Saturday, June 14, 2014

Poker Night

I used to get with my buddies for poker night on Thursday nights at six P.M. without fail.

One Thursday we were to meet at Kenny’s house, something happened, a couple of the guys called and said they were running pretty late so my friend Kenny turned some porn on and we sat on the couch smoking fat cigars making sexual comments about the guy’s junk and the chick’s titties.

I was openly gay, Kenny is Bi, which I do not fully understand, but I’m cool with it.
The third guy, Gerry that was with us is straight.
We watched the straight porn for a bit then Kenny put on some hot guy on guy action.
Gerry complained enough to make sure his straight masculinity was still intact.

One dark haired guy was fucking some blond kid in his twenties and I could see s definite bulge in Gerry’s shorts.
I reached over and grabbed Kenny’s crotch and gave it a rub to see if there was any interest in a blow job while waiting for the other guys.
Kenny a decent looking guy with brown short cropped hair, liked what I was doing and pushed up against my hand.

Gerry looked over but when I looked him in the eye he went back to watching the porn on TV.
I unzipped Kenny’s shorts and reached inside pulling his thick cock out rubbing it.

I moved in front of Kenny and slid his shorts off of him and tossed them to the floor, running my hands up the inside of his thighs pushing them open while leaning in and taking his dick into my mouth sucking it in deeply and could feel Gerry watching from the side.

“Fuck Lika, that feels so good.” Kenny moaned.
I glanced over and saw that Gerry now had his cock out jacking it while watching me give Kenny a blow job.

I reached over and put my hand on Gerry’s stiff shaft as he jacked, at first he stopped and started to push my hand away but changed his mind.
I gave Gerry’s jeans a tug asking him to take them off without pulling the cock from my mouth.

Gerry slid his pants down to his ankles, I took his low hanging balls into my hand feeling them as he jacked off.

I stood up and took off my clothes when Kenny gave me a slight push to move over to Gerry.
I leaned over and put my mouth on the head of his cock while he jacked it a few more times before he removed his hand and leaned back to enjoy his first blowjob from a guy.

I sucked deep on his rod, using my teeth slightly toying with his knob.
Moving down, I licked his balls pulling on them and sucking them into my mouth.

He kicked his jeans off his ankles and spread his legs open, I lifted his heels onto the edge of the couch and pulled his ass forward before running my tongue from his balls to his ass crack and on to his tight ass pucker.

“Damn Lika! That feels so fucking good, no girl has ever done that to me before.” Gerry said as he pushed his ass onto my lips.

I spit on my finger and pushed it gently into his asshole, he pulled back some and I put my other hand onto his thigh so he would relax and pushed it back in while I dove onto his cock.
Fingering his ass seemed to get him really hot and was rock hard and close to cumming.

I squeezed at the base of his cock on the underside to slow him down some and went back to sucking.
“Come fuck me Gerry.” Kenny said as he bent over the arm of the couch pushing his ass into the air like a animal in heat.

Gerry got up and walked behind Kenny, he was unsure so I took his cock into my hand and guided it to Kenny’s asshole leaning in and spitting for some lube.

“Just push it in Gerry, you will love the feeling.’ I said.
While Gerry fucked Kenny I ran my hands all over both of them.

Kenny had lots of pre cum, I took and scooped a bit up on my finger and took it to Gerry’s mouth, he was so hot and in the moment he licked it while sucking my finger into his mouth.
“This ass is so tight man, I‘m cumming,, fuck…” Gerry moaned.

He shot his load and pulled out, I moved in before Kenny had time to move and plunged into his hot, open cum hole.
Gerry moved in close watching and touching me as I fucked the man.

“Go around and suck him off.” I told Gerry.
I changed position to make more room for Gerry, but he seemed hesitant and started jacking Kenny’s cock.
“Suck it man, it’s all good here.” I said in a soft voice.
Gerry leaned in and touched his tongue to the cock head and licked around some.
Kenny reached down and guided Gerry’s head pushing him down onto his stiff cock.

I worked my cock like a jackhammer into the hot fuck hole stimulating Kenny even more and within moments he groaned and arched his hips blowing his load of semen into Gerry’s mouth.

I fully expected Gerry to pull off the second he felt Kenny’s cum shooting into his mouth, but he didn’t, Gerry gulped his cum down like a thirsty monkey.

I shot my spunk into Kenny’s ass grinding it with the last few spurts, my body now spent.
I leaned in and rubbed Gerry’s face as he rested it on Kenny’s belly close to the cock he had just sucked.

‘That was hot, we should skip poker more often and just have some fun.’ Kenny said.
“I’ve never sucked a dick before or fucked a dude, this was very hot, I don’t think I will cross over, but I sure want to explore this again.”

Just then a knock on the door, it was the other two guys that were late for the game.
I walked over and opened the door, both walked in looking at the three of us naked and started laughing.
“Damn, looks like we missed all the fun!” One said.
“There is still time…….” I said reaching for his jeans pulling them to the floor.


  1. Thanks that was cool and hot

  2. Another amazing story. Thanks Seth.

  3. Nice. Very descriptive. Seth, you painted a picture with words...a very hot picture at that...

  4. love this tale (tail) gonna start poker nights . .hehehe.. Thanks Seth!!!!....:) <3

  5. Super hottttt Seth. So nice to read about a straight guy enjoying giving a blow job and cum eating. I'd have done all of them. Might want to do William, Brian, Phil and Jeff as well.

  6. Where can I get in on this poker game