Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weekend Away

My good friend Jim asked me to meet him at his family cabin for the weekend for some relaxation and fun.

I accepted as soon as the invitation was out of his mouth, I was so ready to get away and loose the stress of the work week.

I packed Thursday night and packed my car to be able to leave straight from work, my supervisor had us in a meeting right up to time to leave and all I could do was look out the window at the trees and grass.

“Nick, what do you think?” My female boss asked.

I was not paying attention and had lost the flow of the conversation. “I think we should make a simple list on the dry erase board of the pro’s and con’s and go from there.”

“Great Idea, Linda would you do the honors?” She asked. I was relieved to move past that, the things they added to the board brought me back into the flow again and I was never so happy to hear her voice saying that it was time to go for the weekend and we would pick up here on Monday morning.

I almost ran for my car, I had an ice chest and stopped at the market to buy steaks, ice, snacks and beer before driving to the lake.

I arrived before anyone was there and took a beer and a towel to the boat dock thinking I’d take a swim.

I stripped off my jeans and shoes down to my orange ball cap and a tee shirt and stood there looking around, no one in sight on the lake and no homes for miles, I slipped off my tee shirt and dropped my baseball cap to the wooden dock before diving into the water swimming away from the dock.

The water felt incredible, a bit cool but the weather was hot and felt so good swimming naked, cool water flowing all around my ass and balls.

I climbed out onto the dock and spread my towel out and lay myself out soaking up the sun, wow, this is so relaxing, my mind slowly went blank and I drifted off to sleep.

I was startled awake what must have only been a few minutes later by Jim and a couple of other guys I didn’t know. “Oh, hi, I went for a swim, excuse my nakedness.” I said covering my crotch slightly with my hands.

They introduced themselves and reached to shake my hand and before realizing both were occupied, the blonde guy kept his hand out regardless, I shook it letting my other hand go to my side, I may as well not worry about it, these getaways usually end up being a nudist weekend anyway. I thought to myself.

His name was Eric, his friend, William smiled as I caught him getting a good look at my junk, I was not yet sure if they were a couple or what.

Eric slipped his shorts off, peeled his tee shirt over his head dropping it to the dock and jumped into the water screaming out as he surfaced. “Wahoo, this water is great!”

William looked like he was a mixed race between black and Asian, his skin was beautiful with seemingly no pores and a perfect color.

William stripped and jumped in too, I think my jaw hit the planks on the dock when I saw him naked. His Afro~Asian body made my knees weak, it was sheer perfection as the sun reflected off of his wet skin as he surfaced.

I dove into the water near Eric and William, Eric tried to push my head under the water so William joined in the fun of trying to drown me by pushing me under the water, I grabbed at legs, asses or anything else that was close by.

I came up as the other two went underwater, I could feel them around me touching my legs, my ass and one of them put his mouth on my cock, sucking it deep before they both surfaced, gasping for air while laughing.

I climbed out of the lake back to the dock when Jim asked if we were ready to take everything into the cabin.

Eric put on his boxers while William just picked up his clothes and walked up to the cars, his wet ass was a sight in the sunlight that filtered through the trees. I slipped on my boxer briefs and picked up my clothes following William’s sexy ass.

We took all of the supplies into the rustic cabin, it was one large room with a bathroom that was on a septic tank with rainwater in holding tanks to use for a shower.

Eric heard a car pulling in and opened the door, it was Bobby, a good friend that I have known for several years.

I went to help him bring his gear in and saw that someone was with him. FUCK, I thought, it was his friend and drama queen Ronnie, I’d sooner slam a hammer onto my foot than spend the weekend with fuckface Ronnie.

“HAY GURLFRENS.” Ronnie screamed in his hi pitched girl like voice, it went through me like a knife.

I had a bondage vision pop into my head with Ronnie, tying him up, duct tape across his mouth and putting him in the trunk of Bobby’s car for the entire weekend.

I hugged Bobby, leaning in, “What the fuck did you bring douche bag Ronnie for?” I whispered in his ear.

“He broke up with his boyfriend and was really down, so this was a good distraction for him, please be nice.”

“Every week he breaks up with someone, he annoys the fuck out of them to the point it is either leave or go to jail for killing him.” I said.

Bobby patted my boxer brief covered ass and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Love ya.” He said with a smile.

“I need liquor!” I announced to a cheer from the guys.

I walked to the “kitchen” area pulling out some bags to find the rum bottle I brought along with some Coke a Cola. “Who needs a rum and Coke?” I asked.

Ronnie came over next to me and ran his hand across my ass. “I’lll take one, lover.” My eyes raced around the counter for a sharp knife. “Ronnie, if you ever tough my ass again, or call me lover, or anything period, I will drag your ass to the lake and drown you.” I said in a low tone only Ronnie could hear.

“You crack me up, always do, you are so funny.” Ronnie said.

Ronnie took his drink and sipped it while I shot Bobby a “look” that said volumes.

William was still nude and Ronny was encroaching on what I was wanting to build into a weekend romance with William. I turned and added more rum to my drink. I motioned to William to come over. “What would you like to drink William?”

“I’d love a cold beer, I brought two cases so there should be plenty for the weekend. “ William said with a sweet smile.

I popped open a beer and handed it to William. “Here ya go.” “By the way was that you that put your mouth on my dick back at the lake?” I asked.

William smiled. “It looked inviting, so I went for it.” He said as he leaned in letting his thick cock tough my hand that I had at my side.

Instinctively my hand went around his shaft and balls cupping his manhood. “Well I need a turn at yours then, just to be fair.” I took my rum and coke and lifted the glass under his cockhead letting it and his balls dip into my glass before I kneeled down to lick him clean.

William leaned back on the counter and moaned, that was enough to draw the attention of the others who cheered a bit as they moved in to watch.

Ronnie stripped his clothes off and tried to move in on me and William, I saw him and was about to punch him in the nuts when Bobby pulled him back.

“Let’s go out and skinny dip guys.” Bobby called out.

Everyone stripped and headed outside leaving me with William who by now was fully hard as I devoured his shaft.

William leaned back onto the counter lifting his legs giving me my first look at his hot asshole, I dove in face first, my stubble rubbing against his soft skin driving him wild.

“Fuck me Ray.” He said.

I grabbed my backpack and took out some lube and a condom.

I stretched out William’s hole and plunged my cock in deep while William moaned and asked for more. I pulled his hips close as I plowed his ass.

William lifted my glass to my lips for me to take a sip of my rum with essence of Coke, leaning in and taking a sip himself while I fucked him hard, I liked his style.

I was about to cum when goat shit fuck face Ronnie walked back into the cabin. “Don’t mind me, just grabbing some sunscreen my little whores.”

“Shut the fuck up Ronnie, get your shit and go before I beat your ass.”

Ronnie moved faster than before and shut the door on his way out. I picked up momentum and was back to shooting my cum into this olive skinned God.

I groaned loudly as the last of my jizz pumped out of my pee hole into William.

I pushed William back farther onto the counter and sucked his stiff dripping dong into my throat and bobbed his pole as I played with his balls.

William was writhing all over the counter moaning and panting while his cum splashed deep into my mouth and throat as he bucked his hips.

I pulled William to his feet kissing him on the neck and working to his sexy lips, biting and sucking on them.

We joined the others at the dock, a couple of the guys were laying out on towels and the others were in the water splashing and laughing.

Eric looked at William’s cock seeing a thread of cum leaking out onto the wooden dock. “Looks like you two had a good time.” Eric said.

William looked at me and smiled, he dove into the water and surfaced a few feet away.

I felt a hand on my bare ass from behind, turning to see it was Ronnie. “Look asswipe, I’ve told you already that if you want to live, you need to stay clear of me and never touch me again, I don’t need your fucking drama.”

“It’s cool baby, I thought you were playing with me, it’s all good.”

“I don’t play anything with you, you are a fucking looser and I have heard all of your crap for over three years, and one day Bobby will get tired of it and you will have to find someone else to fuck up their life.”

Bobby got out of the water and took Ronnie aside and explained that he is walking a thin line and about to be taken home. “If you want to stay out here and have a nice weekend, then you need to keep a low profile and not piss people off.”

“Okay Bobby, I’ll behave the best I can.” Ronnie said giving Bobby a hug.

We swam and played in the water while Jim and Eric were making out near the waterline, it was hot to watch, two hot guys naked in the grass.

Jim was definitely a top and took charge getting Eric on his knees doggy style and started eating his ass and fingering him with his first two fingers, really reaming his ass.

Eric’s head was in the grass with his back arched and ass up high in the air. Jim pushed his hard slim cock into Eric’s stretched hole and started pumping him while Eric’s cock swung between his legs in the lake breeze

Bobby lay in the grass with a leg on each side of Eric’s face and plunged his cock down the man’s throat while Jim filled the other end.

Ronnie came over for a closer look and started rubbing Jim’s ass while jacking his own cock. “Get down there under him and suck his dangling dick.” Jim said. Ronnie did as instructed and was glad to be a part of the action.

Eric was sucking Bobby’s cock like crazy when the man blew his load hungrily sucking all of Bobby’s cum wanting more. Jim fucked Eric’s ass with a vengeance pulling it out and shooting his cum into Ronnie’s face below.

Ronnie continued sucking Eric until his cum erupted, filling Ronnie’s mouth with his salty jizz.

We paired off to share the three beds in the cabin that night, there was lots of whispering and giggling going on until finally the last had fallen asleep.

The next afternoon Ronnie was laying on the dock when one of the guys stood over him jacking off. “Come on guys, let’s cover Ronnie in our jizz.” Eric said.

Everyone stood around Ronnie jacking off, I decided to go a bit farther and give Ronnie what he deserved and let loose a stream of piss onto his chest and moved it up to his face, he took it like a real piss slut opening his mouth for any liquid he could catch. Eric was the first to let his ropes of cum splash down onto Ronnie’s face with the others following covering his face and chest with the mixed cum of the group.

We took a swim, ate lunch and laughed, Ronnie kept his distance most of the afternoon.

William and I cooked massive three quarter pound burgers outside on a charcoal grill, we were all famished by the time they were done. Bobby made a huge bowl of potato salad and brought some cookies and thing he had brought with him to the lake.

After we finished gorging everyone went to the cool green grasses that grew near the water’s edge, laying naked laughing and poking at each other.

Everyone was too full for much other than to rest in the shade, Bobby brought his guitar and played while he softly sang and his voice was deep and beautiful.

My breath was slow and deep, my eyes closed I could listen to Bobby sing forever, it made me relax, nothing could stir me up while he sang, hell I think if Ronnie lay next to me I would not even say a mean word to him.

I woke up after a brief nap to the guys laughing and splashing in the lake, I stepped off to the side and pissed into the bushes before walking to the dock. “Next year I am renting a big pontoon boat for us to use out here.” I said.

“Sounds great.” Ronnie said.

I chose to be a good boy and ignore him as he would not be on my list to invite and I would make sure that Bobby did not bring him.

I sat on the dock with my legs in the water when William swam up and pushed my knees apart, I carefully lifted and moved forward as to keep the splinters out of my ass. William toyed with my nuts causing my cock to chub and stick out from my crotch before he started gently chewing my cockhead.

William smiled, his white teeth sparkling in the sunlight. He dove onto my cock and took it to my pubic hair, he was definitely talented and made me moan and groan with pleasure.

He sucked until I was ready to cum and pulled off, I started jacking off until I shot my load, the first bit hit William square on the lips the next flew into his hair, by the time I finished shooting, his face was covered in ropes of creamy white love juice.

William leaned back sliding under the water washing the cum from his face. I could feel him at my feet running his hands up my legs.

We had a great time at the lake, I invited William to dinner and to my place afterwards for fun and games. We decided to hang out at least once a week and are now the best of fuck buddies.

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  1. My kinda weekend!!!...loved this story, Seth!!..thanks..