Sunday, March 31, 2013


Jake I shared a bedroom with my brother Dave since we were kids, our mom, a single parent worked allot in the evenings so it left me at Dave’s hands. Usually Dave was decent to me but sometimes he was overbearing and a bit pissy that he was in charge of the house while they were gone to work and that included me. Dave and his friend Jake were playing video games in the bedroom; we had bunks so we could have room for a couch in there making it more fun to hang out in there. I was in my boxer shorts lying on the top bunk watching them play, Jake was one year older than me and the same age as Dave, Jake had more muscle on his lean frame and had rusty brown hair. I would lay and watch him while they played, his fast smile and loud laugh made me smile. Jake would look up at me now and then, I never knew what he was thinking. Daniel, go get us some Coke’s Dave said. While he kept playing. I rolled my eyes and knew better than not to do it, he would pound me on the arm when he got hacked off with me and it hurt like hell. I hopped down off the bed, Jake, you want a Coke? I asked. That would be great, thanks. Jake said giving me a smile. I went to the kitchen bringing back three Coke’s and a bag of potato chips. I gave Dave and Jake each a drink and pushed in next to Jake on the couch. Want some chips? I asked Jake. Sure he said as he reached into the bag between game moves. Jake put his hand deep into the bag that was in my lap, I felt his fingers through the bag rubbing around near my crotch, at first I thought he was just digging deep for chips when he looked into my face and gave me a firm grope from inside the bag, he smiled and went back to playing. Jake was a regular fixture at our house sometimes spending the night sleeping on the couch in our room. Daniel, I have a date at eight o’clock, I am leaving you here by yourself and you better not tell mom or I will beat your ass. Whatever….. I said. I am near as old as you are, I’ll be fine. They continued playing for a few more minutes before Dave stood and said he leaving now, Jake looked at Dave, pausing his game, I will stay here with Daniel if you want? Then I can keep playing and maybe even beat Daniel’s if he wants to play with me. Jake said. Sure, sounds great, I will be back by eleven, before mom gets home. Dave left and I was playing a battle game with Jake, he was a better player than me and would push my arm or slap my thigh when he made a good hit or score. I put the bag of chips between us and both were snacking on them, Jake moved the chips to my lap while he sat forward to take off his shoes. I un paused the game while we were playing Jake reached over and ran his hand to the bottom of the chip bag again and was feeling around, this time right against my cock. He did that a few times, I pretended not to notice but I think he could hear my breathing change each time. Jake reached over and took the bag from my lap, my cock had stiffened and was poking out of my fly. I moved fast to cover it and looked at Jakes face. Jake pulled my hands away, What have we got here? Looks like you’ve thrown a boner buddy. He said laughing. I rolled to the side and tried to hide my stiff cock back in my boxers. Jake reached around and pushed my hands away, taking my dick in his hand; I thought I would shoot my load that very second. Jake was the first person to touch my stiff cock other than myself. Get off! I said. I stood and went to get up in my bunk when I pulled up Jake grabbed my boxers and pulled them off tossing them onto the floor. I’ve seen you looking at me allot Daniel, don’t pretend you haven’t Jake said. I was now lying on my side naked, on the top bunk facing Jake. Jake touched my leg, rubbing it, moving his hand to my balls that were loose and hanging onto my thigh. I just lay there looking at Jakes face; I have jacked off many times thinking of Jake and wishing for something like this to happen. Jake moved to my stiff prick playing with my foreskin, I moved to the edge of the bed, Jake took it into his mouth and I shot my cum instantly. Jake gobbled my cum sucking me and keeping me hard. We are long form done, Jake said. Don’t worry, I want at least a second load of your cum. Jake took off his clothes and motioned for me to come down to the couch, I hopped down, my boner swaying out from my body. I stared at Jakes full cock, I had seen him without his shirt before and always wondered what he would look like naked. Touch it! Jake said. I got closer to where Jake was standing, reaching out touching his cock, moving my hands along his shaft as it jutted out. Get on your knees and suck me. Jake said in a soft voice. I got to my knees and moved my mouth close to his cock, my lips touched his hot skin, Jake leaned forward putting pressure on my lips from his hard cock I opened my mouth and put the head inside, I started toying with his cock head with my tongue, yeah Daniel,, that feels great, go deeper onto it, try t swallow it down your throat. Jake said. I coughed a few times choking on his circumcised dick before I started getting used to it. Jake pulled at the back of my head as he thrust gently against my mouth. I’ve been waiting for this for quite awhile. Jake said. I moved to the couch and pulled Jake over and continued sucking him. I let my fingers explore his balls. Jake moved my hand to his ass crack, is had not even been in my thoughts but Jakes ass was hot, I touched his crack deep, Jake reached back and pulled his ass cheeks open and I had just touched his butt pucker when Jake pushed on my hand to get me to put my finger into his ass. He moaned while I pushed my finger around in his ass. I am getting ready to cum, if you don’t want it in your mouth; you need to pull off now. I had tasted my own cum before and liked it so I did not pull off. Jake shot his hot cum into my mouth; I gulped it down thinking he would never stop shooting, his cock still throbbing in my mouth when he pulled me to my feet. Kiss me, he said. I leaned in kissing Jake,, Oh MY God,, I was kissing Jake, well I did just suck his cum into my throat, but I was kissing Jake. My cock was dripping pre cum, Jake looked down at it, want to try something? He asked. Get some Vaseline or something to use as a lube. I walked to Dave’s dresser and found some lube I had seen him hide away one the morning after he jacked off below me in his bunk. Dave always tried to be discreet when he jacked off in bed, he must always think I was asleep but I never bothered him and he didn’t bother me if he ever knew I was jacking off in bed. I handed the lube to Jake who squirted an ample amount into his hand; I was not sure where this was going but was ready to go for anything Jake wanted to do. Jake grabbed my cock rubbing lube all over it before putting some to his ass crack. Jake got to his knees on the edge of the couch and leaned over the back of it. Put your cock in my ass. He said. Are you sure? I asked. It won’t hurt? Naw, it’ll be fine, he said. I pushed my stiff bone to his ass and started pushing. Wait, Jake said as he reached under putting my cock to his asshole, ok now, you were too high. I pushed past the sphincter and my whole cock went into his hot ass, oh fuck! I said. Jake laughed. Fuck me Daniel. I had never fucked anyone but my hand and this felt so incredible. Holding onto his hips I fucked his ass until I came, my knees went weak, it was the most intense orgasm that I think I had ever had. I leaned over his back, breathing hard; my stiff prick was still in his ass. How was that? Jake asked. Oh my God, it was crazy; I’ve never felt anything that good before. I want to do it again. I said. Jake rolled over onto the couch and pulled me on top of him, our naked bodies on each other, hot cocks mashing together. Jake kissed me again, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth. You can’t tell Dave about this, I don’t want him getting mad at me and killing our friendship. Jake said. No, I don’t want this to stop. I want to do it everyday. I said laughing. Well I am not sure about everyday but I will try as often as we can be together. Jake said. I want to get some of your ass too he said pulling me to sit on his lips. Jake tongue fucked my ass, chewing and sucking until I shot my third load of cum for the night, this one onto his chest. I stood next to Jake as he lay looking at my naked body, his eyes checking my dick and the small dark patch of brown pubic hair at the base of my cock. He reached over playing with my balls. I am a very happy guy and I had better get dressed in case your brother comes back early. I made a move on him once but he had no interest and I did not respond so I stopped. Did you kiss him? I asked. No, I ran my hand down his bare chest after swimming at the river, he just played it off as nothing, I guess he knows I’m gay. Jake said. How did you know I liked guys? I have never told anyone. I said. I didn’t for sure, but the way you always look at me when I am here I kind of thought you were gay. He said. We sat on the couch kissing and groping each other through our clothes until we heard the front door opening, I slid to the end of the couch and grabbed the game controller and pretended we were playing video games the whole time Dave was gone. It was hard finding time without Dave around but we managed to fuck a few times a month at least. One evening Dave walked in on us in the throws of fuckdom, he was startled and went out to the kitchen; we dressed and went out to talk to him. After telling him that we were basically boyfriends and had been having sex for several months. Dave was good about it all, stating that he was pretty sure that I was gay and he knew that Jake was. He went on to say that it didn’t bother him at all as long as he did not walk in to find us having sex again, put a sock on the doorknob on the hall side of the bedroom door next time. We laughed and Jake reached over putting his arm over my shoulders. After about a year of this, I came out to my mother, she was less than pleased but said she wanted me happy most of all.