Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Waiter

I worked in a small café at a place called The Ranch, it was located on a large spread of property of about 30 acres with a stage, a campground, pool, a huge bar with a very large dance floor and of course the Ranch Café. Oh, the ranch was a gay resort that was listed in the Internet and travelers came from across the globe, especially in the summertime. My name is Trav Naxos, I have waited tables in several restaurants prior to coming here. Being on 30 acres of a gay resort things run a bit different, all staff including waiters are naked at all times with few exceptions. I am 24 years old, my dark hair shaved close on the sides and longer on the top, I have a large tattoo on my left arm that I got last year and a big topic when I wait tables is the Prince Albert piercing that I have on my cock. Guests are greeted at the reception area, given maps and checked into their campsites, most use large RV’s or camping trailers but a few use tents that are supplied by the resort for those that fly in and have no realistic way to bring a camping trailer. Some guests are open and shed their clothing right away and others are a bit hesitant and shy. My shift had just started and already the café was filling up with hungry guys of all ages and they all like to touch and play with the waiters as much as they think they can get away with. I was at one of my tables serving a couple of imported beers when one of my customers fixated on my PA. “Oh my God, didn’t that hurt?” he asked. “Hell yeah, I thought I was gonna pass out, it went from painful to just sore after the first day but since then I’ve loved having it.” I replied. He pointed and was asking about how it went through my piss slit to the bottom. “You can touch it, it won’t hurt.” I said. He took my cock on his hands touching the PA with his fingertips inspecting at first then he leaned in and took it into his mouth sucking my cock hard making it firm up quickly. “Whoa tiger, behave a little, but not completely.” I said with a wink as I backed away to go get the next tables food orders. My ass cheeks were starting to get the dark pink hue that was normal from the constant ass swats I would get as I walked past tables of horny men. Bringing trays of primarily tex mex food served on yellow plates to hungry guys is fun, I like to make a show out of it by calling out what each guy is being served and how good the food and flirting with them. Being more interactive sure brings in the tips and being naked with a friendly touch as you like rule I am bringing in three to four times the money I used to make at the last place I worked. One guy was getting pretty drunk and started grabbing my balls a bit roughly calling me his little Travie baby. He pulled me close and sucked on one of my nipples some before I pulled back. He was pretty harmless and we don’t worry about over serving alcohol since they were staying on the property. It was late into the dinner service when this young hottie came in, I beat feet to get him into my area before one of the other waiters saw him. He was about 24 years old and had a bit of a goatee-ish beard, about the best most his age could grow, light skin and dark pink lips that were plump and aching to be kissed and chewed on, he wore only a tee shirt and cut off shorts. “How many sir?” I asked. “I’m here alone, so just one.” He said with a smile. He looked me over like he had won the lottery. “My name is Trav, Follow me please.” I walked all the way to the back of my section where things were a bit more private and quiet. “This is fucking great, nude waiters.” “Yeah, it seems to get a rise out of the customers.” I said in pun. He sat down laughing from my joke, I took his drink order and was off to get it and refills for the cheap bastards that ordered only iced tea as a drink. I brought him his beer “See anything you like?” His eyes started at my face and dropped rapidly to my chest and then to my crotch. I tightened my cock muscles a bit causing my cock to move a little making him jump. He ordered his dinner and sipped his beer as he watched the string of naked waiters and several customers pass by. “You know this is a nudist property so you can feel free to go anywhere naked if you like too.” He told me that he had planned to come here with his boyfriend but they broke up a few weeks ago and he decided to come alone rather than cancel the trip altogether. He got up and went to the restroom, I moved over to my only other table that I had left getting them refills and asking about dessert. I got the usual I want you for dessert answer, I smiled as always and flirted with them as I handed them the bill, this always helped the tips as they knew they would be back at breakfast time and the rest of the meals during their stay and hoped to get lucky. Getting back to my cute guy table I saw that he now sat naked with his tee and shorts next to him on the booth seat. “Well, I see that you’ve gotten more comfortable while I was away and what an improvement!” I said touching his nipple nearest me. “I will have your meal out soon, you are my last table so if you need anything, just ask.” I said as I walked away. I came back from the kitchen and took his food over setting his plate in front of him. “Can I get you anything else?” I asked. He looked around and moved his hand to my leg moving it from my thigh up to my balls slightly touching them. “I would like to see you after you are off work if you want.” He asked. “What is your name?” I asked. “Tim.” He replied. “Well Tim, you can finish your meal and I should be off about that time, so yes, I would enjoy that.” Tim ran his fingers to the back of my balls and I could see his cock thickening and it looked like it could get pretty big. “Alright Tim, get on that dinner before it gets cold and isn’t worth eating.” Tim gave me a smile, picked up his fork and started eating his dinner while I went about my closing chores so I could be done about the same time as Tim was finishing his food. I brought Tim a slice of our homemade chocolate pie, he looked at it like it was some amazing sight that fell from the skies. “Whoa, that looks incredible, but I’m so full.” “Give it a go and let’s see how much you can eat.” I said rubbing his shoulder. I clocked out and got a bag for Tim’s clothes and we walked out into the cool evening air. We walked around a while past several campfires and large groups of men including the main common gathering area and stopped to watch as two muscle men tied a smaller guy up to one of the posts spread eagle. A large group was watching as they lashed this guy across the back with a multi tailed whip. Tim moved close to me placing his hand on my ass feeling my ass crack, I turned and kissed him while running my hands across his chest and down his abdomen to his ample cock and loose hanging balls grabbing his cock and balls in one hand. Tim moaned and dropped to his knees in front of me sucking my soft cock between his beautiful lips. I watched the show in front of me while Tim sucked my shaft to a fully engorged thick stiffie. “I need this in my ass.” Tim said as he came up for air, he gripped my cockhead squeezing it tightly while his other hand roamed my ass. “Okay, let’s go to my cabin.” I said. “No, do it here, in front of these guys, fuck me and use me.” I was a bit shocked at this guy who looked quiet and sweet wanting to be used like a slut in front of others. “Anyone got any lube?” I called out to the crowd of men. I saw a tube flying my way from the group, many knew me as their waiter and wanted to see me in action. I took Tim to a nearby post and lashed him to it in a position that he was bent over with his back level with the ground. I squirted some lube into my hand and tossed it back to a guy that was nearby rubbing his own cock as he watched. I pushed my lubed fingers into Tim’s ass as he arched his hips. I slapped his ass hard and fingered his asshole good while Tim begged for more moaning loudly. I stepped in with my erect cock sticking almost straight upwards, bending it forward and pushing it into Tim’s ass in one firm motion, he wanted to be used, I’d give him what he wanted and enjoy it. Men cheered from the crowd as Tim groaned when I buried my shaft to my pubic hair into his ass, my cheeks were tight as guys moved in rubbing me and coaxing me to fuck him hard. I looked into the group of men and saw another waiter, Chris who I liked allot and called out for him to fill Tim’s mouth with his cock. Chris came up and pulled Tim’s head upward by his hair, “Suck my cock bitch boy.” Chris demanded. Tim opened his mouth sucking Chris while I fucked him hard, I loved seeing Chris being pleasured, his chest was a sight, large pectorals and great ab’s his body was shaved which made his muscle tone stand out even more. I slapped Tim’s ass cheek hard. “Suck him good bitch.” Other guys moved in and jacked off onto Tim’s back and squirted cum onto my cock as I fucked him.” I felt fingers going into my ass while I continued fucking Tim. “You like this Tim?” I asked hearing only muffled sounds coming from him as Chris’s cock choked the man. One guy climbed under Tim taking his cum dripping cock into his mouth while jacking his own cock. I was getting close to cumming when Chris blew his cum into Tim’s throat, after pulling out another guy stepped into his place jamming his massive cock in and started throat fucking him. I got worked up and started dumping my cum into Tim’s ass like never before, pulling out of his ass and stepping aside a big hairy guy impaled Tim with his long but slim shaft. I walked around by Tim’s face, he looked up at me. “Are you okay?” I asked. Tim gave his thumbs up signaling that he was fine. One guy walked over and started using the whip on Tim and the guy that was fucking him. Tim sucked the cum out of a few more guys before I went to my cabin. I saw Tim the next day before my shift at the café, he looked worn out. “Last night was beyond belief for me, I have always wanted to be used and dominated like that but never had the opportunity while I was single.” “You seemed to be enjoying it still when I went to bed, how long were you tied to that post?” “Someone cut me loose about three this morning, I think eight guys fucked me and more used my throat to satisfy them, it was the first time for me to do anything like that, my ass feels like a truck drove through it.” ‘Yeah, I bet, I did that one night after I was here about a month, I allowed a friend to tie me to that same post and let anyone use me as they liked, I had guys pissing on me and in me and I think I swallowed a quart of cum that night and never have really wanted to do it again myself.” “Yeah, I know the feeling.” Tim said rubbing at his ass. Tim came back a few weeks later asking for a job on the property, he was hired for renting out the camping sites and enjoyed the nudist style developing a deep tan in no time. I still work as a waiter and enjoy my job and meeting hot and horny men from across the states and the world.