Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Blue Door

I was walking out of the mall when this guy came up to me in the parking lot. Hey kid, you want to make some cash? A male voice said. I’m not a kid, I am 27 years old and I am not a whore so keep your money. I said and continued walking to my car. No, it’s not like that, I want to paint you, on canvas. He said. I turned to see a guy that was of slight build and about 45 years old. Look, I’m no model and I know what you want, so take a flying fuck away from me. I said. You don’t see it do you? He asked. See what exactly? I asked in a sarcastic tone. You have a casual beauty and form, your hair is an erotic bush of golden sexiness. What is your name he asked? Jon. I said, still not impressed with this parking lot perv. Look Jon, my name is Rodrigo, I am an artist and I want to paint you, that’s it and I will pay you fifty dollars an hour sitting fees. Naked, I bet. I mumbled. Yes, Jon, I do paint nudes, if you don’t want to pose nude, the fee I pay is twenty five dollars per hour, it’s up to you. Rodrigo said. Look, Rod. I said when Rodrigo interrupted me. It’s Rodrigo, not Rod, I am not a metal pole. He said. Is this legit? I asked. Yes, look, he walked to his trunk pulling out a ten inch tablet; he brought up a web site with his name and picture on it. There were pages and pages of mostly male nudes done in water colors or pastels. I am actually well known for my nudes. He said. They are beautiful. I said. It will only take a few sittings, each about an hour; I fill in areas without the model present quite often. Would you like to pose for me? He asked. Well, I could use the money, when would you want to start? I asked. Jon, I can accommodate your schedule to some point. We can start now, next week or whenever you like. Rodrigo said. I can start now, if it is okay but I want to be paid each day, it’s not that I don’t trust you but I really need the money. My car payment is due and I don‘t have all the money. I was actually in the mall looking for a job. I said. Sure thing Jon, just follow me to my gallery, I have a studio there. He said. I drove behind Rod; he drove like a grandma and kind of dressed like one to with his worn plaid shirt and faded burnt orange slacks. Finally we pulled into a parking lot and I walked over to his car, we walked into his gallery and a dark haired guy about thirty was in moving some paintings around, he walked over and spoke to Rod for a minute while I looked around at the paintings. These are quite good. I said. Rodrigo smiled and said thank you. The assistant walked over, checking me out. Quite good? He mocked. Rodrigo is fabulous and his paintings hang on the walls of the rich and famous all over the world. I am Rex. Rodrigo’s right hand. So you jack him off? I asked in mocked innocent voice. Rex seemed miffed by that comment and walked off without response. Rex, prep Jon for posing. Please. I will be in shortly. Rodrigo said. Follow me. Rx said. Walking into the studio there were many props and posing areas with different types of lighting. It actually looked pretty professional. Take your clothes off over here. Rex said as he stood in front of me. Do you mind? Some privacy? I asked. Oh get over it; you will be standing naked for hours so get used to being naked in front of me. Rex said. I stripped off my hoody, shoes and jeans before slipping my boxer briefs to the floor. Rex took a good look, well, it’s not all that. Fuck you! I muttered. Ok, stand here he said moving an old rustic green door right against me and placing a few more props nearby. Rex moved me a bit here and there until he thought things looked right. Rodrigo walked in and moved some lighting to his liking before walking over; he moved my shoulder back a bit, stood looking at me. Nice, Rex, fluff him a bit. Ha said. Rex walked over, looked me in the eye, nothing personal. He took my cock in his hand and massaged it some he tugged at my balls some and pulled my cock into his mouth. My cock sprang into a near hard state by the time Rex stopped. Rodrigo walked over giving my bush of blonde hair a ruffle with both hands making it look even wilder. I stood as he sketched and doodled around for about thirty minutes. I have to pee. I said. Really? Rod asked. It will take more time to get you back into place again, can you wait? No, I need to pee badly. I said. Rex walked over with a vase. Don’t move, just pee in here. Rex said. Really? In the vase? I asked. Yes, just do it for fuck sake. Rex said. I let my stream run while he held the glass vase. When I finished, Rex took the piss to the bathroom and dumped it. It kind of made me smile as earlier he was being a bit of a prick and thought he was “all that”, now he was my piss boy. Rodrigo changed a light and continued sketching and said very little while he worked. So why aren’t you painting? I asked. He sketches first until he is pleased with the look, then starts painting. Rex said. Rex, fluff him a bit again but don’t suck him off like earlier. Rodrigo said with a laugh. I moaned a bit when Rex took my cock into his mouth. It’s not sexual; it is just to make you more presentable. Rex said. Whatever you want to believe. I said with a smirk knowing that it would get under his skin. Rex, take several pictures before he moves so we can get the pose the same next time. Rodrigo said as he walked into the gallery. Rex took a large digital camera and took several pictures of me from all sides including my backside. Why do you need pictures of my ass? I asked. You never know what changes Rodrigo will make before he paints. Rex said. Rex walked back to the front and reached over lifting my balls feeling the weight of them in his hand. Like them? I asked. He smiled and took two more pictures before telling me that I can now move and get dressed. I bent over to slip my boxer briefs over my foot when Rex took a couple more pictures. What were those pictures for? I asked. Me, he said with a grin. Fucker! I shot him a look and walked to the gallery. Rodrigo asked me to be back in two days at the same time and handed me an envelope, it must have seemed too common to just hand me the cash. I got outside and opened the envelope there was $200.00 inside along with a short note telling me that he had given me a small bonus to help out with my car payment and that he appreciated me sitting for him. Cool shit, I thought, it was enough for my car payment and then some. I headed home and heated some leftover chicken and made ramen noodles for dinner. My mind kept going back to Rex and the fact that he pissed me off and intrigued me at the same time. I lay back on the couch, the TV was on but I was not really watching it that much. My hand absently went inside my jeans, I could feel my balls loose and rolling around at my touch. My head went back and I slid my jeans down a bit letting my cock flop out to my belly. In my mind I was thinking of Rex again as I rubbed my cock, feeling the warmth of the soft skin of my balls with my free hand. My fingers slipped below my balls cupping and probing my ass crack while I jacked my stiff joint. I shot all the way to my shoulder, all over my tee shirt. I took off my shirt and kicked off my jeans walking to the bathroom and ran some water for a warm bath. Lying in the water relaxing, my cock bobbed out of the water. Fuck I’m horny again. I need an ass to fuck; I’m tired of just jacking off all the time. I thought. Walking into the gallery for my next sitting Rex met me and told me that Rodrigo would be a few minutes late. I’ll just look around some. I said. You can come back and get ready if you like. Rex said. I bet you would like that. I said with a grin. I went back and took off my clothes while Rex got the lighting set. Ill need a bit of fluffing again. I said pointing to my soft and dormant cock. Just then Rodrigo walked in. Oh, great to see you again Jon, thanks for being prompt, I’m sorry I was a few minutes late. He said. No problem. I said as I stood where I was last time. Rex came over and adjusted my pose to make it right. He sucked me a bit to make my cock more full. I grabbed his head and pushed him down on it, mmm baby! I laughed. Alright guys let’s get with it. Rodrigo said in a soft voice. I stood still while Rodrigo pained some and Rex fussed around with things. After about 45 minutes I announced that I had to pee. Rex just looked at me and grabbed the clear glass vase again. I pissed for quite some time while Rex held my cock and the vase. Oh, damn, I needed that. I said grinning at Rex. Rex had no way of knowing that I drank a 32 ounce big gulp soda in my car on the way over here just so he could be my piss boy again. I was really starting to like him and he was being less sarcastic with me today and actually a bit nice. Now I was feeling a bit bad about drinking all the soda and making him hold the vase while I pissed. After I finished posing and got my pay, I walked back to Rex and asked him if he would come with me to dinner. He said he would but looked a little confused by my invitation. We walked to my car and as I drove, Rex looked into the cup holder seeing the Big Gulp cup and said but one word. Bastard. I laughed so hard, tears were in my eyes and I almost had to stop the car. We ate, talking allot before I drove us to my apartment where I stripped him and gently pushed him back onto my bed. I took off my clothes and slid on top of him, I could feel his heat as my stiffening cock pressed against his. I kissed his lips and bit the lower one causing Rex to moan as he reached down my backside grabbing my ass cheeks pulling them apart, his fingers searching my ass crack. I sat up and reached into the nightstand for some condoms and lube. Lifting his legs I greased up his ass and slid on a condom. Flipping him onto his belly I lifted his hips and pushed my very stiff cock into his ass, Oh my God, it felt so good; I took it slow at first relishing each movement and feeling. I could smell his aftershave when I pushed all the way in and lay on his back. I started fucking him hard like he wanted and I wanted him to know who was in charge. I smacked his ass a good one and reamed his hole good, I had not fucked a guy in months and this felt like a dream. I creamed in his ass good, driving it in hard while my body jerked and shot the last of my jizz. Oh, fuck, that felt great. Rex said. Rex turned over and I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him to his pubes, taking all of his six inches in one gulp. About time you give me a fluffing. Rex said with a laugh. I’ll do more than that! I said as I came up for air. Rex was completely shaved down below; his balls were so smooth in my hand as I tugged them while sucking his rigid cock. It was only a few moments before Rex lost his juice into my throat; I gulped it greedily not wanting to waste any. Rex pulled me up and kissed me. That was fucking hot, my ass needs that again before we go to sleep. He said. And again in the morning. I chuckled.  


  1. Mmmmm brings back memories when I worked as an assistant to a professional photographer and I got to frequently fluff the male models among other things