Saturday, February 1, 2014

Shopping For a Man

I had to go to the mall for some new clothes that I needed for a vacation, I was tired of my old board shorts and tee shirts.
The fucking parking lot was jammed as I passed row after row of cars, each time I would see one backing out, some bastard would beat me to it but I was determined not to lose my temper.
I had my blinker on as a car backed out of a nearby parking spot but he backed the wrong way and some fucker bounced in before the car leaving was hardly out of the space.

I drove on and took a newly vacated space and this one was actually in the shade of one of those small parking lot trees, as I walked to the entrance I could see the guy that beat me to the earlier parking space headed for the door ahead of me. Going onto the mall, I stopped and took a look at some board shorts and some cargo shorts, selecting a few pair to try on I headed for the dressing rooms only to find a big ass line of mostly women to use the set of dressing rooms.

As the next door opened I made my move and grabbed the edge of the door and right then the same bastard that took my parking spot rushed into the dressing room, “Oh fuck no…” I thought. He is not doing it again. I stepped into the dressing room right behind him and kicked my shoes off to let him know that I was not leaving.

“What the fuck dude, Why are you in my room?” He asked. “This was my room and you barged in as I had my hand on the door and I am not leaving, furthermore fuckface, you did the same thing with the parking spot I was in line for outside.”

“Man, I don’t know what you are talking about, but I am not leaving either.” He said as he pulled off his shirt revealing bulging muscles in his chest and arms. I stood my ground and slipped off my jeans and hung them on a hook, normally I would try on the board shorts without my underwear but this guy would not leave, oh hell, I slipped my undies to the floor, maybe this will make him run for cover and leave the dressing room.
“Dude, don’t think being here naked will drive me out, I’m not scared of your little dick.” “My dick is huge and way bigger than anything you are packing, I’lll shove it up your ass.” I turned toward him and let him get a look at my cock, it really is huge and most guys could never take it.

“That’s nice for a small cock, you want to see what a real man packs?” He asked as he pulled his shorts down to his knees and straightened up to show a thick mess of meat, more than I have ever seen on a guy, in fact near double what I have. “Fuck me… that’s huge.” I said.

“Well, yours is not all that small like I said, it’s pretty huge too.” He said giving my cock a good look. I could not take my eyes off of his slab of meat, it memorized me. “Dude, you and touch it if you want, you look like you are going to go to your knees and suck it any minute.”
I looked into his eyes and he did not look like he was being sarcastic so I did just what he said, I reached out and took it in my hands lifting the weight of this massive tool, it was truly impressive. He leaned his crotch toward me. “Suck it.” He said. I sat on the bench and put my lips against the head of his cock and stretched my lips over it best I could.

“What’s your name? I’m Patrick.” He asked. I came off of his rocket long enough to tell him. “Matthew.” And dove back to my task of taking the large cockhead into my mouth. “Take it cocksucker.” He said as he guided my head with a handful of hair. I sucked as much as I could fit into my mouth as it firmed up but didn’t get fully hard.
He pulled me to my feet so he could finger my ass, “I’m gonna fuck your tight ass.” I pulled off of his cock.

“We have to get out of here before someone calls security or the Police, I know there is a line and am sure they can hear us. “Let’s go to my place where we can finish this.” “Alight, let me try these on and pay for them.” I replied.

As I tried the shorts on Patrick was all over me, he got on his knees licking at my ass when I bent over putting a leg into the shorts. Finally we were both dressed and walked out of the dressing room, there seemed to be a crowd that had gathered to see who was in there, one woman started clapping, I blushed and headed to a cashier that was across the store to get away from this cluster of gawkers.

Patrick followed me to the register but I think word had made it via telephone all over the store as the cashier just kept looking at both of us and smiling. As we walked out to the parking lot. “I parked over….” When I cut him off. “Yeah, I know where you parked, Ill follow you to your house” I drove behind Patrick to his house a few miles away, I had a little time to rethink this whole idea and almost ditched him and drove home, but I was spellbound by his monster cock.
I followed him inside and to his bedroom where he peeled off his clothes giving me a great view of his whole well developed body and his, well calling it a cock or a prick seems a bit underwhelming for its size.

I dropped my clothes in a heap on the carpeted floor and moved to the end of the bed on my knees with Patrick. He took some lube and pushed some into my ass along with a couple of fingers to stretch my ass out to allow his prick inside.
I have had some extra-large dildos and a few large cocks in my ass before but this will challenge my elastic ring of my ass. Patrick worked in four fingers and really went to work reaming and stretching my hole.
Adding more lube, Patrick readied my ass to take on the colossal penis. He pushed it in slowly causing me to cry out and ask him to slow down. Patrick massaged his cock against my hole edging it in a quarter inch at a time, he reached under tugging on my balls and jacking on my soft but large cock.
Getting his post into my ass took about fifteen minutes before he could start pumping my ass.
“I’ve only been able to fuck a few other guys, most can’t take half of what I’ve got.
The first full push took my breath away as I moaned, Patrick pumped increasing his speed as he went. “Take that thick hog, you cock whore.”

“Yeah, fuck me with that cannon,” I panted. The feeling of this much man meat inside my ass was incredible, I felt like my ass was being torn open and at the same time I had a wonderful feeling over me of warmth and security. Patrick shot his cream into my over stretched ass then pulled out leaving my hole open wide which took a few minutes until it relaxed and closed again.

I moved up to Patrick’s chest and started face slapping his face with my cock before plunging it down his throat making him choke and gag some, I did not pull off, I figured if I could take his meat in my ass he could damn well choke on mine. Patrick’s eyes watered as he gulped at my dick while I fucked his throat while reaching back twisting his nipples making him move underneath me.

“Damn, you are a good cocksucker too.” I said as my balls slapped his chin. Pulling my Johnson out of his mouth I blasted my jizz all over his face while he held his mouth open trying to catch some of my salty nectar. “Matthew, we are going to have to swap phone numbers and do this again, I have not been able to fuck anyone like that in a long time and swallowing your big cock was a treat too, I have a couple of friends we can invite over next time if you want a group of guys to fuck around with. “Sounds like a fuckfest, count me in, as soon as I get back from vacation.”


  1. Great story again and SEXy pics, thanks Seth!!!..;)

  2. Now that’s what I call shopping