Sunday, October 12, 2014

Window Peeper

I was laying back on my bed jacking off and heard a noise near the window above my bed. I live alone and there was no explanation for it. I looked in the reflection in the mirror over my dresser towards the window and saw a flash of a face, someone was watching me jacking off, but who?

I got up and looked out the window after turning on the back porch light, it was dark after about ten feet, I gave up and went back to satisfying my needs. My cock was dripping with pre cum and needed to blow the pressures that have built during the day.
I squirted some lube into my hand and started rubbing my shaft again while my other hand cupped my balls and fingered at my taint, the space that taint your balls and taint your ass.

My head was back and pushing into my pillows as my ass lifted off of my sheets as I blew my cum in long ropes all the way up my chest with some even splashing down on my face, my tongue licked at what it could reach.
I heard a noise at the window again, this time it sounded like a small branch snapping, my eyes darted to the mirror and I saw a tuft of dark hair as the peeper ducked below my line of view.

I stood up and walked to window and tried to see who was out there watching me pleasuring myself but again saw no one, I needed to get into the shower before heading to sleep and headed to the bathroom.
I stood at the sink looking into the mirror, cum had run down my chest and was some on my nipple, I swiped it onto my fingertip before touching it to my lips tasting the salty syrup. My dark hair needed to be cut but overall I was a decent looking guy and having just hit 37 years old I was starting to see small wrinkles by my brown eyes and slight flecks of gray in my hair.

As I showered, my mind wandered back to who could be at the window, it was kind of hot being watched, knowing that someone was getting turned on while I jacked off but it was also a little more than creepy.
I rinsed the shampoo from my hair running my hand down my chest to make sure I got all of the cum washed away. Walking back to bed and flicking the switch turning off the lights, I did as I do every night, I covered up with a sheet as I lay on my back then roll to the left keeping only my left leg partially covered with the sheet and my bare ass pointed upward and was asleep in no time.

The next day was uneventful, going to work, lunch with my co-workers, back to work and finally home. My friend Gary invited me to dinner, while we ate, I told him about my peeping tom and he was shocked to find that I did not call the Police.

“Collin, you really need to make a report so the Police can start looking for him.”

“Gary, you know as well as I that they won’t catch him and I didn’t really want to tell the Police about me laying there jacking off when it happened.”

“Well, you can leave that part out, just say that you were getting ready for bed.”

“Maybe if it happens again I’ll report it, besides I have a gun in my bedroom and the doors are locked.”

We finished our dinner and gave Gary a hug in the parking lot before driving home, I got inside and flipped the TV on, I sat there mindlessly flipping the channels but my mind eventually went back to the peeper, wondering if he had been doing this for a while without me knowing he was out there.
I walked into the bedroom and took off my dress shirt and slacks, leaving me in a tee shirt and boxer briefs, I headed to the kitchen and got a beer and made tossed a packet of popcorn into the microwave.

The back of my house is very private with trees and fencing and the house was mostly windows across the back, I saw no real need to use blinds or drapes over the windows and usually it didn’t bother me, but tonight I felt as if I was being watched.
I nibbled on the popcorn and sipped the beer as I sat at the kitchen breakfast bar, I could feel him looking at me right now, the hair stood up on my neck, I wanted to turn and look but knew that it was too dark to see much of anything back there.

I walked into my bedroom leaving the lights low I took my 9mm pistol from its case, it fit nicely in the palm of my hand. I didn’t want him to see the gun as I casually strolled out of the bedroom and over to the back door, I grabbed a flashlight and opened the door in a swift movement and ran into the dark yard shining my light until I saw him.

He was leaning onto the window sill of my bedroom waiting for me to come back in to give him a show probably. I was right on him before he knew it.

“Freeze, I have a gun and will blow your balls off if you so much as move.”

“Okay, okay, the guy said.”

He turned his face to me and instantly I knew I had seen him before at the nearby market, he must have followed me home and has been stalking me.

“Walk back to me, we are going inside while I call the Police.”

He stepped back to me, I took hold of his arm still holding the gun on him, we got inside and I grabbed the phone.

“Wait, please don’t call the Police on me, I’ll never do it again, I will do whatever you want.”

I held the phone looking at him, he was pretty cute looking and only about 21 years old.

“Why have you been looking in my windows and how did you know where I live?”

“Well, I, uhm, I saw you at the grocery store, thought you were very handsome and I know it was wrong but I wanted to know more about you, like where you lived and if you were gay, things like that.”

“You followed me and have been peeping in my windows probably jacking off outside onto my shrubs, don’t you think that’s a bit creepy?”

“Yes, it probably is creepy, but please don’t call the cops, I don’t want to go to jail over what I did, I just kind of have a crush on you and went way too far.”

“You got off watching me doing private things in my bed, maybe I should do the same thing.”

“What do you mean?”




He stood there in the middle of the kitchen floor and kicked off his shoes, and pulled his shirt off over his head tossing it onto the bar stool and just looked at me.

“All the way!”

He unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants to the floor and was not wearing any underwear, he stepped out of his pants and stood there. His body was average, nothing to scream about but his cock was quite a bit oversized, it was fully soft, probably to having just been caught and at least 9 inches, his balls were low hangers and it made my stomach flutter a bit.

“You are a good looking guy with, well, plenty between your legs, why are you stalking me instead of being with a guy, don’t you have a boyfriend?”

“No sir, I am, well, not out of the closet and still live with my folks, so you can see I have little outlet for being, well gay.”

“You a virgin?”

“No, I have been with a couple of guys before, but it is too hard when I can’t have them calling me or coming to my house.”

“Let’s see how big that cock of yours will get.”

He stood there looking at me, like he didn’t understand.

“Get it hard, you’ve watched me I don’t know how many times, it is fair, you don’t want to go to jail, and I am all about getting a show for my trouble.”

He took his cock in his left hand and started rubbing it as it sprung to life and stiffened to a full thick ten inches, it stood straight up, rock hard.

“How many times have you watched me?”

“From the bedroom window? Maybe six or seven times, but some nights you just went to bed and fell asleep.”

“Where else have you watched me from?”

He stood there rubbing his stiff erection and looked at the floor.

“Well, I followed you to work once, I just needed to see where you worked and what you did for a living, and I followed you to the restaurant tonight, I guess I was getting obsessive and crossed too many boundaries, I am so sorry.”

“Fuck, you have really been staking me.”

“Well, not in a violent way, I’d never do anything to hurt you, I just had a fantasy that I took way too far.”

“Jack it, let me watch you for a while.” I said, still holding the gun.

I leaned over picking up his pants, I took out his wallet and pulled out his driver’s license.

“Well, Sean, I can see where you live too now, You said you would do anything if I don’t turn you in to the Police, give me the best show of your life, or maybe I’ll call them just the same.”

Sean jacked his thick prick rubbing it at the bottom of the shaft before moving to the tip for a while, his right hand moved to his balls as he gripped the loose hanging sack tightly with his nuts sticking out of the bottom of his fist.

“Got any “special talents” Sean?”

“I can do a couple of things.”

“Show me.”

Sean laid on the floor and flipped his legs up wrapping his arms around them and was able to take about three inches of his own cock into his mouth.

“Mmmmm, fuck Sean, that’s pretty hot, suck it.”

I walked over and pushed his legs down a little farther for him allowing more of that monster meat between his lips. He sucked it for a while before laying back, he reached between his legs moving his low hanging balls to the side before bending his fat cock around and pushing it into his own asshole.

“Damn, I’ve never seen that before, well only in a porn video.”

My cock was fully stiff and leaving some pre cum wetness on my boxer briefs, I pulled my cock out and started jacking it while watching this guy fuck himself silly.

“You can put the gun down, I will do what you tell me to and not cause any trouble.” Sean said while he pushed about three inches of his cock in and out of his ass, it looked painful but he held his erection so it must not have hurt.

I put the pistol on the counter after taking the clip out and dropping it into the kitchen drawer. I moved over to Sean and touched his cock at the point that it entered his ass, this was fucking hot. I leaned into place and pushed my cock against his, rubbing it all over his ass and cock as he pushed it in and pulled it out.

I looked right into his face as I pushed my cock along slid of his and into his asshole, he cried out a little but seemed to settle into it and within moments he was panting like a dog in the July heat. His fuckhole was being stretched to its limits and was a very tight fuck, he stopped moving his cock with his hand as mine was rubbing along his head still inside his ass.

I pushed his legs higher and drove my meat deep into his hole, he started cumming and cried out as I could feel the warm sticky jizz shoot out along the shaft of my cock making it very slick and causing me to shoot my own load inside the stalkers ass.
After I had pulled out, I looked at him, his cock had slid out of his ass and was still engorged and semi hard, looking more massive than before.

“What the fuck am I going to do with you now?” I asked.

“Anything, anything you want for as long as you want, I just can’t go to jail, or let my parents find out about me being gay and stalking you.”

“I think you owe me allot more than just this, after all, you’ve seen me jacking off from outside my window and followed me around town, you must like me or something, I’m not sure what.”

“I’ll be your houseboy.”

“My what?” I asked with a puzzled look.

“Well, your houseboy, I’ll cook, clean and do chores for you for a couple of months or however long you want, hell I will be your naked houseboy and you can fuck me or do whatever you want, I’d enjoy that, I’ve wanted to be with you since I first saw you four months ago.”

This is very strange, but I liked the idea of having him around, that big cock of his had me hot, and I wanted more. I thought to myself.
“That will be good, I will be here tomorrow after work and cook your dinner, wash your clothes and whatever else you want, I want to do it for you.” Sean said in an eager voice.

“I’m not too sure about this, but I am willing to give it a try, so tomorrow about 4:30?”

“Yes sir, I’ll be here, promptly at 4:30.”

The next day, all I could think about was Sean, his sexy body and that oversized slab of meat between his legs and his special talents were amazing, it caused me to jack off in the stall at work to try to help me concentrate on work till the end of the shift.
I pulled into the driveway and noticed a red Jeep parked across the street, I glanced at my watch, it was 4:35, he was on time and waiting, I pretty much acted like I had not seen him and went inside the house. Moments later the bell rang, I opened the door and in walked Sean carrying a bag, in daylight and clothed, he looked like any guy next door.

“Sit down and relax, I brought stuff to make dinner with, and I am a pretty good cook, it’s what I do for a living.”

I grabbed a beer and turned the TV on and started watching the news, I looked over toward the kitchen to see a buck naked Sean busy in the kitchen making me dinner.
Sean walked in.
“Where is your clothes hamper? I will start the wash.”

“In the bathroom, machine is in the garage.” I said waving in that direction.

Crap, that sounded kind of lame like he was a servant, I walked into the bathroom to apologize and use a softer tone when I walked around the corner, I found Sean with a pile of clothes on the floor, Sean had my underwear up to his face, I think he was sniffing them.
Sean looked scared, and picked up an armload of clothes and moved past me taking them to the washing machine.

"It’s okay Sean, no biggie, I’ve had a crush on a guy or two in my life." I called out as I went back to the TV.
Sean went back to the kitchen and within a few minutes I smelled a wonderful aroma filling the house.

“Dinner is ready.” Sean called out.

I walked in and sat at the table, Sean carried in a large plate of Sea Scallops that he told me he seared in garlic and white wine and served over pasta and a salad.

“This looks great, where is yours?” I asked.

“I am here to cook for you and should not be eating with you, I am here working off the debt that I owe you for not having me arrested.

“Do you want to be here? If not, don’t come back, I was under the impression that you would enjoy being here doing things for and with me.”

“No, I do enjoy it, and I do want to be around you as much as I can.”

“Then get a plate of dinner and sit with me, if there is no more, then you can have half of mine, you are not a servant here.”

Sean returned with a plate of scallops and pasta and sat at the chair next to me without saying anything more.”

We ate in silence until I looked at him.

“Sean, that was fantastic, you truly are a good chef.”

“I am only a cook at the restaurant on 14th street, Christopher’s Place, but I would love to be a chef someday.”

“Well, cook or chef, it was a great meal, thank you!”

Sean ate his last bite of food and took our plates to the kitchen and loaded them into the dishwasher.

“I am sorry, I didn’t make anything for dessert but I can make one for you tomorrow if you like, I make a mean chocolate pie.”

“Dinner was wonderful Sean, I don’t have any room for dessert anyway, but thank you.”

Sean walked over to the chair where I was sitting, his cock tip brushed my arm.

“Can I, do anything for you?” Sean said as he reached to unbutton my pants.

I reached over taking his low-slung ball sack into my hand, I pulled him close and took his thick meat into my mouth for the first time, I swallowed a few inches of it while reaching along his ass crack feeling for his rosebud, I pushed a finger in probing around feeling the elastic tension around my finger.
I moaned as I sucked his cock, he was much younger than me and I found that to be a big turn on, him wanting to be with me so bad that he risked jail just to be near me.

Sean pulled back and walked around, squatting between my legs he pulled my pants to the floor as he gnawed at my cock through my briefs before pulling them off of me. He nuzzled his nose between my leg and ball-sac, I could hear him inhaling my scent of light sweat from around my balls, I pushed his face deeper into my crotch while he licked and sucked on my balls.
I lifted and turned putting my knees in the overstuffed chair, I bent over the back arching my ass out to Sean, as he did a nose dive into my ass, again I heard him inhaling as well as felt his breath passing around my asshole. This boy liked my ass spunk and I was enjoying his mouth lapping at my hole, my prick turned to stone as Sean ducked between my legs and licked at my rigid pole.

I took him by the hand and led him to my bed, took the lube form the nightstand drawer squirting it onto my hand, working some into his ass before thrusting my cock deep into his ass. I fucked him hard, holding nothing back but when it came time, I pulled out moving near his face, I discharged my jizz all over his face, his mouth open trying to catch as much as he could.

Sean lay there with a cum splashed face as I moved to his monster cock, I pulled it into my mouth and swallowed as much as I could, I rode his cock with my mouth until I felt his body shudder a little telling me that his fluids were on the way, I pulled back on his cock so I could take all of his cum directly into my mouth and savor every bit.

Sean got up and cleaned his face in the bathroom bringing back a hot wet towel, he washed every inch of my body, even rolling me over to get the backside, I could tell that he really wanted to do this for me, it was not because I didn’t send him to jail.

“Sean, I know that you like me and I’m over what you did, I won’t tell anyone about it, you don’t have to be my boy whatever.”

“Houseboy, and I want to, I want to make dinner for you, and do things for you.”

“But it is okay, I don’t want you here like a servant.”

“Call it what you want, but unless you are telling me not to come back, I’ll be here tomorrow and every day after that, until you say so, go on dates, see who you want, I will be here for you when you come home.”

“I’m not sure what to say, but I could really get used to having you around, but please don’t think it will turn into love. It is just fun and sex.”

“It may be that now, but I will take my chances on you wanting more someday and I promise no more following you, unless you want me to.” He said with a wink.

Sean’s daily uniform was always the same, naked and hung. When I had friends over I would ask him to dress or not come over that day, he always seemed disappointed when I told him not to come. I finally told my friend Gary about the whole thing, he was shocked and did not fully believe me so I invited him over and to keep his hands to himself, I asked Sean to stay and to do his normal thing.

Sean cooked a wonderful dinner, naked, of course I could see Gary’s eyes roaming over to Sean’s meat as it swung as he walked around the dining room and kitchen and am sure that his undies were at least a little wet from the view.
Sean stayed with me overnight several times a week, until he finally told his parents that he was gay, they threw him out to the streets that day and of course I took him in.

It has been 12 years, with me being 49 years old and Sean, the window peeper being 33 and maturing nicely, I have never grown tired of seeing him walking around naked with that big horse cock swaying as he moves.

I help with the cooking and cleaning but Sean likes to spoil me all the time, I surprise him with flowers, short trips, we took a cruise last year and I surprised him with matching wedding bands, we were married on the ship that week, I think it took a month for the grin to finally come off of Sean’s face when he would look at his ring.


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