Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Car Hop

I drove to my friend Kip’s house to pick him up for a run to the next county for the opening of a new club.

Kip likes to show his chest off and his nipples are very sensitive he can be found most anytime absently touching them, usually with his hand up under his shirt.

“Hi Kelly, thanks for picking me up.”
“No problem, I know how you hate to drive, I want to grab a bite before heading to the club, I’ve not eaten anything but some toast this morning.

“Cool with me.” Kip said slipping his shirt off and tossing it into the back seat.
I glanced over and saw that he was already toying with one of his nipples, he has been known to get so worked up just playing with his nipples that he can cum without touching his cock at all.
Once in a while he will do it at a public place with us all watching, his hands goes up his tee, he starts working on his nipples getting them very hard and within a few minutes he tilts his head back and groans a little as he fills his underwear with a sticky hot load of cum as all of us start laughing and high fiving each other.
I think that would make me crazy to have the mess in my undies and not be able to change them but not Kip.
He is like our mascot, we try to get him to do stuff that the rest of us would not do and he will usually take on any challenge or bet, he has a nice build and a smile that lets him get away with about anything.

One time we challenged him to strip naked at the beach and casually walk into the water to swim, the beach was crowded and he stood up, looked around a little before sliding his board shorts to the sand and stepping out of them, walking to the surf with his balls bouncing and his tight white ass cheeks gleaming in the afternoon sun as if he did it every day.
He swam and played in the surf before walking back out to our blankets and slipped his shorts back on, I did get this on video of course.
A few friends were going to meet us at the club later, we were mostly going because we know the club owner and we wanted to give a good show of support.
I pulled my root beer brown Jeep into the drive in, it was one of the few places around where they still had car service, though they stopped using roller skates long ago.
“Hey Kelly, check out that hot dude that is bringing out the food today, I need me some of that.”
“Kip, you don’t have a chance at getting him, besides he is working.”

We placed our order on the menu board, it was always a gamble hearing them repeat your order back to you with all of the static on the speaker.

The hot car hop brought our food to us, I paid after he repeated the food order back to us, his smile was so hot, thick dark lips and perfectly white teeth, his nametag said Matthew. “Thanks Matthew” I said as I slipped him a five dollar tip.

Just as he was starting to leave, Kip asked for extra mustard for his foot long hot dog, Matthew handed three packets in through the window. “If you need anything, just turn on your parking lights and I will be right over.” Matthew said with a smile.

“You were extra smooth with Matthew, I thought you were gonna get his number?” I said with a laugh in-between bites.
“Oh, I am far from done, turn on your parking lights.” Just then Kip opened one of the mustard packets and squirted it onto the leg of his shorts, just above the hem.

Matthew came over but Kip motioned him to come over to his side of the Jeep.
“I spilled mustard on my shorts and we are going to a club in a bit, do you have any seltzer that might get most of it out?” Kip pulled the leg of his shorts up revealing the tip of his cock but the whole time pretended to only be worried about the mustard.

“I’ll go get a small cup of seltzer and a towel and see what I can do to help you.” Matthew said as he headed back into the building.

I jabbed Kip in the ribs. “Oh My God, you flashed your dick at him.”
“No, just the tip, so far anyway.”
Matthew returned with a clean white bar towel and a paper cup of seltzer.
Kip opened his door to let him have room to get a little closer as he was gonna hand me the stuff to clean it with.
“I can’t have that seltzer running onto the seat and down my ass crack, hold on Matt.”
And then it happened, Kip slid his shorts off completely and wearing no underwear he was now buck ass naked in my Jeep, Matthew’s eyes were glued to Kip’s cock so much that he spilled some seltzer right onto Kip’s naked balls.
Kip lifted himself from the seat when the cold liquid hit his skin.
“Jezusss.” He cried out.
Matthew immediately moved the towel to Kip’s privates and started dabbing without thinking about it much before he did it.
Kip’s dick thickened right away, Matthew stopped blotting and grew embarrassed. He just stood there saying he was so sorry.

“Do you think you can get the mustard off my shorts so it is less noticeable?” Kip asked Matthew.
“Well, let me see, hand me your shorts.”
Matthew took the shorts and started to wipe the big glob of mustard off by lifting it with the towel and doing so the mustard dropped onto Kip’s cock.

Matthew looked at Kip like he was in trouble.
“Lick it up.” Kip told Matthew.
Matthew did just that, he leaned over and licked the mustard off of Kips stiffening cock.
“You like that Matty? Suck it some.”
“Well, yeah, I do but I’m gonna get in trouble if I get caught out here with you.”

“Jump on my pole Matty, you want it, and I’ll enjoy it, just put your lips around it and suck.”

I am watching this unfold, still not believing that Kip has Matthew giving him head at the drive in, luckily we were on about the last space and the place was mostly deserted.
Matthew bobbed on Kip’s cock while Kip rubbed and twisted his own nipples, my cock was stiff and squeezed into my own shorts wanting some attention too. I reached over and tweaked on one of Kips nipples knowing that this would help send him over the edge.
Kip grabbed the back of Matthews head and pushed him as far onto his meat pole as he could while Matthew sucked his load into his throat swallowing every drop.

“You should go to the club with us, what time are you off work Matty?” I asked.
“I’m off right fucking now, I’ll go tell them I’m sick and leaving, you guys are hot.”

Matthew walked inside and told them he was going home sick and came back and hopped into the back seat of the Jeep.
“Do you mind swinging into my apartment real fast so I can change?”
“No problem, just point the way.”

Minutes later we pulled into his apartment complex and over a series of speed bumps before Matthew pointed at a door.

“That’s mine, come in while I change.”
We all walked in out of the heat into the A/C chilled apartment, Matthew started peeling his shirt off as soon as we were inside the door.

“No rush.” I said as I reached to help him with his shirt, Kip was not going to be the only one to have a go at this hot stud.
My hands roamed down his torso and back, then up to the dark plume of arm pit hair, I bent over a little and sucked his nipple some before running my tongue deep into his sexy underarm.

I unbuckled his belt and pants before sliding them to the floor, he was wearing white briefs, same kind his mama probably bought him as he grew up.

I bit into his tidy whities feeling the meat reward that was stowed inside, his hands went to my shoulders as I explored his cotton covered ass cheeks with both hands.

He had ample ass mounds that jutted from the small of his back, my fingers pushed the cotton into his crack some before exploring inside of his leg openings and into his bare crack.

I pulled his briefs down a little running my tongue along the elastic and the top of his ass crack while Kip leaned in kissing Matty on the lips as he groped the man’s chest.

I pulled my stiff cock out of my jeans and pushed it down inside the back of his underwear and along his ass crack, I pushed him over onto the arm of the couch and slid his cotton briefs to the floor, his ass was fucking hot looking.
I bent over and spit into my hand and pushed it into that sweet ass before poking my cock head into his fuck hole.
Kip positioned himself under Matty’s face and pushed his cock in again and Matty was on him like a starving calf, sucking for his sweet milk while I fucked his ass.
This guy’s hole was so tight it squeezed down on my prick as I plunged it in and out of him while he moaned a muffled sound while Kips throat fucked him.

Kip started cumming about the same time as I did, I jammed my cock deep into this hot car hop as I filled his fuck cave with my male mayonnaise.

He flipped over as I pulled out, Kip held his arms back as I went to work on his cock, his pre cum was all over while I jacked his hard prick making his veins bulge out as I squeezed his shaft while I tugged on his balls with my other hand.

I got him close to cumming and stopped for a second or two so I could tease him and make his climax build, I pushed his legs off to one side while I spanked his ass cheeks making them a nice rosy pink before going back to the hand job.

About the time he was going to cum Kip reached over and pulled Matty’s legs up while I pushed from his ass giving his cock a few last jerks causing Matty to squirt jizz all over his own face in long ropes of salty boy protein.

Kip leaned in licking his face clean before kissing him with his cum covered tongue probing his tonsils while I sucked on his spent cock making him squirm around on the couch.

Matthew pulled us into his cramped shower with him, we soaped each other and dressed before heading to the club, this time challenging Kip turned out to be beneficial to me as well as him.
We had a great time at the club and both of us danced with Matthew and I took him home with me that night, we had sex again, just the two of us but this time it was more romantic and loving than before.


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