Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Russian

I was visiting my aunt and uncle in North Carolina for a week. They raised me from when I was twelve years old until I moved out at 20, that was nine years ago and I usually try to get back home at least twice a year. My parents were killed in a car crash, being an only child, my life caved in around me and I was taken in by the only remaining family members. My aunt and uncle were not able to have children and they treated me very well, sending me to college and buying me everything I needed or wanted, I did not let it go to my head and respected what I was given. The morning after getting there I was out washing my car, getting the road grimes off after the long drive. I wore only shorts, soaking up the warmth of the summer sun. You like help? A voice nearby said. I heard and turned to see a beefy hot dark haired guy walking over from the neighbor’s house. You like help? The man asked in terribly broken English with a heavy Russian accent. Sure. I said tossing him a big soapy sponge. He peeled off his shirt tossing it onto the grass. His chest was big and bold with muscles rippling across every inch of his torso, a large and very well built man. I reached across the corner of the fender sticking my hand out to him. My name is Bradley. I said. His hand was huge over mine as I shook it. My name is Oscar. He said. Nice of you to offer to help me wash my car. I said. Oscar gave me a big smile and soaped up the fender as I washed the hood. I kept looking at Oscar’s sexy chest and his big arms; he looked up at me and again smiled. We continued washing my car when Oscar took the hose and started rinsing with a spray of water that got me pretty wet. Hey. I said laughing, you are soaking me. Oscar pointed the stream right at me while laughing in a deep chuckle. I ran around the car grabbing the soap bucket splashing the entire thing on him before I had time to think about whether or not I would piss him off or not. Oscar ran at me with the hose and down to the grass we went, laughing and yelling all the way. He pinned me down sitting on my hips with his massive body as he took the hose, running water across my chest taking one of my small nipples in between his big fingertips twisting it firmly. My head went back and I let out a small cry. Oscar moved around quickly, now he sat on my chest with his back to my face. He took the hose and pushed it into the waistband of my shorts letting the cool water flood my crotch. I was glad my aunt and uncle were not home to see this beast of a man pinning me to the ground in this erotic horseplay. Oscar unzipped my shorts exposing my pale crotch to the sunlight, I squirmed. Hey! Oscar… not of out here in the yard, someone will see. I said in a bit of a panicked voice. Oscar paid no attention, or did not understand what I was telling him. He reached into my shorts with his big hand feeling my balls and rubbing my cock. You like dis? He asked in a thick quiet voice. Yes, Oscar, I like, but not in the yard, let’s go inside. Oscar made a move like he was getting up but pulled my shorts to my knees, then lifted my legs and took them off me as I kicked to keep them on. Now I was completely naked lying on the wet grass, Oscar put his mouth onto my dick and started swallowing it. A few cars passed and we were mostly blocked by my car, Oscar seemed like he did not care who came by or saw us. Oscar.. Let’s go into the house. I said in a soft voice. He looked up, stood up and took my hand helping me to my feet as my boner stood straight out I pulled him into the house and to my room. Oscar stripped off his clothes, dropping them to the floor, standing there like a chiseled statue but with a more than substantial penis that was thickening between his legs. I laid down on the bed, come here Oscar. I said patting the bed next to me. Oscar took my hand, and pulling me back to the edge of the bed, turning me around he bent me over the side of the bed. I felt his large hands pulling my ass cheeks apart, his face burrow into my ass, his mouth biting and chewing at my hole. Oscar pushed a finger in my ass, it was about as large as a slim cock and reamed my hole, he spat into my crack and pushed a second finger in causing me to wince. I reached over to my backpack that I had stocked up with a few things in case I got lucky while away from home and meeting Oscar was very lucky. I handed Oscar the lube and a condom, he squirted my asshole good and plunged his fingers in and out, burning my hole. He was not a gentle lover but a hot and intense man that took what he wanted and I was happy to let him have his way. Oscar used the lube again and I felt the steady pressure of the head of his fat prick going in past my sphincter. Oh, FUCK,, ohhhhh.. Oscar.. I cried out as he pushed his knob deeper into my hole. I looked to the side trying to see this hot guy as he fucked me, the un opened condom lying on the carpet. Oscar, use the condom. I said. Fuck no, Oscar don’t like condoms. He mumbled. Put on the condom please. I asked. Oscar pushed me down harder onto the bed and fucked me like a machine drilling for oil. I had never been fucked by a guy as big as Oscar in body size or cock size. Oscar slapped my ass hard, I was not expecting him to do it and let out a bit of a girlish cry that I was a bit embarrassed by as soon as the noise came from my mouth. He stopped fucking me for a minute and flipped me over, pushing my legs open and to my chest as he pushed his thick Russian cock into my ass again. Now I could look at this sexy man pounding my man cunt, he looked as if he could crush me without effort. He had a strained intense look on his face, I reached up touching his lips, and he smiled at me. You like? He asked in an unexpectedly soft voice. Yes, I like. I said with a big smile. Oscar pounded my ass well; my cock was not hard but was leaking loads of pre onto my pubes. My hands roamed over his strong arms that held him from crushing me flat. Moaning, the international sound of love, I let him know that I was enjoying his man pole that impaled my ass over and over, He finally climaxed shooting his Russian sex juice deep into my body shuddering as he pushed the last few times before falling onto me. Breathing hard against my neck, he was pressing most of the air out of me and I gave him a push to roll him off of me and onto the bed next to me. His dark tan against the stark whiteness of the bed linens was amazing. I climbed onto his chest, straddling it flopping my balls out onto his chin as he licked at them trying to pull them into his mouth. I leaned forward pushing my prick between his thick and sexy lips and began riding his face as he gulped my cock down his throat. His thick fingers again found my asshole, probing it while he hungrily sucked my cock. I wanted to pull out as I shot my cum to let it fly across his face and lips but he held me tight with my cock head just inside his lips as he sucked my cum across his tongue and swallowed every drop. I got up and brought my hot guest some iced mint tea and we relaxed a bit longer when Oscar got up and dressed. Will you come eat with me tonight? He said. Yes, Where? I asked. Next door, I will cook. And we will swim in my pool. Oscar said as he walked out of my room and went home. I showered and dressed when my aunt and uncle came in; he tossed me my shorts that were accidentally left in the front grass. I hope you did not shock the neighbors by washing the car in the buff. My uncle said with a grin. No, don’t be silly, I said offering no further explanation. I do have dinner plans tonight, if you don’t mind? I asked. No, sweetheart, that’s fine, we were just going to go out for steaks tonight anyway. I went to Oscars later and found him grilling enough meat for six people, That smells wonderful. I said. Iz beef and chicken prepared Russian style he said in his heavy accent. Russian Style? I asked. Yes, I marinated it in Italian dressing. he laughed hard at his own joke. Just watching him laughing made me laugh too. We ate, skinny dipped for a couple of hours in his pool and had sex along side of the pool on a jumbo chase lounge, again Oscar plundered my hole, he seemed not to be able to get enough of my ass. Oscar would make me want to visit home a few more times a year for sure.