Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Fitting

I work in a menswear shop selling men’s suits and sport coats to upscale clients and work mostly by appointment. I had a special client coming in at 8 pm. He requested it after hours as he was flying back in late but needed a new suit for the following day. The client was Travis longg, he worked in gay porn and his cock size is where he derived his stage name from, Longg. The shop was closed and I was inside waiting for him, I had seen him in porn before and knew of his handsome looks. I stood at the door waiting until Travis appeared dark hair and a face that was so hot looking, his steel blue eyes looked into mine as he walked up. Are you Drew? Travis asked. Yes, come in Travis, you have the run of the place tonight; it is just the two of us. If you like, we can step back into the fitting room and I can get some measurements real quick. I said. Ok, sounds good. Travis said as he walked into the shop. Slip off your jacket and shoes and Ill grab a measuring tape. I said as he walked to the fitting area. I would like to get two suits, one off the rack to take to wear tomorrow and a custom tailored suit I can pick up in a week or two. Travis said. Let me measure your inseam. I said as I held the tape to his ankle and ran the tape to his crotch; I felt the meat that made him famous, hanging down his leg. Here, let me make this easier, I will take off my pants and give you room to work. Travis said. Damn, thinking to myself, it looks bigger than it did on screen. OK, it will be easier to get proper measurements once you get the fabric out of the way. I said. Let me make it very easy then. Travis said with a small laugh. Watching Travis drop his boxer shorts, my eyes about popped out of my head. Wondering how I was going to measure anything now that his 12 inch schlong was hanging down, hell his big balls hung low too. I ,, umm.. I stuttered. Just do what you need to do to get the job done, I am not shy and you may need to make concessions for my size. Travis said flatly. I’ve never seen anything that size before. I said. Touch it, it won’t bite you. He said. Wow, the weight of it is amazing and your balls are so sexy too. I said, mesmerized by the slab of meat in front of my eyes. OK, measure me if you like. Trav said. I grabbed his cock and pulled the tape out from the stem to the head, 11 and ¾ inches. I said. I meant my inseam not my dick. He said laughing. Oh,, sorry. I said, blushing a bit. Suck it he said shortly. What? I asked. Suck it, you want it, suck my cock. Travis said as he jutted his hips toward my lips. I leaned in taking the massive meat to my mouth. It’s so huge, I can’t get…. I stopped short in my sentence when Travis smacked his enormous prick along side of my face a few times. Take what you can handle, smack it onto your face, play with it. He replied. I sucked in as much as I could take; opening my throat as far as I could while Travis pumped his thickening cock into my mouth. I felt as if I were being choked, no air passed while he had my throat filled beyond anything before. Mmm,,, take it Drew, suck me,, you like my big dick? He asked. Yeah, I do, I’ve seen many of your videos, and how do guys take this in the ass? I asked. Drop your pants and turn around and I will show you. He ordered. There is no way in the world I could take that, besides, I have not had much in my hole but a vibrator and my fingers. I offered. Turn the fuck around and drop your pants. He said. Alright, but not all of it, it’s too long, I will give a try. I said, still very uncertain. Mmmm there,, some spit for lube and I will be in in no time. He said. Ohhh… Fuck.. Its too big, damn, you are ripping me open. I cried out. I will go slowly, only the head is in so far. Let it relax and it will be fine. Travis said as he pushed again only slower this time. Ease it into me., but slowly. I said in a quiet whisper thinking that would help the pain. Mmm you are one tight fucker; most of the guys I fuck have been around for a while and are as loose as cannons. Travis said. No one has ever had a cock in my ass before, I diddle my ass with my fingers and have a vibrator I use some but that’s about it. I said. Oh, nice, a virgin ass, well not anymore, you have been had by Travis Longg. He said with a laugh. Ohhh… Fuckkk. It hurts.. Bad…,, slower. I begged. It’s only half in, that’s only six inches. Let me give you a bit more. He replied. Oh My God, fuck me.. Just use my ass, but just go slow. I said. Ohhh,, yeah, feel that meat pole sliding into your tight ass; you wanted it the second you saw me didn’t you? He asked. Yeah, I did, I have always fantasized about your big cock inside me, fucking me hard. Don’t get too carried away with the hard part, its huge. I said. Well it is ¾ inside your ass now, that’s nine inches of porn star dick in your fuck hole. And NOW….I am going all the way in now, twelve inches. He said as he pushed it all the way in with one final motion. Ohhh Fuck me,, damn.. Pull back. I cried. Oh, I will, but Ill push it all back in your ass too. He laughed. Each time you pump my ass, makes me want it more. I whispered. Yeah, you like my big cock in your ass, ask me for it, let me hear you ask. He said. Fuck me Travis, give it to me, I want it all. I whispered. I’m cumming,, take my big cock onto that ass deep. Travis said in a steamy voice. Ohhh,,, you feel like a small car inside me, fill me with that cum. I begged. Wow, that felt great. The life of a porn sex is not fun sex; it takes hours of re shooting and staying hard, this was fun. He said with a smile. Turn over and let me suck you off. Well, I am no where near the size you are. I said a bit embarrassed. Don’t feel that way, I’m the freak of nature here, you are normal. He said as he went down on my stiff prick. Your mouth feels so fucking good, my ass is on fire, but damn this is great, suck it Travis. I said. Travis pulled off long enough to say, Mmmm…. Feed me that cock, fuck my mouth Drew. I am about to blow my wad. I told him. Travis pulled off my cock giving it a few tugs and watched me spew my cum all over my shirt to my face, I came more than normally and had a face full of sticky jizz. You came like a porn star Drew. Very hot. I may need another fitting soon too. Travis said as he pulled on his boxers. Call me for a special appointment anytime; now let’s get you fitted for this suit. I replied.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


I got a call from my friend Rick who wanted me to come meet him at his house about 6 pm today and we would go out to dinner then hit the bars for a bit. I was in the area about 5 pm and thought I’d go by and see if Rick was ready early so I didn’t have to find something to do for an hour. I rang the door bell and waited; I could hear music and hit the bell again. Daniel, Rick’s roommate answered the door holding a towel in front of his crotch. Hey Donny, how are you? Daniel asked. Come in, it’s good to see you. Daniel put his arms around me and pulled me tight for the customary hug and kiss on each cheek. It was a bit odd him being naked, but Daniel has a big habit of being naked a lot, I have known him for several years since just after high school. I just got out of the shower he said as he roughly dried his dark curly hair, his cock bouncing all over. Daniel is a very attractive guy, at 24 he has been a model locally for 5 years, he obsesses about his body and looks always. We all joke that it takes Daniel more time to shower and get ready to go out than 5 guys put together, usually showering at least two times a day sometimes three. Want a drink? Or a beer? Daniel asked me. Sure, I said, whatever you are having. Daniel has always flirted with me heavily and I have been tempted many times to go for him sexually, I just always thought he was just a pretty boy that jumps from guy to guy which is pretty much true. Daniel handed me a bottle of beer. He put his arm over my shoulder, leaning in kissing me on the lips; I kissed him back running my hand down his backside to his firm full ass cheeks. It was no exaggeration to say Daniel was perfect looking, his tan, his hair, his teeth are brilliant white he has a beautiful uncut 7 inch cock. He took my hand to his balls, I cupped them pulling on them feeling their weight. I don’t know why I was letting things get this far but it felt great, I am 30 years old and have been feeling sorry for myself lately. I have not had sex in six months other than alone; hell, I have not kissed a guy in that long other than the usual peck on the cheek with friends. Daniel sucked down half his beer in one drink, set his bottle down and ran his hand over my chest Daniel hopped up on the kitchen island sitting his bare ass on the counter. I decided to see how far things can go with him, just for fun and maybe more. Lay back I said. Daniel went flat to his back on the granite counter with his legs dangling off the edge. I walked to the side, running my hands over his magnificent body, Daniel moving at my touch moaning lightly to encourage me to do more. His cock was soft and his hood was covering the head with a twist of extra skin at the tip. I opened his foreskin and pushed my finger inside pulling the loose skin back over my finger up to the middle knuckle. I jacked the skin up and back over his willy and my finger, it stiffened rapidly with the movement and I could feel his pre cum on my fingertip. Daniel lifted his hips some, roll over and get on your knees. I told him. Daniel did as I said. Squatting back exposing his fuck hole, I smacked his ass hard with my open hand running my fingertips over his crack. Taking some spit rubbing it into his hole; I pushed my finger into his ass. Daniel moaned loudly and pushed back onto my finger wanting more, I gave him a second finger, then a third working his pucker hard. You want more? I asked. Yes,,,,,,,,,, please, give me more. Daniel responded quietly. Looking around the kitchen for something bigger to use on him. You got a dildo? I asked. Yeah, in my room bottom dresser drawer, you will find everything you need in there. He said. I went to his room opening the bottom drawers. Oh my fucking hell. The amount of dildos and toys he had in there was amazing. Restraints with bars between them for hands and feet, vibrators and dildos of all sizes and colors, cock restraints and a few things that I was not too sure what they were even for. I gathered up an arm full of goodies and headed back to the kitchen. I decided to use the bar restraints, hooking them to his wrists and then ankles, the bar holding them about three feet apart. This is all new to me but was gonna be fun exploring Daniel’s kinks. Daniel, still on his knees on the counter, I took some lube and primed his ass, choosing a purple medium sized phallic shaped dildo, pushing it into his ass. Daniel moaned again from the action. Time for “big John” pulling the purple one out of his ass, I pushed the head of a giant dildo at his entrance, squirting more lube onto the rubber cock. I pushed the head in slowly; Daniel pushed his hole back onto the thick toy. Just then Rick came in the front door and into the kitchen. Wow, looks like you too have found a way to entertain yourselves. Rick and Daniel were not lovers, just roommates that play with each other now and then. Rick came over to help out the situation; he took off his clothes and jumped up on the counter with Daniel. Rick fed Daniel his prick pumping it between his lips while I used the jumbo cock on Daniels ass. It was time for me to get up on the counter too; I stood in front of Rick letting him suck my cock while he fucked Daniel in the mouth. I moved to Daniel’s feet, taking the restraint bar and putting it over my head and onto my shoulders keeping his legs up in the air, I slid my stiff dick into his ass. Rick moved to my backside and pushed his own cock into my ass, fucking me while I fucked Daniel. Rick’s cock was the usual size but I was not used to being a bottom so I really felt every inch of his rod pulsating and throbbing when he came inside my ass. I pushed my meat harder than before, fuck me baby,, ram it into me harder. Daniel begged in a whisper. Rick pulled out of my ass and ran his hands all over my body as I fucked Daniel. I could feel my cum churning its way to release, I’m gonna cum, I said. Rick shoved his thumb into my ass and massaged it while I shot my wad into Daniels hole. I have never had fun with both of you before Rick said, each of you, but we have never all been together before. Help me with Daniel. Rick said with a grin. We picked Daniel up off the counter and following Rick’s lead we carried him into the living room and laid him on the carpet. Hey guy’s, I haven’t cum yet! Daniel said. Daniel’s cock was straining for release, pre cum making strings from his cock to his abs. Rick picked up the phone dialing. Hi Reese, I need a hand with something, err, or someone. I hope you are horny, get over here and bring any toy’s you like. On my way. Reese said. Rick dialed another number. Cody, come over, it’s sex time in my living room, Daniel is bound up in leg and arm restraints waiting for you. Rick hung up the phone. I have reinforcements coming for you Daniel. Rick, this is not funny, un latch me and let me get my nut off. Daniel said. I walked over squatting onto Daniels face letting him eat my ass while we waited for the others. Reese and Cody arrived within a few minutes. Reese peeled off his clothes in no time and carried a bag over to Daniel. Reese opened it and pulled out a cock cage with a lock on it strapping onto Daniels cock, placing the little lock on it, securing it in place, his meat pushed against the wire cage to get out. There. Reese said. You won’t be getting any attention with that cock till I am ready for you to cum. Cody was naked by this time and moved in to Daniel’s ass with his thumbs he spread his ass cheeks pushing his tongue in at the bound man’s ass hole. Reese squatted over Daniel’s head slapping his cock in Daniel’s face while Daniel tried to reach it with his tongue. I sat back on the couch and watched the show while rubbing my stiff prick; my legs spread open with Rick lapping at my balls. Reese plowed Daniel’s throat with his oversized cock, the man gulping for air between thrusts. Cody fucking Daniel, on each thrust into the hole, his ass cheeks would tighten and clench, but then Cody always had a small but nice ass. Rick got up and started taking pictures of the action. Reese pulled his cock out and jacked his load out all over Daniel’s face. No pictures! Daniel said. while the cum ran into his mouth and down his neck. Rick clicked a few more close up’s of the jizz covered face. Guys I need to cum now.. Un-hook the restraints. Reese grabbed the cock filled cage roughly, you want to cum Danny? Yes, I want to cum, un-hook me please…. Daniel asked. Say, “I want to cum, Sir” Reese said with a grin. I’m not saying that. Daniel said. Then the cage stays on. Reese replied. Come on.. Get it off me and let me cum. He begged. Reese looked at him and smiled. Okay, okay, I want to cum sir. Please,, Daniel said. Cody moaned quite loud as he blew his load into Daniel’s ass. Rick, still taking pictures of the action. Reese unlocked the cock cage; marks were left on Daniel’s cock from the restraint. Reese pulled at the man’s balls, leaning in; he took the stiff cock into his mouth and sucked on it going down to Daniel’s balls. Reese jacked the cock a few strokes fast while gripping it firmly, he could tell that Daniel was about to shoot and Reese would squeeze the base of Daniel’s cock making his ejaculation stop before he would do it again. Daniel was writhing around like a cat in heat wanting to cum so badly. Cody moved in and took charge, jacking Daniel’s cock, it did not take long before a fountain of cum spurted out in several wave’s making Daniel cry out in a euphoric sound. Daniel shot loads to his chest with Cody and Reese both lapping the juice up before kissing and sharing the spunk each other that they had licked up. Hey, you guys want to go out to grab a bite? I asked. Yeah, then we can come back and use Daniel some more. Reese said laughing. No, you are not leaving me tied up while you go eat. Daniel said. Reese removed the restraints and helped Daniel up from the floor. Maybe Reese needs to be in them after we get back. Daniel said. I may just like that! Reese said with a grin. I’m headed to the shower, who wants to join me? Daniel asked. I will. I said as I stood up. We showered and I came out naked to get my clothes on that were left in the kitchen. We went out for steaks before returning and reenacting the sex play from before, only with Reese in the restraints and more toys from Daniel’s sex toy drawer. The evening was fun and we decided to have “play dates” at least once a month for whoever of us wanted to show up. Rick put the photos on a blog for all of us to see, they were pretty hot pictures, so hot that I jacked off while looking at them several different times, Rick adds new pictures to it after each time we get together.