Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sweet Grapes

My family owns a vineyard in central California for making wines. I was in second in charge of hiring the help to pick fruit, make the wine and bottle under supervision of my dad of course.
The picking was mostly done and the crew was running things pretty smoothly prepping the juice for fermentation.
I had a friend, Alex, arrive for a visit for a few weeks from Ohio, he and I had fucked around during our high school years before he moved away. He was very upset with his parents for taking him so far away from where he grew up and secretly away from me, we had made plans to move in together after high school was over.

This was the first time we had seen each other in person since then and we were now 22 years old and only a few months apart in age. I picked him up at the airport and put his bags in the back of my old Dodge pickup and headed toward home.
Alex was grinning about as much as I was, we had talked on the phone near every day since he left for Ohio and at least once a week we would Skype and have sex the best that we could over the screen. We stopped at a light, I looked at Alex as he leaned over and kissed my lips, my mouth opened and took his tongue into my mouth savoring this intimacy, it had been several years since we last touched.
I pulled off onto the long paved driveway that lead to the main house of the winery where we lived my whole life.

I stopped and pulled Alex close, “I have missed holding you so much, and never stopped wishing you were lying beside me every night.”
“I have missed you too Caden, I have been so excited for the last few weeks since I booked the ticket to come out here.
” Alex kissed me and had tears in his eyes when he pulled away.

“We had better go to the house and get me settled before I have to take your ass right here in the truck.” Alex said. I pushed on the gas and we were parking in front of the house in only a couple of minutes. I took Alex to my room and made room in my closet and dresser for his clothing.

“Caden, do you have to go back to work today?” “No, my dad is taking care of things today and told me to enjoy some time with you.”

“Your dad is so cool with you being gay, more than I can say for mine.” He said. My parents know who I am and know that being gay is part of what makes me, me,” I replied.
I pulled Alex into my on suite bathroom. “Let’s have a shower together, I can still remember the last one we had before you moved away.”
Alex started to unbutton his shirt, I took his hands away and unbuttoned it for him, savoring every button of this guy I have loved since we were about fifteen years old.
I pulled his shirt back over his shoulders, broad and soft rounds of muscle, more than I had seen on him when he moved away.

I slipped my hands around his shoulders and down his back running my fingertips into his waist of his jeans feeling the top of his ass cheek mounds.
I unbuttoned the five buttons on his worn jeans and ran my hand along his crotch and down the front of the denim feeling a bulge that was starting to grow.

I leaned in and kissed his dark treasure trail that went from his navel deep into his pants, my hands went to his backside feeling his ass cheeks that I loved so much, not quite a bubble butt, but a very nicely rounded ass. Now on my knees in front of Alex, slipping his jeans down slowly, I watched intently as his pubes came into view, followed by the base of his shaft, I leaned in and kissed his partially exposed cock. My heart raced.

“Oh baby, Caden, I love you so much.” Alex said in a soft voice. I pulled his pants farther and his cock popped out and bounced toward my face, I took it into my mouth for the first time in years.

Alex arched his back and rubbed my hair as I took his cock all the way into my throat. I was in no rush to enjoy my friend’s body, there was plenty of time for it and I wanted to re discover him, inch by inch. I lifted Alex’s balls to my face, inhaling his scent, it almost made me cum as I pulled each ball into my mouth.
I wanted to be his, always and never part again, I was going to do everything I could to get him to move here with me.
I stood up and started the water in the shower as Alex stepped out of his jeans.
As the water got warmer Alex reached around my waist un zipping my pants dropping them to the floor and running his hands up inside my shirt feeling my chest and ab’s.
I took off my shirt and we stepped into the shower, hot water blasting down over us, Alex kissed my lips and pulled me tightly to his naked body.

I lathered some shampoo between my hands washing his hair and back as my thickened near hard cock bounced against his ass cheeks, we played, kissed and finished our shower before drying off and heading to my bed.
I had made sure to have lube and things ready for my soul mate and I to enjoy all the sex we could before he goes back home. I moved into place on my hands and knees leaning my ass back for best access. Alex put his mouth to my ass crack burying it deep as his tongue searched for my hole as he chewed at my ass.

Alex took the lube squirting some onto his hand before he rubbed it onto his stiff member and squirted more lube onto my assbud. Alex moved up and pushed his lubed cock into my tight ass. Neither of us has ever had sex with anyone else so we have never used condoms.

I could feel his movement sliding in carefully, it hurt some but I had used a dildo on my ass several times in the last few days to loosen up my pucker so it was less of a painful intrusion.
It felt so good to have Alex inside me, tears rolled down my face.

As he fucked me I could hear him telling me how much he loved me and how much he had missed me, it was destiny for us to be together.
Alex leaned down kissing my shoulders before he went back to filling my ass with his thick piston as I arched my ass farther wanting to take more of him inside of me forever.
“Oh, Caden, your ass feels so good, I have dreamed of it so many times.”

Alex sped his motion up and was bumping my ass on his downward thrusts and his breathing was speeding up, I could feel that his climax was getting close, I didn’t want him to stop yet, but there was plenty of time for more fucking before he heads home.

Alex reached around my waist as he shot his cum into my ass for the first time in years, his body shook as he gave my ass the last two plunges before pulling out and falling over my back. I could feel his still throbbing meat pushing between my legs, the last of his cum dribbled down my thighs.

I flipped over as Alex lifted his weight off of me, he buried his face in my crotch licking and chewing at my pubes, he sucked my dick into his throat like a hungry man getting a first meal in days.

Alex worked on my meat sucking and licking my knob, taking my shaft fully into his throat. I wiggled all over that bed with his mouth driving me wild. When I shot my cum, Alex sucked as hard as he could, slurping every drop from my pulsating cock. Alex climbed up on the bed next to me, I put my hand on his chest toying with his nipples. “Baby, I am so happy you came to visit, I’ve missed you so much even though we have our time on Skype, but this is incredible having you in my arms and be able to kiss you.” I whispered. “I have something to tell you Caden, I love you very much. I am here for more than just a couple of weeks, I’m not going back.” “Oh-My-Goddddddddddddddd…” I shouted.

“I am having some boxes shipped here and sold everything else and left my job.” “That’s wonderful baby!” “Well I figured that I can get an apartment or we can get an apartment together, or maybe we can give it some time?” “Angel, I don’t need any time to know that we belong together, I’m so happy and I have a great idea.
There is a small house across the property that our ex manager used as his home.

We can do a little work on it to make it our own and I know that my parents will let us have it, if you want, that is.”
We worked on the house for the next three weeks before moving in, it was so exciting that Alex moved here after all. Our house is far enough from the main house being across the vineyard that we sometimes have sex on the back lawn and even plan on putting in a pool. My life has never been so complete, Alex has filled my heart more than I could have ever believed, and he even wanted to work at the vineyard too.


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