Sunday, May 11, 2014

Traffic Exhibitionist

The Monday drive home was a long one, traffic backed up for miles. There just has to be a better way to get to and from work, this sucks.
I pounded on the steering wheel and cursed traffic under my breath, I looked to my left and this hot looking guy was in a sporty black VW. I sat in stopped traffic checking him out, dark hair with a bit of chin stubble. He was tapping on his steering wheel in time with the beat of his music, he looked over at me and I turned away quickly.

I watched traffic ahead of me but my eyes wandered back to the VW driver as the traffic crept a car length every two minutes or so. As I got caught looking at him for a second time I smiled and waved at traffic helplessly, he only smiled at me revealing his white teeth that stood out even more against his dark lips.

My window was down so I could hear the radio station he was listening to and switched mine discreetly to the same finally traffic started moving a little faster and I lost track of the guy in the Volkswagen but my mood had improved greatly.
Over the next couple of days I looked in traffic for the sexy guy in the black VW but did not find him, I was hoping that he was on the same driving schedule that I was.

On Thursday as I was driving home, again stuck in traffic, there he was one car forward to my left, I could see the back of his head, if the fucker in front of me would just pull up some. I moved my car to just a few feet from his bumper and the driver pulled up some allowing me a view of the side of his face.
He looked over my way and saw me looking at him but I did not think he remembered me from Monday’s traffic jam but after a few seconds he looked back and gave me a small wave.

His lane moved up a little and finally mine did too, I looked right across into his passenger side window, my SUV was a little higher and I could see as he adjusted his crotch in his jeans, he looked into my eyes and gave his junk a grope while never looking away from me, I smiled and gave him a nod of appreciation.

He pushed a finger into his mouth and sucked it in and out letting me know just how horny he was, I gave him a smile and thumbs up. He was sexy as fuck and for the first time I was happy that traffic was stopped dead. He unbuttoned his jeans and flopped the fabric back allowing me a peek at his underwear, I smiled again and waved to see more.

The sexy guy pushed his pants and underwear down into the floor as he lifted his ass off of the seat, holy fuck, I had an unobstructed view of his cock and balls and it made my own cock stir along with a sexy feeling in my insides. I unzipped my slacks and pulled my cock out as it stiffened, VW guy started jacking his cock while looking over at me as he smiled.

This guy was a real exhibitionist and seemed to really get off showing me his junk right here in traffic as he rubbed his balls. As the cars started moving, he put his window down and asked me to pull into a parking lot on the next block, he waited while I got into his lane before pulling out of traffic and into the semi secluded lot.
I got out of my car and walked over to his, he put the driver’s window down. “You like this?” he said grabbing his shaft into his fist.
“Hell yeah, you are pretty sexy, why don’t we go to my place and play around some?”
“I’m pretty good right here.” He said as he opened his door allowing me full view of his spread open legs, his loose ball sack lay on the seat with his boner standing near straight up.

“Get on my knob and show me what you can do.”
I wasted no time getting to my knees and leaning into his car sliding my left hand under his balls while I sucked his sperm spitter into my mouth. The dude put his hand on the back of my head as I bobbed up and down on it while me moaned and told me what a good cocksucker I was.
I had never been much for public sex and worried about being seen but that did not stop me from blowing this hot stud. “Get your cock out and jack off while you suck me off.” He said.

I pulled my cock out from my still unzipped slacks and rubbed my throbbing tool, he used my throat as a cum dump shooting his cream over my tongue. “Suck my load man, take it!”
I pulled off of his cock as I swallowed the last of his cum when he pushed my chest back as he watched me shoot my load onto the asphalt parking lot.
He squeezed the last droplets of cum form his cock onto his finger wiping it onto my lips before he pulled up his pants closed his door and drove away without a word.

This guy was on my mind all day at work on Friday, I was hoping to see him again and this time get him to my bed. The drive was slow and I had no sign of him at all. After I got home I jacked off to porn as a poor substitute to having a guy in my bed with me.
I found myself driving the loop to work and timing it for the return trip on Saturday even though I didn’t work on weekends in hopes of seeing the black car again, no such luck but at least the weekend traffic was light and was back home in no time.

Monday seemed to never end and I almost had to work over and thought I had missed my window to see him again. A block before the lot where we had pulled over I saw his car right in front of me, I flashed my headlights at him, and he gave me a wave into the same lot again.
I pulled in behind him and walked over to his car in time to see him sliding his pants to his ankles.
“Hi, I was kind of hoping we could go to my house where we can be more comfortable.”

“Look, you can get off on my cock if you want, but I am not gay.” He said.
I laughed but looking into his sexy eyes, I could see that he was not kidding. “If you are not gay, then why are you in a parking lot letting me suck your cock?” I asked.
“I am not gay but like to get my nut off wherever I can and your mouth is as good a place as any,”
“What’s your name?” I asked.
“Dylan.” He said.

“Look Dylan, my name is Eric, you are a hot guy but I am not having sex in parking lots anymore, you come to my house or no dice.”
“Alright, but I am not gay, I’ll follow you.”
“Okay, I only live a few blocks away.” I said.

After the short drive Dylan walked inside and flopped down on the bed, I made myself comfortable by shucking my clothes and shoes, now naked standing in front of Dylan letting him look at my body he started rubbing his crotch.
I grabbed some lube and condoms and handed a condom to him. “Put one of these on while I lube up, you are fucking my ass, and before you say it again, I know that you are not gay but you will enjoy this.” Dylan pulled his jeans off and stroked himself into a stone hard state.
I reached up pulling off Dylan’s tee shirt leaving him naked, he seemed a little spooked by being on my bed but I didn’t give him too much time to think about it.

I climbed onto the bed on my knees. “Get on me and fuck my ass Dylan.”
He did as he was told pushing his cock into my ass, grabbing my hips he pumped like a pro.
I can imagine that he has fucked his girlfriend in the ass before and seemed to be getting into it. I arched my back feeling this self-proclaimed straight guy fucking my man slit and it felt very great. Dylan was panting and pumping my hole good. “Take my cock in your ass dude, you like this?” He asked.
“Yeah, fuck me Dylan, give me that big bone.”

“I’m cumming, oh, fuck.” Dylan said as he climaxed with a wild bucking motion. He rolled off of me falling over onto the bed face down next to me. “Damn, that felt good.” He said.
“Well, I have something that will top that.” I grabbed the lube and a condom slipping it onto my cock, I squirted a large amount of lube onto my fingers and started rubbing it into his ass.

As soon is my fingers touched his ass crack he jumped to get up, I pushed him back onto the bed and fingered some lube into his tight puckered ass. After a bit of him getting used to having my finger in his ass, he stopped resisting and laid very still.
I lifted his ass and positioned myself between his legs and slowly pushed my prick into Dylan’s ass easing the head of my dick past the stretched doorway to bliss. I grabbed his hips and lifted them higher and started pumping.
“Fuck, it hurts bitch.” Dylan cried out.

“Relax your ass muscles, it will ease and feel good, fight the urge to tighten up.” I replied.
Dylan leaned into the pillow and moaned, I was not sure if he had gotten past the pain or not but he did not try to get up or push me off so I continued fucking his pink ass. I leaned in, reaching under and twisting on his small nipples, he seemed to enjoy that as I heard intense moaning. As I shot my cum I gave him a few hard pokes with my cock before laying on the bed next to him.
“How was that?” I asked.

“It was amazing after the pain eased up some, but I’m not gay Eric”
“Whatever makes you feel good to say, you just fucked a guy and got fucked by a guy, in my book it is hard to say that you are fully straight, but whatever works for you.”

I fully expected for Dylan to jump up, get dressed and bolt for the door but he stayed for a while as we talked about life, work and sex. Dylan started coming by after work about three times a week where we took turns getting fucked, he did say that he liked being the top more than the bottom but did not want to stop getting fucked either.


  1. another great story Seth!!! traffic wouldn't. be so bad!!!! <3

  2. Great stuff man. Thanks.

  3. Sounds hot. I'd have eaten his cum, then poked my dick in his mouth just to see whether he'd take it.