Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bartender in Texas

I was sent to Houston Texas for a meeting and decided to book the ticket for two days instead of just the one day, may as well have some fun while I’m there. I finished the dull meeting and walked the three blocks back to my hotel room. Shedding my suit and tie I lay back on the bed to relax a bit before dinner. My head melted into the pillow and my right hand dove into my white boxer briefs feeling my fat cockhead, rubbing it between my finger and thumb. I slipped the briefs off and pulled at my balls with my left hand while jacking with my right. Half the time I was in the meeting I was thinking about laying back on this plush bed naked jerking off. I brought a few toys with me but was too close to cumming to get up, my left hand moved to my nipples, rubbing in some pre cum onto my left nipple. My back arched, my toes pushed out as my body stiffened, cum flew from my throbbing rod, splashing across my torso. I gave a half assed clean up with my briefs tossing them onto the floor wet with my man soup. I slept for about ninety minutes, woke up and took a shower, I really don’t like the little hotel shampoo and soaps so I left them on the counter and used what I brought with me. I dressed in a muscle tee shirt and jeans tossed on some tennis shoes and walked out in search of dinner. I stopped a block away and had a steak dinner and a beer before doing a search on my phone for the nearest gay club. It seems like I was on the wrong side of town for that, nothing much nearby. The waiter came back to check on me and I had figured that he was gay about the minute I walked in. “Do you know if there is a gay bar or club nearby”? “What is it you are looking for, dancing meeting friends”? He asked. “Just a place to hang out for a few hours mostly”. “Yeah, sure there is a small bar not too far away from here, nothing glamorous or anything but you can walk there if you want, I‘ll write down the directions for you“. “Thanks, that would be great”. I paid the bill, left him a nice tip and headed for my walk to the bar. After a fifteen minute walk I open the door to the dark bar, dance music blasted out at me as I walked in. A few guys were at tables talking, about six dancing to loud music that was pumping out of giant speakers by a skinny DJ that was in a booth in the corner. It must have been too early for a big crowd, there were two bartenders, and one of them was a good looking guy with dark hair, no shirt and a natural muscular build. The shirtless guy walked over, “What can I get for you?” “I’d love a beer please.” I said taking in his hot looks. He set the beer in front of me on a coaster. I gave him a five. “Keep the change.” I said with a smile. “If you keep that up, I may have to tip you back.” As he walked away I could see that he was wearing dark green shorts, Brown short topped work boots with white socks. I looked around taking in the lack of ambiance; it was just a neighborhood bar. There was a cutie that was hanging around the DJ booth, probably his boyfriend, pickin’s were slim here, it seemed most guys were paired off. The sexy bartender came back over. “Like another beer?” “Sure would, what’s your name?” “Rick” “My name is Tim.” I said as I shook his hand. Rick sat my beer in front of me as he took the empty glass away, my eyes were checking out his small stiff nipples and the light dusting of hair across his chest. I passed him another five dollar bill. “Keep the change.” I said. Rick let his hand brush my arm as he took the bill. “Thanks sweetie.” I chatted with Rick in between him serving the few guys that were in the bar; he was single and had worked at the bar for two years after moving here from Colorado. I had a couple more beers and each tipping him the change from a five. “That’s it, time to tip you back” Rick said with a wicked grin. In one leap Rick was up on the counter dancing to the music, his boots moved against the worn wooden bar as he danced up in front of me, I moved my beer out of the way for this sexy guy. Rick moved in close as I looked up his legs right into the leg opening of the short green shorts. Fuck, he was not wearing anything under the shorts; I caught a glimpse of his uncut cock bouncing around. Rick squatted down in front of me as he moved to the tunes, his cock poked right out of his shorts taking my breath away. Rick took my hand from the bar and placed it on his cock and started rubbing it around pushing my fingers deeper into his shorts. His cock stiffened under my touch, he leaned farther forward and onto his knees lifting his crotch up to my face, pulling the back of my head toward his joint. I took it into my mouth, sucking it and fondling his balls. Rick humped my face before standing up on the bar, his mostly stiff prick pointing out from his shorts. He danced until the song ended before jumping back down behind the bar, his cock still bobbing out as it slowly softened. “Do you do that for all the big tippers?” “No, only the sexy ones.” Rick said as he ran his fingers across my cheek. Rick was a short at about 5’7, his crooked smile and slight goatee made my manhood stir. I have always likes short guys, to walk up behind a guy shorter than I am is sexy, slipping my arms over his shoulders and feeling his bare chest. Rick walked around the bar, “Break time for me, Tim, would you like to dance?” “I’d love to.” I said standing up next to Rick. We danced a few minutes and Rick pulled me close, kissing me as we walked off the dance floor, “Break is over.” I ran my hand across his ass through the thin fabric of those sexy green shorts. Closing time came and the other bartender had already gone. “Last call, finish your drinks.” Rick yelled out. I sucked down the last couple of ounces of my beer and stood up to go. “Where do you think you are going? Sit down; last call was not for you" he said as he poured me another beer. I smiled and went for my wallet to pay for the beer when Rick waved no charge. The last of the guys left the building leaving only the two of us, Rick locked the door and went about his closing duties while we joked and laughed. “I need to see your ass back up on this bar mister.” “Oh?,, alright I can oblige.” Rick said as he cranked the music up and jumped onto the bar again dancing while I watched his junk bounce in and out of the leg opening. Rick turned and bounced his ass toward me as he squatted down; I reached up pulling his shorts down exposing the top of his full and sexy ass cheeks. He stood up again teasing me as he pulled his shorts down showing me even more of his ass crack bending at his waist. I pushed my finger into my mouth getting it very wet before probing it along his crack to his tight ass hole pushing it in to my first knuckle. Rick turned and pulled up his shorts, waging his finger at me saying “No, no, no., it’s your turn to get up here and dance for me.” Rick put his hand out to help me onto the bar and he sat on my bar stool to watch the show. I peeled off my shirt tossing it onto the liquor bottles behind the bar as I moved with the music. “More,,, peel it baby!” he cheered. I loosened my belt and un buttoned my jeans showing him my dark patch of pubic hair. Rick untied my tennis shoes and I kicked them off, my jeans now loose slid farther and farther towards my ankles as I danced. Rick reached out and held my jeans to the counter and I stepped out of them, my cock flopping around as I danced for this sexy man. Rick reached up my legs feeling my muscles as I moved. He jumped up and got onto the bar with me. I slid his shorts down allowing his thick meat to touch mine as we dance. Rick kicked off his boots and those green shorts; he pulled me tight to his warm sexy body as we danced naked on the bar. I knelt down in front of Rick and took his throbbed into my mouth; my hands roamed his rounded ass cheeks. My tongue inside his foreskin feeling his knob and tasting the pre cum that was coming from his piss slit; His cock was driving me wild. Rick jumped down and ran behind the bar and grabbed some pre-lubed condoms from the basket that was out for horny men in need. He pulled me down to the bar; I lay back as he lifted my legs up, spreading my ass cheeks apart with his thumbs before pushing them both into my ass. I moaned and my back arched toward him, my ass wanted more. “Fuck me Rick.” Rick put the condom on and pushed his love shaft deep into my ass, he fucked me like a man possessed; my deep cries spurred him on. My ass was burning but wanted more. I pushed him out and moved onto my knees pushing my ass back onto his encased sausage, he fucked me until he busted his nut in my ass, driving it deep as he fell forward onto my back giving me a final push. “Oh fuck, that was hot.” he said. Rick hopped off the bar laying me flat onto my back, he ran his hands all over my body, grabbing the drink gun, he pushed the button for water and let it splash from my chest to my crotch making me completely wet. His hands went to my nipples, twisting and rubbing them, he moved down and started fist humping my cock, he leaned over and chewed my nipple that was closest to him. His hand tight on my rod as he jacked me, my body would not hold still, I moved and wiggled all over that bar, I could feel it working it’s way to my cock, my orgasm was so intense I yelled out some crazy noise as I shot my nut butter spewing onto my chest and some over my shoulder onto the bar. Rick leaned in and licked my jizz from my chest, smiling with satisfaction. “That was fantastic Tim, I was so horny tonight and would have gone home and spanked the monkey alone, and this was so hot.” I lay still on the bar, Rick got some clean dry bar towels to clean me up before I sat up on the bar with my feet dangling over his side. Rick leaned over and kissed my chest, cock, balls, nibbled at my thighs before licking and kissing all the way to my feet, he looked me right in the eyes and sucked my toes into his mouth while he rubbed my legs. I took my clothes and started to dress but Rick handed me those green shorts. “Put these on instead, I‘ll give you a ride to your hotel.” he said. “What are you going to wear?” “Nothing at all” I wore only his green shorts out of the bar carrying my clothes under my arm out to his car. Rick had a CD in his hand and locked the front door of the bar and casually walked to his car naked. Rick reached over and felt my bulge in his green shorts smiling, “I love those shorts.” he said. Pulling up to my hotel Rick leaned over kissing me and handed me the CD. “What’s the CD for?” I asked. “It’s not a CD it is a DVD from the security camera on the bar, you should have a very hot video of our sex on the bar as a hot memento of tonight.” “Shit, I didn’t even think about the cameras in the bar catching us fucking on the bar.” “Well that is the only evidence of what we did tonight, enjoy your flight home Tim.” “Thanks Rick, and for the DVD too.” I said with a wicked grin. I have tossed many a load watching that video, seeing Rick dance for me and fucking me on the bar that night in Texas.