Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Small Town Boys

My name is Alan and I live in a small country area with ranches and small farms scattered all over the hills. Some call us hillbillies but we are just regular people with accents, not what is depicted as a hillbilly on TV. I like to play around with my guy friends out in the woods. We are all in our mid twenties and have known each other since we were babies, gone to school together and most of us work hard at the same factory near town. I had few guys that I knew that liked to fuck around when given the opportunity and invited them along to a camping weekend up at the big cave the other side of Barrow Pass, we have gone there several times but have not been in a while. We loaded trucks and SUV’s up and drove the near two hours to the cave. Of the guy’s that came were one of my good friends named Toby, his brother Luke, twins Bobby and Red, Donald, Ricky Lee and Jason. We spent the first hour setting up camp inside the mouth of the huge cave, the opening was big enough to have plenty of room for a campfire, an eating area and a bedding site. The weather was hot and most of the guys were wearing shorts or cut offs with no shirts. Ricky Lee got a fire going while the twins patted out some ground beef to cook up some burgers while some of the others walked to the creek a few minutes away to bring back water in three five gallon buckets to wash with and in case the fire got out of hand. Toby, Luke and Jason came back carrying the water all were buck naked and laughing, seems they all went for a little swim while down filling the buckets. As they walked past me I smacked each bare ass making them laugh, Toby went past last and I goosed him deep in his ass crack, he slowed and bent over. “Go for it baby” he said with a laugh. I grabbed his naked hips and dry humped him with my shorts on still but it made everyone laugh. The twins cooked the burgers over a grate they brought and popped them onto sliced white bread squirting yellow mustard onto each; this was basic food, good and hearty without frill. Toby passed a bag of chips around while Red got us all beers from the coolers. We ate and talked laughing and felt great after filling our bellies. Toby leaned over onto my lap, he was still naked, I thought of him kind of as my boyfriend but nothing was official. I ran my hand over his hairless chest and twisted his small pink nipples between my fingertips. Donald and Jason were straight but had gotten into some light boy on boy sex last time we went out like this. The identical twins, Bobby and Red both had light skin and red hair with freckles, they have always touched and played with each other and felt like each was only an extension of themselves. Red was the top and Bobby always a bottom, they usually had a third guy with them that they would share. Before long most of the guys have paired off or were in groups of three sucking and touching. Luke was giving Donald head near the fire while Jason rubbed his stiff prick watching them. Donald was leaned back onto his sleeping bag lifting his legs as Luke went deep onto his cock. Oh, fuck that feels so good Luke, suck me you big whore. Donald said. Jason stood up and got behind Luke and grabbed his hips he pushed his prick into Luke’s ass and fucked him while he sucked on Donald’s cock. They liked to tease Luke about being a slut as they were straight but in reality they really enjoyed the weekends away with the boys getting some hot sex on with them. Toby asked me to go to lie on his sleeping bag and fuck him, we moved into place. I lubed his ass up and pushed my swollen cock into his ass pumping it smoothly. Ricky Lee was fucking Bobby, when Red climbed up straddling his brother’s face feeding him his hard cock. Bobby gulped air between thrusts of Red’s cock into his throat. Ricky Lee was getting off watching Red fuck his brother’s mouth while he stretched Bobby’s ass working his meat deep into this twin’s hot fuck hole. Moans could be heard echoing out of the cave as naked flesh writhed against another, I’m cumming. I cried out panting hard as I filled Toby’s ass with my sweet jizz, Toby pushed back on my cock and clamped his ass muscles down on my pulsating cock making the sensation stronger. Jason was pounding Luke’s ass while Donald shot his cum into Luke’s throat. Donald walked over to watch the twins and Ricky Lee; it was hot seeing two identical guys pleasuring another guy. The twins both had strong bodies as did most of the guys; it came naturally here from hard farm work. Red pulled out of Bobby’s mouth and shot his thick rope of cum across Bobby’s face when Ricky Lee slowed his motion to lean down as he pulled Bobby’s head close to him, Ricky Lee licked Red’s cum form Bobby’s face and went back to fucking this red headed stud. Red moved behind Ricky Lee watching his ass clench and push. Red rubbed Ricky Lee’s ass cheeks running his fingers along Ricky Lee’s ass crack and between his legs feeling the man’s balls slapping his brother’s ass as he fucked the tight hole. After all the fucking and sucking was over we went to the creek for a swim in the cool water. It did not take long until cocks started getting hard again from all of the wet horse play. Ricky Lee wanted to fuck Jason’s ass, at first Jason said no, he was straight but that theory really didn’t hold water as much as it could have in a different group. Ok, Jason said. But let’s go easy. Ricky Lee, smiled and grabbed some lube, he started by using his finger in Jason’s ass to loosen him some. Jason moaned and jumped a few times, Ricky lee worked in a second finger very slowly and carefully, he did not want Jason telling him to stop. Okay, are you ready? Ricky Lee asked. Yeah, Jason said in an unsure voice. Ricky Lee pushed his cock head right to his opening and pressed it in gently. fuck it hurts. Jason groaned. Push out with your ass and try to relax some. Ricky Lee said. Jason pulled his legs up as tight toward his chest and leaned his body to one side and that seemed to open his ass up enough that it stopped hurting and he started loving this cock in his ass. Fuck me Ricky Lee, damn this feels good. Jason whispered. Donald stood watching the action, fuck that! I would never let a cock in my ass. Donald said. Red came up to Donald. What about sucking my cock? He asked. Noooo way. Donald said. Look, it’s just us out here, let yourself go and have some fun. Red said shaking his cock at Donald while he spoke. Donald looked around and dropped to his knees, Red pushed his cock towards Donald’s mouth but Donald pulled back. Don’t push it in me, let me do it. He said. Donald took the man’s cock head between his lips for the first time in his life, taking it farther and farther in his mouth until he started to gag. Open your throat and swallow my cock Donald, just tilt your head back and take it. Red said. Donald did as instructed; he gagged a couple more times but soon had the knack of cock sucking. Donald sucked and too the cock and seemed to like it reaching behind Red feeling his ass cheeks and tugging onto his balls, I’m cumming, Red said, Donald did not pull off so Red went for it and took it into high gear fucking his friends throat harder until his salty cum covered Donald’s tongue, still Donald did not pull off, he gulped Red’s hot love juice and sucked until Red’s cock was too sensitive and had to pull away. That was hot. Donald said. I’ve tasted my own cum like all guys do, but never had another guy shoot his load in my mouth before. Glad to have been your first. Red said. I walked up to the camp from the creek, walking back with my shaving kit. Toby said he wanted a full body shave and I jumped at the chance, I have always wanted to shave him. He stood on a flat rock and I put shaving cream in my hand, smoothing it over his chest and abs before using the razor to clean every inch of hair, it was mostly fuzz and a few straggly hairs leaving his chest smooth and sexy. I moved to his crotch and added cream to his pubes, shaft and balls. I took off his pubes quickly and moved to his thickened shaft, it was almost hard and took no time to take the smaller hair off of the base of his shaft. I started on his balls and all of a sudden he arched his back, groaning and cum shot from his cock that stood straight up from his body. I moved in letting it splash onto my chest and went back to shaving his balls. I used one of the water buckets to wash the razor and to dip a cloth in to rinse the shaving cream off as I went. I shaved his legs all the way to his toes and then went to his ass; I bent Toby over and spread his ass cheeks removing every hair he had. After rinsing his ass several of the guys came over and ran their hands deep into his smooth ass crack admiring my work. Jason asked that I shave him too, I promised to do it the next morning, this “straight” guy had come a long way today, getting fucked and now wanting to have a full body shave. That was one of the hottest weekends we’ve had together and planned another camping weekend the next month.