Thursday, February 14, 2013

Test Drive

Working in a large Jeep dealership, I meet many people coming in for test drives and buying a new Jeep. We were having a “special Jeep event” and the lot was packed with potential buyers lining up for the free lunch of sub sandwiches, chips and cold drinks. I worked the line shaking hands and talking to the guys as they bought 80% of the Jeeps sold. I am 36 years old and average looking in my opinion, others say I am a catch; I have the little crows feet at the corners of my eyes when I laugh and a touch of premature gray in my hair. One of the guys I spoke with earlier came over to where I was standing after he finished his lunch. Hi Will, I’m Ross, I’d like to take a look at the four door Jeeps, and I really want to do some off roading and camping this spring. Okay, let’s take a look at a few Jeeps, we have several packages, some with wenches off road light bar’s and trailer hitches. I said. I took the day off today to come out and shop but will think about it overnight before buying. Ross said. Ross is a thin tall guy about 25 years old and has a fast smile, laughing at most anything and his voice cracks when he talks some of the time which I found to be very cute. I love my Jeep. I said. I take the fire road off the west side of Shepherd Mountain and hit those back roads, I’m going right after work tonight, you should join me and see what it is all about. Yeah, that sounds fun, I’d love to. I don’t know anyone that four wheels right now, most of my friends are not into anything rough or dusty, they are all into the bar scene and dinner parties. Ross said. What bars do they hang at? I asked. Mostly a place called Blue Rock. Ross said. Oh, I know the place, I have been there myself. I replied. Are you gay? Ross asked. Yeah, I said. Cool, well lets take a test drive; I want to check this Jeep out. Ross said as he laughed. Ross jumped behind the wheel and off we went. We don’t go off road at all during the test drive but we did hit the highway and a few small hills on a parking lot nearby before going back to the lot. That was so cool, Ross said. I can’t wait to go off roading with you this afternoon. Each time Ross spoke, his face lights up with a massive smile commanding my attention as I watch his juicy red lips move. Ross gave me his address, I told him to dress casually as we would get dusty. I picked him up at 4:30, he gave me a high five, this guy sure had allot of energy. After getting up to the mountain, we stared hitting some rough roads that tossed us around in spite of being belted in snugly to the seats. I took one path off to the side of the creek and the Jeep tilted off to the driver side sharply causing Ross to brace himself against my leg before moving his hand onto my seat back quickly. Oh sorry, he said. No problems, its part of the fun. I said with a smile. Ross moved his hand from the seat back to my shoulder. I purposely found a similar tilt ahead to lean him closer to me. Want to drive? I asked. Yeah! I would love it but what if I hit a rock or a tree? He asked. It will be fine; my Jeep is not a new one that I am worried about scratching. I replied. I stopped in a flat area to let him drive. Ross walked around to me as he peeled off his sweatshirt tossing it into the back. It’s getting warm. He said showing about every tooth in is mouth. As we got in, Ross caught me staring at his chest, he had such natural beauty, rippling muscles everywhere, but smooth ones, like he didn’t work out at all just had an incredible chest and arms. Am I making you uncomfortable? He asked. No, but you may make me hard! I replied. I am one of those people that have no filter on his mouth, if I think it; it usually comes out of my mouth. He laughed and put his hand onto my leg before starting the Jeep and putting it into gear. Ross eased the vehicle over some rough terrain and into the woods alongside of the river. He drove for about an hour before I asked him to stop at the river so we could get out and stretch. Ross put his arms behind his head stretching and leaning back as he did, my eyes went down his chest to the top of his jeans, in this position his waistband pulled away from his waist letting me have a great view about two inches inside his pants top. His treasure trail disappeared into the top of the elastic on his underwear. Ross saw me checking out his trail. He took my hand and put it onto his flat stomach sliding it into the top of his jeans. I let my hand feel the trail of hair and pushed it past the waistband onto his full bush and feeling the root of his penis. I took my time exploring slowly feeling more and more of his cock and to the start of his balls. Reaching over unbuttoning his jeans with my free hand and pulling them open I used my second hand to push his pants to his ankles, his bulge pushing on the front of his cotton briefs. I went to my knees chewing his junk through his underwear while my hands groped his ass. I pulled his briefs to the ground and took a look at this magnificent nude body in front of me; I stood up and ran my hands over his chest to his nipples. I sucked on his nipple, then chewing on it making him moan and groan in pleasure. Are you a top or bottom? I asked Mostly a bottom, I love a good cock in my ass. He replied. I walked around behind Ross and took a good look at his ass giving it a hard smack. Very fucking nice, your ass is a work of art. I said. Thanks. Ross said with a smile as he stepped out of his shoes and pants. Walking back around front I got my first good look at his mostly erect cock, it was cut and about 7 inches long; in fact, it was a perfect looking cock as far as I was concerned, his balls hung loose and begged for my attention. I knelt and sucked his bone into my mouth, feeling the heat from his young cock, inhaling his scent and wanting more. I took him all the way to climax with him shooting his cum into my mouth while guiding my head deeper onto his cock. Damn, that was so hot, being up here in the woods naked.. Fuck, I love being naked outside, hell I like it inside too. He said as he spread his legs apart. I took his dangling balls into my hand feeling the weight of them, pulling on them. Be right back. I said. I stripped my clothes off laying them in the driver’s seat getting what I needed from the glove box. Returning from my Jeep with a small bottle and a condom. I used my thumbs to spread his hole as I chewed that hot ass, squirting some lube onto my fingers pushing it deep into his hole. After rolling the condom onto my stiff prick I added a bit more lube to it and pushed it into his hot tight hole. Grabbing Ross by his hips I fucked him hard, I he seemed to moan louder when I smacked his ass cheek. I could feel the cum churning up towards my cockhead as I bucked his hole, as I shot my cum I leaned over onto his back and twisted both of his nipples continuing to ride the euphoric wave of my orgasm. I pulled out and was taking off my condom when I saw Ross’s big boner, He started jerking off while looking at my cock. I stood back and watched him one hard going like mad on his cock and the other cupping his balls, he smiled at me as his shot his thick rope of cum onto the grass squeezing the last bit out, it hung from his cock. I got to my knees and licked his cum form the tip of his cock before taking it deep into my throat. Damn you are hot Will, he said. Yeah, I’m over ten years older than you are. I said with a laugh. That is part of the sexiness of you, you are more mature than the guys my age are, and they act like kids most of the time. Ross said with that huge smile. Maybe after I buy that new Jeep we can come back up here for some more forest sex. He said touching my chest. Yeah, I will be working to get you one hell of a deal on that Jeep! I said. Meanwhile let’s get to my place, grab a hot shower together and get a nice dinner. Sounds good! Ross said before giving me a deep kiss on the lips.  


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