Monday, June 23, 2014

Going Out a Virgin, (My true story)

This is my true story

When I was 21 years old I had not had been with a man yet, other than playing with my cousin Tony since we were kids but never really “did” anything.

I had just gotten my military honorable discharge from the Army, my last post was at Fort Ord California near Monterey along the California coast and moved back home to central California.

My cousin and his lover Rick had been after me to go to Fresno to the gay bars with them after I came out of the closet to them.

I had never been to a gay bar before, never been with or even kissed a man before that night.
I was pretty nervous about going, as I stopped and picked them up at 7pm for the 45 minute drive to Fresno.

I drove my Brand new Nissan and was always worried when my cousin was in my car as the last time I picked him up drunk he threw up in my back seat and on my new jacket.

We talked all the way to the bar with the radio belting out the tunes of the day, we felt young gay and free.

We got inside and ordered a few beers, my cousin Tony and Rick danced while I watched. The bartender Mark, knew Tony who I think informed him that I was a virgin; needless to say I had free beer and 100% of Mark’s attention for the night.

Mark would mix a drink and pour a beer and he was right at my side like glue.
Mark was about 29 years old and a man not a twink, he had beautiful blue eyes and lips that called my name; he was slim with dark hair, the kind of guy everyone wants to talk to and flirt with.

I danced with Tony and Rick together for a couple dances and came back to my spot at the bar, as soon as I say Mark had poured me a cold beer and took away the warmer partial beer, blowing me a kiss.

I chatted with Mark about the military and life in general, he wanted to talk about sex and I did not have much to go on so mostly listened to him and interjected now and then.

Mark came around the bar and asked me to dance, I said “Sure, but your working, will it be ok?”

“Sure he said, I get breaks come on, let’s dance.”

We danced a fast dance and he chatted with the DJ and a slow song came on, this gave him the opportunity to put his arms around me and let them roam some.
Before I knew it, he had his lips on mine, kissing me my knees felt weak, my first “man kiss” then he did it, slipping his tongue into my mouth, it felt so good and wonderful I pushed my tongue into his hungry mouth.
Marks hands went to my ass cupping and rubbing my ass cheeks through my Levis. I think I was trembling and had little idea what was in store for me later that night.

Tony and Rick came back to the bar as I finished dancing with Mark.
‘What do you think of Mark?’ Tony asked.
“He is hot!” I replied taking a sip of beer trying to play it cool.
Mark was clearing the bar and getting things ready to close; he stopped by kissed me then leaned in close to my ear. “Come home with me tonight?” He asked.
“I can’t Mark, I drove and have Tony and Rick here, it would take me 90 minutes or more to get them home and then back here.”

“Let them take your car and come pick you up tomorrow afternoon.” Mark suggested.

My mind raced, Mark wanted me, he was so hot, Tony and Rick were mostly drunk and my car was new.
Weighing out the options, my cock won over the other choices. “Tony, you and Rick take my car home and come get me tomorrow, I am going to Mark’s house with him.” I said.
Tony loved the idea that after tonight I would no longer be a virgin and snatched the keys out of my hands. “See ya! Have fun.” He said.

I had worried about Tony driving after drinking and hoped that my car would make it through the night.

I got into Marks Jeep Wrangler at 2:30 am and off to his house we went, I started hoping that he was not an axe murderer or…. Worse was, Tony did not even know his address until I call him the next day for a ride home.

Arriving at Mark’s house he got us a beer and we talked, kissed and he took my hand and led me to his bedroom.
We undressed and I was in for a shock when I saw the size of his cock, it was the largest one I have seen before, even in the open bay showers in the Army. His cock had to be in excess of 11 inches soft and was very thick.
I stood and stared at it feeling very “inadequate” with my soft cock much less than half that size.

We lay on the bed, Mark rubbed my chest and admired my 28 inch waist.
“What is your fantasy?” Mark asked me.
“This is.” I said.
“What?” He asked.
“Being with a man is all I could dream of, not anything in particular.” I said.

Mark kissed my lips pushing his tongue deep into my mouth as our lips mashed hard together, my hands went to his back and the top of his ass cheeks.

I could not believe that I was not only in bed about to have sex with a man, he was a cross between the guy on the cover of Men’s Health and a porn star.

I was so scared looking at his now hard cock; it did not get much longer but did get thicker and angrier looking.
The following words fell out of my mouth without me even thinking. “That IS NOT going inside me whatsoever.”
He laughed. “Its fine, just relax, we will go slowly tonight.” Mark said.

He bent over and took my cock into his mouth and sucked my now 7ish inches all the way into his throat.
I rubbed his hard nipples and actually touched his raging monster cock.
How anyone could take this into his throat or ass, I was wondering.

Still scared and almost shaking Mark sensed that he needed to slow down some and moved to my small nipples licking and sucking them.

I pulled him close feeling his firm and well built body pushing against my naked skin.
“How wonderful this feels, I have never felt anything this good.” I whispered.

I moved down to his cock and touched it with my tongue.
“I have never put a cock into my mouth before.”
I traced his huge and swollen head with my tongue and slowly let part of it go into my mouth.
“Take it slow.” He said.
I did as I was told, moving down onto his cock.
I took only about three inches into my mouth and at that time I had no idea how to swallow a cock and thought this was it, only putting the head in.

I tasted pre cum, it was a night of firsts, first kiss, first cock in my mouth, first pre cum, my mind was racing and my heart was pounding.

I was so excited yet slightly drunk, I sucked the head of Mark’s cock until he warned me that he was about to cum, and I pulled off quickly and jacked his cock with both hands watching his cum shoot all over his flat tan stomach and chest while he moaned.

Mark jacked my cock a few strokes before swallowing my entire length in one gulp, it felt incredible, I did not want him to stop, ever.
Being in bed with this handsome man had me so horny, it took no time before I shot my jizz into a guys throat.
He sucked it down and pulled my cock deep into his throat causing me to squirm some from the sensitivity of just cumming.

Mark pulled me close and I slept naked in his arms, I felt so warm and safe, more than anytime in my life to that point.
Mark woke me up the next morning kissing me and talking softly, all I could do was smile.
“Good morning.” I said.

He reached to my cock finding that I had a special “I’m in bed with a man” morning wood.

He pulled back the sheets and took my cock into his mouth in the 69 position, his cock was soft but very large as always.
I took it into my hands and jacked his cock some getting it very stiff, feeling his balls and looking at his sexy ass cheeks.

I was seeing things that I had not seen the night before due to the beer and nervousness. Looking at his body really turned me on.
I rubbed his ass cheeks and played with his swinging balls.
Mark may beside me and jacked my cock letting my cum fly free, It shot past my stomach, my face and hit the wall at the top of his bed. He laughed.

“I’ve always been a real strong shooter.“ I said with a smile as Mark licked cum from my upper chest.

Next, Mark sat on my chest and jacked his huge cock off while I watched, it splashed out hitting my face and hair, soaking my face in man juice.

Mark showed me to the shower to clean up while he cooked us breakfast.

We talked while we ate the sausages, eggs and toast. Mark asked me what my life plans were, and allot of questions about me.

I told him I was still a little nervous, being so new to gay sex and being with a man and I was going to let things happen and see where they went from there.

I called Tony and asked them to come get me and helped Mark clean up the dishes, we were still both naked and I was semi hard most of the time watching his ass and his big cock bouncing all around as he walked.
This guy was so sexy and seemed sweet; I kept wondering that as hot as he was, how many guys have shared his bed?

Tony and Rick pulled up in front of Marks house, we dressed quickly.
Mark leaned in and kissed me hard on the lips.
“Seth, would you like to move in with me?” He asked.
I was stunned by the question.
I looked at him, this is all so new to me, and I don’t think I can make that kind of decision this fast.

I took Marks phone number, kissed him again and jumped into the back seat of my car letting my cousin drive us home.

I thought about Mark’s big dick, his hot body and his ass all the way home.
Tony and Rick asked me a million and a half questions and giggled some when I told him about him squirting his juice all over my face and hair.

Being inexperienced and very shy at that time in my life I never called Mark back.
I kept thinking that he was only wanting me as he had had my virginity and would like to have me until the next guy or virgin came along.

It was probably not fair to judge him like that but maybe was a true thought.

That was my only “one night stand” in my life and have been with four other guys since then and all turned into relationships.
I moved to Seattle and slowly “came out.”
The first guy I dated there was Jeff, a hot guy with dark hair, olive skin and those red lips you never want to stop kissing.
He was soft spoken and a very sweet guy, he would open doors for me and never raised his voice or spoke poorly about anyone. He seemed to good to be true and I dated him for a few months until he asked me to move in with him, I was still very shy and scared to move in with him, I saw little value in myself back then and could not see what he liked about me so I stopped seeing him. I often wonder what would have happened if I had moved in with him.

The second lasted 2 years until I came home and caught a man in our bed with my boyfriend, I threw them both out of the house as they made up excuses why they were in my bed naked together.

The third guy “Parker” was a blonde with a quick smile and had a knack of getting into trouble.
Beyond car crashes, drunkenness and a DUI, one day we rode on my motorcycle down the freeway, I felt him moving around behind me and he pushed my butt up a little, as he tucked his hard boner between my ass and the motorcycle seat, the vibration, as I sat on his cock caused him to squirt his cum all over the seat and the ass of my jeans.
That relationship lasted almost four years, I won‘t go into the very bad things that happened to close that relationship.

I met Dennis through a friend while out dancing and felt at ease with him more than anyone else. We dated for a few months and he asked me to move in with him, I said YES!
I have been with Dennis since and he is the love of my life, he cares for me and me for him, I will be with him until one of us dies.


  1. OMG...what a way to lose your virginity!!

  2. Excellent Seth, love you....may happiness be with you and Dennis many more years.

  3. Great story, Seth!! love hearing first-time tales!!! Thanks, love you!! May you and Dennis go on together forever!!!.... <3

  4. Speechless. Awesome deepest passionate love from within. As it should be. Every relationship is a level that will somehow takes us to the next ultimate place in our lives, on a blessed journey well worth its wait.