Saturday, June 22, 2013

Parking Lot Hook Up

Headed out to the gym Kevin stopped and got a fast food sandwich wolfing it down while drinking a 32 ounce Coke, his second of the day. This is why I need the gym. He thought. Kevin is 48 and a burly guy with big arms and plenty of hair, good looking in a hot “daddy” sort of way. Staying in shape is important to Kevin but a constant battle as he does not want to curb his impulsiveness and that is more than just about food too. JT a twinkish guy was working out on the treadmill to keep fit but mostly likes to watch the big guys that lift weights right across from the treadmills, JT had just turned 19 years old a few weeks ago and dressed his age in shorter shorts and a tight tee shirt that hardly came to his waist lifting up some as he jogged on the treadmill. Kevin walked in after changing into his workout shorts and tank top. He sat on the weight bench and started lifting weights while JT watched getting the occasional peek at his jock bound package as his shorts leg moved open and shut. JT smiled at Kevin as he changed the weight settings. Wearing a headset going to his Android phone JT started singing without realizing it and this annoyed Kevin somewhat, he was less into Pink and the POP artists that JT liked. Kevin moved to another workout machine and started doing a butterfly exercise, JT moved to a stationary bike near him with Kevin ignoring him. As Kevin moved around the gym doing his routine, JT kind of followed him, staying close and watching the man’s muscles moving and straining against the weights. Kevin was really up a sweat and was pretty much done for the evening and wiped his face with a small towel that he brought with him and walked to the locker room, Kevin was followed by JT, Kevin peeled off his shirt and shorts along with his shoes and walked toward the shower feeling that JT was watching his every move. JT had stripped off his clothes and went to the showers standing about 4 feet from Kevin sneaking peeks at the well built older man. What the fuck are you staring at me for? He said in a course voice. Nothing, JT said, I was just.. You were looking at my hog, and you have been watching me since I walked in the place. Kevin said. Kevin grabbed JT and pushed his face into his sweaty arm pit. Lick it you little whore. Kevin Barked. JT did as he was told. Kevin pushed the young man to his knees in front of him. What do you want? He demanded. Your dick, I want to suck your dick. JT said in a soft voice. I don’t have a “dick” boy I have a hog, a hog is a fat slab of meat that will choke a boy like you. Get your pretty lips around it boy. Kevin said in rough voice. JT sucked on it bring it to a full stiffness while Kevin pushed against his face. Kevin was riding his lips hard taking advantage of the man’s mouth when they heard the door opening and a couple of guys walked in, Kevin pushed the boy away and turned facing the water while his boner diminished. Kevin finished his shower, JT lingered close, Kevin dressed and walked out the door and to the side parking lot, Kevin put his bag into the trunk of his car when he turned and saw JT standing there. You really want your hole fucked don’t ya? Kevin asked in deep voice. Yes, JT said. Kevin reached over and pushed his thumb into JT’s mouth and held his cheek tight to it with his fingers. Get your pants down, NOW Kevin demanded. Here? JT asked. Yeah, here, I like outdoor sex; you want it I’m taking your ass now. Kevin said spinning JT around and bending him over as soon as JT had loosened his pants. Kevin pushed JT’s torso into the trunk of his car and opened his pants, he slapped JT’s ass hard. You ready kid? He asked as he spat into JT’s ass crack and rubbed his own prick to a stiff thick chub of a hole wrecker. Kevin pushed his hog into JT’s ass and started fucking him right there in the parking lot, it was part of the thrill to fuck this boy’s ass and do it where someone might see us. JT had his hands on the floor of the trunk trying to keep his balance, his cock and balls were slapping against the outside of the car, he cried out when the fat shaft went plunging in the first time. JT moaned with each thrust, fuck, you are ripping my ass open. Shut up and take it, you wanted it, now it’s a bit too real? No, sir, I want it, please don’t stop. JT said. Oh, I had no intention of stopping. Kevin said.\ JT started trying to hold on to his own cock and jack it off while he was getting fucked. A guy about 28 walked out of the gym and around to the parking lot, he saw the fucking that was going on and was a bit shocked as he did not expect to see men having sex in a car trunk in the parking lot. The guy walked to his car and then came back near Kevin, watching him he took out his cock and started fondling it and it sprang to a full erection within seconds. JT jacked his cock as he could, it was straining for release and he shot his cum down the paint of Kevin’s car running onto the fender. Kevin was getting closer to cumming and his speed increased along with his breath getting more ragged. Fuckin’ tight asshole, mm I should make you my permanent fuck whore to use anytime I want. Kevin said. Yes, I want to be your fuck toy. Your hog is so thick, it drives me wild, and I need it always. JT said. The onlooker started mumbling abut the boy’s cum running down the car and how hot it was. Kevin moved JT to the right without missing a beat. Get your ass over here; Kevin said looking at the other guy. The man moved close, and looked at Kevin he started to touch the kid, Kevin pushed his hand away Lick his cum off my car before it fucks up the paint. Kevin ordered. The guy looked at him in disbelief, Kevin gave him a look and the guy licked the boy’s cum from the car. He reached over feeling the kid’s balls and spent cock swinging while Kevin fucked him. The guy leaned over the trunk next to the kid and pulled his pants down revealing his hot ass cheeks pale in the direct sunlight. Fuck me mister, that looks so hot, I need your cock in my ass. You two need a daddy to teach you and fuck you regularly. Kevin started cumming, his body jerking; the onlooker ran his hands over Kevin’s bare ass while he squirted his cum into the boy’s ass. JT collapsed into the trunk when Kevin pulled out of his ass and tucked his prick into his pants. The other guy was still bent over the trunk opening; Kevin spread his ass cheeks and poked a finger into his asshole, nice and tight. If you want my cock in that fuck hole, you will have to come over to my house later, so don’t sill that load you have. JT stood with a trickle of cum running out of his still partially open hole, it had been stretched out so far, and it took some time to fully close again. Eat his ass. He told JT pushing him onto the other guy; I want to see you go after gold in there too. Kevin said. JT pushed his tongue into the mans ass, biting and chewing it as his own ass was still on fire from the assault it had just taken. Look, it’s time to get out of this parking lot, you guys meet me at my house in two hours and I guarantee you will enjoy yourselves. Kevin gave both of them his address and they all drove away to meet up later. JT became Kevin’s live in “boy” with the other dude that was named Johnny, comes over for sex with Kevin a few times a week and sometimes he has JT service Johnny also.