Friday, March 22, 2013

Cam 4 Whore

Cam4 Whore Looking through the Cam4 listings Cailan was perusing the naked bodies and kinks galore. Cailan likes to find the bizarre and astounding guys on Cam4, ass hole pirates plunging massive objects into their overstretched hemorrhoid battered holes. One of Cailan’s favorites is a guy that has a sunburst type tattoo around his asshole; it is beyond me how anyone could have the skin around their ass tattooed, and WHO would actually do the work? What if he had gas while he had his posterior exposed to the tattoo person, winking and threatening to belch out foul fumes right into his face? One guy who claims he is straight pushes extra long oriental cucumbers into his rectum and large dildos really getting off having guys watch him. Cailan had one pretty hot guy that he added to his favorites that liked to push a dildo into his ass while he had a guy on cam with him fuck him in the mouth before shooting all over his face and rubbing the jizz into his skin. The guy had quite a following as he was pretty hot and had a great looking body; his kink was being humiliated by the guys watching him on Cam4 and the guy he was on camera with. This turned Cailan on and he would often pay for a private session but that became not enough and it was time for Cailan to meet this guy in person who luckily lived only about 120 miles away. The guy JizzJeff gave him the address and met Cailan at the door, inviting him in Jeff offered him a drink and they began to chat about Cam4 and turn on’s. Cailan was anxious to have sex with Jeff but said only if he did it on Cam4 with him, not relishing the idea of going on cam, at first Cailan refused. Look. Jeff said, I’ve got a friend that will do it on cam with me and you can stay off cam and operate the camera for me getting better shots than using a tripod and if you want, you can join in too. Okay, sounds hot. Cailan responded. Jeff called this friend of his and it only took him a couple of minutes to come over, they prepped the camera and got the toys out before going live on Cam4. Jeff sat naked talking on voice to the guys watching while the audience grew, first he sucked his friend Tim’s cock making him hot and horny, Tim liked to be a bit rougher than the guy’s Cailan had seen with Jeff before. Tim slapped Jeff’s face with his uncut cock pulling on his head and face roughly, Take it you fucking whore. He said. It turned out that Tim was into choking his partner while he got sucked off, he put his hands around Jeff’s throat while verbally insulting him; Jeff’s face was red and veins bulging out on his face and neck. Tim let go of the choke hold and Jeff gasped for air, never letting the fat prick out of his mouth. Cailan put the camera on the tri pod and stripped off his clothes before climbing onto the bed taking Jeff’s stiff dick into his mouth. Tim pulled Cailan up to his own cock so both guys would work on him, this worked out pretty well until Tim got a choke hold on Cailan, Cailan fought to get Tim’s hands from his throat but Tim thought it was part of the game. Fuck this Cailan thought as he took Tim’s balls into his hand squeezing so hard Tim crumpled to a heap on the floor before letting go of the man‘s balls. Fucking bastard! Cailan said, turning his attention back to Jeff. Use some of the toys on me, Jeff said quietly. Cailan took a medium sized dildo and pushed it into Jeff’s mouth; Jeff tilted his head back and took it like a pro, swallowing the phallic toy. Cailan fucked Jeff’s some before taking the dildo to Jeff’s ass, lifting his legs and having Jeff hold them back to his chest with his hands, Cailan pushed some lube into Jeff’s hot pucker, then inserting a couple of fingers and probing his anus while twisting Jeff’s nipple’s. Tim tried to get up off the floor but Cailan firmly planted his foot on Tim’s balls holding them to the ground, Tim moaned at the pressure, the man stayed on the floor. Make yourself useful and run the camera and type to the guys watching or get the fuck out. Cailan said. Sure thing. Tim said in a low voice. I bet his balls were aching real bad Cailan thought, fucking try to choke me, see where it gets you bitch. Cailan pulled Jeff to the side of the bed and slid a condom on before pushed my cock into Jeff’s ass, Jeff was all he thought he would be, but really did not want to be on Cam4 but it was the only way he could fuck this guy he had watched so many times before. Jeff moaned and moved around while his ass was assaulted with his stiff cock. Talk mean to me. Jeff said quietly so the camera would not pick up the sound. You want more bitch? Cailan asked. Like this fuck boy? Tim moved in close with the camera, the guys watching typed approving responses with the close up view of Cailan’s cock filling Jeff’s ass. Cailan leaned back and arched his back while plunging into Jeff’s hole, about to cum he pulled out peeling off the condom while he moved to Jeff’s face blowing cum all over his face, Jeff tried to catch some in his mouth. Cailan slapped his thick cock into the jizz he had just deposited on the man’s face rubbing the cum around with it while Tim got plenty of close up’s. Cailan climbed onto Jeff’s cum lubed face and sat his asshole with on Jeff’s face, riding him while Jeff tried to push his tongue into Cailan’s ass. Tim started jacking off while filming, he wanted back into the action but did not want a foot in his balls again so he stayed back. Cailan took Jeff’s cock in his hands, need to cum Jizz boy? He asked. A muffled response was felt by Cailan while Jeff chewed his hole. Cailan jacked Jeff’s cock, griping it firmly, Tim reached out lifting Jeff’s balls, Cailan shot him a look and Tim stepped back tending to his camera and his own cock. Cailan leaned over sucking Jeff’s prick into his mouth and into his throat. Usually Jeff was used on cam only and rarely saw gratification from the partner he was with. Cailan felt Jeff’s cock stiffen even more and could tell the cum was about to fly, he pulled off the man’s cock and grabbed it, jacking it fast causing his jizz to shoot onto his own belly. Scooping some into his hand Cailan rubbed it onto Jeff’s lips and face. Just then Tim shot his load onto Jeff’s hip from the side he was filming from turning the cam to his own cock as he blew his load. Jeff earned two thousand tokens for his show as we went off the air. Tim put the camera down and dressed and headed to the door. I’ll see you later Jeff. He said. Cailan touched Jeff’s body softly twisting a nipple before pulling him close kissing his cum covered lips. Want to do anything now? Cailan asked. Baby, I don’t want a date, a boyfriend or any of that. I am a Cam4 whore just working the shows for money, that’s it. Jeff bent to his knees giving Cailan one hell of a blowjob before he got in his car and headed home. Cailan was a bit relieved that this only turned into a cam4 show, Jeff was very hot looking but to have a boyfriend that was on Cam4 being degraded for tips everyday was not something he would like. At least he had some time with JizzJeff and continued watching his Cam4 performances several times a week.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Flash

I went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, there were are so many parties and parades. One stop I had to see was the huge drunken street party at the French Quarter with the throngs of scantily dressed men walking the streets and flashing to the balconies for beads or at least an excuse to pull their cock and balls out for a cheering crowd. I am a 36 year old with a very good build I have worked hard to maintain, walking through the streets men and women alike checking out my bare chest and toughing my arms as they pass. Looking up at one balcony I saw the Gay pride flag hanging off the rails above with several hot guys holding drinks and beads cheering for guys below to flash their cocks and asses for beads. One kid that looked to be about 22 years old was almost falling down drunk, the guys above were calling our “hey blondie” show us your meat! He handed me his drink and pulled his sweat pants down to his ankles pulling his tee shirt up past his nipples. The guys all around cheered as the men from the balcony tossed beads. “Get it hard and catch the beads on your cock” one guy yelled from above. A dark haired guy pushed right up to this guy’s bare ass with his crotch reaching around taking the kid’s cock into his hands rubbing it to a full stiff 7 inches. The guys above tossed small strands of beads trying to catch them on this guy’s cock without much luck. The dark haired guy moved himself to the front putting beads around this guy’s cock and balls before taking his stiff bone into his mouth sucking it deep and hard. “Suck him like a whore” one guy called out from the crowd that was watching. Some man wearing a black jock and chaps moved in behind the man’s bare ass fondling his ass cheeks, spitting onto his hand rubbing it into the man’s ass crack. He pulled his stiff cock out of the confining jock and bent the guy over and pushed his cock deep, holding his shoulders he was fucking him right here in the street. I had never thought I would see anything like this out in public; several guys had pulled out their own cocks and were openly jacking off watching the leather chapped man fuck this college kid in the ass. I felt beads his me in the side of the head, looking up I saw that one of the guys on the balcony waved at me. “Show me your dick” he yelled. I grabbed my bulge through my pants and grinned at him. “Come on, you are so hot give me a peek” he said. I looked around and most of the crowd was watching this guy getting fucked about four feet from me. I opened my pants pulling them down with plenty of room to see my cock and balls. He guy tosses me some beads; I smiled as I caught them and put them around my neck. Toss me the big white beads, I yelled. He smiled and took them off giving them a kiss before tossing them to me. As I caught the beads and was putting them over my head, a couple of guys started groping my bare chest and my balls. I looked up at the guy as he watched these guys running their hands all over me. Cop’s he yelled to me, the Police are coming this way. I pulled my pants up fast and broke from the hands that were clinging to me. Come up here! The guy said as he pointed to some stairs on the side of the building. I ran for the stairs and was up to the top in a couple of seconds with the guy that was on the balcony opening the door for me. Fuck, that’s all I need, going to jail for indecent exposure. I said. Thanks for the heads up. He pushed the door closed behind me and we walked to the balcony just as the Police were cuffing the drunken guy and the one that was fucking him while the rest of the crowd cleaned up their act quickly and we went into the living room of the apartment. I figured that I would cut loose and have some fun while here on vacation but jail is no part of my plans. He ran his hands over my chest giving my nipple a tweak before sucking on it. I reached over picking some large beads off the table, Show me your cock and I’ll toss you these beads. I said with a grin. He smiled as he opened his jeans pulling out a semi hard prick, I reached down pulling his jeans to the floor, standing up I placed the beads around his neck. My name is…. I held my finger to his lips, I don’t need to know your name, I want random casual sex for the first time in my life, no strings, just hot sex. A couple of other guy’s came in from the balcony and watched me as I kneeled in front of the man sucking his cock into my mouth. I stood up taking off my pants as he stepped out of his pants leaving us both naked except for beads and my cockring. I moved him closer to the balcony door and went back to sucking his fat stubby cock. Knowing that some of the crowd could see me sucking this guy off, it turned me on allot. I stood up and looked out to make sure the Police had all gone away. I pushed this guy out onto the balcony and followed him as the cheers came from below. I bent him over the side railing and started fucking his ass. His balls slapped all around as I plowed his hole, one of his friends was behind me playing with my ass cheeks and running his fingers into my ass crack. Looking at all the guys below watching me fuck this guy got me so hot. Some were taking videos and at first I worried about being all over the web but I work in a gay bar, bartending, who gives a fuck. Some were pelting us with beads from below as they cheered. It only took me a few minutes of fucking him before I started cumming into his ass. His friend was jacking off behind me while playing with my ass, he moved to the edge of the railing putting his cock over the edge while jacking it, the guys below all moved in tight below him as he shot his jizz into the air letting it fall to the horny men below. Scanning the crowd below for Police, and taking in the view of the many men that watched us as they stroked their cocks in the street. I took some beads from the table rubbing them on my crotch before tossing them to a hot guy below that had my eye. I put my pants back on and gave the guy I had just fucked a wave before walking to the door and down the stairs and back into the crowd. I had never done anything like that before but enjoyed my public sexposure more than I ever thought I would.