Monday, January 20, 2014


Since I moved to California from North Carolina two years ago, I have been missing my friends so much.
After talking to my friend Jake on the phone, I called him back the next day and suggested he come out to visit me for a week.
Jake asked if he could bring his boyfriend David with him on the visit. I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping to hook up with him again, we had been more of a fuck buddy relationship than boyfriends, but it will be good to see him anyway. Jake had a medium build with sandy blonde hair green eyes and a great personality.

I arrived at the airport near baggage claim to pick them up, waiting on the bench watching people go by when my phone rang, it was Jake, they were off the plane and headed to the escalators to come to baggage claim. I walked to the bottom of the escalators to watch for them, making eye contact with this cute guy coming down alone, I shot him a flirty smile as he came near me. “Hi, I am David are you Keith?” My face went red,, “Yes, hi David, good to meet you? Where is Jake?” I asked.
He stopped at the restroom but wanted me to come find you so you didn’t think we got lost.
David was stunning, icy blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, tan and built like a swimmer, he looked like he was 19 or 20 but Jake said he was 26 years old.

David started talking about the plane trip and was very animated and putting his hand on my shoulder as he spoke. I felt hands wrap around me from behind hugging me and I knew it was Jake. I turned to him and hugged him closely as Jake kissed me on my lips right at baggage claim. “My guys!” he said as he looked at me and then David.
We collected the bags and headed to my apartment. Inside I apologized as I told them they would have to use the hide-a-bed in the couch as I only had a one bedroom. “I cleared out the front coat closet for you to use.” “It’s fine, so sweet of you putting us up here.” David said. “Lets go out to lunch and come back for a dip in the pool.” “You have a pool?” David asked, he looked excited, “I love to swim.” “If you didn’t bring a swim suit with you, you can use one of mine or stop and buy one after we eat.” “Cool, that would be great.” Jake said.

We ate lunch and stopped by one of the beach wear shops, Jake opted for board shorts and David tried on a almost sheer white square cut swim suit, walking out of the dressing room. “What do you think?” “Wow that looks great!” Jake said. I bit my lip after seeing the size of his package that was held back by an ounce of material.

They paid for the swimwear and I drove us back to my apartment, we changed our clothes and grabbed some towels, then headed for the pool, it was nice as we had the pool to ourselves. David swam like a fish while Jake and I laid on the chase lounges in the sun catching up on the last few years. David climbed up the ladder and walked over getting a towel.
I glanced at his new swim suit when I noticed that the water turned the fabric almost invisible, I could see through it completely with every line and curve of his cock showing, I could even tell that he was shaved and smooth. Jake saw me looking. “Good looking guy huh?” I looked at Jake with a grin.

“Yes and that is some swim suit too.” I said. David stretched out on the chaise next to me putting his arms behind his head. “Damn, this is the life.”He said. Jake said he met David about 6 months ago at the gym he went to and they moved in together about two months later. “I didn’t think you were the kind to settle down Jake.
”I said. “Well just look.” He said as he pointed toward David. “How could you pass this man up, he is so sweet and very hot, but we still have a semi open relationship.” “Really?” I asked. “You need to close it and hang on tight to David.” David looked over. “Jake is my hot baby and I love him.” David said. I took a dip in the pool, splashing Jake until he jumped into the pool with me.

As he swam underwater passed me he grabbed my crotch In a playful way laughing as he surfaced. David joined us, swimming to Jake, kissing him hard and deep, I looked around to see if anyone had come near the pool. “Guys, my neighbors..” I said laughing. “No sex in the pool.” David looked at me with a big smile. We headed upstairs, getting inside, there are towels in the closet, feel free to grab a shower, I only have the one bathroom so you guys can go first.

David headed in to the bathroom I could see his ass crack through the fabric. “Damn I love that swimsuit.” I called out to David as he walked away he pulled one side down showing his well tanned ass. I fixed a snack for us and set it out on the coffee table when David walked out naked to get his clothes from his suitcase.
“Sorry, I didn’t take my clothes in the bathroom with me.” David said. Jake walked in with a towel around his waist. “David is not shy at all, he walks around naked all the time at our place, I think he is a nudist at heart.” “Jake, you know me, it wont bother me at all.” I looked over as David stepped into his briefs, watching his muscled ass and legs ripple with his movements. After dinner we watched a movie, and talked before I went to bed about ten thirty to give them some privacy and they were three hours later in time zones.

I picked up a book to read and could hear them talking, then laughing, the walls were thin in my apartment, I heard moans, soft at first and getting a bit louder, I was wondering who was fucking who when I heard David say. “Fuck my ass Jake,” followed but a smack noise, remembering Jake loves to slap a mans ass while he fucks them.

I was now fully hard, I flipped the blankets back, feeling my rigid dick, I started jacking off feeling my taint with my other hand while listening to my sexy house guests fucking in the living room. They sounded so hot, I wanted a peek. Going to my door opening it slowly, moving to the hall looking into the living room, the lights still on. I stood off to one side where I could just see them, Jake was between David’s legs fucking him hard., Jakes ass cheeks tight as he pumped David’s ass. I stood in the dimly lighted hall jacking my cock, it was so wrong but so hot to watch them fucking. I had to bite my lip when I started cumming, I shot my load into my hand and let out a small moan, David looked right at me and I ducked back into the hall.

Fuck…., I can’t believe I did that and David saw me jacking off and invading their privacy. I cleaned up and got back into bed, I could hear when they each came, hell I think my neighbors heard it, maybe even the people on the next block. The next morning I got up and showered and headed for the kitchen to start breakfast. David was asleep still, laying on his stomach without any blankets or sheets covering him, his ass mounds took my attention, one of his legs was pulled up giving me a view of his balls hanging to the sheet.
I could feel my cock stiffen, I went into the kitchen to find Jake sitting at the table, had made coffee. “Glad you found the coffee.” I said as I poured a cup for myself. “I’ll make some egg’s and bacon after I have a cup of coffee, David seems like a sweet guy.” I said. “Yeah, he really is.” Jake said. “And so hot, he wants sex two times a day minimum and I love that.”

“Yeah, I know you do.” I said. “I remember when we would hook up, fucking three times staying up all night, those were some fun times.” I started cooking breakfast when David walked in, still naked, yawning and rubbing his chest. “Morning.” David said. “Like some coffee?” I asked. “That would be wonderful” I turned to hand him a mug for the coffee when I ran into him, “Oh sorry.” looking into his eyes. “No problems” David replied. As he took the mug, filling it. Serving the bacon, eggs and toast I sat and ate with my guests.
I was wondering if David had told Jake that he had seen me it the hallway jacking off while watching them. It didn’t seem to bother David or at least he didn’t let on. I took them out sightseeing and to the beach, David seemed to be the highlight of the guys on the beach getting plenty of looks to his large bulge in the small thin swim suit. “Any nude beaches around?” Jake asked. “Not close by but there is one down about 25 miles away, Maybe we can visit it before you go back home.” I said. After dinner that night we got back to the apartment, I got us each a beer. “Mind if I get comfortable?” David asked.

“Make yourself at home.” I said. I walked back into the living room and David had pulled the hide a bed out and was laying on it naked, Jake next to him wearing his briefs, David leaning on Jakes chest. I handed them each a beer and sat on the chair while we talked some. Jake kissed David and reached over pinching his nipple, I noticed that David’s cock jumped and seemed to be growing some. You guys look like you need some privacy, I’ll go to bed and watch TV in there for a bit. “No.” David said as he held out his hand to me, inviting me to lay next to him.
I looked at Jake, who was smiling and gave me a wink. I leaned in and laid next to David, he kissed the side of my head and ran his hand over my chest. Jake rolled David toward me and put his face to David’s ass.

David un buttoned my shorts and reached his hand inside feeling my hard cock through my briefs. I lifted my ass as he slid my shorts down, I pulled my tee shirt off and was now naked, rolling toward David. I kissed his mouth, he groped my ass, pulling at my cheeks rubbing a finger around my tight hole.
I turned over and pushed my ass toward David, he spit on his hand and took it to my ass before plunging his oversized cock into my ass. Jake repositioned and moved in behind David, sliding his 6 inch cock into David’s ass. David was filling my ass with his meat, I’ve only been with one guy his size before and it was stretching me to my limits.

Jake was fucking him while he was fucking me, it took a few strokes before they got the rhythm and worked for both men. David was the first to cum, he kept his cock in my ass while Jake fucked him, cumming within a few more minutes. I pulled away from David as I had not cum yet, facing David, looking at his smooth shaved body and thick cock, I climbed onto his chest and put my dick into his mouth, throat fucking him. I pulled out in time to shoot my cum all over David’s face, Jake watched from inches away while running his hands all over my body.
Jake leaned in and took some of my cum as it jetted from my cock and kissing David as the last of my cum splashes onto both men’s faces. This night was not going to end until I had fucked David’s ass and I also wanted Jake to fuck me too. I am so glad I asked Jake to come out for a visit and would try to set up me going to visit them back home.


  1. Freeman Barnes from FaceBookJanuary 20, 2014 at 7:01 PM

    Awesome SExy Story!! THanks!!

  2. Great again!!...Fantastic Fantasy, Seth! love it!!..

  3. Nothing like a threesome among hot sexy friends like that. I’d sooo make it a Tirad Relationship