Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blind Date

I have been broken up with my ex boyfriend for 8 months now and being single bothers my friends more than it bothers me. Going to a party thrown a Owen’s house at least gave me something to do on a Friday night, Owen insisted on hooking me up with a blind date, I protested but the would not listen and just told me to be pretty and at his house at 6:00 PM for dinner with a party to follow. I took a shower and stood in front of the mirror shaving, wearing a towel slung low on my hips taking a long hard look at my body. Being 33 years old I am really starting to lose my youthful boyish looks and starting more and more to look like my dad, he was a handsome guy don’t get me wrong, but it was starting to settle in that I better really keep an eye on my body and workout a bit more. My towel slipped off my hips to the floor as I continued to shave, water trickled down my chest to my pubes, I took a hand towel and wiped it dry rubbing it a bit longer than needed on my cock causing it to fill out some. I had not jacked off in a couple of days and started rubbing my semi hard cock while I looked into the mirror, my cock rose to its full thick 6 inches, it was a real handful of meat. I leaned back some reaching around to my rounded ass cheeks running my fingers deep into my crack, massaging my anal bud with my finger while I jacked my boner to its release. My cum shot across the bathroom counter on the first squirt, the second and third hit the mirror splashing against my reflection, I moaned loudly as my knees weakened a bit. Fuck, that felt great, I grabbed the hand towel cleaning the last of the jizz leaking from my piss slit before wiping the mirror and counter clean of my cum. I finished up and walked to my room to dress, fucking blind date, I kept re-thinking what I was going to wear. I choose some casual slacks and a button up shirt with a cool blue pattern on it and some sexy blue boxer briefs. I drove to Owens house and got there right at 6 o’clock, Owen answered the door and invited me inside, several of his friends where there, most of which I knew. Owen walked me over to a guy that was pretty attractive looking, dark hair, medium build with a sexy haircut cropped close on the sides and a little longer on top with a bit of a flip in front. Bryan, this is Ken. I reached my hand forward to shake his when Ken reached out and placed his hand on my shoulder patting it. Good to meet you Bryan, he said. Well let me get you a drink Owen said walking to the kitchen. How long have you known Owen? Ken asked. About three or four years, I said. How about you? Oh I’ve only met him about six weeks ago, when I started working with him, he told me all about you and I really wanted to meet you. Aww, well I’m not all that.. Let’s not build things up too much. You can see for yourself that I am just an average guy. I said. Ken started laughing. I guess Owen didn’t tell you all that much about me. What did he say? He said. What do you mean? He just said he was hooking me up with a blind date. I asked. Well, that part s right. Ken said with a big sexy smile. I am blind. Oh, shit, I said. I mean, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say shit. I stammered. I say “shit” all the time, why apologies? He asked. Owen appeared with our drinks. Hi guys, getting to know each other? He asked. I shot Owen a fiery look. Oh, he said, I guess you have been getting acquainted. Guys, lets all head to the dining room, dinner is ready. Owen said. Do you mind if I enlist your assistance on finding the way to the table? Ken asked. I looked at him a bit puzzled before he took my arm. Well, this is nice, he said as he felt my biceps, great muscle tone. Thanks, I replied. How does the rest of you look? He asked. Do you mind if I feel your face in order to tell what you look like? He asked. Sure, no problem. I said. Stopping as he moved his hands to my face. Ken moved his fingers over my face building a memory of my features, and then he moved his hands to my neck and shoulders. Nice, he said, you feel very attractive and these shoulders, grrr.. He said causing me to laugh. Let’s go eat before you inflate my ego and have me believing you. I said taking his hand and walking to the table. Sitting at the table next to Ken, I was not sure what to do. I leaned over to Ken’s ear and whispered, do you need help? Ken leaned back and whispered, with what? Well, with eating, or… I said. I feeling stupid and not knowing what to do. No, I’ve been eating all my life, what would be helpful is telling me what the food item is that you are passing me so I know how much I want of it. If you don’t mind, that is. He said as he patted my leg under the table. Passing the bowl to Ken, Mashed potatoes, I said. Ok, yummy, Ken said. I look at him and a big smile broke across my face at his “Yummy” comment. Gravy, I said. Watching Ken put gravy over his potatoes with great accuracy. He was still holding the gravy when I leaned in to whisper into his ear; I’ve got meat for you. Oh, a bit frisky? He asked. My face went red as the others at the table stopped talking and looked at me. Just fooling with you. Ken said. I reached over and gave his leg a good squeeze. We ate dinner and had strawberry shortcake for dessert. Ken had a bit of whipping cream on his bottom lip, I looked at his face, he was so hot looking and I could not take my eyes off his lips, I leaned close to Kens ear, You have some whipping cream on your lips. I said. Ken reached up taking my face pulling me close, kissing me hard on the lips. I thought you would never ask. He said. Ask what? I said quizzically. For a kiss, you must have been watching my lips and therefore want to kiss me. He said laughing. I leaned in and took liberty for a second kiss. I was enthralled with Ken, but have never been around a blind person and did not know what to do. We had gone into the living room and Ken was sitting to my right, he reached over and put his hand on my leg while we talked about everything under the sun until the topic of sex finally came up. How do you have sex? I asked. As soon as it came out of my mouth, I wanted to retract it, I mean what kind of sex do you like. Well, I like the regular stuff but have been known to stray form the conventional sex. Ken said running his hand up my leg until he got to my crotch giving my bulge a squeeze. I looked around the room, the conversations were flowing and no one seemed to notice. I kissed Ken on the neck, he turned and kissed me full on, his tongue searched my mouth in frenzy with passion and fire, my body stirred at his kiss. What do you say we ditch this party and go to my house? Ken asked. Sure, sounds good. I replied. I took a taxi here, I’m not much of a driver, do you mind chauffeuring me? Not at all. I said. We walked past Owen and thanked him for the dinner and nice evening, Owen made funny eyes at me toward Ken, he is such a jerk. I thought. I walked Ken to my car and we headed toward his house, Ken leaned over while I drove, Bryan, you smell great, your cologne is sexy smelling. I said. Ken reached over un buttoning the first two buttons on my shirt and placed his hand into my shirt feeling my chest, Very nice! He said giving my nipple a twist. Turn left at the next light, he said. How could you know where to turn? I asked. Well we just passed the bank and next to the bank it the bakery, I could smell the bread they are baking for tomorrow and I can kind of keep up with turns once I recognize something. Pulling into his driveway, Ken got out and waited for me at the fender of my car, I took Ken’s hand, this time just to hold it a he knew all too well his own property. Inside we kicked off our shoes and Ken got me a drink before standing close to me, he took off my shirt and unbuckled my belt, dropping my pants to the floor, I stepped out of them. Ken squatted in front of me, his hands exploring my legs and buttocks and up to my balls, he felt my cock and low hanging balls, he was forming a picture of me but at the same time it was very sensual. I started to talk and Ken said Shhhh…. I stood there as Ken continued mapping my naked body, he touched my rigid penis, it jumped at his touch, Ken leaned in kissing the head of my cock. I reached down pulling his head towards my crotch gently. Ken took me to his bed, I had him lay back on the bed, it was my time for exploration. I knelt next to him, taking in his beauty and form, lifting his leg, I ran my hand down to his ass and between his ass cheeks. Ken turned over exposing a gorgeous ass to my mouth, I leaned over and touched the tip of my tongue across the tiny hairs that covered his skin, he moved under my touch, his ass lifted some opening his crack allowing me an ample view of his pink pucker; I touched my tongue across it and felt it twitch. Ken reached to his nightstand, pulling out a bottle of lube and a condom; I put the condom on and lubed his ass up well. Pushing my stiff prick into his asshole, he moaned in pleasure arching his ass into the air and toward me. Ride me Bryan; fuck me hard, Ken said. I pushed my thick shaft into his ass, running my hands over his back and hips. Fuck, Ken you are one sexy guy; I leaned over his back running my hands under him feeling his hard chest, feeling his stiff nipples giving them a twist. Ken took my thick cock and wanted more; I fucked him until I was about to cum and stopped, leaning down on him again to prolong grinding against his tight hole. Push it deep in me baby, give it to me hard, fuck me Bryan, I love your thick cock in my ass. Pushing hard and holding it deep on the downward thrust my body twitched as I started shooting my cum into his tight ass. Ohm baby, fuck I’m cumming… I groaned. As I shot my jizz deep in this handsome man’s ass. I pulled out and turned Ken over, his cock throbbed begging for attention as I took it in my hand jacking it a few times. Licking his balls Ken moaned for release, I put my mouth on his cock and buried it deep in my throat; Ken fucked my mouth as I gulped for breath wanting never to let his cock out of my mouth. Ken shot his jizz into me with streams of salty sweet ropes of cum I gulped down. I climbed up and snuggled down with Ken, my head on his chest. That was pretty nice, let’s rest up a bit and have another go at it. I said. Sure thing. Ken said. Touching my face. We had sex again that night and many since, Ken has been very close to my heart since I met him and we are now talking about moving in together soon.