Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Danish Workout

I really wanted to get back into shape, my friends laugh at me when I mention that because they say I have the perfect body, I disagree, there is always room for improvement. I’ve got short cropped blonde hair light skin and a reasonably good build, slim waist and decent abs. I pulled into the gym near my house which is one of the primarily gay gyms in town and have seen some things going on in the showers several times, I use to think that the gym managers looked the other way but found that they un officially endorse it as to bring in new membership. It seems like a fuck shack sometimes more than a gym. I pulled into the parking lot and passed the front desk flashing my membership card across the gate to get in. The boy toy at the front desk was hired for his looks as he seems about as smart as an ear of corn that has been soaking in a pot of water for three days. I changed clothes in the locker room putting on some exercise shorts and a tee shirt before going out to the workout area, it seemed deserted today. I was stretching my legs out some, warming up so as not to pull anything when this God walked in taking my breath away. He was incredible dark sexy hair, a build to die for with abs that make me want to drop to my knees and lick him all over. The best part, the only thing he wore was very very thin gray almost sheer training pants of some sort; they had a red stripe on each leg. This guy’s cock was fully visible pushed down toward one leg, I could see each vein on his cock, it looked almost as thick as a vacuum cleaner hose, and the waist band was very low showing a bit of his dark pubic hair popping out of the top. My knees felt weak and I actually fell over onto the mat looking stupid in front of him. He walked over and offered me a hand, “you ok?” he asked with some sort of Norwegian accent. “Yeah, I lost balance a bit while I was stretching” I stammered. Fuck this guy was even hotter up close, I don’t usually loose my motor skills and act like an idiot when a cute guy walks up, but this dude was incredible. “Would you hold my feet while I catch a few sit ups?“ He asked. “Sure, my name is Jim.” I said. “I am Finn.” he said as he lay back onto the mat. “What kind of name is Finn?” I asked. “It’s just a nickname, my actual name is Frej, it means Lover and Lord but prefer Finn.” he replied. “Where are you from?” I asked. “Denmark, I am here on holiday for a month” Finn said. “I can see that you like to keep in shape.” I said as I looked at his huge uncut cock through the ultra thin material. “I can see that you like my workout pants.” Finn said with a grin. “It is huge” I said before I realized what I was saying. “I mean the pants are great, very sexy” Still looking at Finn’s bulge. I felt a fool the way I was acting but I was beyond coming off smooth sounding. Finn laughed and continued doing sit ups while I held his ankles, my hands were at the bottom stitching of the pants, the feeling of the fabric was almost like it was not even there and the sexy dark hair at his ankles was turning me on too. He stood up and all of a sudden his crotch was only about a foot from my face, I swear I could feel the heat from his crotch on my face. “Okay, I will hold your legs now while you so sit ups.” Finn said. I lay back on the mat while Finn held my ankles, I was always anxious to do the “up” rep part so I could check out his solid chest. Finn’s eyes were on my crotch and I was sure he was looking into the leg holes of my shorts and getting a full view of my jock encased bulge. “Lay back” Finn said. I did as instructed; there would be nothing that this guy could do to me that I would complain about. Finn took my right knee pushing it back to my chest holding it there and bouncing it a little. “This stretches you out here.” I felt a hand moving across the back of my leg and sliding down to my ass as far as he could go until he ran against the mat. “Very nice.” Finn said in a soft voice. He moved his hand on my ass a bit with his fingertips slipping into my open leg of my shorts and toying around my ass hole. I chose to keep talking about exercising and did not move so he would not be frightened off and stop, I was enjoying this sensual touching. Finn moved his fingertip under the strap of my jock and down to where it joined the pouch right at my hole. “I like this jock you have on.” Finn said as he pulled it back with his finger and let it go snapping it against my asshole, I let out a small noise similar to a moan as the elastic snapped my hole. “I like your pants and the fact that you are not wearing anything under it.” I said. “Thank you, I have a few pairs of them at home.” I find that when I work out with them on I have total freedom, it’s almost like I am naked.” Finn said in all sincerity. “They make me hard” I said with a sly grin. Finn reached inside my shorts again from the leg hole and felt my jock pouch, my shaft was trying to poke through the material, straining as Finn ran his fingers around my tent pole giving it a squeeze. I lifted my hips a little pushing back against his touch; Finn moved his hand farther inside my shorts to the waistband letting it explore. I felt like a whore lying here letting this stranger feel me up, but who gives a fuck, he was incredible and I have to hook up with him today! “What do you say about heading to my house Finn?” I asked. “To exercise or to play?” he asked. I looked at him and winked. ‘Yes” I said. We headed to the locker room, Finn started to put his street clothes on and remove these sexy hot pants that he had on. I put my hand out stopping him. “We can go like this, just put your clothes into your bag.” I said as I did the same. I walked this guy out into sunlight still wearing his almost non existent pants; the sun pretty much turned them into see through pants. “Holly FUCK.” I said running my hand over his trouser snake as I opened the door to my car for him. “I will bring you back later for your car.” I said. “I walked here; I have no car here in the United States.” Finn said. Arriving home I shuffled Finn inside the house before the neighbors got an eye full of this guy’s uncut meat. Finn’s chest begged for attention, I closed the door, and got us each a drink. My hands roamed over his chest tweaking his nipples making them stiff before sliding down to the low dipping waist of this fantastic garment he was wearing. It was so sexy I knelt in front of him as before only this time my hands went up his legs and back to his ass cheeks, they were dramatic mounds of flesh. Finn pulled my face onto the mound of meat underneath the stretched fabric. My mouth opened letting his shape past my lips as my tongue groped his balls before moving up to the waist where his treasure trail dipped into his pants. Oh fuck, I was going to go insane over this sex God. His scent was incredible, maybe the Danish version of Axe body spray, who knows but I was in love, well at least in lust. Finn reached down and pulled the waistband down letting his fat uncut Danish cock out and pushed my head onto it, I needed no coaxing whatsoever. Pulling it into my mouth, running my tongue between his cock head and his foreskin. I stood up and pulled Finn to my bedroom; I dropped my shorts onto the floor and peeled off my shirt. Finn bent in one motion taking off his “oh so sexy” pants, I hated to see them come off but really wanted to see this stud naked. Finn’s ample cock sprouted from his small dark bush of pubic hair. I gave Finn a condom and tossed a small bottle of lube onto the bed. “I am versatile” I started to say when Finn cut me off. “Fuck my ass” He said. I bent him over doggy style pushing my tongue into his ass, chewing his asshole for a few minutes while he moaned then I smeared some lube into his ass slit and poked two fingers in working his hole good. I looked between his legs at his balls swaying from my movement, I put my fingers around his ballsac at the top tugging them tightly in my hand, Finn arched his ass farther into the air. What an incredible sight this was, I reached down to my shorts grabbing my phone and snapped a few pictures of this wet dream of a Danish treat, he didn’t seem to mind, in fact he actually posed for a couple of pictures. I mounted his ass with my condom encased prick and pushed it home. “Ohhh Fuck..” I said. “Oh yesss,, you fuck me good” Finn said in his sexy accent. I grabbed his hips and plowed his ass good. I felt like “I could fuck you forever.” I said. “That sounds great, Fuck me hard Jim.” Finn said. I fucked his ass like crazy and drove it deep as I shot my cum moaning loudly collapsing onto his back. I held him tightly until I rolled off. “It’s my turn now”. Finn said. I pointed to the nightstand for a condom; Finn put one on and slathered my ass with lube. Finn worked two fingers into my hole stretching it out and heating it up with the action, next I felt a third finger causing me to squirm and was somewhat painful, he worked those fingers for a few minutes while he watched closely. I felt some repositioning and felt searing pain for a second which must have been a fourth finger and must have been pushing half of his hand inside me. I moaned loudly, it felt odd having most of this guys hand in my ass. “No more fingers.” I said. I could not handle him adding his thumb and never wanted to be fisted though this felt pretty good once I got past the pain. The stretching that his fingers gave my ass helped get me ready for his oversized man meat that was now fully hard and ready for action. Finn eased his thick cock into my hole a little at a time before he took motion riding me fast and hard. He reached down lifting my leg and pushing it toward my chest and moved around now fucking me from the side. His sausage was bigger than I was used to but after getting reamed by his hand I took it pretty well. Finn muttered a few things in what I assumed was Danish but I got the idea he was really enjoying himself. Finn reached around my upper leg and leaned down onto my body while he spurted his hot jizz into his condom. My ass was on fire but looking at this guy’s face I loved every second of it and wanted to see more of him before he went back home. I got a good picture of Finn in his sexy pants before he left that day and I saw him four more times before he left for Denmark. On that last day we fucked and sucked for five hours off and on, I drove him to the airport and came home to my empty house feeling alone. I walked into the bedroom to kick off my shoes and there on the bed lay those sexy gray pants with the red stripe on each leg. I stripped and put them on, thinking of Finn while I lay on the bed, my hands running all over the smooth and silky feeling fabric. I jacked off, shooting cum all over my belly while my mind was thinking of Finn. A few days later I got an e-mail from Finn, he told me that he missed me and our hot fucking; he invited me to Denmark anytime I wanted to come. It took a couple of months to get my passport and book a ticket to see Finn. I got to Denmark in winter, it was very cold and windy but I had Finn to keep me warm and cozy. He showed me around Europe for two of the four weeks I was there, the rest of the time we stayed naked in his house close to the fire making love and fucking like crazy whenever the feelings hit us.