Saturday, December 28, 2013

Burger Boy

I have worked for a family owned burger joint in central Florida for 6 years and have become the day shift manager. Most days are pretty mundane and see a lot of the same people coming in day after day. I hear the delivery bell ring at the back door and open it to start the morning deliveries from our vendors. The first is Jim, our meat purveyor bringing us the pre made patties, our sliced cheeses and dairy products. Jim was almost done when the produce truck arrived, I did a double take as it was not our normal driver and he was definite eye candy. Dark curly short cropped hair with dark eyes that were hard to look away from. “Hi, I’m Theo, the shift manager.” I said as I shook his hand. “Good to meet you Theo, I am your new route driver, Jack moved out of state, my name is Daniel, or Dan if you will.” “Let me show you the produce cooler Dan.” I said patting his shoulder, my hand wanted to linger and explore his torso but had to keep it professional. I walked into the cooler pointing where the lettuce and tomatoes went, as I backed up I ran into Dan who was moving forward, Dan grabbed my waist. “I’m sorry Dan, I didn’t mean to back over you.” I said. “No problem.” Dan said still holding my waist, I turned to see him smile as he stepped back. “You can put the onions on this table and I will put hem into the bin later.” I said as I pointed to a stainless steel table. I left Dan to do his thing while I signed the invoice for the meat. I went to work in the kitchen on prep for the lunch rush, I watched Dan make his runs through the kitchen with a hand truck. His muscles were stretching the sleeves of his polo shirt and moving in a way that I wanted to see more. Dan finished his delivery and I signed his invoice, I will see you in two days then. I said as I shook his hand again. Dan looked into my face with a smile and said. “It will be my pleasure, see you Wednesday then.” walking to his truck. I kept Dan close in my mind as I finished prep for the day. Two days later I was waiting on Dan’s produce delivery, I turned on the broiler when I heard the bell ring, opening the door to Dan’s beaming face, “Hey!” I said. “Hi Theo.” Dan said. As he rolled in the hand truck with cases of lettuce toward the cooler. “I have a treat for you, if you are hungry Dan.” I called out as he came from the cooler. “I’ll broil you a half pounder, how would you like it cooked?” I asked. “Medium well Theo, thanks, that sounds so good.” “Would you like American or cheddar cheese?” “Cheddar please, I skipped breakfast today so this will be great.” Dan finished the delivery, washed in the men’s room. “Have a seat Dan, I’ll bring it out to you, grab a paper cup and a soda from the machine.” I said pointing to the soda area. I finished cooking Dan’s burger and fries taking it to the table. He smiled as he looked up to me. “Thanks Theo, how sweet of you. Sit with me if you have time.” Dan said as he took a big bite of the burger. “I grabbed a soda and came back, sitting down as Dan finished his first mouth full. Wow Theo, that is so good, so much flavor!” “It’s the seasoning we use and of course, the broiler adds a great taste too.” “Your meat is so good.” Dan exclaimed as he looked into my grinning face. “Oh, that came out wrong.” he said smiling. “I’ve not had any complaints about my meat.” I said with a grin. “I bet not, Dan said as he took another bite.” Hmm. I thought, Dan seemed to be enjoying the innuendo talk. “You look like you are in pretty good shape, do you work out Dan?” I asked. “No, it is all from lugging lettuce cases all day and a bit of good genes.” He replied. “Theo, correct me if I am out of line, but I noticed you checking me out as I took the produce to the cooler, and I am thinking that you do not make all of your delivery guys a good burger like this. What I want to say is, would you like to go out with me tonight? Maybe a club or dinner?” Dan asked. “Yeah, I would like that, and I was trying not to be so obvious when I was watching you. I get off at 4 o’clock and will need to go shower after work.” “Well since I invited you out, I should pick you up too, tonight is on me.” I wrote my address down and gave it to Dan as he finished up his burger. Anxious about the date, I could not wait for the day to pass. Driving home I almost passed my exit off the freeway as I was thinking about Dan. I showered and didn’t want to dress yet and wrinkle my shirt so I just slipped on some boxer briefs and did a few things around the house. Finally it was almost time, I dressed in a blue henley shirt and pressed jeans, dabbed a big of spicy cologne on just as the doorbell rang. Opening the door Dan stood there smiling, “Where would you like your lettuce sir?” He asked while laughing. Dan was wearing an upscale polo shirt and slacks, “You look great Dan, Come on in.” “Nice place Theo, oh and a pool too, very nice.” “Yeah, I love it, thanks. Can I get you a drink or a soda?” “Just a Coke if you have one.” “Sure, Where are we going?” I asked handing him the Coke. “I was thinking of going to a place called the Cellar. I have eaten there a few times and it’s pretty good.” Dan said. “Sounds good, lets sit by the pool for a bit while you finish our drinks.” Dan ran his hand over my shoulder as he walked to a patio chair, it felt so good to have him so comfortable with me so soon. We chatted about work and family for about 30 minutes before going to Dan’s car. Inside the Cellar Dan sat across from me, his eyes sparked as he talked and laughed. Dinner was great and he was so easy to talk to. Dan ordered coffee and I kidded him about being up all night from the caffeine, he said “ I hope so and winked at me.” “Would you like to go have a drink or three?” Dan asked. “Yeah, that sounds good.” We headed across town to a gay club, the place was full and air heavy with the scent of men and beer. We danced a few songs then had a second drink when Dan leaned over pulling me close kissing my lips, he nibbled on my bottom lip some before slipping his tongue into my mouth. Pulling him even closer I ran my hand over his back feeling his lean torso. Mmm.. “You taste good.” I said with a lustful smile. “Well, here is dessert then.” Dan said. as he kissed me again. I reached over feeling Dan’s crotch through his slacks, feeling his meat grow under my fingertips I was getting very horny, Dan ran his hand over my chest. “Let’s go to my place so I can give THIS proper attention.” I said squeezing his cock. “I don’t think I can stand up right now.” Dan said as he looked toward a fully hard cock in his slacks. “Oh,” I smiled, “well it is a gay club, I say stand and lets go, let them look and be envious of your hot bulge.” “Ok.” Dan said as he stood, it was evident that he was well endowed and had either no underwear or thin silk ones on. “That’s fucking hot!” I said as I gave it another squeeze. We got back to my house and started kissing peeling clothes off and kissing some more as we made it to the living room. Looking at Dan’s lean and muscled body, I went to my knees sliding his slacks to the floor with Dan’s straining cock bouncing up at my face. “No underwear, you naughty boy!” I said as I took it into my mouth. I sucked his thick cock until his knees almost buckled and I pulled him to the living room floor. Dan sucked my balls and felt my chest as I pushed his head onto my cock. The liquor and the heat of passion was driving me wild. “Fuck me Dan, I want that thick cock up my ass.” I said, arching my hips into the air. Dan pulled a condom from his pants pocket, rolling it on before he shoved his face into my ass running his tongue all around my hole lubing my ass with his spit he backed off and pushed his cock into my ass. “Fuck you are big.” I said as he filled my void. It was painful at first until he got me settled in and stretched some. Dan pushed my legs toward my body tight, I watched his chest and shoulders move in time with his thrusts, he was more hot without clothes than I thought he would be. He fucked my ass hard as I twisted his nipples making them hard like bullets. Mmm.. “Im cumming Theo, fuuucckkk.” Dan moaned. “Shoot it baby, Fill my ass with your cum.” Dan shot his load before falling forward onto my chest with his cock still inside me. His breathing was hard and I kissed his face letting him catch his breath. I rolled Dan over onto his back and started working on his nipples, his hands traced my shoulders and arms. Dan pulled me up to his face, pulling my ass onto his mouth with my balls slapping his chin as he ate my ass. My cock was so stiff and leaking pre cum running to my balls. I moved to push my cock into his mouth and deep into his throat while his fingers started pushing on my ass hole, then inside it, his two fingers working my hole almost as hard as his cock did. The man sucked my cock frantically causing me to shoot as he gulped my cum as fast as it shot from my cock. Dan continued devouring my cum until I had to pull out as my cock was too sensitive and was making my body jerk when he sucked me. I rolled over and laid next to him on the carpeting. “Look at us I said, we didn’t even make it to the bed.” Dan laughed, “Maybe tomorrow night we can make it that far.” “Would you take your lunch where I work tomorrow? if you are in the neighborhood, I would love to see you eat my meat again.” Dan laughed, “I think that can be arranged.”  

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

College Roomie

It was my second year in college as I moved into the dorm room I was to share, I was the first in so chose the bed to the left as you came in, it seemed to have a speck more privacy than the one directly in view as you walk in the door. I was unpacking when a guy walked in loaded with two boxes and a duffle bag. “Hi, I’m your new roomie, my name is Chip. He said setting his boxes down at the foot of the bed. I’m Dale. I said with a grin. Chip gave me a smile. “No way, don’t even go there.” “Okay, my name is really Brian, sorry I have an impulsive sense of humor.” I stood back to get a good look at Chip, dark hair, olive skin and killer dark eyebrows, this guy came from years of good breeding and probably snobbish parents, who names their baby Chip anyway? “Is that everything?” I asked pointing at his boxes. “No, my parents will be down early tomorrow to bring a few more boxes.” I leaned back on my bed with my tablet reading e-mail but found that Chip was pulling my attention across the room, watching him unpack. “Crap, I forgot the sheets for my bed, I brought the pillow and blanket, I guess I’ll be roughing it tonight.” he said. “I’ve got an extra set you can use as long as you wash them before you return them.” “Oh, cause I’m so dirty, of course I would wash them.” he said with a rye smile. “Yikes, I didn’t mean to say it like that, of course you are not dirty.” I replied. Chip walked into the bathroom to put his toiletries and towels away. I was talking to him and walked over to the open bathroom door as I spoke just in time to see him pulling his dick out and start to pee. “Oh, damn, I’m sorry.” I said, ducking back into the room. “No biggie, it was my fault for not closing the door, but I’m not overly shy anyway, I was just peeing. I went back to reading or at least pretending to and watching while Chip finished unpacking and making his bed with my sheets. Chip said he was going to walk the campus for a while and then grab dinner, we exchanged cell phone numbers and off he went. I finished my e-mail and went out for a pizza and beer, getting back to the dorm about two hours later going to bed about eleven pm. I had just gotten into a good sleep when Chip came in, he was tying to be quiet but I think he must have had a bit to drink as he was leaning and grabbing onto the desk while he undressed. Kicking his shoes off I watched with my eyes half closed, not that he could tell I was awake in his condition. Chip peeled off his tee shirt and dropped it onto the floor, he unbuttoned his Levis and slid them to the floor, he was not wearing any underwear and his ass looked so hot in the dimly lit room. Chip fell back onto the bed and was out cold, I laid there thinking abut him laying there my cock grew hard, I started jacking off as I looked over to the next bed a few feet away. His cock lay on his pubes with his balls hanging between his spread legs. I wanted to go touch him caressing his cock before sucking it until his juices squirted into my mouth. My hand dropped to my asshole fingering deeply as I massaged my shaft. My new roomie could sleep naked anytime he wants, this guy was hot. I held back my moans as I shot my cum onto my chest, my finger still probing frantically in my ass. As I walked back from the bathroom after cleaning up I stopped and took a long look at Chip laying there. He looked so incredible I could not resist reaching down and feeling the weight of his low hanging nut sac, I got back into my bed before I woke him and got caught. I woke up about seven a.m. and looked over to see that Chip was still asleep, I got up and headed for the shower stopping along the way to take a picture of my naked roomie with my cell phone. I was just getting soaped up when Chip pulled back the shower curtain and snapped a picture of me. “Hey, what the heck?” I said looking at Chip standing there naked holding his phone. “I just needed a picture of you for your profile on my phone.” he said laughing. “Besides, you woke me up when you took the picture of me naked, so I think we may be even.” I pulled the shower curtain closed and went back to showering when Chip’s arm came around the curtain and grabbed for my balls, at first I pulled back and rethought it, this hot guy was after my balls, why pull back? I pushed forward right into his hand, he took my balls between his fingers, moving to my shaft stroking it in the hot running water. I pulled the curtain back and took his arm pulling him into my shower, his hands ran all over my wet skin, I pulled him close kissing his dark red sexy lips, he bit my lower lip just before sticking his tongue into my mouth. I dropped to my knees kissing his firm chest on the way to his thickening cock, my fingers once again lifted his heavy large balls pulling them into my mouth as the water splashed over my face. I stood, bending Chip over, fingering his hole before pushing my stiff wet cock into his ass, he held onto the walls and pushed his ass up for me as I pushed it in as deep as I could, my hands moving over his back and holding onto his hips. Grinding on his ass I arched my back riding his hole high and hard, last night I wanted to tough this guy so bad, now he was impaled on my cock moaning in my shower. “You know you are next, I’m fucking you as soon as you cum.” “I was not that drunk last night, I wanted to see how you would react so I could find out if you are gay or not and when you held my balls, I was hoping that you would go down on my dick.” I got close and pumped his ass harder until I felt the stirring of my ejaculation starting below in my nuts. My cum spurted into his ass as I griped his hips holding him tightly as I bucked his ass hard. I turned off the shower and we rolled out, still wet jumping onto Chips bed, he lifted my hips off of the bed pushing his slim cock into my ass, neither had lube as just getting here yesterday so I was happy about my ass still being wet from the shower. Chip was a fast guy when fucking, he held himself up on his hands and plowed my ass like a high speed jack hammer, I’ve never seen anyone fuck with the speed and intensity of Chip. Just then there was a knock at the door, Chip did not stop fucking my hole but kept going a few more seconds until he started cumming in my ass, his moans must have echoed off of the hallways of the entire building, there was no masking what was going on behind our door. “Chip honey, it’s mom, are you there?” a female voice said along with more knocking at the door. “Shit, it’s your mom.” I said. “No biggie, toss on some jeans and I will do the same…. Coming mom.” Chip said. I grabbed my jeans pulling them on along with yesterdays tee shirt off of the floor, Chip slipped on only his jeans and walked to the door opening it. “Hi mom, come on in, this is my roomie Brian.” “Hi Brian, very nice to meet you, you boys should open a window in here, it is awfully stuffy.” She said. Smells like sex I thought to my self. “Dad is bringing up some of your things honey, would you run down and help him please?” “Sure mom, care to help me Brian?” He asked. Anything to get out of this room I thought, I know his mother knew that someone was getting fucked in here, the door is only so thick and I didn’t want her knowing I was getting fucked or that I was just fucking her baby boy. Chip introduced me to his dad and we they each carried a couple of boxes while I took the last one and got the door following Chip down the hall I could see that his jeans were slipping off, his ass cheeks were sticking out of the top of the waist of his jeans and a nice view of that hot ass crack. Chip turned to motion for me to grab his jeans and pull them up a bit and as he turned I could see the beginning of his dark pubes curling out making me horny all over again, I reached right into the front of his jeans and gave his package a feel before pulling them up with my one free hand luckily his dad was already in our room. “So you boys getting to know each other?” Dad asked. “I think they are doing fine.” Mom said with a smile. Chip’s parents took us out to breakfast before dropping us back at the dorm and headed home. As soon as we got inside and shut the door, Chip walked over to me, sticking one hand down the front of my pants and the other down the back. One hand was feeling my balls and the other fingering my ass. “Wait till you see what I packed and brought to college with me.” he said cutting the tape and dumping a small box onto the bed. There was about every sex toy know to gay men, all kinds of dildos, Fleshlights, cock rings, a whip, latex undies and a few things that I did not know what they were and scared me a little. “Oh my God. You are a sexual deviant and I think you will be expanding my horizons.” I said. “That’s not all I’m going to expand.” Chip said holding up a thick long dildo rubbing the head in a sexy way.