgasm was so intense I yelled out some crazy noise as I shot my nut butter spewing onto my chest and some over my shoulder onto the bar. Rick leaned in and licked my jizz from my chest, smiling with satisfaction. “That was fantastic Tim, I was so horny tonight and would have gone home and spanked the monkey alone, and this was so hot.” I lay still on the bar, Rick got some clean dry bar towels to clean me up before I sat up on the bar with my feet dangling over his side. Rick leaned over and kissed my chest, cock, balls, nibbled at my thighs before licking and kissing all the way to my feet, he looked me right in the eyes and sucked my toes into his mouth while he rubbed my legs. I took my clothes and started to dress but Rick handed me those green shorts. “Put these on instead, I‘ll give you a ride to your hotel.” he said. “What are you going to wear?” “Nothing at all” I wore only his green shorts out of the bar carrying my clothes under my arm out to his car. Rick had a CD in his hand and locked the front door of the bar and casually walked to his car naked. Rick reached over and felt my bulge in his green shorts smiling, “I love those shorts.” he said. Pulling up to my hotel Rick leaned over kissing me and handed me the CD. “What’s the CD for?” I asked. “It’s not a CD it is a DVD from the security camera on the bar, you should have a very hot video of our sex on the bar as a hot memento of tonight.” “Shit, I didn’t even think about the cameras in the bar catching us fucking on the bar.” “Well that is the only evidence of what we did tonight, enjoy your flight home Tim.” “Thanks Rick, and for the DVD too.” I said with a wicked grin. I have tossed many a load watching that video, seeing Rick dance for me and fucking me on the bar that night in Texas.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Coffee Shop Flirt

To put myself through college I worked as many hours as I could at Starschmucks Coffee Shop, grinding beans into hot beverages for the masses of zombies that are addicted to caffeine and the logo on our cups. I smiled and pretended to love my job, greeted customers like they were my long lost friends and took the piles of money for the over priced concoctions. Some were reliable daily customers that never changed their beverage order at all and I could actually start making their coffee as soon as they walked into the doorway. Don’t get me wrong these people are responsible for my paycheck and I appreciate having a job that helps get me through college. I was on hour three of my shift when this guy came in and said he wanted a Grande Caramel Brule’ Latte 2% bla bla bla, I started making his coffee drink for him while he watched from the side. “Wait, I wanted 2% milk in that”. He said in a rough voice. “This is always made with 2% milk sir, unless you specify differently.” I replied with a smile. “No, it is always made with whole milk normally.” he grumbled. I held up the carton so he could see the 2% markings on the side. What an asshole I thought, he thinks he is being healthy by wanting 2% milk, as it is the 16 ounce drink is 430 calories and 35% saturated fat that you should have for the whole day. I finished with the drink adding whipping cream and crunchy sweet bits to the top. “More whipping cream, don’t be cheap.” the bastard called out. I gave it another shot of cream but secretly wanted to give him a sneezer drink but he was watching too closely. I handed him his coffee and looked at the next guy, “Sir, what can I make for you today?” I asked with a renewed smile. “What a fucking dick, I know he is a customer but he talked to you like an ass.” the guy said in a loud enough voice that the bitchy customer could hear him. I smiled at him “well some customers really need the caffeine to bring out the best in them.” “He is a fuckpole.” the guy said. Causing me to let out a snort of a laugh. “I’d like a Peppermint Mocha and one of your sweet buns.” smiling as he said it. This guy, Eric, comes in every day and always flirts with me; he is about my age with great olive skin and sparkling eyes and thick dark lips that always catch my eyes. I started working on his order while he chattered about how under appreciated service jobs are and how rude some people can be. I handed him his coffee, he put his hand over mine and smiled. “Will you go out with me Jason?” he asked. I rang up his coffee, taking his money and giving him his change. “Wait, I wanted one of your sweet buns too.” I went to the case stocked with picture perfect pastries, taking out a cranberry orange scone setting it on a plate with some butter for him. “We are out of sticky buns already, here is a scone, on me, just don’t tell anyone.” “When will I get your buns?” Eric asked in a low voice as he leaned in taking the scone. “YOU, are a naughty guy, go sit down and drink your coffee.” I said giving him a huge smile. “You make me hard” Eric said as he grabbed at his crotch and tugged it. My face went red causing Eric to laugh as he walked to a small table near the back of the shop. It was a slow morning and only one other employee was working with me and she was in back taking inventory. I went out to wipe off the tables, thinking about Eric, he was really a nice guy that was growing more and more on me, I looked forward to his daily coffee visits. I walked over to Eric, “How is the scone?” “It is really good but it is lacking something.” “Oh? Need some more butter for it?” “No, it is lacking you sitting next to me.” “Lame.” Eric Grinned and scooted his chair back from the table grabbing his cock through his jeans, it was hard or close to it with a thick shape going from his fly clear over to his left side of his leg. His jeans were worn with a big hole near his pocket. Eric adjusted his bulge and out popped his thick dark cockhead. “Oh my God, Eric, you perv, put that away.” I laughed, making sure that I stood between him and the only other customer in the shop, she was seated facing away but he was making me nervous someone would see him. “Touch it.” Eric whispered. “No, I’m not touching it.” although I wanted to drop to my knees right there and take that knob into my mouth. Eric moved some and tugged a bit on his jeans letting now about three inches of his thick straining meat stick out of the hole in his jeans. He took my hand and put it on his prick, it moved under my touch. “You are gonna get me into trouble mister.” “Put your mouth on it.” “No, someone will see.” I whispered. Eric stood up next to me and leaned over kissing my lips, his cock still poking out of his worn jeans. “I’m going to the men’s room, meet me in there in two minutes.” “No, I can’t.” Eric looked me in eyes and grabbed my junk through my apron. Without hiding his cock, Eric walked past the woman and to the men’s room, she did not eve look up from her ipad. I went to the back and asked Liz to watch the front, telling her that I had to use the bathroom. I walked into the men’s room and found Eric stark naked with one hell of a big cock pointing straight out from his body. “Damn, Eric, what if someone else came in?” I locked the door. “We could have had a threesome.” he said laughing. Eric’s hands were all over my chest, then back moving to my ass. “Fuck your ass is hot feeling, get your clothes off baby. I quickly peeled off my shirt as Eric opened the fly of my slacks reaching in feeling my now stiff cock before letting his hands roam to my loose balls. “Bend over the sink; I am gonna fuck that sweet ass.” Eric said. He pulled my pants to my ankles as I bent over feeling Eric’s mouth on my ass crack, starting at the top and sliding it down to the deep recesses of my ass. “Wait, we don’t have any lube, I can’t take it dry.” Eric reached to his shirt pulling out the two butter squares that I had placed on his scone plate. “You really thought this out, didn’t you? Eric smeared the two slices of fresh creamery butter into my ass, he bent over tasting it. “Mmmm, now that ass tastes better with butter.” He pushed his fuckpole into my ass slowly while I braced myself on the sink. Eric pushed that thick hunk of meat deep into my ass spreading my hole farther than it had been in a long time my last boyfriend, who I now call “needle dick” was long but thin and never stretched me out. Eric jammed his cock into me with a sexual fever that made me pant for more. “Fuck Eric, that hog is burning my ass up, it feels so good.” Eric put his hands on my hips as he plowed my ass until he blasted my ass with his steamy spunk. He pulled out using a couple of paper towels to clean off before he went to his knees in front of me sucking my prick, he went down on it like a starving man on a hot dog. When I got close I pulled him off and jacked off onto his handsome face. Eric had his mouth open and caught some cum onto his tongue, my jizz covered his unshaven face and some even splashed his chest. Eric stood up while I pulled my pants up, I took my cell phone out and snapped a picture of the cum on his face before kissing him. I got my shirt on while Eric just stood there naked watching me. “I want to pick you up after your shift is over today if it’s okay with you.” “Sounds nice, Ill be ready at 4:00.” I said slipping out the door and back to work, I washed my hands and went to the counter. Liz looked at me and winked, “You are a noisy fuck aren’t you?” My face went crimson. “You could hear?” I asked. “You are lucky that customer left and no one else came in because your moaning echoed through this place.” Just then Eric walked out of the men’s room pretending to be nonchalant, whistling as he walked to the counter. Liz laughed and walked to the back room to finish the inventory. “You owe me.” she called out from the storage room. I leaned over the counter and kissed Eric on those sexy lips. “See you at four sexy.” he said as he walked to the door. “Jason, check the cooler for me, do we need to order butter?” Sipping some coffee, I about choked, “Yeah we had better order some, I have a feeling we will be using more than ever before.”

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lakeside Jogger

I was out on an early Saturday morning jog around the small lake nearby my house. The lake was a city park and had a nice paved path around it that came out to about a mile and a half around it once and I would try to do three laps usually. It was early so there were few people in the park; I was on my second lap and had started to work up a light sweat making my bare chest glisten. Up ahead I could see a guy just getting onto the paved portion as he started jogging I sped up my pace to catch up with him for a better look. He wore only dark blue sweat pants with the word AussieBum written down the left leg, they rode low on his waist, in fact I could see the crack of his ass and the top of his ass cheeks over the top of his sweats. I slowed my speed down as not to overtake him, this view was hot, his muscled ass mounds mesmerized me, I could see every muscle as it moved across his shoulders and back. I held my pace about fifteen feet behind him and just off to the left, my mind wandered fantasizing about this hot jogger, his short dark hair and his lightly tanned body was making me want to see more. “Like watching my ass?” he called out. I was caught off guard and caught my foot on the ground tripping falling onto the pavement in an ungraceful heap; my left leg was burning bad. “Holy fuck, you okay?” the handsome stud asked as he stopped jogging, he walked back to help me up. “I must have caught my shoe on a rock or something, my left leg really hurts.” I replied holding my knee with both hands. “You are bleeding and pretty scraped up, I’m sorry I startled you when I asked you if you were enjoying the view of my ass.” I looked into his strong and worried brown eyes and down to his chest with a full six pack and fucking hot little button sized nipples. “I’ll be fine.” “Let me help you up at least.” He took hold of my hand and reached around my shoulder trying to help get me to my feet. “Oh shit, my knee really hurts, can you help get me that park bench over there please.” He pulled my arm over his shoulder and put his hand around me taking most of the weight off of my leg. “My name is Asher by the way, you can call me Ash if you like it better.” he said as he stood in front of me as I sat on the bench. “I’m Jason, pleased to meet you.” I said inspecting my leg, I had blood running down into my white sock and my arm was scraped up pretty good. “I didn’t bring my cell phone with me, do you think you could find a phone and call my brother for me, he lives nearby and can come help me get home.” “No way, I feel sort of responsible for all this and I am going to get you home.” “That would be very nice of you; I only live a few blocks away.” He put his arm around my back and mine across his shoulders; he took as much weight off my left leg as he could. As we got inside my apartment he helped me to my bed. “Lay back and tell me where I can find some antiseptic and bandages?” Asher asked. “In the bathroom closet on the second shelf.” Asher came back to start cleaning my leg, let’s pull off your sweat pants, the knee is all torn out anyway and I need to get you cleaned up. I lifted my hips while Asher pulled the waist of my sweats down until he realized that I did not have anything on under them, he paused for a second and continued on taking them carefully off of from my legs. I lay there naked and bleeding while this sexy man tended my wounds, after he put on bandages he went to the bathroom finding a washcloth he had rinsed in hot water Asher cleaned the dirt and dried blood from my legs, he ran the wet cloth up the inner side of my thigh to the point it bumped my balls, he did not stop there, Ash looked at my eyes for any objection and saw none. He gently lifted my balls washing them carefully moving to my semi hard shaft wrapping it in the cloth making sure it was cleaned well before moving to my chest. Ash made motions with the wet cloth over my nipples then leaned over and blew on them causing them to stiffen; he kissed one nipple before moving to wash my arms and face. I laid still not making a sound, just enjoying the sensual washing I was getting, my cock fully stiff now. Looking at Ash, his muscles moving fluidly as he moved, his sweat pants were now sliding down to the point that his pubic hair and the base of his shaft were showing. I let my fingertips run along his waistband and to the thick bend in his cock feeling where I cannot yet see. I gave his drawstring a pull and his sweat pants dropped to the floor leaving him naked as I took in the curves of his form, lifting his balls feeling the weight of them as his cock rose in my hand, he wore a thick heavy stainless steel cockring that was about a half an inch wide. I squeezed his cock tightly watching the head of his cock get large and full with a small amount of pre cum seeping out of his piss slit. I pulled him to my mouth by his balls taking his solid cut prick into my mouth with my arm between his legs I reached up and felt his firm muscular ass cheeks running my finger along his ass crack. Ash pumped his rigid man pole down my throat until my teeth his the metal of his cockring, I could smell the scent of his body, a light musky smell of body wash and sweat from his run. I pulled on his ballsac as he shot his cum into my throat and mouth as I gulped every drop I could. Ash climbed carefully on top of me and lowered himself onto my cum dripping cock using only my pre cum as lube he squatted onto my staff going bareback he slowly took the whole length until he was sitting on my crotch, his spent but full cock slapped my pubes while he moved up and down massaging my rod with his sphincter, the whole time only looking into my eyes. Ash sat on me grinding his cock impaled ass making me squirm and moan I could not hold back any longer and started shoot my hot spunk into his ass until there was no more. Ash did not stop after I came, he continued riding my still stiff cock, the sensitivity was almost too much, I pushed and pulled at his legs and begged him to stop as I twitched and moved still buried deep inside his ass. I had a second small climax within moments of the first one ending, it shook my body fully, my head went back into the pillows as I cried out with an animalistic moan. “Fuck, Ash, that was incredible, I’ve never cum a second time like that before.” I said. Ash just smiled and slowly lifted off my still stiff shaft, just as my cock was almost out of his ass he did a little ass bobbing on it taking my breath away. “How is your leg feeling?” “Better, in fact for a while I forgot about it completely.” I said as I ran my finger down his treasure trail. “You can take a shower if you like, I’d be happy to join you but it would get my leg to burning again.” “Sounds like a plan.” Ash said as he walked to the bathroom. “Towels are in the closet.” “Yeah, I saw them earlier,” I lay back on the bed as I heard Ash turning on the shower; I had such a euphoric feeling wash over my body. The next thing I heard was Ash singing American Pie in the shower, his voice was beautiful and so magical to hear booming out over the water spray. After he turned off the shower he walked into the room drying his hair, his thick cock dangled along with his low hanging balls bouncing with each movement. “What?” Ash asked with a big grin. “Nothing, just looking at your sexy body, oh, I really liked your singing by the way.” “You will grow to hate It.” he said with a laugh. “Hmmm… that sounds like you will be a part of my life then.” “Bigger than you can think.” he said waving his cock toward me laughing. “I’d like that very much.” I said reaching out fondling his loose balls. “Well, that is, IF you live and don’t loose your leg to gangrene that is.” “Funny guy.” I said with a laugh. Ash touched the bandages as he inspected his handiwork before laying on the bed next to me, he rolled onto his side tracing his fingertip around my nipple, flicking it a little making it hard. Ash kissed my nipple and began washing my chest with his tongue; I ran my hands over his shoulders pulling his head to my chest holding him tightly. “Come sit on my face.” I said. “What an invitation, be right there.” Ash climbed up with his back to the wall and I pulled him down to my lips my tongue probed his ass crack, I chewed his hole while he moaned and jacked his stiff cock. Ash stood up and turned around, standing with a leg on the side of each hip, his boner poked way out swaying as he grabbed it and started jacking off while I looked past his firm muscular legs, his dangling balls, his tight abs to his chest and to those sexy dark lips. He looked at me and just smiled, his hand running to his chest as he tweaked his nipples. My hands roamed up his strong legs, my right hand moved to my cock and my left to my ass cheeks, I jacked off with a fast motion while I watched Ash standing above me like an erotic God. His juice spewed out of his cock and splashed onto my face and chest, his cum hitting my lips made me cum all over my belly and chest, some mixing with Ash’s cum. He squatted down taking his finger to my chest, mixing our cum together, scooping some and bringing it to my mouth, our salty jizz on my tongue I leaned up kissing him sharing the spunk from my mouth. I fell asleep with him on my shoulder breathing softly, what a day it had been and meeting this wonderful man was the best part.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Surfer Boy

Growing up along the California coast, surfing was natural to me and have been enjoying the sport for twelve years now. I started when I was 14 and fell in love with riding the waves. I am the normal stereotypical California surfer, blond shaggy hair with a deep brown tan covering the smooth natural muscle tone of my body. I ride a six foot Firewire Unibrow that has an old style wooden look to it, it is not best board in the world but it is only one of many boards I own. I took the week off from my job where I write software programs eight hours a day to hit the waves instead of leaving the state for vacation. I got up early and headed to the beach with two boards, sometimes I like to trade out board sizes part way through the way. I headed out to catch the first wave of the day after coating my self with sunscreen, paddling out and waiting on a small wave, it was not that great a day for sizable waves. I rode a few waves in and decided to get into the cooler and eat a sandwich and some chips hoping that the waves might get better if I waited a while. I heard a noise nearby and saw a guy, sorta like an emo kid, he had pale skin and dark hair and looked very slim, maybe 20 or 21 years old. “Hi” I said waving to him. He just gave a half hearted wave as he sat down on a nearby rock. “You surf?” “Do I look like I surf?” “Well, no not really, but I try not to judge people by the way they look. “Want a sandwich?” I asked as I took one from my cooler. “No” “Suit yourself” I ate my sandwich and a few chips, looking out at the near small waves rolling in. ‘What kind?” I looked over at him. “The sandwich? Its ham and cheese with whole wheat bread, help yourself, there is a Coke in there too.” The guy thanked me for the sandwich and started eating. I finished my lunch and turned my attention to my lunch guest. “My name is Leif, what’s yours?” I asked. “Michael, and don’t call me Mike or Mikee, or I will ignore you” the dark haired guy said as he munched a few chips. “You want to try surfing?” “Me?” “No, the rock over there, yes you, there is no one else out here.” “I don’t have a surfboard and I am wearing jeans.” “Well you can try on mine and see if you like it, I can show you the basics on land so you can see how to stand up on the board and go from there.” “I guess” He replied. “Well don’t get too excited about it.” I said with a smirk. I stood up and kicked a hole in the sand for the fin of my board to stick into and leveled out the board. Michael kicked off his shoes and socks and stood on the board, I moved him to the rear of the board asking him to lie down on the board. Michael did as instructed. “Now grab here on each side of the board and push yourself up to your feet balancing yourself in the center. “The biggest thing will be balance, especially when you are out on the water and it starts to roll. Do you want to give it a try out there?” I asked pointing at the water. “Surf dude, I have already said I have jeans on, I don’t have swim shorts.” Michael said. “What have you got on under your jeans?” “Boxer briefs” “Wear those; no one is out here to see that its underwear anyway.” Michael just looked at me and peeled off his tee shirt and jeans. His body was very white and seemed to have almost no body fat at all, just lightly rippled ab’s and a tight body with a small waist. “Surf dude, you are staring at my nipples” “My name is Lief and I was not staring at your nipples,,,, Okay, I sort of was. “Whatever.” Michael said. I grabbed my second board from my Jeep and we paddled out, I showed him again how to stand and Michael tried it a few times, he seemed to get it fast. Michael’s white boxer briefs turned almost “see through” and with the weight of them being wet, they were really starting to sag and slide off his ass. “Okay, here comes a small wave, follow my lead and stand when I do and we will take this small wave, it was not much more than a roller. I stood as did Michael. “Okay, watch your balance.” The small wave knocked Michael into the water. “Fuck“he said as he climbed back onto the board. “You did fine; it will take you a few times to get your balance.” I said as I paddled over to him. We got set up for the next wave; Michael actually rode this one for about a minute before falling into the water. “That was great.” I called out. For the first time I saw a smile come across Michael’s face. “No surf dude, it was awesome.” We hit a few more waves and each time Michael did a little better and stayed on the board longer. Finally Michael made it near the beach before falling into the water, it was a larger wave and this time he came up without his boxer briefs. “I lost my undies.” “Well, you did great, maybe you can come back with some shorts next time.” I said. “Fuck that, I am not stopping, this is fun!” I laughed as Michael climbed onto the board to paddle back out to catch the next wave, his white bubble ass cheeks wet and glistening in the sun. As he stood up to ride the next wave, I got a glimpse of his not so small equipment nestled in a small amount of dark pubic hair. I heard Michael yelling with joy as he rode toward the beach with me right behind him. “Michael, you better get some sunscreen on before you burn parts that you do not want stinging for two days.” We ran up onto the beach and I handed Michael the sunscreen, he applied some to his front side even lifting his balls. “Just in case.” He said with a laugh. “Hey surf dude, you should surf naked too, its fun.” I looked at him and peeled off my board shorts and applied sunscreen to my cock and crotch area. “Do my ass?” Michael asked. I squeezed sunscreen onto my hands and rubbed them together before rubbing them onto Michael’s ass cheeks. “Don’t miss anything back there.” He said. I ran my fingers into his ass crack and just then he bent over some and my finger found his tight pucker hole and almost went inside. “Why are you shaved?” he asked. “My pubes? Well, I like the smoothness, it feels great.” He reached over lightly touching my pubic area and the top of my shaft. “Yeah, feels good.” I handed the tube to Michael and turned without saying a word. I felt his hands all over my ass and slipping into my ass crack, I stood still just to see how far he would go. I felt a finger go into my asshole as he pushed it around some before he said that we had better hit the waves before things got out of hand. I turned and grinned at him, he bent to pick up the surf board and I gave his ass a smack. “Hey!” We surfed naked for another hour and a half before I walked onto the beach pulling my board up behind me. Michael hit one more wave and he came in too. I’m beat and need a shower and then go out to find something to eat. “Sounds good surf dude, let‘s go.” Michael said. It was a bit odd that he included himself into my evening, I watched him as he dressed in his black jeans minus his boxer briefs, and the jeans hung a bit off his ass showing his ass crack from the waist. We carried the boards to the Jeep and I lashed them down onto the rack on the roll bar while Michael went back for the cooler. I drove us to my apartment a couple of miles away, we got inside, and I got us some iced tea and asked Michael if he wanted to shower first. “Shower with a friend and save water is my motto.” Michael said dropping his jeans to the floor and kept walking down the hall. I followed and pulled out fresh towels and turned the shower water on, I felt Michaels hand on my ass I bent over directing the water to the shower head. I turned and pulled the curtain back allowing my naked guest to get in. Under the water I took shampoo and lathered it up in my hands before rubbing Michael’s chest with soapy bubbles. Michael was shorter than me; I pulled him close, kissing his lips while the warm water splashed over our bodies. When I left home this morning I would have never thought I would be brining a short emo guy into my shower. “Surf dude, you’ve got a great body.” Michael said as he leaned over and took one of my nipples between his lips, kissing and sucking it. “My name is Lief.” I said. Michael’s hands were all over my body, touching and exploring, he went to his knees and sucked on my cock and it got bigger and harder than before. He moved me pushing my hips, I turned around, Michael pushed my hips some and I bent over, I felt his face against my ass, his mouth biting and chewing at my asshole, I could feel the small amount of chin stubble cutting at my ass causing me to moan. This guy had milky white skin with his dark hair giving such a big contrast and it was turning me on and he was very hungry for my ass. I pulled him up and turned him around bending him over, I stuck a finger into his slick hole plunging it in and out before I stuck my cock into his pink hole. Michael pushed back against my cock and moved his hips in a circular motion, riding my fuckpole. His body was not overly muscular but the lack of body fat gave a great view of his muscle tone and shape. I fucked him as the water beat down on us; I reached over his back and pulled his hair back while I rode his ass. I pulled out and shot my jizz onto his back rubbing it into his skin before it washed to the drain in the shower. I turned Michael around and got to my knees pulling this hot guy’s cock into my mouth. I sucked him while my hands roamed over his water slick body, I shoved a thumb into Michael’s rectum massaging it as I sucked every last drop of cum from his cock. We finished our shower and went out for fish n chips and a few beers before heading back home. Michael stripped off his clothes right away. “I don’t like to wear clothes when I don’t have to; I guess I am a nudist at heart.” “I have no problems with that.” I said looking at him from head to toe. I took Michael to bed and fucked him again only this time I made it last as long as I could by slowing down just before cumming. Michael was gripping the sheets and moaning loudly while his body writhed below me as my rigid pole poked deep into his hot ass driving him wild. I flipped him on his side and pushed his leg to his chest and continued fucking him, I felt the waves of my orgasm from my toes to my chest as I shot my jizz into his ass. Michael pulled me around, kissing me hard on the lips. “Oh fuck Leif, That was fucking insane, my ass is on fire but I have never been fucked like that.” “Oh my GOD, you called me by my name.” “Damn surf dude, don’t get used to it.” He said laughing. Michael spent the night and well,,, never moved out, we go surfing every time we can. I never really asked why he was on the beach that day, I have thought that maybe he was leaving a bad relationship as he never moved any clothes or anything in, he would go buy new clothes as he needed them. He did finally get a bit of a tan from all the surfing and some days we would sneak in some naked surfing too.