Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Worn Jeans

I’m an average looking guy, 36 years old and very single. I just never got to the point that I wanted to settle down, it was always about work and trying to get ahead.
I work as a professional and have to wear suits all week but on weekends you will always find me in a pair of old worn jeans and no shirt, if I can help it.
My build is decent and I wear my jeans low on my hips, to the point that my ass crack just peeks out now and then, usually when I see a guy and want to catch his attention.
It was Saturday morning and I had to run errands, one of which was to hit the grocery store.
Pulling in the parking lot jamming my open top Jeep into a parking space.

I got out and walked into the store as I slipped on a “one size too small” tee shirt that did not quite come to the top of my jeans giving a little peek of skin as I moved.
I went right to the produce section and picked up some apples, moving my cart near the produce guy who was on his knees lifting a new box of oranges from the bottom shelf of his cart.
I leaned past him to grab a plastic bag from the roll, I looked down and caught him looking at the patch of treasure trail that went into my jeans, hell he was close enough to feel the heat off of my balls.
I froze, mid lean, and just looked at his eyes looking at my skin. All of a sudden he looked up right into my eyes and stammered a bit about oranges before he went back to his work.
I think I embarrassed him and could see the pink in his cheeks. Dropping three oranges into the bag I moved on to the bananas.

I took a small bunch looking up at the produce guy who was watching me, I gave one of the bananas a phallic rub only to see him look away again, I chuckled and went about my business. I finished my shopping and was ready to leave the store but wanted to cruise the produce guy again, just for fun.
I came in behind him quietly. “I saw you looking at my banana, I know you want it.” I said just behind his ear.
“What the fuck are you talking about?” he asked in a whisper.

“You know what I am talking about, you want my cock in your mouth.” I looked around the area, no one was nearby.
I took his hand to my crotch, he pulled it back and I took it with a firm grip pushing it against the bulge of my worn jeans.
“Mmm.. feels good, huh?” I asked.
He looked very nervous, “I am married.” He stammered.
“I don’t give a fuck, you were looking and drooling for my meat, I am just helping you out.”
“It is my break time, come with me.”

I followed him through the produce back room to a small office, I peeled my tee shirt off as soon as I walked in before moving over to a short filing cabinet. I pulled my jeans open and pulled out my stiff prick.
“Come over here and suck on this stiff meat pole.”
He locked the door and walked over to me and stood there looking at my crotch.
“I’ve never.. Well I haven’t touched another guy’s dick before… I just.”
“Put your mouth on it, it’s what you want, just go for it, it’s not cheating, it is just a guy thing, just fucking enjoy it.” I said pushing his head down onto my rod.
His lips brushed my cockhead lightly, his hands went to my balls and shaft.
“Suck it baby, it’s your first cock, jump all over it, go down on it and swallow my cock.”
He choked a few times before he was able to take it into his throat a little, I grabbed his head and bobbed it up and down on my shaft.
“I am gonna blow my spunk into your mouth, do not spit it out, swallow all of it like a good cocksucker.”

He sucked on my cock like an eager bitch, I grabbed his ears and pulled them down. “Okay here comes my jizz, you are gonna love it, take it all like a good boy.” I said as I blasted his mouth with my hot salty spunk.
I was shocked that he did not try to pull off but gulped at my nut juice drinking it all.
He stood up looking at me. “Like that cock?” I asked.
“Yeah, it was fucking hot, I’ve never done that before.”
“Yeah, I know, take your pants down.”
He did as he was told, I looked at his cock, he had cum all over inside his underwear and on his pubic hair.
“Well I was gonna blow you, but it seems you’ve shot your load already.”
“Yeah, I could not hold back, it was so intense, I don’t think I’ve cum like that before.”
“You never had cock in your throat before, Look, I’ll be back next Saturday and feed you again.” I said as I tucked my spent cock back into my jeans.
After checking out and driving home, I was thinking of him as I unloaded the groceries, this dude was hot and me being the one to pop the first cock down his throat made me wet.
I am a dominate guy and like random sex where I can get it, I was looking forward to next Saturday.

The week dragged on and finally it was Saturday morning, I drove to the grocery store about the same time I was there before in hopes he would be able to take a cock break.
I grabbed a shopping cart tossing a few things into it before heading to the produce department to make it look like I was actually shopping.
I looked around the veggies and saw no sign of him so I added a watermelon and some potatoes to my cart when I saw him come from the double swinging doors.
His eyes met mine, he looked scared but worked his way over to me.

“Hi, I made sure that no one else would be working until later today so we are not interrupted.”
“Sounds cool, I bet you have been thinking of today all week, haven’t you?”
“Yeah, I jacked off thinking about your cock in my mouth so many times since last week.”
“Well, let’s head back to your office and I will teach you something new.”
Like before, I followed him back to the office, he locked the door.
Take your pants off and shirt, he stripped as I watched.
I took a small bottle of lube from my jeans pocket and pulled them to my knees.
“Bend over the desk.”
“Oh, no, I don’t want to be fucked, let’s just do what we did before.” He said with a puzzled look.
“Bend the fuck over, you are taking my dick up your virgin ass and you are doing it now unless you want me to leave that is.”
He turned and bent over the desk, I kicked his legs apart and rubbed my thick stubby fingers along his ass crack causing him to moan.
I put some lube in my fingers and rubbed it into his hole, shoving one finger in as deep as it would go.

The produce guy cried out. “Oh, Jezzussss, that hurts.”
“It will feel better real soon.”
I lubed my cock and started pushing it in.
“What about a condom?” He asked.
“What about shutting the fuck up and hold on tight to the edges of your desk, this is about to get intense.”

I pushed my cock breaking the elastic barrier and taking his virgin ass as mine.
He fell forward onto the desk with his shoulders panting hard. “Fuck that hurts, pull it out.”
“Do you really want me to stop? The pain will ease and you will love my meat filling you”.
“No, fuck me. My ass is yours to use anytime you want.”

I plowed his fuck hole claiming it as my own, I knew his ass must be on fire as I was not holding back just because he was a virgin.
I grabbed his hips reaming his ass hard like he was a street man whore.
“You liking this? Tell me if you love my cock in your ass.”
“Yes, I love your dick in my ass, you are ripping my ass open”

I climaxed after a few more minutes filling his fuck hole with my sex syrup, the first it had ever had.
He collapsed onto the desk, breathing hard, he let out an animalistic cry as I pulled out of his ass.
I rolled him over and spread his legs again but this time I put my mouth on his soft cock and sucked it until it was fully stiff and about six inches.
“I have never had a man touch me in a sexual way before you and it was incredible.”

I pulled off of his knob and ran my tongue down to his balls as I pushed him onto his back and lifted his legs into the air. I bit and chewed at his abused asshole he bucked with lust against my mouth and shot his cum all over his chest in long spurts.
I scooped his cum up with my fingers and pushed it past his lips, he lapped the salty jizz from my fingers wanting more.
“When can we do this again?” He asked.

“Give me your cell number and I’ll text you when and where.”
“But my wife might see it.
“It’s up to you, if you want your hole fucked, you will be there, I am not here to break up your marriage, just to add some spice to your life, and mine” I said.
He wrote his number down and gave it to me while I pulled my jeans up and buckled my belt.

I grabbed his balls in my fist squeezing them as I kissed his mouth before turning and walking out of the office leaving him standing there naked with cum running down his leg.
I am sure that his ass was on fire for at least the rest of the day and probably went home and fucked his wife hard out of guilt and to reinstate his masculinity.

I called him three days later and had him meet me at my house where I introduced him to a little light bondage and two of my friends, the three of us fucked him and toyed with his cock for about two hours in total, he came three times asked to meet with all of us again. He enjoyed being used by multiple men it seemed and later that year he joined us on a “fishing” trip up in the mountains at a remote cabin I rent each year.

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