Saturday, January 18, 2014

Magic Kingdom

Having worked hard for several weeks at my job and doing work around my house on weekends I decided to head over to Disney World for the day on Saturday. My name is Sid, short for Sidney which I hate, I am 31 years old and have light brown hair, a decent build and am single living in Clearwater.

I got up at 6:30 and headed over to Disney grabbing an iced coffee and a couple of donuts on the way over. Showing my annual pass at the parking gate, the girl waved me in, I parked and rode the tram to the ticket area. My first ride of the day would be Splash Mountain, getting in line I turned to see a guy in line behind me, very cute maybe 28 years old with dark hair and eyes. He looked up when at me. “Been on Splash Mountain before?” He asked. “Yeah, several times I come over allot.” I replied. “Cool, it’s my first time here;
I came down from West Virginia to visit my grandma for a week.” The guy said. “My name is Sid.” I said putting my hand out to shake his. “I’m Chris.” he said shaking my hand. “You alone here?” “Yeah, I needed to get away for the day and just headed over.” I said. The line progressed slowly and I talked to Chris the whole time. Chris seemed not to have an ounce of fat on him, when he laughed his eyes would close to dark slits with dimples making me want to pull him close. We got to the load area and the cowboy looking ride attendant asked how many?

“One.” I said looking at Chris. “Two.“ He said and we moved to the log getting in together. The ride started, Chris was excited and could not wait for the big drop which we got pretty wet splashing at the bottom. Unloading and walking out of the ride Chris was laughing and talking about riding it again. “Big Thunder Mountain is right next to this, do you want to ride it with me?” I asked. “Sure let’s go.” Chris said.

Riding Big Thunder, the sharp turns caused Chris to slide right against me as he laughed trying to hold on. After the ride I looked at Chris. “Ready for something cold to drink?” I asked. “Sure, sounds great.” Chris said looking around for a snack stand. “Grab a seat on that bench in the shade and I’ll get the drinks.” I said walking to the snack cart.

Returning with a bucket of pop corn and two Coke’s I handed one to Chris. “Thanks!” He said. I shared the pop corn with him as we talked and laughed at the silly things the passerby’s wore.
Chris looked at my rainbow striped Mickey pin on my tee shirt collar. “You gay or just like rainbows?” He asked. “I’m gay and like rainbows too.” I laughed. “Cool, what is the next ride?” Chris asked as he reached in the bucket for a handful of pop corn.
“How about the Haunted Mansion? It’s one of my favorites.” I told him.
“Yeah, let’s go!” Chris said with an excited voice. After getting into the clamshell style “Doom Buggy” for the ride through the Haunted Mansion, we went into darkness, Chris reached over and put his hand on my thigh slapping it gently. “Ohhh look at that!” He said.

I reached over and took his hand and held it, hoping that he would not pull back, he didn’t. I held his hand through the ride until it came time to step out of the ride back into the bright sunlight. “That was cool.“ Chris said with a huge smile. “Maybe we should ride it again before the day ends.” I suggested. We walked for a bit over to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, after boarding the boat Chris reached over taking my hand into his, not caring who else may be in the boat. “Wow this is so cool, I love that pirate ship.” Chris said as he leaned over touching his shoulder to mine. At the end of the ride we lingered in the gift shop trying on all the pirate gear, hats and eye patches and stuff laughing and snapping pictures of each other. “Let’s grab some lunch over in tomorrow land and then hit the rides over there.” I said. “Cool, I am getting pretty hungry.” Chris said.

We walked across to the Lunching Pad in Tomorrow Land and picked up some burgers and fries. Chris was having such a good time at the park and chattered about the rides and all the cool stuff he had seen. We hit rides all over the park and were watching the fireworks by the castle when Chris leaned over to my ear. “Would you like to come back to my hotel room after we shop on Main Street?” “I would love to, where are you staying?” I asked. “Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, I take the yellow boat over to the dock right at the hotel.”

After shopping we took the tram to my car and drove over to the hotel. Inside the room Chris kicked off his shoes dropping his purchases on the floor. Chris walked over to me and kissed me on the lips, I pulled him tight to my body sliding my tongue into his mouth. Mmm, “I have wanted to do that all day.” I said.
Chris pulled off my tee shirt and kissed my chest and chewed my nipples. I unbuttoned Chris’s shirt and pulled it off, his chest was tight and slim with small nipples. “You look like you worked out allot.” I said. “Nah, I never work out, am just lucky to have good genes and no body fat but the draw back is I have a flat butt.” He said. “Let’s see it, I said with a grin.” Chris peeled off his jeans and briefs, bending to pull his socks off I stood checking out his ass and trim body. “Not a bubble butt, but I see plenty I like.” I said rubbing his ass with my fingertips.

Chris unbuttoned my jeans and slipped them to the ground, my uncut cock bounced out, Chris dropped to his knees and lifted my balls and cock into his hands, and he looked up into my eyes as he took my cock between his red lips. My hands went to his hair gently pulling his head deeper onto my cock, my knees almost buckled it felt so good.

Chris pushed me back onto the bed pushing my knees up and open while he sucked my cock and pushed his tongue along my foreskin. I Pulled my knees up tight against my chest and Chris moved to my butt chewing on my hole and slipping a finger into it. Chris got a condom and lube from his suitcase and put the rubber on, lubing my ass well working two fingers into my ass. Chris pushed his cock in slowly until he was fully inside me, my knees over his shoulders he reached down running his hands all over my chest to my nipples that he rubbed and twisted making me moan and move under his touch. “Ohh, fuck me Chris.” I said in a loud whisper. “You don’t have to tell me twice.” He said as he began plunging my asshole with gusto.

I looked into his face, he was so fucking cute, even while he was looking so intent on what he was doing, his arms holding my legs tightly, with his raw muscles flexing on the thrusts as he bore down on my ass. Chris fucked me until he was about to cum, he stopped and pushed his prick deep inside me waiting for the feeling to slow so he could fuck me longer without cumming so soon. I flipped one leg over his head and rolled onto my side taking my top leg up tight to my chest. Chris went back to fucking my ass with a vengeance, this time when it came time to cum, Chris did not slow down but fucked me harder moaning and calling out my name as he shot his load. Chris collapsed on top of me, breathing hard, kissing my chest.

I moved Chris onto the bed, slipping his condom off and slipping it onto my cock, his juice inside the condom made it very slick and felt wonderful.
I sat on Chris’s chest while he took my cock into his hands working the jizz filled condom up and down on my prick until it was tight and close to breaking before he would let the pressure off and move it back up my shaft. Squeezing it tightly he jacked my cock faster making me jerk and move. I was almost panting in between the moans of lust.
Chris was in tuned with my breaths and just when I could hold back no longer he squeezed my shaft tightly twisting the condom over the head, cum blasted from my cock adding my cum to his. Chris pulled the condom off my dick, and held it to my chest squeezing the cum out letting it run down my chest, he took my hand rubbing it into my skin.

We fell asleep in his bed waking up the next morning, Chris asked me to stay the day with him. After the pool and lunch we had sex two more times, I kissed Chris goodbye and did not want to leave but it was Sunday and I had to get back home and get my stuff ready for work the next day. Chris gave me his phone number and I call him a few times a week sometimes I get him hard and we have hot phone sex. I miss him but have decided that I can go visit him on my vacations and he will come back here on his.


  1. That's So Hot & Sexy!! ����

  2. WOW.. I did love that story..I am old now (52).. I realy would love to meet any guy to make sweet love like that again... I have had that life with the same man for 23 years.. He had died in 2011.. I realy am trying to find someone to fill me empty life again.... THANK YOU for sharing your story with me..........

  3. Great story, Seth....thanks for your continuing. efforts to relieve stress!!..;) lol <3

  4. Magic KIngdom Was the BEST Story!!
    I sent you an E mail-- Please reply!
    Hugs,, Free

  5. Nice! The story was great! I have some of my own, perhaps we could share! Good Luck Seth!

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