Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Dinner Out

My name is Joe Tinsel, I was sitting at my favorite restaurant waiting on friends to join me, I had a couple of frozen margaritas and some chips with queso while sitting outside enjoying the sun.
My waiter, Morgan a hot guy in his early thirties with dark brown hair and thick red lips that I wanted to bite, the more I had the hornier I got.
After several drinks I called my friend, no answer, that fucker. I thought.
I ordered a steak with a loaded baked potato and corn and Morgan smiled and said “Yes sir! I will get your order in right away.”
I was grinning and talking to him way more than I normally would have and laughed at fucking everything.
I was out on the patio deck alone enjoying the view of the Gulf of Mexico while texting my friend calling him a shit load of names for not showing up.

Morgan brought me another margarita while I munched on chips, I looked at him, “Where is my meat” I asked with a big grin looking right at his crotch.
“I’ve got your meat for you; I will be back in a bit.“ Morgan said tapping me on my shoulder as he walked past.
Morgan came back a few minutes later with a new plate of chips, Morgan looked around, “I have your meat.” he said touching the front of his apron at crotch level.
Mmm.. “Let’s see it then.” I said grinning.
Keeping his back to the restaurant Morgan pulled back his apron and exposing his thick prick that stuck out of his fly.
“Shit, That’s hot.” I reached out to touch it and Morgan pulled back before moving around and lifting his apron again. I leaned over and gave it the attestation that it deserved.

I sucked it into my mouth and made it hard within a few moments.
Morgan pulled back and looked around. “Look I don’t want to get fired and I am horny as hell. Ill bring out your meal and take you home after I get off shift if you like.”
“You are a good looking guy and I made sure you got seated in my section, when you walked in the door.” Morgan said.

I ate my dinner and sipped another drink, my head was a bit fuzzy and I felt so good, very fucking good in fact.

Morgan picked up my keys, said I had had too much to drink and that he would bring me back the next day for my car.
Morgan took me to his house and inside I dropped to the couch and pulled Morgan on top of me, he kissed me hard on the lips before he went to the kitchen and mixed us a pitcher of margaritas.

We sipped our drinks and peeled off our clothes, and Morgan pulled me close, I reached to his crotch and pulled on his balls while kissing his mouth.
Morgan got to his knees in front of me and took my stiffening cock into his mouth sucking it to its full potential.

I moaned while pushing Morgan’s head down onto my prick, my head was spinning from the margaritas and wanted this guy to fuck me hard and wanted it bad.

Morgan led me to his bedroom where he took some things from the bedside drawer, he lubed my ass up as I knelt on his bed with my head down on his pillows, my ass up in the air arching my back, my hole needed filling in a bad rough way.

Morgan fingered lube deep into my hole with two fingers, working it in and causing my hole to stretch and burn.

He worked in a third finger and pushed his mouth to my ass biting at my stretched hole, his stubble burning at my ass crack while he gnawed for more.
“Fuck me Morgan.” I whispered.

Morgan moved into place and poked his fat prick in my hole and pushed hard.
“Yeahhhh.. I said. Do it baby…. Fuck me hard.”
Just as he go this rhythm going, I hear another voice in the room.
“Oh, Sorry,” The guy said.
I looked over to see a stocky red head had walked into the room and was moving back to the door.

“Fuck, Is that your boyfriend?” I asked.
“No, that’s Eddie my roommate and fuck buddy.”

“Oh.” I said unsure on what to do next.
“He is a hot fucker, You mind if he joins us?” Morgan asked.
“Well, I’m not sure…. I guess so.” I stammered.

“Be right back.” Morgan pulled his stiff cock out of my ass unceremoniously and walks to the hall calling Eddie and talking to him in a low voice.
Eddie walked in with Morgan and took off his clothes.
Morgan climbed back onto the bed and stuck his cock back into my ass while I rode him from the top.

Eddie came in behind me and ran his hands all over my back and around to my nipples twisting them and kissing my neck.
Morgan pulled me down to where my chest was against his as he fucked me, Eddie moved in close and I felt him pushing his cock against my ass, he was trying to get his cock into my ass too.

I pushed against Morgan’s cock riding him and then felt Eddie’s cock push inside my ass, this was a first, I have two cocks in my ass, the pain was searing at first.

Eddie now stretched my ass out more than it had ever been before. Morgan started the fucking motion while Eddie stayed inside me without moving.

Morgan’s cock rubbed Eddie’s stiff rod for a couple of minutes before Eddie started fucking my ass from behind while Morgan worked it from below me.

It felt so good and hurt like hell at the same time, I think I was getting off more about two men using my ass together than anything.
The feeling of two cocks in my ass was great, one pushed while the other pulled back, my cock was stiff and straining I dripped pre cum onto Morgan’s ab’s.

About the time that Morgan was getting ready to cum he sped up his strokes making Eddie move faster too.
I was on the edge of shooting when Morgan shot his cum into me, I shot my wad between us while Morgan was breathing hard and shooting the last waves of his cum.

Eddie took it into high gear fucking my ass so hard with Morgan’s cock still inside me too. Eddie started yelling about cumming, I think they heard him down the block, “Fuckkkkkkk Im shooting…..” Eddie exclaimed as his body twitched as he rammed his hard dick deep into me.

“Holy fuck.” I said as the guys piled off of me and flopped over onto the bed, we laid there tying to catch our breath.

We rested for a while and repeated it all over, this time Eddie and I fucked Morgan at the same time.

I have never felt my cock in an ass at the same time as another guy, it was a tight but fantastic feeling.
After spending the night Eddie and I hooked up alone while Morgan was in the shower, later that morning they took me back to my car and I gave them my phone number, they promised to call me the next day to fuck around again.


  1. Beautiful!'' Great story, Seth!!!....:) Threesomes are my favorite sport!!!!...:) <3