Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Fitting

I work in a menswear shop selling men’s suits and sport coats to upscale clients and work mostly by appointment. I had a special client coming in at 8 pm. He requested it after hours as he was flying back in late but needed a new suit for the following day. The client was Travis longg, he worked in gay porn and his cock size is where he derived his stage name from, Longg. The shop was closed and I was inside waiting for him, I had seen him in porn before and knew of his handsome looks. I stood at the door waiting until Travis appeared dark hair and a face that was so hot looking, his steel blue eyes looked into mine as he walked up. Are you Drew? Travis asked. Yes, come in Travis, you have the run of the place tonight; it is just the two of us. If you like, we can step back into the fitting room and I can get some measurements real quick. I said. Ok, sounds good. Travis said as he walked into the shop. Slip off your jacket and shoes and Ill grab a measuring tape. I said as he walked to the fitting area. I would like to get two suits, one off the rack to take to wear tomorrow and a custom tailored suit I can pick up in a week or two. Travis said. Let me measure your inseam. I said as I held the tape to his ankle and ran the tape to his crotch; I felt the meat that made him famous, hanging down his leg. Here, let me make this easier, I will take off my pants and give you room to work. Travis said. Damn, thinking to myself, it looks bigger than it did on screen. OK, it will be easier to get proper measurements once you get the fabric out of the way. I said. Let me make it very easy then. Travis said with a small laugh. Watching Travis drop his boxer shorts, my eyes about popped out of my head. Wondering how I was going to measure anything now that his 12 inch schlong was hanging down, hell his big balls hung low too. I ,, umm.. I stuttered. Just do what you need to do to get the job done, I am not shy and you may need to make concessions for my size. Travis said flatly. I’ve never seen anything that size before. I said. Touch it, it won’t bite you. He said. Wow, the weight of it is amazing and your balls are so sexy too. I said, mesmerized by the slab of meat in front of my eyes. OK, measure me if you like. Trav said. I grabbed his cock and pulled the tape out from the stem to the head, 11 and ¾ inches. I said. I meant my inseam not my dick. He said laughing. Oh,, sorry. I said, blushing a bit. Suck it he said shortly. What? I asked. Suck it, you want it, suck my cock. Travis said as he jutted his hips toward my lips. I leaned in taking the massive meat to my mouth. It’s so huge, I can’t get…. I stopped short in my sentence when Travis smacked his enormous prick along side of my face a few times. Take what you can handle, smack it onto your face, play with it. He replied. I sucked in as much as I could take; opening my throat as far as I could while Travis pumped his thickening cock into my mouth. I felt as if I were being choked, no air passed while he had my throat filled beyond anything before. Mmm,,, take it Drew, suck me,, you like my big dick? He asked. Yeah, I do, I’ve seen many of your videos, and how do guys take this in the ass? I asked. Drop your pants and turn around and I will show you. He ordered. There is no way in the world I could take that, besides, I have not had much in my hole but a vibrator and my fingers. I offered. Turn the fuck around and drop your pants. He said. Alright, but not all of it, it’s too long, I will give a try. I said, still very uncertain. Mmmm there,, some spit for lube and I will be in in no time. He said. Ohhh… Fuck.. Its too big, damn, you are ripping me open. I cried out. I will go slowly, only the head is in so far. Let it relax and it will be fine. Travis said as he pushed again only slower this time. Ease it into me., but slowly. I said in a quiet whisper thinking that would help the pain. Mmm you are one tight fucker; most of the guys I fuck have been around for a while and are as loose as cannons. Travis said. No one has ever had a cock in my ass before, I diddle my ass with my fingers and have a vibrator I use some but that’s about it. I said. Oh, nice, a virgin ass, well not anymore, you have been had by Travis Longg. He said with a laugh. Ohhh… Fuckkk. It hurts.. Bad…,, slower. I begged. It’s only half in, that’s only six inches. Let me give you a bit more. He replied. Oh My God, fuck me.. Just use my ass, but just go slow. I said. Ohhh,, yeah, feel that meat pole sliding into your tight ass; you wanted it the second you saw me didn’t you? He asked. Yeah, I did, I have always fantasized about your big cock inside me, fucking me hard. Don’t get too carried away with the hard part, its huge. I said. Well it is ¾ inside your ass now, that’s nine inches of porn star dick in your fuck hole. And NOW….I am going all the way in now, twelve inches. He said as he pushed it all the way in with one final motion. Ohhh Fuck me,, damn.. Pull back. I cried. Oh, I will, but Ill push it all back in your ass too. He laughed. Each time you pump my ass, makes me want it more. I whispered. Yeah, you like my big cock in your ass, ask me for it, let me hear you ask. He said. Fuck me Travis, give it to me, I want it all. I whispered. I’m cumming,, take my big cock onto that ass deep. Travis said in a steamy voice. Ohhh,,, you feel like a small car inside me, fill me with that cum. I begged. Wow, that felt great. The life of a porn sex is not fun sex; it takes hours of re shooting and staying hard, this was fun. He said with a smile. Turn over and let me suck you off. Well, I am no where near the size you are. I said a bit embarrassed. Don’t feel that way, I’m the freak of nature here, you are normal. He said as he went down on my stiff prick. Your mouth feels so fucking good, my ass is on fire, but damn this is great, suck it Travis. I said. Travis pulled off long enough to say, Mmmm…. Feed me that cock, fuck my mouth Drew. I am about to blow my wad. I told him. Travis pulled off my cock giving it a few tugs and watched me spew my cum all over my shirt to my face, I came more than normally and had a face full of sticky jizz. You came like a porn star Drew. Very hot. I may need another fitting soon too. Travis said as he pulled on his boxers. Call me for a special appointment anytime; now let’s get you fitted for this suit. I replied.

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  1. Mmm turn that virgin ass into a size queen. I love em big too