Sunday, April 7, 2013


I was hired to work in a warehouse where they make plastic packaging material similar to the thin plastic trays that chocolate candy is boxed with. Griffin met me at the front door for my first night on third shift at the factory. You Mark? He asked. Yes, I said pushing out my hand to shake his. I’m Griffin and I will be training you to keep these machines running, follow me. He said. We walked into the locker room, Griffin handed me a sticky note that had the combination for my locker on it. 289 that’s you. Here are five pair of coveralls for you, put four pair in your locker and put one on. I took the coveralls and started to step into the leg opening when Griffin grabbed my arm, Look Mark, it is hot as hell out there, there is no air conditioning, with the heat from all those machines and this being California, you will be better off to wear only the coveralls. I looked at Griffin while I kicked off my shoes. Griffin zipped his coveralls down past his waist showing me that he was not kidding. I got a glimpse of his flat stomach and a treasure trail that went farther than I got to see in those four seconds. I stripped t my boxer briefs and reached for the coveralls when I looked at Griffin he gave his head a nod toward my briefs. I go all the way myself, its much cooler letting the boys dangle. I dropped my briefs to my feet, stepping out of them while Griffin watched and told me about what we would be doing tonight. Getting into the coveralls and putting my shoes back on, I looked up at Griffin, All ready. I said. Great, follow me. He said. I got the tour of the break room time clock before going to the machines. Safety is the biggest thing here, one false move and the pressure from the cutting dyes on these machines will go through bone without hesitation and the machines are all 440 volts and that will not give you a second chance so pay close attention to me. I followed Griffin to one of the machines, Look we need to replace the mold plate on this machine for the next run, you take this plate mover up to the machine but always cut power first and use this block on the switch so no one will accidentally turn it on while you are working on it. Griffin said touching my shoulder. He showed me how to change out the plate and put the new one on before feeding the massive rolls of thin green plastic into a silicone bath and then through the rollers. Never touch these wires back here, that’s the 440, it would kill you if it was left turned on and you touched them. Okay, you will be changing out the next plate. He said. He put his hand on my right hip as he leaned over to see if I was tightening the bolts correctly. The coveralls like most have two sets of pockets, the regular ones and the one just back from that opening, the second was for access to your jeans that could be worn under the coveralls. Griffin had his hand just inside the back one, the pocket that leads to bare skin, his fingertips moved against the warm skin of my hip. Good, now pull get the last ones on this side. I turned to my right a bit and bent back to reach the last two bolts, doing so it caused Griffins hand a little farther into my coveralls. Good he said. Not removing his hand. I finished tightening the last bolt. Okay, what next? I asked. Well that depends on you. He said. I looked at him quizzically without saying anything. Griffin reached in my pocket farther, it is almost break time, and we can go out to my truck if you want to. I felt the warmth of his breath on my neck as he spoke. Griffin moved his hand to my cock, giving it a feel. We could mess around some. I looked at his face, he gave me a wink. Sure I said, let’s go. I saw your nice ass when you were changing, fucking turned me on. Griffin said as we climbed into the camper that was on his truck. Convenient having a camper handy. I said. He laughed, and I don’t camp. It was on the truck when I got it but has come in handy as a fuck truck. Griffin turned on a light and reached for my coveralls pulling my zipper all the way down past my crotch, he pulled it back off my shoulders and let it fall to my legs. Griffin tweaked on my nipples before sucking on them. I unzipped him and pulled his coveralls back. Griffin had a sexy lean body with very little body fat at all. We have to get going here, break is only 15 minutes but I can cover us longer as the rest of the crew will just go back to work. He said. Griffin opened a drawer and pulled out some lube and a condom. He had that rubber on it one fast movement and pushed the lube into my ass. I would really prefer to be the top. I said. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen. He said. Griffin bent me over and pushed his cock into my ass unceremoniously and started pumping my ass hard. He twisted my nipples hard while he fucked my ass as he leaned over me. Griffin fucked me faster and harder, until he could hold back no longer and came in my ass collapsing onto me. The break bell rang about the time he shot his load. Come on lets get back inside. Griffin said. I didn’t cum. I said. Let’s go in, Ill take care of you inside. He said as he pulled the condom off and zipped up. Let’s change out this machine over in the corner; day shift will use it when they come in at 7 am. Griffin said. I started to loosen the plate. No! Griffin said pulling me back. Shut off the power first. I shut the power off and put the boot over the switch before going to the plate. Griffin leaned in tight against me reaching inside the pockets on both sides grabbing my cock in one hand and playing with my balls with the other. Is this part of the training that all the guys get? I asked laughing. No only the pretty ones. He said jacking my fully stiff cock. There are four other guys that like to play around too, one is “straight” but loves me fucking his ass, he also likes to fuck Ben one of the guys that operates one of the machines, he is a ginger from the UK, a real noisemaker while he is getting fucked. I will introduce you around at lunchtime and you can use my camper anytime you get horny, sometimes we have had all of us in there at once fucking, sucking and squirting juice all over. Griffin turned me around and unzipped me fully, lifting my cock and balls out; he took my cock into his mouth and sucked my cock while tugging on my balls. I looked around to see if anyone could see us. Don’t worry they are all running machines and the other guys are setting new plates for morning shift. Griffin said going back to sucking my cock deep and fast. Griffin reached between my legs and jammed his thumb into my still Ill lubed ass. It took only moments before I blasted my cum down his throat, I pulled his head against my crotch grinding his lips into my pubic hair. Fuck you about choked me with all your cum. He said. Yeah, I do cum allot. I said. I zipped back up; still worried that someone would wander by and see us. Later at lunch I met the other guys, one of them named Donnie who has the sweetest lips and eyes that made me want to go out to Griffins fuck truck with him right now. At the end of the shift the handful of guys went to the locker room to change and some showered there too. There were only two that were not into hot sex with guys, those two changed fast and left the building. I saw two of the guys over in the shower exchanging blow jobs; it was a hot scene to see. I got dressed without showering till I got home and thought abut these guys on the drive home giving me a hard cock pushing on my jeans. Inside my bedroom I stripped, my semi hard cock bounced around I took a vibrator from my nightstand and pushed it into my ass, the tingling felt wonderful while I jacked off shooting ribbons of cum to my nipples. I took a shower before meeting a friend for dinner, looking across the restaurant I saw the straight guy that likes to be fucked, he was sitting with his wife, he looked up and gave a nod and went back to his meal. I have had fun times with the guys from work, once I invited two of them to my house for a three way; each of them fucked me and rode me till I was sore. I still have not gotten Griffins ass, but will keep trying, I did finger him once so he may be coming around some.