Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mall Rat

. I work in a young men’s shop in the mall, you know the one, hot guy pictures up on the walls and hotter ones on our shopping bags. The shop is a dim environment with current dance style music pumping out of the high end speakers placed every few feet up on the ceiling. I was hired not for my sales skills but my looks, it is one of those jobs you just can not get if you don’t have the perfect body, teeth and face, and they can teach you the rest. I am 24 years old, blonde hair that is just a bit shaggy around the edges, blue eyes that I am often told captivate peoples attention, I work out everyday to maintain the flat washboard six pack stomach. People come into the shop, and fuss over me, making up reasons for me to help them, sometimes very transparent. The guys are worse than the girls. One guy about 36ish asked me to try on a tee shirt so he could see the fit as I was about his nephew’s size, we go back to the area of the fitting rooms and I peel off my tight fitting tee and started putting on the one the man wants to see me in. His eyes all over my chest and ab’s, this time he reached over to “help” me pull it over my chest when it balled up, his fingers lingered on my nipple. I’ve got it. I said with a sincere looking but phony smile. Then he asked me to try on shorts, holy fuck, I wanted to tell him to go home and look at porn for his jollies but this time I went into the fitting room alone and came out with them on, he reached over pretending to want to see how the waist fit, feeling inside the waistband with his fingertips, I stepped back. We are told to model anything upon request, hell I worked hard for my body but sometimes I feel like an eye candy slut. I finished up with this man who after this bought a tee shirt in his size, probably for himself. Looking up from folding hoodies I saw this boy, well he was no boy, but younger than me, maybe 18 or 19 years old, I have seen him in here before and in the food court many times. Hi, can I help you with anything today? I asked. His dark eyes darted around the shop, looking at the floor, No he replied and started to walk back out of the store. Do you work in the mall? I asked. He turned and looked me in the eye and walked out without saying a word. He was decent looking, dark hair, with a thin build, but not well dressed like a mall worker. The next day I saw him in the mall walking past our doorway and later in the food court sitting at a table but not eating anything. I bought a salad and water, and went to the table next to his and sat down. Hi again, I said. He looked at me like he did not know who I was, I pointed to my name tag, and he gave a head nod once he saw the store name on it. I am Joseph, I said extending my hand out to him. He looked at my hand, then at me and finally shook my hand. What’s your name? I asked. He looked at me for a second, Car. He said. Nice to meet you Carl. I said. No, it’s just Car. Okay, Car, nice to meet you, I see you here a lot, do you work in the mall? I asked. I should go. Car said. He stood up and walked away. I ate my salad and went back to work pushing more very over priced clothing made overseas, but it is “the” brand to be seen in. A couple days later I saw Car walk by the front of the shop. Hey Ian, I am going on break, Ill be back in a few. Okay, Ian said. I walked out into the mall and spotted car ahead of me in a sea of people, he turned into a hallway where the restrooms are and the door to the rear of the mall where the loading dock is. I thought he was headed to the men’s room and was about to turn around when I saw him duck beyond the doors that go out to the dumpsters and loading dock, I followed him. I saw Car head past the dumpsters and go behind some old wooden crates. I caught up with him as he sat down in one of the crates. Hey Car! I said. Car jumped out of his skin like he had been shot. Damn, you scared the hell out of me, are you following me? He asked. No, well yes, when I saw you go by the shop door just now, I wanted to see which shop you worked in, so I did follow you. I stated. You taking a break out here? I asked. Car just looked at me for a couple of seconds. No, I am not taking a break out here; I live here, or did until now. I don’t work at the mall, I live here. Now I will have to find a new place to sleep. He said. No, no, you don’t, I won’t say anything to anyone. How do you survive out here? I asked. I take clothing from the dumpsters that the stores throw away and eat, well, from the food court dumpster on the other side of the mall. Oh my God, you eat from the trash? I asked. Yeah, appalling huh? I have to survive; I don’t have a house, no house, no phone and no job. What is it you want from me? He asked. Most people don’t even see me. Well I noticed you several times and just wondered what your story was. I replied. Well now you know, please leave me alone, if you draw extra attention to my crates, they will pull out of here. He said. Okay, I’ll leave; I am only on break anyway and have to get back. I said as I stood up. I took out my money from my pocket and took a twenty dollar bill out, here, I said. Eat something good. I don’t want charity or you feeling sorry for me, just do like everyone else and “don’t see me“. He said. Well, I’ll see you around I said before walking back into the building and back to work. I could not stop thinking about Car and how different our lives are. I didn’t tell anyone about Car and went about my business. The next day I saw Car out in the mall; I took my break and went out to the crates where Car stays. I took out a couple of ten dollar bills and wadded them up and tossed them near the entrance of the crate and went back to work. I saw Car in the food court later that day when I went to lunch; I sat near him with my customary salad and water. Car was eating a burger; I guess he found the money I left for him. I thought. I know that was you that left the money. Car said. I looked up to see Car standing next to my table. Oh, hi, I said. What is it you want from me? He asked. You are gonna get me found out and Ill have to fine somewhere else to stay. I don’t want anything from you, I said. I’m just trying to help you out some. I don’t mean to sound like an asshole; I just need to be left alone. Thanks for the cash, it was nice to have a hot burger that had not been chewed off and didn’t have soda spilled on. He said with a slight smile. Car walked away, I finished my food and went back to work. I was off the next day and Car was on my mind, I felt so guilty for having so much and he had so little. He seemed like a nice enough guy. I packed up a box of clothing from my closet mostly shirts and a couple pair of jeans and drove to the mall, being careful not to be seen, I walked quickly back to the crates to drop off the clothes and leave. Rounding the corner Car saw me with the box, now what? He asked. I had some clothes, from my closet, I get such a good discount at work I have too many and was going to take them to the donation place anyway. I said. There are some boxer shorts in there too if it does not creep you out to wear my underwear but they are clean. I set the box down near the crates and walked past Car, giving him a pat on the shoulder on the way by. I was ten feet away when I hear Car say, “Thanks Joseph, I appreciate it”. I didn’t see Car for two days but on the third day he came into the shop where I worked wearing a red hoodie with the shop logo down the side and a pair of the jeans I gave him too. Hi Car, you look great. I said. Hi Joseph, I just wanted to say thank you again for the clothes, they fit well and I really needed them and well.. That’s all, just thank you. Excuse me, a woman tapped Car on the shoulder, can you help me with the young ladies jeans please? Oh, I don’t work here. Car said with a smile. I’m so sorry; you fit right in and looked like you did. She said. I can help you. I said. I looked at car, I’ll be right back. I said. After helping the woman with the jeans I went back to see that Car had left the store. A few days went by and I started wondering where Car was when I saw him in the food court hanging out as usual without food. I bought two burgers, fries and a couple Cokes and sat at his table with him. Hi Car, I got us a couple of burgers and fries. I said, setting a burger in front of him. Car looked at me with sad eyes. Please don’t buy me things; you need to keep what you worked for, not throwing it away on me. It’s not throwing it away, it is helping you, and I can do as I wish with it. I said smiling at him. These clothes were a big help in blending in here, the security guards used to follow me around sometimes before. Car explained. Eat your lunch. I said. We have a job at the store, it is only part time, but it’s a job at least, if you are interested I could talk to our manager Ian. No, as soon as he found out that I am homeless, he would not hire me and probably tell security on me and I would loose what I have here. You could use my home address and put my cell number on the application if you want to try, they don’t need to know you are homeless. I said. I have nothing to loose if they don’t know I am homeless I guess. He said. Cool, I will bring you the application tomorrow and meet you here at the food court at noon. I said. Your boss won’t recognize your address and cell number? He asked No, He has only worked here for a year, I was hired two years ago and they don’t have my cell number anyway. I replied. The next day I found Car in the same area of the food court and handed him the application form and a pen. Start on that and Ill get us lunch and be right back. I said. I heard protests behind me about not buying him anything but chose not to hear it. I picked up a sub sandwich and chips for Car, a salad for me and a couple of waters. I told Car what my address and cell numbers were for him to use on the application. Oh by the way, I talked to my boss Ian about you, I told him that you were new to the area and needed a job desperately. I said. I looked up at Car and saw tears running down his cheeks. Aww I’m sorry, what’s wrong? Did I say something wrong? I asked. No, car replied you are just too nice to me and I am not worth it, I mean, why are you doing all this? He asked. I just think you need a fair shake to get your life back together is all. I said. He reached over and placed his hand on mine and I did not pull back. No one has ever cared about me, I have been on my own since I was 15 years old, I have had sex with men for money to survive, not often but it’s something I am not proud of. He explained. Well, those days may be over if we can swing this. I said. I turned in Car’s application for him; Ian was not on shift anyway. I looked at the name on the paper, Carter was his real first name, makes sense now. I thought. The next day Ian was there and looked at the application, a few minutes later my cell vibrated deep in my pocket, I took it out and saw that the caller ID showed the business name of where I worked. I ran outside into the mall so Ian did not hear the music and realize that it was me inside the store. Hi, Carter? This is Ian calling about the sales job. Oh, Hi Ian, good to hear from you. I said trying to muffle my voice so he did not recognize me. Can you come in at nine am tomorrow for an interview? Ian asked. Yes, sure! That would be great. I said, thanks, see you then. I said trying to get off the phone so I could get back inside the shop. After work I walked out to Car’s crates to see if he was there. I have great news! I as I rounded the corner facing Car being detained by the mall security. What’s going on here I asked? Nothing for you to worry about, just another vagrant has been living back here, probably shoplifting from the mall, look at the name brand clothes he has in there. I have the Police on the way. The guard said. I gave him those clothes, he has not stolen anything and has only been trying to survive by living in these crates for fucksakes, leave him alone. I said. Car looked at me, its ok Joseph; I will find another place to live away from here. He said. No, you won’t, I said, he has an interview tomorrow at Nine am here at the mall, he is trying to get a job so he can get off the streets I told the guard, I will trust that you can keep that secret, no need for anyone to now that he was homeless. But the Police are on the way, the guard exclaimed. You can tell them that he got away and you have no idea what he looked like. I said. Okay, the guard agreed. Come on Car. I said as I gathered his clothes up from the crate handing them to him. Where are we going? He asked. I don’t know, but away from the Police, that’s for sure. I got Car into my car and headed out of the parking lot. That was close I said, pisses me off that people can’t even leave you alone. I said looking to see Car smiling. You can let me off over by the train tracks; I can sleep down by those trees until I find a new place that is safe like the crates were. Car said. I stopped the car by the tracks, Car thanked me and started to get out when I pushed the gas pedal and pulled back into traffic. You are coming home with me. I said. And don’t even start protesting, I won’t have it. Car just sat quiet and looked out the window until I pulled up at my parking space at my apartment. Let’s get inside; I have had a full day already. I said. After we got inside I showed Car to the washing machine for his clothes and then the shower, he had been keeping as clean as he could by washing in restrooms. Car noticed the bits of gay pride memorabilia and the framed art of nude men in the hallway, you gay Joseph? He asked. Yeah, I am. You? I asked. No, I am straight, well a bit bi curious maybe, but I have never tried anything with a guy, but looking at a hot guy can get my blood pumping. He replied. Cool, I said. Let’s fix some dinner and we can talk more. We made spaghetti and salad for dinner, Car said his parents fought all the time and he could not take it anymore and moved in with a friend when he was 17 years old and later they moved away leaving Car homeless. We watched TV for a couple of hours. I only have the one bedroom Car; you can use the couch or sleep in with me. I set out blankets and a pillow for Car to sleep on the couch. Car took the couch and I went off to bed, about twenty minutes later I felt movement on the other side of my bed. Car slid between the sheets next to me, I was on my side facing away from him, Car scooted over placing his arm over my chest and we went to sleep. The next day I drove us to the mall, I went to work and Car hung out in the mall as he had so many times before. He had his interview and was hired part time and started the next day. That night while watching TV Car leaned over onto my shoulder, I put my arm around him pulling him close. Later in bed Car started rubbing my shoulder and down my back, I rolled over and let him do as he pleased. His hand roamed over my chest and down my ab’s, he was cautious about touching my penis but his finger tips slowly moved to the shaved smooth base of my cock that was now getting very full and firm. Car pulled back the sheet and moved toward my cock, lifting my balls and feeling my stiff prick. Do whatever you are comfortable with Car. I said. He leaned in and put his lips to my cock shaft feeling its warmth. Car moves his mouth to the head of my cock touching it with his tongue, feeling the ridges and exploring before he took it into his mouth, My hips came up some as he bobbed on the head; I moved and gently pushed Car onto his back and began giving him the blowjob of his life. I lifted his legs and ran my tongue to his virgin rosebud; Car moaned loudly, he was really getting off on me rimming his ass. I’ve never felt anything like this, he said. I lubed him up with spit and worked a finger around his hole; I very slowly slid a finger inside his ass. He squirmed a bit and I pulled my finger from his ass and got some lube and a condom from my nightstand. I took Car’s rigid cock in my hand slipping the condom over his shaft, lubing his pole and my ass I rolled onto my stomach, Car lifted my hips and guided his dick to my waiting hole. Will this hurt? He asked. No, I’ll be fine, I have done this before and am stretched out some, it will feel great to me and better for you. I replied. He pushed his lubed cock in with caution and finally got it fully inside me. Car got his rhythm and was fucking my ass like a pro. It feels so tight, way tighter than a woman. He said. He pumped my ass until I felt his body tighten and climax in my ass. Damn, that was amazing. He said. I flipped over and Car took hold of my cock, jacking me off, he watched as my spunk spurted out all over my chest and ab’s. Car leaned in and touched his tongue into the cum that pooled on my navel and licked at it. How does that taste? I asked. Good, he said. I have never tasted another guys cum, only my own. I don’t want you to get the idea that I am going fully gay or anything, I mean I like chicks but I would like to explore this farther too and well, you are a hot guy and so incredible to help me like this, who better to try things with, that is, if you want me like this. Sure, I have no boyfriend right now so I am available for fun anytime you like and you can stay here till you get things straightened out and back on your feet. I said. Car kissed me on my cheek and fell back onto the pillows and drifted into sleep.


  1. really nice and sad Story but the end is the best

  2. Unbelievably beautiful story.

  3. Mmmmm HOT reminds of the hot young guy I took in that was having a rough time similar to Car.