Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Masters Boy

My name is Sing; I have been my master’s boy since I was about eleven years old. When I was a child I was given to my master by my parents who could no longer deal with my tantrums and attitude, nor could they afford to raise me, I was an accident in a country where life is cheap and very expendable. At first I was a house boy, left to clean, cook and wait on my master, sex did not enter the picture until I was much older. I did not always behave and was beaten and made to stand in my room for hours to think about my actions, it did not take long for me to learn to keep my feelings to myself, hold my tongue and do as I was told. There were two other boys Lei 25 years old and Pai 19 years old, both were called boy, as was I, you had to watch, listen and pay attention to know what or who master wanted. I served our master first and the elder boys second who usually treated me poorly like they also were my masters. I washed their clothes and cooked their food, sometimes they had me give them massages and wash them in the bath. I was not schooled; only learning what I could from the others, the only time I was allowed to go out into the world was on market day to the open air market. This went on for years until I was about 19 years old and started getting the shape of a man; I was off limits to the older boys until the master gave them permission to use me as they wanted. My hair was dark, my skin was olive, my arms had grown to have a good amount of muscle from all the heavy chores I did. The master looked at me one day, “Boy, strip yourself, I want to see the man you have become.” I took off the only thing I ever wore inside the house, my pants, letting them drop to the floor. I stood there in front of the man that owned me, hands to my side looking him in the eye. He looked at me, touching my full chest and running his fingers down my arms. I knew this day would come, I have watched the other two serve our master many times. “Bring Pai to me.” “Yes sir.” I replied. I found Pai in the garden working with Lei. “Pai, Master wants you now.” I said. “Did he ask for me also?” Lei asked. “No, I think he wants only Pai.” I followed Pai back to our master. “Pai, I have a new boy coming in tomorrow, Lei will be leaving us, he has been sold to work the fields and will go tonight, Sing will move to the room with you, teach him what he needs to know.” I cried as Lei left that night, Pai held me close, he was in his upper twenties now, Pai ran his hands over my body, it felt very well, no one had ever shown me much compassion or love and to have his touch now, I longed for more. Pai pushed me to my knees, “suck me.” I had seen the two older ones having sex with each other often and this seemed natural to me and the fact that I would soon be with our master to please his needs. I sucked Pai’s cock, he pushed it deep into my mouth causing me to choke and pull off. “Here’s how it is done, pay attention.” Pai sucked on my cock, it got stiffer than when I would jack off alone in the garden when no one was watching. Pai touched my ass and balls while sucking me, It was my first time and took only seconds before I shot my virgin juice into his mouth, Pai sucked it all swallowing all of my spunk. “This is how you do it, swallow it all and do not choke on the master’s cock or you will suffer one of his moods.” “This next part will take some getting used to, you will have to learn to relax your ass muscles and not fight against the master’s intrusion.” He said. He told me to get onto my knees on the bed; I did as I was told while Pai used grease on my ass to ease the friction. Pai mounted my ass, pushing his stiff unit into my tight pink hole, he did not hold back much at all. When his cock head pushed past my muscle ring, I felt intense pain and cried out, Pai slapped my back hard. “Never make a noise from pain, you will endure it and it will grow less and less. He continued pushing his stiff meat into me, tears ran off of my face onto the bed; my hands tightly gripped the bed as I held on. I knew that Pai was being rough on me in order to get me ready for our master, he drove it deep into my burning ass, and over and over speeding up until his body shook with orgasm as he shot man seed into my ass for the first time in my life. Pai pulled his wilting cock out, taking a cloth to clean himself off, then he cleaned my ass, I felt as if I had been invaded by the axel of a wagon. Pai saw the tears in my eyes and pulled me close, my face against his chest, I kissed the nipple near my lips. Pai brushed my hair with his hand and told me that we would have a few more times before I would go to the master’s bed in the next few days. We slept until morning when Pai woke me. “It is time For me to take you again.” he said softly. He saw the uneasy look on my face and touched my cheek. I got into position, Pai used the grease again before plunging his cock into me for the second time, the pain was not as bad as before but still hurt, I did not cry out. Part way through the pain eased and started to feel good; the closeness I was sharing with Pai was something I never knew. My manhood was stiff and my balls had tightened while he was still inside me. Pai tied a multi colored cord around my shaft and balls fairly tight but not tight enough to restrict blood flow. “This will help you stay very stiff for our master, he will not like it if you go soft while with him and may punish you for it.” I felt so much closer to Pai than ever before, he mentored me to have me ready and was rough on me to prepare me for later. The new boy was twelve years old and seemed to keep out of trouble but had been punished a few times in the first few days. I wanted to guide him and show him how things are done. Pai told me to leave him to learn and not to talk to him as a fellow boy but to treat him as I had been treated until he came of age for the master, then it would be my turn to prepare him as Pai was preparing me now. The new boy did as I had done, making food for us and cleaning the house, our clothing and bedding, he slept on a small mat on the floor with a small tattered cloth for a blanket. The night came when the master called for me, Pai kissed me and told me to be strong and that it would not hurt so bad as my body will became used to being fucked hard by the masters thick prick. I walked naked into the master’s suite where I saw him laying on the bed. “Come here boy, let me look at you.” I stood next to the bed as he sat up looking at every inch of my muscular chest, he pinched one of my nipples roughly making it stiff, his hands roamed down my abdomen to my pubic hair, to my cock and then taking my balls into his hand putting his and forefinger around the top of my sac, he looked me in the eye and started squeezing harder and harder to see if I would flinch, the pain was sharp and caused my stomach to feel sick, my knees wanted to buckle but I stood fast. He lay back on the bed. “Come suck me” he said in an unexpectedly soft voice. I put the tip of his cock into my mouth, he was much bigger than Pai and this worried me. Master pushed his fat cock deeper into my mouth, reaching down pulling my head farther onto his crotch. I swallowed his staff and as he rode my mouth, my eyes watered and my lungs begged for more air. I choked on his cock, at first he paid no attention but when I gagged a second time I felt master slap the side of my head sharply, I quickly controlled my breathing and my gag reflex. I felt him moving at a different pace and knew he was close to climax; I sucked him while rubbing his legs and belly. Master shot his salty juice into my mouth and fell asleep. Pai told me that I could leave the bed when he slept. I quietly got off the bed and went back to Pai telling him of the highlights of the visit. He seemed proud that I was finally able to control gagging and stay out of trouble with master. Pai held me tight as we lay side by side, I leaned over and kissed his lips, he pushed his tongue into my mouth, it was another first, and I lusted after his tongue and pushed mine into his mouth. Pai made love to me that night, with tender care, kissing me and let me fuck him, I found that I really enjoyed that, if I were a free man I would probably only be a top. A few days later the master fucked me, I thought I would pass out from the pain, he did not go easy at all but I was there for his pleasure not mine and he made sure that I knew that he owned me and could do as he liked. One night he came into our room drunk and had me tie Pai up to the bed and watched while I took his ass and fucked him. He told me to beat his ass with a strap. I didn’t want to beat him but knew better than disobeying master. I slapped the strap across his ass leaving a light pink mark. “No, like this, he yelled taking the strap and swinging it hard to my ass; I sucked my breath in and knew that it would leave a welt. He handed me the strap and ordered me to give him five lashes across his ass and back. I did as I was told, my heart cried for Pai and the pain that this sadistic man was causing me to inflict. Master smiled and went to bed. I untied Pai and got some ointment for his wounds, the strap had broken the skin in a few places. I kissed his back and ass. “I am so sorry I did this.” “It wasn’t you Sing, it was master“, and he can get pretty mean when he drinks too much. “Can I ask you something without you getting mad or telling master?” I asked in a whisper. “Yes, he is asleep and with the amount he drank, he won’t soon wake.” “What do you think about leaving here?” “What do you mean?” he asked. “We could leave tonight and runaway from master and take the new boy too, he is a mean man.” “He would kill us if we are caught, okay, gather a few things and wrap them in a blanket, I will get the boy.” Pai returned with the boy after telling him the master is sending us on a two day errand to pick up a new boy and some supplies. We left and hurried to the river edge and found a small boat tied to one of the many docks. “Get in and keep quiet.” Pai told the boy. After getting into the boat we rowed along with the current down river all night with the help of the small sail made it about twenty miles by morning and out of direct reach of our master. “What is your name?” I asked the boy. “My name is Tin, we aren’t going back home are we?” “No Tin, we are not going back, master beats and abuses his boy’s and it is no place for you to grow up.” When the river met the sea we sold the little boat for enough to get some food with. Pai reached into his pocket and showed me a large handful of golden coins. “Where did you get those coins?” I asked. I took them from masters secret place near his bed, he will really be mad when he sees that I have stolen his money but we need it to get far away from him. I leaned in and kissed Pai before realizing that others were looking at us. Pai went to a few ships and asking men where each ship was sailing until he found a suitable destination, he gave them a few of the coins for passage and we boarded the ship. I did not breathe easy until the ship had left the dock and was headed out to sea. Nine days later we pulled into port, I had no idea where we were not nor did I care, as long as we were safe and I was with Pai and Tin. We had enough money to buy a very small farm and grow vegetables to sell at the market, Pai and I lived as a couple and treated Tin like he was our son and even sent him to school. We never heard anything about master again and often worried about new boys he must have gotten by now, once we even thought of going back there to rescue any boys that he had but knew that we could be imprisoned or killed for leaving him and stealing his small fortune.


  1. Enjoyed this one, Seth!!... really like your writing style and the way you put the story together!! keep it up!!..:)

  2. It is one of the best story i have ever read seth !!! You are the best !!! From now i am falling in love with you !!! I want you as my man !!! Love you a lot my dear seth !!! You are the best !!! ;-)