Monday, March 24, 2014

High School Days

I was on summer break and had just turned 17 two months ago, my hair sun bleached and skin tan from the hot California sun.

I called my friend to see if he wanted to hang out. “Hey Todd, it’s Colby, do you want to meet me downtown to grab a pizza or something?”

“Sure Todd, Give me 30 minutes and I’ll meet you at Stella’s Pizza.”

“Hey, I’ll come by and pick you up if you want?” I said.

“Sounds good, Ill jump into the shower, come on in and you can wait in my room, it won’t take long.”

I jumped into my beater of an old red jeep and was at Todd’s within 5 minutes, I let myself in and headed up the stairs to Todd’s room.

I have always had a huge crush on Todd but never had the nerve to come out to him, or anyone for that matter. Todd is a bit of a jock and seems to excel in most sports but is not so stuck up that he only hangs with the jocks.

I sat on his bed, I have been in his room many times over the 12 years since his family moved here from Colorado.

I looked and saw Todd’s clothes on the floor that he had stepped out of minutes before, I could not take my eyes off his briefs on the floor on top of his jeans. I leaned over and picked them up and held them to my nose, fuck, I have always wanted to be this close to his crotch and this was second best.

Just then Todd stuck his head out of the on suite bathroom to say he was out of the shower and would be a few minutes while he dressed.

I looked up at that moment and saw that he was looking at me with his underwear at my nose.

“What the fuck Colby, You sucking my shorts?”

“No, I was, I just..” I stammered.

There was nothing I could say that would change what he just saw me doing.

“I’m sorry, I’ll go.” I said.

“No, don’t go, we are going for pizza, right?” He asked as he walked out into his room holding his towel.

I looked at his naked wet body, I wanted to throw myself onto my knees and put my mouth all over him.

Todd gave my shoulder a jab. “I’ll be ready in a sec.” He said as he walked back into the bathroom, my eyes were glued to his butt as he walked away.

I sat on his bed, my face burning over him seeing me sniffing his briefs and I wanted to break and run but knew I would have to face him sooner or later so I stayed put.

Todd walked out of the bathroom wearing a hoodie partially zipped exposing his bare chest and some well-worn jeans with holes on his thighs and knees showing his tanned skin and dark hair on his legs.

He sat on the bed a foot or so away and put his socks and shoes on before punching my arm. “You ready?”

I stood up and followed him downstairs and to my Jeep. I drove the couple of miles to Stella’s, driving over, Todd had chattered about sports and stuff not once mentioning what I did in his room, I still felt a cloud of doom over me.

We ordered a large sausage pizza and some Cokes and the waitress brought us some of their famous garlic rolls.

I sat across from Todd and sipped my Coke and munched on the garlic rolls, his lips always held my attention, they were full and dark and made me want to suck them into my mouth.

Todd told me a couple of jokes that he had heard making me laugh. A few minutes later our pizza was served and we started eating while still talking.

I took a big bite of my pizza when I felt what could only be Todd’s foot against my crotch under the booth table.

I about jumped out of my seat when he did that and I know I had a shocked look on my face.

Todd smiled and kept his foot there rubbing my junk through my jeans, I had a hard time eating while he rubbed his foot against my cock which was now fully stiff.

I lifted the tablecloth to see Todd’s socked foot between my legs, I reached down and ran my fingers all over his foot and up his pants leg a few inches.

Todd’s foot pushed harder against my straining cock, my body moved and jerked some. “You are gonna make me shoot in my pants of you don’t stop.” Todd only smiled and did it harder, I tried to push his foot back gently without drawing too much attention from the few people in the restaurant.

The waitress came by to check on us and get refills of our drinks, Todd did not stop, I could not hold back any longer and am sure that Todd could feel my legs jerking as I shot my load as she brought our drinks back.

The waitress looked at me. “You okay hon?”

“He is fine, just bit off more than he can chew right now.” Todd said as she walked away.

“I just jizzed in my pants.” I said quietly.

Todd smiled as he ate the last bite of his pizza while he worked his foot back into his shoe.

I finished the slice I was trying to eat before my crotch was molested by Todd.

“Let’s get out of here and go back to my place.” He said as he took the bill to the counter to pay, I stood up and walked outside thinking that everyone in the place could tell that I had cum soaked underwear.

In the Jeep on the way back, Todd reached over and unbuttoned my jeans stuffing his hand down the front of my pants. “Feels nice and sticky down there.” He said as he pulled his hand back sucking a finger into his mouth. “Tastes good too.”

I didn’t know you were gay Todd, we have known each other so long, I just never saw it.”

“Hey, I could say the same about you too, I haven’t done allot but I have had some sexy fun with a few of the jocks from baseball and one from track.”

“I want to hear more about that, I’ve not been with anyone but my right hand.” I said.

Back at Todd’s house we went to his room, Todd sat on the bed pulling me close. “Take off your shirt.” He said as he unbuttoned my pants and pushed them and my sticky boxers to my feet, I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants.

Todd played with the bits of cum left stuck to my pubes and sucked my balls.

“We need to take care of this stickiness and in fact I can trim back that bush of pubes you’ve got too, I like things smooth and clean looking.

In his bathroom he took a warm washcloth to my sticky mess, it felt so good, not only the warm part but knowing that it was Todd cleaning me up.

He grabbed a can of shaving cream and squirted some into his hand. “You are good with this, right?” He asked.

Hell at that time I think I would have allowed him to tie me up and do anything he wanted without question.

“Yeah, whatever you think.” I replied.

He rubbed on the shaving cream to my crotch and started shaving off my pubes, I thought he was going to trim them a little but he cleaned house on hair.

I just watched as his face was inches away from my stiff cock as he shaved off the tiny hair from my shaft and cleared the forest until I looked like a plucked chicken.

“You want everything done?”

“Sure.” I said not knowing what was left to shave.

“Being in swimming and other sports most of us have shaved the better part of our bodies and sometimes went farther than needed but it make ourselves very smooth."

Still not knowing what he meant, I nodded.

“Spread your legs and bend over the sink.”

He spread my ass cheeks and rubbed a bit of cream in and took away all signs of ass hair, I had no idea why this was needed.

Cleaning my ass crack off with a wet washcloth, I felt his face go to my asshole, Oh my God,, it felt insanely wonderful, I didn’t know that people did this, I have always fingered my ass while jacking off, but this felt so good.

Todd pulled my asshole open with his thumbs and chewed at my pink hole.

He stood up and undressed and turned on the shower, we stepped under the warm water jets. Todd soaped his hands up and washed my entire body, my cock never went limp since we arrived back at his house and was straining for attention.

Todd went to his knees pulling my newly shaved balls into his mouth, my head went back and all I could do is moan.

He took my load into his throat after only a few moments of sucking me, I thought I would pass out from the pleasure of cumming into Todd’s mouth.

“I want your virgin ass Colby, turn around.”

I had a good idea of what was about to happen but nothing could have prepared me for this.

Todd reamed my ass with his long fingers, I thought his fingers were big and hurt some, well until he pushed his thick cock into my ass.

As his cockhead passed my elastic pucker the pain bolted through me and I thought something was happening wrong. “Oww.. It hurts Todd.”

“I’ll slow down some, it will get better Colby, I have always wanted to fuck your ass and to be your first really turns me on.”

I was glad to give myself to Todd, I wanted to be his man no matter what.

Todd pushed his cock in fully but very slowly and the pain eased some, his rhythm started smooth and slow, I was bent over in the water spray while the guy I have only dreamed about was fucking my ass.

As Todd got closer to cumming, his speed increased and became more animalistic in his movements and my ass was on fire.

“Oh fuck, Colby, your ass is perfect, I am about to cum baby.” He said as his body shook with climax while he continued plowing my virgin hole.

We dried off and went to his bed where he held me tight. I was so relieved to see that I had not lost his friendship when he found me sniffing his shorts and that he wanted more from me than to fuck me and send me on my way.

We cuddled, talked and I licked and sucked his nipple, I fell asleep in his arms, we woke about an hour to his mother coming into the house downstairs.

I jumped up and looked a bit frantic. “It’s okay, she won’t come in without knocking and I came out to my parents about a year ago, they know I have boyfriends instead of girlfriends.

“Todd honey, I’m home, Come down for a snack if you want.” His mother said.

“Okay mom.”

I stood there naked, Todd walked to me pulling me close. “I am so happy this happened, I have wanted to be with you for so long.” Todd said as he kissed me fully on the lips, his tongue probed my teeth and mouth, my knees went weak.

“Let’s get dressed and go downstairs.”

I picked up my cum wet underwear and looked at Todd, I can’t put these back on.” Todd opened his underwear drawer. “Pick out some you like and wear them if you want.” He took my wet undies and tossed them into his hamper.

I looked at the underwear he had, some were very sexy and expensive brands, He took a pair of Andrew Christian out that were red and had a pouch in front to put your junk into that also enhances your bulge.

“Try these, I think you’ll like them.”

I pulled them on and tucked my balls and cock into the pouch, Todd helped adjust my bulge. “Looks hot.”

I slipped my tee shirt, jeans back and shoes back on while Todd dressed.

We started down the stairs and off to the kitchen where his mom had some chips and drinks out for us.

“Hi Colby, how are you?” Todd’s mom asked.

“I’m better than ever Mrs. Evans.”

“Glad to hear, it’s always good to see you.”
“You will be seeing allot more of him mom.” Todd said as he put his arm over my shoulder. At first I felt uneasy, I was not out to anyone before today and now Todd sort of claims me openly to his mom, but it felt good.

“That’s great Todd, I have a few things to do before dinner, and you are welcome to stay for dinner if you like Colby?”

“Thanks Mrs. Evans that would be nice.”

I continued seeing Todd daily usually having sex more than once a day when we could, sometimes fast blowjobs where we could, but it was wonderful to be with him.

Within a couple of months Todd pressured me a little to come out to my family, I did and it went okay, dad was a bit put out by it at first but seemed to come around.

Todd was over for dinner one night and as it came time to go home he leaned in and kissed me in front of my parents, my heart pounded and face went pink I am sure but they didn’t say anything so I acted as if nothing abnormal happened.

Our senior year of high school it became common knowledge that we were a couple though we didn’t show too much affection at school other that hang out together constantly.

Todd pointed out a few of the guys that he had played around with, some of which denied being gay to him, telling him that sex, was sex.

We remained exclusive to each other and after graduation Todd went off to college and I felt as if I had lost him, I was so depressed and one day Todd called telling me that he had not been with anyone and wanted me to move out to be with him.

I was so happy, we got an apartment together, I could not afford college and went right to work while Todd studied pre-med.

I worked and cooked for him while he studied, at home we never wore clothes. Todd would pull me onto him as he sat on the couch tossing his books aside and suck my cock saying he needed his protein to keep his studies up.

Todd graduated a few years later and we moved back to California for his internship and later as he found a good hospital to work for Todd wanted me to quit my job and relax for a few years as I had worked my ass off during his college years and internship.

I have never been happier in my life, Todd is devoted to me and can’t wait to get home to be with me, my heart still pounds when this man kisses me deeply.


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