Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Thanksgiving Feast

Two years ago I was in an authentic Plymouth Rock Thanksgiving play, the costumes and props were authentic to the time period. I am 31 years old and have to keep in good shape to dance and do the acrobatic moves on stage. We had rehearsals for weeks before actually seeing the costumes and set props, mine was pilgrim attire of calf high boots, pants and a loose fitting shirt. Three of the other guys were Indians and wore very little clothing, mostly a basic loincloth with something similar to chaps that covered mostly his legs. They did not wear anything under the loincloth, I got to see plenty of ass cheeks and upon certain movements I could actually see their privates swinging free but the audience would not be able to see it from the distance they were at. We had several scenes with one in particular early on where I had to wrestle one of the Indians near a mock campfire. This Indian was played by a dark haired guy named Daniel who wore body makeup to cover his too white skin. It was time to rehearse the wrestling scene, I moved in and grabbed Daniel by the arm, he pushed me off balance and just before I fell to my ass, I grabbed at anything to keep from falling down. What I grabbed was the side of Daniels loincloth taking it with me, leaving him basically naked. Daniel grabbed for my arm and missed, he moved in fast to make sure I was OK bringing his crotch within two feet of my face as he squatted near me. “I am so sorry.” Daniel said. My eyes glued to his low hanging balls and meaty cock nearby. Daniel noticed me looking at his crotch. “Well, I guess you are OK after all.” he said as he stood up taking my hand pulling me to my feet. Daniel, still naked except for his leggings looked around picking his loincloth from the floor and re tying it around his hips. After finishing rehearsal we went to the large men’s dressing room, I was changing clothes as Daniel headed to the showers to wash off the skin coloring, I took my time and within a few minutes Daniel walked back in wearing only a towel. “Nathan you want to go grab a beer?” He asked. “Sure, sounds great.” I said. Watching Daniel drop his towel and give his still wet hair a rub with it, I could not stop watching his dangling meat while his face was covered with the towel. Daniel pulled the towel down and saw me looking at his cock again. Daniel tossed the towel onto my face as he turned to dress giving me a great look at the double mounds of his monumental ass. Daniel dressed and we walked down the block to a pub, we had a few beers and played darts for a while before Daniel poked my ass with a sharp dart tip. “Ouch, what the heck?” I asked. “That was for pulling off my costume on stage, I think you did it on purpose to get a good look at my junk.” I laughed and slapped him on the shoulder. “No, it was an honest accident, but it did give me a great view of you balls when you came to help me up.” “It’s about time I get a close look at this for myself.” Daniel said as he bumped the crotch of my worn jeans. “Let’s go to my place.” I said. Daniel drove right behind me to my apartment and slapped my ass as he followed me up the stairs. Inside, I got us something to drink before sitting next to Daniel on the couch. I reached over and rubbed Daniel’s chest and kissed him on his luscious full lips, he unbuttoned my shirt and leaned in kissing my chest and sucking on my hardening nipples. I leaned back on the couch giving him ample room to do anything he wanted to do. “Nathan, stand up and let me slip your jeans off.” I stood up while Daniel slipped my jeans to my feet, I stepped out of them and Daniel pulled me close lifting my balls while he moved his mouth to them. Daniel inhaled deeply through his nose as he buried it into my nut sac before he ran his tongue under my balls lifting them and sucking each into his mouth. I took Daniel by the hand walking him to my bedroom, Daniel wasted no time in peeling off his clothes while I took off my shirt tossing it onto a nearby chair. I gently pushed Daniel back onto the bed and climbed on top of him in a sixty nine position with my nuts hanging down into Daniel’s face where he greedily sucked my plump cock into his mouth. I made short work of getting this hot man hard, swallowing his length deep into my throat, my hands roamed his hot mounds of flesh with my fingers exploring his ass crack. ‘Damn that feels good Nathan, roll over and let me at that hot ass of yours.” I flipped over and the bed, face down into my soft pillow while Daniel moved in behind me lifting my ass into the air, he spat some saliva onto my pink star and shoved a finger deep inside me massaging my elastic ring until he could fit a second finger in. I moaned at his touch and arched my back at a sharper angle. “Put that hot cock in me Daniel, fuck me baby.” Daniel grabbed my dangling balls pulling at them while he chewed at my hole, his hands moving around my legs and crotch in a frenzy. I grabbed some lube from the bedside handing it to Daniel applied a generous amount to my fuck hole, he pushed three fingers deep into me in one movement causing me to suck in my breath deeply. Daniel seemed fascinated by watching his fingers going in and out of my ass with his face only inches away, he squirted on more lube and pushed hard to get a fourth finger inside me, I cried out, this was stretching my ass out to the max and was painful. Daniel worked my ass still intently watching with amazement, I pushed back against his touch trying to open my ass farther and ease the pressure. Daniel pulled his fingers out of my ass, moved into position and shoved his anal intruder into my stretched hole. He fucked me hard and when he was about to cum, Daniel would squeeze the underside of his shaft causing a delay in his orgasm letting him fuck my ass for about fifteen minutes before he finally released his jizz into my butt. I rolled him over and I climbed on top, sitting on his chest I leaned forward putting my stiff rod into his mouth throat fucking him as he gulped at my cock. When it came time to cum I pulled out of his throat and blasted my spunky man gravy all over his face and into his open mouth. I took my fingers scooping my jizz from his face feeding it to his hungry tongue. We lay next to each other catching our breath, “Nathan, can we do this again tomorrow after rehearsal?” “Sure baby, but I want you sneak out that sexy loin cloth and we can have some real fun with it.” I said laughing. We snuggled for a while then went to the shower for some wet fun, I soaped up Daniels swelling cock and jacked him while he leaned back on the wall, his jizz splashed onto my cock and pubic hair. I used his cum as lube to jack off onto his cock splashing my juice onto his balls, Daniel stood pulling me close, grinding our cum covered crotches together under the hot water that splashed over us.