Saturday, October 26, 2013

Surfer Boy

Growing up along the California coast, surfing was natural to me and have been enjoying the sport for twelve years now. I started when I was 14 and fell in love with riding the waves. I am the normal stereotypical California surfer, blond shaggy hair with a deep brown tan covering the smooth natural muscle tone of my body. I ride a six foot Firewire Unibrow that has an old style wooden look to it, it is not best board in the world but it is only one of many boards I own. I took the week off from my job where I write software programs eight hours a day to hit the waves instead of leaving the state for vacation. I got up early and headed to the beach with two boards, sometimes I like to trade out board sizes part way through the way. I headed out to catch the first wave of the day after coating my self with sunscreen, paddling out and waiting on a small wave, it was not that great a day for sizable waves. I rode a few waves in and decided to get into the cooler and eat a sandwich and some chips hoping that the waves might get better if I waited a while. I heard a noise nearby and saw a guy, sorta like an emo kid, he had pale skin and dark hair and looked very slim, maybe 20 or 21 years old. “Hi” I said waving to him. He just gave a half hearted wave as he sat down on a nearby rock. “You surf?” “Do I look like I surf?” “Well, no not really, but I try not to judge people by the way they look. “Want a sandwich?” I asked as I took one from my cooler. “No” “Suit yourself” I ate my sandwich and a few chips, looking out at the near small waves rolling in. ‘What kind?” I looked over at him. “The sandwich? Its ham and cheese with whole wheat bread, help yourself, there is a Coke in there too.” The guy thanked me for the sandwich and started eating. I finished my lunch and turned my attention to my lunch guest. “My name is Leif, what’s yours?” I asked. “Michael, and don’t call me Mike or Mikee, or I will ignore you” the dark haired guy said as he munched a few chips. “You want to try surfing?” “Me?” “No, the rock over there, yes you, there is no one else out here.” “I don’t have a surfboard and I am wearing jeans.” “Well you can try on mine and see if you like it, I can show you the basics on land so you can see how to stand up on the board and go from there.” “I guess” He replied. “Well don’t get too excited about it.” I said with a smirk. I stood up and kicked a hole in the sand for the fin of my board to stick into and leveled out the board. Michael kicked off his shoes and socks and stood on the board, I moved him to the rear of the board asking him to lie down on the board. Michael did as instructed. “Now grab here on each side of the board and push yourself up to your feet balancing yourself in the center. “The biggest thing will be balance, especially when you are out on the water and it starts to roll. Do you want to give it a try out there?” I asked pointing at the water. “Surf dude, I have already said I have jeans on, I don’t have swim shorts.” Michael said. “What have you got on under your jeans?” “Boxer briefs” “Wear those; no one is out here to see that its underwear anyway.” Michael just looked at me and peeled off his tee shirt and jeans. His body was very white and seemed to have almost no body fat at all, just lightly rippled ab’s and a tight body with a small waist. “Surf dude, you are staring at my nipples” “My name is Lief and I was not staring at your nipples,,,, Okay, I sort of was. “Whatever.” Michael said. I grabbed my second board from my Jeep and we paddled out, I showed him again how to stand and Michael tried it a few times, he seemed to get it fast. Michael’s white boxer briefs turned almost “see through” and with the weight of them being wet, they were really starting to sag and slide off his ass. “Okay, here comes a small wave, follow my lead and stand when I do and we will take this small wave, it was not much more than a roller. I stood as did Michael. “Okay, watch your balance.” The small wave knocked Michael into the water. “Fuck“he said as he climbed back onto the board. “You did fine; it will take you a few times to get your balance.” I said as I paddled over to him. We got set up for the next wave; Michael actually rode this one for about a minute before falling into the water. “That was great.” I called out. For the first time I saw a smile come across Michael’s face. “No surf dude, it was awesome.” We hit a few more waves and each time Michael did a little better and stayed on the board longer. Finally Michael made it near the beach before falling into the water, it was a larger wave and this time he came up without his boxer briefs. “I lost my undies.” “Well, you did great, maybe you can come back with some shorts next time.” I said. “Fuck that, I am not stopping, this is fun!” I laughed as Michael climbed onto the board to paddle back out to catch the next wave, his white bubble ass cheeks wet and glistening in the sun. As he stood up to ride the next wave, I got a glimpse of his not so small equipment nestled in a small amount of dark pubic hair. I heard Michael yelling with joy as he rode toward the beach with me right behind him. “Michael, you better get some sunscreen on before you burn parts that you do not want stinging for two days.” We ran up onto the beach and I handed Michael the sunscreen, he applied some to his front side even lifting his balls. “Just in case.” He said with a laugh. “Hey surf dude, you should surf naked too, its fun.” I looked at him and peeled off my board shorts and applied sunscreen to my cock and crotch area. “Do my ass?” Michael asked. I squeezed sunscreen onto my hands and rubbed them together before rubbing them onto Michael’s ass cheeks. “Don’t miss anything back there.” He said. I ran my fingers into his ass crack and just then he bent over some and my finger found his tight pucker hole and almost went inside. “Why are you shaved?” he asked. “My pubes? Well, I like the smoothness, it feels great.” He reached over lightly touching my pubic area and the top of my shaft. “Yeah, feels good.” I handed the tube to Michael and turned without saying a word. I felt his hands all over my ass and slipping into my ass crack, I stood still just to see how far he would go. I felt a finger go into my asshole as he pushed it around some before he said that we had better hit the waves before things got out of hand. I turned and grinned at him, he bent to pick up the surf board and I gave his ass a smack. “Hey!” We surfed naked for another hour and a half before I walked onto the beach pulling my board up behind me. Michael hit one more wave and he came in too. I’m beat and need a shower and then go out to find something to eat. “Sounds good surf dude, let‘s go.” Michael said. It was a bit odd that he included himself into my evening, I watched him as he dressed in his black jeans minus his boxer briefs, and the jeans hung a bit off his ass showing his ass crack from the waist. We carried the boards to the Jeep and I lashed them down onto the rack on the roll bar while Michael went back for the cooler. I drove us to my apartment a couple of miles away, we got inside, and I got us some iced tea and asked Michael if he wanted to shower first. “Shower with a friend and save water is my motto.” Michael said dropping his jeans to the floor and kept walking down the hall. I followed and pulled out fresh towels and turned the shower water on, I felt Michaels hand on my ass I bent over directing the water to the shower head. I turned and pulled the curtain back allowing my naked guest to get in. Under the water I took shampoo and lathered it up in my hands before rubbing Michael’s chest with soapy bubbles. Michael was shorter than me; I pulled him close, kissing his lips while the warm water splashed over our bodies. When I left home this morning I would have never thought I would be brining a short emo guy into my shower. “Surf dude, you’ve got a great body.” Michael said as he leaned over and took one of my nipples between his lips, kissing and sucking it. “My name is Lief.” I said. Michael’s hands were all over my body, touching and exploring, he went to his knees and sucked on my cock and it got bigger and harder than before. He moved me pushing my hips, I turned around, Michael pushed my hips some and I bent over, I felt his face against my ass, his mouth biting and chewing at my asshole, I could feel the small amount of chin stubble cutting at my ass causing me to moan. This guy had milky white skin with his dark hair giving such a big contrast and it was turning me on and he was very hungry for my ass. I pulled him up and turned him around bending him over, I stuck a finger into his slick hole plunging it in and out before I stuck my cock into his pink hole. Michael pushed back against my cock and moved his hips in a circular motion, riding my fuckpole. His body was not overly muscular but the lack of body fat gave a great view of his muscle tone and shape. I fucked him as the water beat down on us; I reached over his back and pulled his hair back while I rode his ass. I pulled out and shot my jizz onto his back rubbing it into his skin before it washed to the drain in the shower. I turned Michael around and got to my knees pulling this hot guy’s cock into my mouth. I sucked him while my hands roamed over his water slick body, I shoved a thumb into Michael’s rectum massaging it as I sucked every last drop of cum from his cock. We finished our shower and went out for fish n chips and a few beers before heading back home. Michael stripped off his clothes right away. “I don’t like to wear clothes when I don’t have to; I guess I am a nudist at heart.” “I have no problems with that.” I said looking at him from head to toe. I took Michael to bed and fucked him again only this time I made it last as long as I could by slowing down just before cumming. Michael was gripping the sheets and moaning loudly while his body writhed below me as my rigid pole poked deep into his hot ass driving him wild. I flipped him on his side and pushed his leg to his chest and continued fucking him, I felt the waves of my orgasm from my toes to my chest as I shot my jizz into his ass. Michael pulled me around, kissing me hard on the lips. “Oh fuck Leif, That was fucking insane, my ass is on fire but I have never been fucked like that.” “Oh my GOD, you called me by my name.” “Damn surf dude, don’t get used to it.” He said laughing. Michael spent the night and well,,, never moved out, we go surfing every time we can. I never really asked why he was on the beach that day, I have thought that maybe he was leaving a bad relationship as he never moved any clothes or anything in, he would go buy new clothes as he needed them. He did finally get a bit of a tan from all the surfing and some days we would sneak in some naked surfing too.