Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lakeside Jogger

I was out on an early Saturday morning jog around the small lake nearby my house. The lake was a city park and had a nice paved path around it that came out to about a mile and a half around it once and I would try to do three laps usually. It was early so there were few people in the park; I was on my second lap and had started to work up a light sweat making my bare chest glisten. Up ahead I could see a guy just getting onto the paved portion as he started jogging I sped up my pace to catch up with him for a better look. He wore only dark blue sweat pants with the word AussieBum written down the left leg, they rode low on his waist, in fact I could see the crack of his ass and the top of his ass cheeks over the top of his sweats. I slowed my speed down as not to overtake him, this view was hot, his muscled ass mounds mesmerized me, I could see every muscle as it moved across his shoulders and back. I held my pace about fifteen feet behind him and just off to the left, my mind wandered fantasizing about this hot jogger, his short dark hair and his lightly tanned body was making me want to see more. “Like watching my ass?” he called out. I was caught off guard and caught my foot on the ground tripping falling onto the pavement in an ungraceful heap; my left leg was burning bad. “Holy fuck, you okay?” the handsome stud asked as he stopped jogging, he walked back to help me up. “I must have caught my shoe on a rock or something, my left leg really hurts.” I replied holding my knee with both hands. “You are bleeding and pretty scraped up, I’m sorry I startled you when I asked you if you were enjoying the view of my ass.” I looked into his strong and worried brown eyes and down to his chest with a full six pack and fucking hot little button sized nipples. “I’ll be fine.” “Let me help you up at least.” He took hold of my hand and reached around my shoulder trying to help get me to my feet. “Oh shit, my knee really hurts, can you help get me that park bench over there please.” He pulled my arm over his shoulder and put his hand around me taking most of the weight off of my leg. “My name is Asher by the way, you can call me Ash if you like it better.” he said as he stood in front of me as I sat on the bench. “I’m Jason, pleased to meet you.” I said inspecting my leg, I had blood running down into my white sock and my arm was scraped up pretty good. “I didn’t bring my cell phone with me, do you think you could find a phone and call my brother for me, he lives nearby and can come help me get home.” “No way, I feel sort of responsible for all this and I am going to get you home.” “That would be very nice of you; I only live a few blocks away.” He put his arm around my back and mine across his shoulders; he took as much weight off my left leg as he could. As we got inside my apartment he helped me to my bed. “Lay back and tell me where I can find some antiseptic and bandages?” Asher asked. “In the bathroom closet on the second shelf.” Asher came back to start cleaning my leg, let’s pull off your sweat pants, the knee is all torn out anyway and I need to get you cleaned up. I lifted my hips while Asher pulled the waist of my sweats down until he realized that I did not have anything on under them, he paused for a second and continued on taking them carefully off of from my legs. I lay there naked and bleeding while this sexy man tended my wounds, after he put on bandages he went to the bathroom finding a washcloth he had rinsed in hot water Asher cleaned the dirt and dried blood from my legs, he ran the wet cloth up the inner side of my thigh to the point it bumped my balls, he did not stop there, Ash looked at my eyes for any objection and saw none. He gently lifted my balls washing them carefully moving to my semi hard shaft wrapping it in the cloth making sure it was cleaned well before moving to my chest. Ash made motions with the wet cloth over my nipples then leaned over and blew on them causing them to stiffen; he kissed one nipple before moving to wash my arms and face. I laid still not making a sound, just enjoying the sensual washing I was getting, my cock fully stiff now. Looking at Ash, his muscles moving fluidly as he moved, his sweat pants were now sliding down to the point that his pubic hair and the base of his shaft were showing. I let my fingertips run along his waistband and to the thick bend in his cock feeling where I cannot yet see. I gave his drawstring a pull and his sweat pants dropped to the floor leaving him naked as I took in the curves of his form, lifting his balls feeling the weight of them as his cock rose in my hand, he wore a thick heavy stainless steel cockring that was about a half an inch wide. I squeezed his cock tightly watching the head of his cock get large and full with a small amount of pre cum seeping out of his piss slit. I pulled him to my mouth by his balls taking his solid cut prick into my mouth with my arm between his legs I reached up and felt his firm muscular ass cheeks running my finger along his ass crack. Ash pumped his rigid man pole down my throat until my teeth his the metal of his cockring, I could smell the scent of his body, a light musky smell of body wash and sweat from his run. I pulled on his ballsac as he shot his cum into my throat and mouth as I gulped every drop I could. Ash climbed carefully on top of me and lowered himself onto my cum dripping cock using only my pre cum as lube he squatted onto my staff going bareback he slowly took the whole length until he was sitting on my crotch, his spent but full cock slapped my pubes while he moved up and down massaging my rod with his sphincter, the whole time only looking into my eyes. Ash sat on me grinding his cock impaled ass making me squirm and moan I could not hold back any longer and started shoot my hot spunk into his ass until there was no more. Ash did not stop after I came, he continued riding my still stiff cock, the sensitivity was almost too much, I pushed and pulled at his legs and begged him to stop as I twitched and moved still buried deep inside his ass. I had a second small climax within moments of the first one ending, it shook my body fully, my head went back into the pillows as I cried out with an animalistic moan. “Fuck, Ash, that was incredible, I’ve never cum a second time like that before.” I said. Ash just smiled and slowly lifted off my still stiff shaft, just as my cock was almost out of his ass he did a little ass bobbing on it taking my breath away. “How is your leg feeling?” “Better, in fact for a while I forgot about it completely.” I said as I ran my finger down his treasure trail. “You can take a shower if you like, I’d be happy to join you but it would get my leg to burning again.” “Sounds like a plan.” Ash said as he walked to the bathroom. “Towels are in the closet.” “Yeah, I saw them earlier,” I lay back on the bed as I heard Ash turning on the shower; I had such a euphoric feeling wash over my body. The next thing I heard was Ash singing American Pie in the shower, his voice was beautiful and so magical to hear booming out over the water spray. After he turned off the shower he walked into the room drying his hair, his thick cock dangled along with his low hanging balls bouncing with each movement. “What?” Ash asked with a big grin. “Nothing, just looking at your sexy body, oh, I really liked your singing by the way.” “You will grow to hate It.” he said with a laugh. “Hmmm… that sounds like you will be a part of my life then.” “Bigger than you can think.” he said waving his cock toward me laughing. “I’d like that very much.” I said reaching out fondling his loose balls. “Well, that is, IF you live and don’t loose your leg to gangrene that is.” “Funny guy.” I said with a laugh. Ash touched the bandages as he inspected his handiwork before laying on the bed next to me, he rolled onto his side tracing his fingertip around my nipple, flicking it a little making it hard. Ash kissed my nipple and began washing my chest with his tongue; I ran my hands over his shoulders pulling his head to my chest holding him tightly. “Come sit on my face.” I said. “What an invitation, be right there.” Ash climbed up with his back to the wall and I pulled him down to my lips my tongue probed his ass crack, I chewed his hole while he moaned and jacked his stiff cock. Ash stood up and turned around, standing with a leg on the side of each hip, his boner poked way out swaying as he grabbed it and started jacking off while I looked past his firm muscular legs, his dangling balls, his tight abs to his chest and to those sexy dark lips. He looked at me and just smiled, his hand running to his chest as he tweaked his nipples. My hands roamed up his strong legs, my right hand moved to my cock and my left to my ass cheeks, I jacked off with a fast motion while I watched Ash standing above me like an erotic God. His juice spewed out of his cock and splashed onto my face and chest, his cum hitting my lips made me cum all over my belly and chest, some mixing with Ash’s cum. He squatted down taking his finger to my chest, mixing our cum together, scooping some and bringing it to my mouth, our salty jizz on my tongue I leaned up kissing him sharing the spunk from my mouth. I fell asleep with him on my shoulder breathing softly, what a day it had been and meeting this wonderful man was the best part.

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