Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Exhibitionist on the Interstate

I just turned nineteen and needed to get from Oregon to New York, I just had to get away from the uptight upbringing of my parents who make me want to rebel against everything they stand for. I am gay and they refuse to hear anything about it and start talking about anything including the weather when I bring it up to them. I had decided to go to New York and was thinking of what to take with me, finally I decided that I would make a clean start of it and take nothing, absolutely nothing at all. I have always been an exhibitionist and would get naked outside whenever I could, especially rafting on the nearby river taking only my raft, and cut off jean shorts, as soon as I was out on the water I would strip naked and paddle down the river for miles letting people along the banks and bridges get an eyeful. At the end I would hide the raft and hitchhike home and get a friend to drive me back for the raft later. Most of the time people would just look, some would yell at me and now and then some would grab their crotch and rub it at me, one guy even flopped his cock out as I passed. At least twice someone called the Police on me, I hid in the bushes once but knew they were looking for me, I had my shorts in my hand and found that it got me stiff watching them look for me while I stayed naked in the bushes jacking off leaving my mark on the dirt and pine needles. It was time to leave for New York, I decided that I would leave at night after writing a note for my parents saying that it was time I was on my own and would write them soon. It was just after one A.M. when I walked out the back door for the last time, I was stark naked and took nothing with me at all except the tennis shoes I had on. Walking to the roadway I stood there in the lights of the few cars and semi trucks that were headed South into California, several cars honked as their headlights flashed past my naked silhouette on the edge of the roadway. It was not but a couple of minutes before a car pulled to the side of the roadway to pick me up. I opened the door of the car, it was a woman about forty. “Hop in.” she said. I got into the car and pulled the door shut as she pulled back onto the roadway. “What are you doing out here naked hitchhiking along the road?” She asked. “What is your name?” “Josh” I replied. I told her I was running away from abusive parents that kept me locked in the basement naked all the time and it was the only way I could get away. She pulled off the roadway and looked at me. “I’m going to get you some clothes, you can’t go around naked. She pulled into a 24 hour Wal-Mart and parked away from the entrance so no one would walk by and see me. She came out a few minutes later with a pair of jeans and a couple of tee shirts and handed me the bag. “Thank you.” I said as I set the bag on the floor of the car. She looked at me and must have wondered why I didn’t put the clothes on. She pulled back out on the interstate headed South. “I am only going about fifty more miles but can leave you off at the truck stop, you would have a good chance of getting a ride from a trucker there.” ‘That would be great.” I said. She asked me more about my abusive parents along the last few miles, I made up the story as I went. She pulled into the back of the truck stop and took two twenty dollar bills from her purse handing me the money telling me that I would need some cash to eat on at least. I took the money and her hand dropped to my chest and slid to my pubic hair, her finger tips spread on each side of me cock. I opened the door thanking her for the money and clothes as I got out into the dimly lit parking lot. She drove off into the night as I pushed the bag of clothing into the trash can and tucked the cash into my shoe. I walked around the trucks that idled in the dirt lot tapping on windows until a guy popped his head out from the sleeper unit. “What the fuck do you want?” “Looking for a ride as far as you are going toward New York.” I replied. “You a parking lot whore?” he asked. “No I’m hitchhiking to New York.” “Why the fuck are you naked?” “Doing it on a bet, can I come in?” “Yeah, climb in back here with me.” “How far are you going?” I asked. “As far as you’ll let me.” he said with a chuckle. “What’s your name kid?” “Billy, but how far are you going toward New York?” “Look Billy, I am going to Las Vegas after one stop in Los Angeles, you are welcome to ride with me but I want a blow job for the trouble.” He was not overly attractive and had a bit of a belly but I leaned over and sucked his knob into my mouth, he groaned while he pushed the back of my head down firmly. “Suck it kid and don’t come off till you swallow everything.” I sucked him and it was only a couple of minutes until he blew his trucker juice into my mouth, it was the only cum I had tasted other than my own and the one time I took the town Sheriff’s son into the woods while he was drunk and sucked him off. I spat the cum out into the bedding quietly. He climbed into the drivers seat and took us out to the interstate. “You really gonna hitchhike naked all the way across the country?” “Yeah, pretty hot huh?” “Fuck yeah.” he said reaching over feeling my crotch. I pushed his hand away and turned up the radio, he started singing with the music and was not all that bad a singer. We made the stop in Los Angeles and backed into a warehouse loading dock. “Better take your necked self back into the sleeper so no one sees you.” “I’m good, it’s no biggie.” He finished dropping the load and climbed back into the cab. “Can I drive?” I asked. “Have you ever driven a semi before?” “Yeah, besides you can rest while I drive.” He got out to walk around excepting me to climb over, I got out and walked around the front of the truck. “Holy fuck, Billy, you’ll get me arrested.” he said as he climbed into the passenger seat. I moved the seat up and pushed in the clutch grinding the gears trying to find first gear. “Damn, you said you’ve driven a semi before, don’t fuck up my transmission.” “Tell me what to do.” He put his hand on mine and moved it into first gear. “Okay, Le the clutch out slow and press on the gas easy.” I did as instructed, the truck jerked and lurched as I headed for the gates and toward the interstate. The trucker leaned over and started feeling my dick. “Really?… you want to jack me off while I’m driving your semi with no license?” He sat back in his seat and gave me instructions on how to get back to the interstate and on shifting. I drove for about two hours before he had me pull to the side of the road at a drive in burger place to trade off driving, saying that I was not going fast enough and would take an extra two hours to get to Vegas. “Sit tight and Ill get us some burgers, I’m guessing you have no money?” “No sir.” I said holding my hands out palms up. He walked up to the window and ordered while I jumped out and walked around the truck getting in on the passenger side. The trucker climbed in with a bag of burgers, fries and two chocolate shakes, we ate and drove the last few hours to Las Vegas. He go onto the CB radio asking who was headed toward New York saying he had a special young rider that would make it worth their while. Several truckers answered and one agreed to meet at the block in back of the MGM Casino where there was room for trucks to stop. Before I got out the trucker gave me a few folded bills, to help on the road he said. I tucked the cash into my shoe and jumped out of his truck and strolled over to the semi waiting a few feet away. I got into the cab and pulled the door closed. “What the hell are you doing? I thought you were a female when he called out on the CB.” “Do I look like a girl?” I asked. “Where are your clothes?” “I was raped in Fresno and tossed out of this guys truck, he took all my money and left me on the side of the road. “That bastard, how mean can people be? my name is Rodney.” he said putting his hand out. “Derrick” I said shaking his hand. He pulled out and drove down the strip, all the lights and people out walking between casinos. “This is cool” “Yeah, a great way to loose your money, I don’t gamble myself.” Rodney drove for a few hours while I slept with my head on the window before he tapped me on the leg. “climb in the sleeper or you’ll get a stiff neck.” I got in back and snuggled into the blankets, the hum of the motor lulled me to sleep. I woke up when he pulled into a rest stop along the freeway, while he went inside the restroom I opened the passenger door and climbed out and pissed on the truck tire and got back into the sleeper. Rodney came back and got in next to me. “I need a couple of hours sleep before we can get back on the road.” I reached over and touched the front of his jeans to give him a bit for the ride in his truck. “Hey!,, I’m not a faggot, get off me.” “Okay, chill dude, just trying to be friendly.” I laid back and was almost asleep when I felt his hand on my chest touching my nipple. He started jacking off, I moved his hand to my crotch. At first he just left his hand there but eventually put his fingers around my penis exploring it. I turned on a small light so he could see my body, I spread my legs and lifted one knee, his fingers moved to my balls. “Do you want to suck my cock?” I asked him. He did not answer but moved down and took it into his mouth, it must have been his first time sucking a cock as he went slow at first but got the hang of it pretty fast. I shot my cum and he pulled off fast letting most of it splash onto my belly. I sucked his cock and swallowed his seed while he moaned, he didn’t say a word but turned over and went to sleep. I stayed with this guy for the next day and a half before we got to the farthest point that I needed to go Rodney peeled three one hundred dollar bills from the fat wad of cash he had in his pocket. “No, I can’t take that.” I protested. He took two more hundred and gave me five hundred total. “You will need some money to start your life with so take it and keep yourself safe.” he said patting my bare leg. I got out of his truck and walked to the on ramp and stuck my thumb out, several trucks and a few cars had passed some blowing their horns at me. I rubbed my cock getting it fully hard showing my boner as the truckers drove by, it turned me on to know they saw me like this. One white Peterbuilt semi pulled off to the side after seeing me, I ran toward the truck holding my bone while my balls slapped my legs. I opened the door and climbed into the truck cab pulling the door shut, the driver was a nice looking guy about 40 or so turned on the inside lights. “Let me take a good look at you, you like showing your big stiff cock on the side of the road?” “Where are your clothes?” “I was robbed and stripped back a few miles and no one would stop for me, until you came along, my name is Teddy” I said. “You are a nice looking guy Teddy, what say we go into the sleeper and make some friction?” “Okay, as long as you will give me a ride, I am headed to New York.” “I’ll give you a ride alright.” he said as he pulled me up onto my knees. “I’m gonna fuck that sweet tight ass of yours.” he said as he took some lube from a drawer in the sleeper. “I’ve never been fucked before, I don’t think so, maybe a blow job will be good enough.” “Fuck that.” he said grabbing my throat and pushing me onto my back, he grabbed my legs roughly and pushed some lube into my crack before jamming his rock hard cock into my ass. I screamed out in pain as he pushed his manhood deep into my ass. “Shut the fuck up whore boy.” he said as he pushed his hand over my mouth, he moved his hand and went back to fucking my ass, tears ran down my face from the pain. The trucker finally shot his jizz and collapsed on top of me before rolling off and laying there breathing hard for a while. I lay there thinking about how many miles left before my destination, my asshole was on fire, I felt like I had been torn apart by this guy. “Get the fuck out of my truck now.” “No, you have to let me ride with you.” I said in as mean a voice as I could muster. “I’m only going a few miles to finish my last drop then headed back North for my next pick up, now get out.” “No, take me at least 200 miles or I’ll flag down a trooper and tell him that you raped me and dumped me naked along the interstate, your choice.” I demanded. “Fucking little whore, alright, I’ll drop you in 200 miles, but that’s it.” He said as he climbed behind the wheel and pulled out onto the roadway. I pulled the blanket up over me and saw his wallet had fallen out of his pocket while he was fucking me. I opened it and pulled out most of the cash leaving him a twenty, he would never turn me in or the truth would come out. He drove the few hours in silence before pulling over. “Okay, whore, that’s 200 miles now come give me a blow job before you get out.” I moved into the front seat and popped the door open and jumped out into the darkness. “Asshole” He yelled as he pulled the door shut and drove off. I ran for the bushes and hunkered down until I was sure he had gone, I took the money out and counted a little over four hundred dollars, fuck him, I thought. I got back to the side of the road and stuck my thumb out as traffic lights shined across me, I did some walking as I waited between vehicles passing by. I was standing there with my thumb out and my cock dangling in front of me as a car approached and seemed to be stopping for me, just as it got near me the red and blue lights turned on and a spotlight shown on my nude body. Running crossed my mind but I knew I would be caught, the Trooper walked up to me and walked me to the front of his cruiser. “What the hell are you doing out here naked?” he asked. I decided to stick to the raped and set out naked story, he seemed to buy it and I gave only a vague description of the trucker and only a semi truck for the vehicle. He shined his flashlight to my backside saying that I had a little blood on my leg from my ass as result of the assault, he wanted me to come to the hospital for a checkup, I told him I did not want to press any charges, just get back onto the road and finish my journey. I can’t let you go like this, you are coming home with me, I was finished with my shift and going home anyway. The Trooper asked my name and told me his was Steven, this time I gave my real name as I knew that he would run it in the computer and find that I have never been arrested. He took a blanket from his trunk and wrapped it over my shoulders and put me into the back seat, it was uncomfortable but I should not complain, at least I was not going to jail. Inside he took me to the bathroom and gave me a towel from the closet. “Take a shower and clean yourself up, I will find something for you to wear.” I looked into his eyes, he was a kind and handsome guy in his early thirties. I got into the shower, feeling the hot water splashing over my body my ass was still very sore but I rubbed soap into my crack trying to wash away the pain. I stepped out of the shower to find that the Trooper had laid clothes out for me. I took the plaid boxer briefs and put them to my nose sniffing for any scent of the trooper but only smelling the scent of clean laundry. I looked up and saw the man looking at me, his briefs at my face. “Get dressed son and I’ll fix us a sandwich for dinner, I’m not much of a cook.” I put on the boxers and the tee shirt before sliding on the jeans that were at least four sizes too big for me. I walked into the kitchen and found the Trooper sitting at the table eating a sandwich and chips, I sat and ate mine like I had not eaten in days even though I had a few meals since I left home days ago. “I don’t know how to thank you, that shower felt great.” “Where is it you are heading?” he asked between bites of his sandwich. “Just New York City, I had to get away from Oregon, my parents can’t accept me being gay and,,, well I just want to find a place to fit in and be me.” “I see, well I want you to be safe, I am gay as well, but being a Trooper around here, I am pretty much forced to stay in the closet and hide who I am, so I understand what you mean.” After we ate, the Trooper looked up some gay alliance groups in New York and gave me some contacts that may help me when I get there. “I have only got the one bed and my couch is too short for you to sleep on, we will have to double up in my bed but I promise I won’t bother you.” We got into his bed and he stayed to his side, part way through the night I moved in close and spooned in front of him reaching back pulling his strong arm across me before going back to sleep, I never felt so secure in my life as I did sleeping against Trooper Steven. I woke up first still with Steven’s arm across my chest and put my hand over his holding it tight to my body, I had morning wood and was hoping he did too. Steven woke up and realized his arm was across me and moved to pull it off but I held it in place until he relaxed. I rolled over facing him, his beautiful blue eyes looked into mine, I wanted to kiss him, hell I wanted him to fuck me like the trucker did. I reached to his crotch and he jumped back a little. “It’s okay, I want to.” I said softly. I reached into the fly of his boxers touching his cock, feeling his pubic hair and his soft balls. I pushed back the blankets so I could see his cock, I slid his shorts off as he lifted his hips. His curly tight pubic hair against his pale white skin amazed me. I stared at his low hanging balls as I moved his legs apart they fell between them. He started to say something but I held up my hand, I wanted to take in the moment and look at his beautiful body. I leaned over taking his cock into my mouth, he moaned and moved under my touch of his legs and balls. I lifted his legs and looked at his ass, all covered with fine black hair, my finger touched his puckered hole and I looked into his eyes, I spat onto my finger and pushed it into his ass feeling his sphincter tighten around the movement of my finger. His body moved as he moaned at my touch, he took some lube from his nightstand and squirted some on his hand before rubbing it onto my cock, I looked at him, my heart raced as I pushed my stiff prick into Trooper Steven’s ass. I pushed slowly at first while he lifted his legs toward his chest, it felt so wonderful to be inside this sweet and hot man, it was like I was claiming him as my own. It did not take long before I started cumming as I was not used to fucking anyone and the waves of euphoria blasted through me as I cried out in bliss. I rolled off of him and asked that he fuck me now. Steven slid his cock into me more gently and with care than the trucker had, using plenty of lube he fucked me with passion, I moaned, this time it felt much better and there was allot less pain. When he climaxed his body shook, his breathing rough and had fell down on me putting his arms around me holding me tightly. “Thank you, that was incredible, I’ve not been with anyone in three years.” I hugged him tightly and kissed his lips, he kissed me back with heat and passion, his tongue into my mouth, his hands running down my arms and onto my chest. He took his phone from the side of the bed, dialed a number and said that he was calling out sick and would not be working today. I leaned over kissing his nipple and his chest as he hung up the phone. We showered and had a small breakfast as we sat at the table nude. Steven asked me if I would stay the day with him to cuddle and play in bed all day. I looked into his soft and sexy eyes. “I will stay with you as long as we are both happy with the situation.” I went on to tell him about getting turned on by exhibition in public and how I had crossed the country so far completely naked. He was amazed and I think turned on by it too. We made love most of the day with me giving every part of his body as much attention as he would let me.


  1. This story was really Good, I was once a Truck Driver and had had my encounters with young men on the side of the Highway that would do just about anything to get across the country for free. Most od them were also Gay...

  2. love trucker stories i am going to try to get to california from okla soon i hope i get there i will be 60 this yr

  3. A happy ending and yes I’d let him stay as long as he wanted and enjoy his exhibitionist nature