Monday, September 16, 2013

Midnight Invasion

My boyfriend’s name is Richard; he is 29 years old and a good looking medium build. Richard picked me up for dinner and afterwards we stopped at a corner pub that is gay friendly. Hey Nick, you smell great. Richard said as he leaned over to kiss me as I got into his car. Glad to see you too. I said, getting my seatbelt on. I loved Richard; he was a real wise ass and was always doing things that I did not expect. A few weeks ago on my birthday he knocked at my door, I opened it and there stood Richard, naked. I yanked him inside my house looking to see if any of the neighbors saw the display of his near perfect ass. Later he told me that he was wearing a towel until he heard me opening the door and he peeled off the towel and tossed it into the bushes. He had thought it funny for him to show up in his birthday suit. Richard drove us to a nice Puerto Rican restaurant where we dined on these huge empanadas and spicy rice along with beer. I reached over and took the last bite of Richards’s empanada; he pretended that he would stick me with his fork for reaching onto his plate. Hey bitch don’t pork me with your fork. I said. Hell baby, Ill pork you with my dick, if you like. Richard said. I looked over at Richard, he had pulled his cock out and was wiggling it at me, it was hidden behind the table cloth and we had sat in against the wall, at least no one else could see. Richard was a bit of an exhibitionist and if we were at a full on gay bar he would pull it out at any provocation, it was an impressive sized cock and likes to show it off. We drove to the Oasis for a few beers, played electronic darts against a lesbian couple who kicked our asses; there was a short discussion on who had the bigger cock, Richard or the more butch of the two women. I thought he was gonna pull it out again. This one dude came over to challenge the winning team, he looked like Richard Dryfus after a seven day drinking binge and smelled like he had not had a shower in at least half that time. I leaned over to Richard and begged him to loose, I did not want to play with Dryfus or his girlfriend who was totally drunk and calling everyone honey, she also had an annoying habit of flicking her finger nail onto my tee shirt at my nipple so she could comment on it when it got hard. Fucking freak. I thought. I started bumping Richards arm while he was shooting to make sure we lost. Let’s get outta here. I whispered into Richards’s ear. We finished our last beer and Richard drove me home, I kissed him and got out of the car. I took a shower, dried off and was getting ready for bed when someone grabbed me and pushed me face down onto the bed. Fuck, I must not have locked the front door and did not hear anyone come in being in the shower. I felt rope going around my wrists and a blindfold over my eyes. What do you want? I asked in a trembling voice. Take what you want and go, I won’t call the Police just don’t hurt me. Shut the fuck up! A male voice said as he shoved his knee hard against my lower back. Where is the money? He asked. In my jeans on the floor, my wallet. I stammered. Fuck that, your stash, everyone has money stashed somewhere. He said. I don’t have a stash, just take the money from my wallet, there’s about eighty bucks in it. I said. He took his weight off me, don’t fucking move bitch or I’ll beat your ass, and you DO have a pretty nice looking ass. He said fondling my butt cheeks with his fingers; it felt like he had a rubber glove on or something maybe to keep fingerprints from my furniture and doors. He smacked my ass hard. I cried out, just take the money and go,,,,,, please…. I said. I tried to turn over and he flipped me back over roughly onto my stomach again. Don’t fucking piss me off. He yelled. Okay, alright.. I’ll do what you want. I said. He fumbled at my ass cheeks some and I heard his belt buckle clinking, I had the feeling that he had his pants down. He pushed his finger into my ass, it hurt as there was no lube and my butt cheeks were clenched tight out of fear. He rolled me over and took a moment. Nice chest. He said. I ignored him. I started wondering if this was Richard playing one of his sexual deviant games that he liked to play. Richard is that you? I asked. He pushed his fingers into my mouth, and pulled at my lips. Don’t even think about biting me or Ill kill you whore. He got up and pushed his cock against my lips, I kept them shut. Take it! He ordered. I opened my mouth and felt a hard penis being pushed in as he pulled my hair back. I think it was a black sleep mask is what he put over my eyes; I could not see anything at all. He fucked my throat hard bringing tears to my eyes and causing me to choke and gasp for air. The intruder pulled out and flipped me back onto my stomach, I was happy to be back facedown, having my hands tied behind me hurt with them under me. He took his belt off and slapped my ass hard a few times with it; I heard a tearing noise and assumed that he was putting on a condom. He lifted my ass and fingered my hole roughly before forcing his fat prick in me. I could hear his heavy breathing while he fucked me hard. He slammed his body into my ass cheeks while his cock filled and stretched me fully. He started humping me harder and his breathing got louder and faster until he shot his jizz in me. He pulled off of me and I heard rustling around as he pulled his pants back up and left the room. I lay still until I heard the front door close and got to my feet and rubbed my face against the bed to pull down the face mask before trying to get out of the rope. My phone rang and I could hear the answering machine pick up and hear Richards voice. I knocked the phone off the nightstand with my foot and yelled for him to come help me. Richard was in my door within 15 minutes, Oh my God baby! What happened? He asked. I called the Police on the way here sweetie. Richard said as he untied my hands. I thought it was you for a while playing naughty with me. I said. I tried not to break into tears. Richard got some clothes out for me, the police arrived and I told them what had happened. They were in my house for about an hour dusting for prints and all but mostly making a mess on everything with the black powder. My wallet was intact so I guess he was satisfied with raping my ass and forgot about the money. Richard stayed the night with me holding me tightly until I fell asleep. The next morning I woke to Richard lying next to me with his hand on my chest. We got up and Richard made the bed and I came back into the bedroom to take a shower. On the bed was a belt. Richard where did you find that belt? I asked. On the floor next to the bed, why? He asked. It’s not mine, it must have been the one he spanked me with and left here. There was noting remarkable about it so I didn’t bother calling the Police back out t get it. Richard asked me to move in with him and leave my house, I told him I would and put my house up for sale within a couple of weeks. I have been less scared of staying home at night since I moved out and in with Richard.

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